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omg can you please write a sequel/ part 2 to that supercorp fic you just posted where Lena finds out Kara is supergirl?!? It was so great but now I'm stressing that Lena doesn't react well. Only if you've got time of course :) also I love how you write supercorp in general, it's amazing and feels so on point

i have a fever & im hacking up a lung: this is, in my humble opinion, the time when my writing ability rly soars. rly comes into its strengths. rly just,,, fucjin rocks. enjoy, ur welcome :))

kara has been waiting, and hoping - and stress eating her way through the kids menu - and more hoping, beyond the normal bounds of hope, that lena will turn up for the dinner date they’d set up before… before all that “i’m an alien blah blah specifically supergirl blah blah blah” stuff.

kara shoves her hand into her bowl of fries, pats around to find one as she checks the long row of windows and the two doors for any sign of lena. her face falls when all she encounters is the cool ceramic feeling of betrayal. and no lena.

she flags down a waiter.

“can i get another of the fries, please?”

he looks at her like he knows she’s already eaten her way through six of them. or maybe like he knows she’s been stood up. it makes her feel worse - slump back in her chair and try to keep from feeling like her heart is being crushed kind of worse - and he nods hurriedly and scurries away into the kitchen.

she pulls out her phone, taps on the second contact, aaalex.

>if after three hours someone hasn’t shown up to a dinner….

>u got stood up
>or they’re dead

kara rolls her eyes. then has a minor panic because, well, lena is kind of a magnet for attempted murder. she strains her ears to listen for lena but it’s futile this close to the ground, this close to so many people.

>lenas fine
>dont break the restaurant or ur phone

kara blinks down at her phone.

>have you been playing with the telepath drugs

>no lol i learned my lesson. i just figured she’s the only one u have been going on dates with so…

kara glares down at her phone, taps the CALL button with furious precision.

“we aren’t dating, alex. they’re friend dates. dates between friends.”


“and also i have been on plenty of dates lately!”

“sure,” alex allows, but kara suspects she’s only half listening.

“they’re not dates,” she mutters. “but she did stand me up.”

“yeah i know. you put your “date between friends” in my calendar so i was kind of surprised when she marched herself into my office tonight. she signed everything.“ alex waits for a moment. kara says nothing, just stubbornly munches through the fries the waiter puts in front of her. she’s relieved to hear lena is actually okay, and that she signed, but it’s all overshadowed by the fact that lena isn’t here, with her, eating something kara can’t pronounce and gushing about the science she’s been working on and the way she smiles when kara orders seconds and tries to pay and alex is talking again. "not sure what kind of damage control thats worth, if any. i mean, she’s a luthor. but i told j'onn not to even think about wiping her. or, i thought it really loudly.”

kara sighs.

“as is my right as a big sister, i get to tell you you’re an idiot,” alex says, far more mildly than kara expected. or deserved, really. “so what the hell happened? i thought we’d at least talk about it before you told her.”

“it wasn’t something i could deny. maybe i could’ve,” kara mutters, “if it weren’t for my too expressive face.”

“the too expressive face,” alex agrees unhappily. “you got us in a lot of trouble with that.”

kara rolls her eyes. “sorry twelve years late?” she offers and alex hums her thanks. “plus m'gann said hi. like she knew me, you know? she didn’t know someone was with me, it’s not her fault, but yeah. lena knew. i could see it. and then we were at her place and i realised she just knew i was an al- a foreigner,” she corrects, looking around the mostly empty restaurant, “and not supergirl,”

“hold up. she let you into her place knowing you’re an alien?”


“huh, okay.”


“no, nothing. let me guess, you told her.”

“dramatic reveal and all.”

“and this was…”

“last night.” kara checks her watch, lifts her hand to get the bill. she grimaces when she sees how expensive it is to eat her way through her feelings. but hey, if she’s going all out, what’s a little more? “can i get two of your pizzas takeaway and also four brownies? please.”

the waiter looks ill at the request but kara is too upset to care that she’s eaten way too much tonight. by human standards. she could still eat.

“alex, you still there?”


“are you free tonight?”

“nope.” she pops the ‘p’ with some relish. “day off tomorrow, maggie and i are taking our bikes down the coast, remember?”

“right, right.” kara hands over her card to the waiter, signs the bill he brings over. “what do i do?”

“about lena?”

“no, about the state of affairs in, ugh i can’t be bothered,” she mutters. “yes, about lena.”

“um. well, she hasn’t tried to kill you yet so…talk to her?” kara hears her step out into an echoing room - the parking lot, she guesses, and alex’s car beeps. “hold on, i’ll switch you to my hands free,”

“no, no, it’s okay. drive safe and have fun tomorrow.”

“we will. and i love you.”

“love you too.”


“hi, jess.”

“kara!” jess smiles over at her. “late night for everyone, hmm?”

“yeah, what are you doing here? it’s midnight, you should be home.”

“i’m just finishing up some work, i have the week off from tomorrow,” she explains. “do you want to see miss luthor?”

her phone buzzes on the side and jess glances up at kara after reading the message.

“let me guess, she’s not in.” jess gives her an awkward smile and kara closes her eyes, nods. “of course,” she says quietly. “okay, well,” she swallows around the thick feeling of tears and sets the brownies on the counter. “um. these are for her. or you. have a good night bye have a fun week,” she says very quickly and almost runs back to the elevator.

it dings open in seconds and kara rushes in, leans back against the wall of it. she holds herself together as much as she can, can’t really help sniffling but she can excuse that on a cold. she stares over at the shut box doors of the elevator and knows the second she gets home she’s going flying.


she wonders if she still has her aunts suit. she doesn’t feel like reds and blues tonight, wants to fly without the expectation that comes with her suit.


the suit, alex tells her, was quarantined.

kara shoves herself into some old jeans and a deep blue sweater and jumps into the sky. when she’s higher than the tallest building, she rolls onto her back and floats, staring up at the sky.

winn is still in the DEO headquarters. she doesn’t fly down, but she hears him typing away and watching some show on his second monitor. he’s been working late a lot lately. she doesn’t know if something is wrong or if it’s more guardian business but she misses him. she’d text him an invite, or ask him about a game night, only she left her phone at home.

james is on the phone to lucy when she flies overhead and they’re over but he still sounds adoring when he speaks to her, and happy.

alex is - doing things no sister needs to hear.


lena’s voice is small and kara jerks, almost rolls into the path of a bat, before she detects the slight slight whine of a voicemail.

“i know it’s late, you’re probably asleep, i just wanted to talk and,”

kara lands with a slight thump on lena’s office balcony and lena turns. the slight stutter of her heart comes not when she sees kara’s face, but her body. or, clothes.


she ends her voicemail, steps over to unlock the door.

“hi. i wasn’t - i was flying, i heard you.”

“oh.” lena’s fingers twitch. she folds her arms. “i signed everything.”

“yeah. alex told me.”

“i apologise for missing dinner.”

kara takes a step back, shakes her head. lena looks nervous the moment she frowns and it rips at kara. she takes another step back.

“you didn’t miss it. you stood me up.” lena doesn’t say anything. “why - what does it change?” she asks. “how am i different?” she tries to keep the frustration from her voice but whatever, she’s upset that her best friend is all wonky over this, fight her about it.

“you’re supergirl.”



“if you say a luthor i’m going to scream,” kara tells her, and lena’s teeth click closed around that exact phrase. “i’ve been telling you for months that i don’t care about that.”

“that’s from before i knew,”

“but i knew!” kara cries. “i knew, and i meant it, and i still mean it, and i just want,” she stutters to a stop, lifts a hand to her eyes. she’s not wearing her glasses so she just covers them with a hand and slowly drags it away when she’s contained again. “i’m sorry i didn’t tell you. i didn’t want things to change. i didn’t,” the reason, or a reason, occurs to her and she sags a little. it’s selfish but lena deserves to know. “i didn’t want you to leave me,” she tells her, in a small voice.

lena has been very quiet and still as kara spoke and now she nods. “i am sorry about tonight. sometimes, i do things like that. when someone’s upset me.” she rolls her eyes delicately. “i’ve been told it’s a defence. throw someone off balance so i feel we’re on equal terms again.” her eyes are dark, cool. “i didn’t know. that you were an alien. i keep thinking and thinking, and i keep picking out all these instances and i just,” she shakes her head. “i can’t believe i didn’t know. i don’t like that i didn’t know.”

“i’m sorry.”

lena nods. “i can’t promise everything will be as it was before.”

kara nods as well. things - this, them - have changed and nothing goes back to how it was before a shift like that. as much as something might look the same, it never is.

“but i can tell you that in a month, there is a restaurant opening. i have four tickets, i would like for you to take one.” kara blinks at her. lena doesn’t smile but she does soften, a little. “i can’t tell how this is going to go, which is freaking me out a little and in a week i’m sure i’m gong to do something drastic,” she says with an edge of warning.

“i’ll be ready,” kara promises.

“good. all i can really say is that i will still want you to be around in a months time.” kara feels herself light up at the words. they’re not ‘i’m not leaving you’ or 'i’m not sending you away’ but they’re pretty damn close. “and i don’t know how i feel about this, i don’t know when I’ll figure it out, but i already miss my friend kara.” kara nods her agreement. she can feel a lena sized hole opening up inside her the longer lena speaks, making herself clear that there is going to be a distance, a time for them to figure this out. she’s sure it’ll be a good thing; she’s equally sure it’ll hurt like hell.

“tomorrow is too soon to hang out, right?” kara checks. “it’s just, alex is away and winn is busy and,” she holds up her hands, shakes her head. “no, nevermind, too soon.”

it grows a little awkward - lena thanks her for the brownies, declines when kara offers to fly her home.

but the next morning, kara opens her front door to lena’s driver, a box of cookies and a small pot of yellow flowers and a note with just a short message.

'our lives are filled with tomorrow’s. this one isn’t ours, but perhaps the next one will be. enjoy your day x’

kara tucks it between the photo frame on her bedside table and the lamp and brings the flower pot with her to the couch. she sets up her next season and pulls the pot into her lap, wraps an arm around it. she pats the pot fondly, sends a photo of herself with it to lena, and settles in.

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I am not the person who asked for deaf Taehyung but i was wondering if you could make a little drabble where u 2 meet and u know a little sign language but once Taehyung starts rapid fire signing ur like lmao boy pls I'm not that good. N while u r trying to sign Taehyung just thinks it's really cute how hard you are trying n refusing to let his friend/interpreter Jimin help you

It’s a pleasant and warm afternoon on a Saturday with one of the things on your list to take a time out by a cafe. However, the walk there was a little… something out of the ordinary than you were used to.

You see a guy struggling to get his message across with his hands, a raging man opposite him raising his voice every possible second and scaring any passersby. When you pause for a moment to see that it’s sign language, of which you understand a part of, you’re making your way over to hopefully resolve the problem.

He’s lost out of his mind, only struggling so much to sign anything he could possibly think of that you’re able to pick up the sentence of I didn’t steal!

Your reflexes are quick to come in between the pair of them and it confuses them to keep quiet (on the other side, at least). Hands coming up to offer as a way to show you mean no harm, you vocalize it to a man that’s about to turn red (borderline purple), “Sir, I think he’s either deaf or a mute and he’s using sign language to talk to you,”

Even though he’s pissed, he’s levelheaded to ask: “W-What is he saying, then?”

Mustering up any bit of memory you have with sign language, you manage to ask him what happen?

I saw his wallet drop. I tried to return it to him but then he shout at me. Called me a liar, thief.

With an inkling of what he meant, you face the man and explain what you understand: “Sir, he saw your wallet fall and he was only trying to return it to you. He wasn’t stealing from you,”

“…oh,” You only offer him an awkward smile, reaching out to pat his shoulder as he rubs the back of his neck, “Could you help me say I’m sorry?”


Digging in the parts of your mind for what the heck sorry signs as, you remember it after a couple of seconds to sign to him: he said sorry.

It’s ok.

“He said it’s fine,”

“Thank you, by the way,”

“It’s nothing,”

Said guy greets you a nice day and heads on his way, making sure to wave goodbye to someone he almost ran down with his words and voice earlier. Luckily, he has some sense in him to realize he’s in the wrong and - “Yes?”

You can barely catch up with what he’s trying to say, hands moving in a speed where in the beginning you decipher a thank you but soon after it’s an act of not knowing a single thing he’s saying. There’s hints of gratitude with relief here and there but altogether, you’re a goner if you’re trying to interpret what he says. At least on the bright side… he’s cute?

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you just - oh my god,” You finally realize he’s deaf, which is why he can’t hear a single word you’re saying and let’s just say your mind has gone blank to remember what slow down or wait is. Your fingers clamp in front of you, hoping for someone or something to help and apparently help is nearby when - “Hey!”

You look over his shoulder to see someone jogging up to the both of you and upon reaching, it seems like it’s someone this stranger knows when his tensed shoulders sag down.

“What’re you doing?”

His curt tone sends you to step back and it elicits a small wince from the guy who hasn’t stopped signing since he said his thanks. The two of them sign back and forth, communicating before you and it’s not long until - “You helped him?”

“…I guess,”

“He said you understand sign language. Really?”

“I know a bit here and there. Luckily I understood the words he used,”

“Thank you so much, miss…?”

“Y/N,” You offer your hand, with a small smile and he accepts it, “I’m Jimin and this is Taehyung. He’s-”

“Deaf. I think I picked up on it earlier,”

“Ah, so-”Jimin gets interrupted when Taehyung tugs on his shoulder, only to quickly send a message to make him-”Really? You can barely talk to her and you want me to tell her she’s cute?”

You can tell they’re both so close, Taehyung doesn’t even need to see the sign version of what Jimin had just said. Grabbing onto Jimin’s arm to shake it with a frown, Taehyung’s version to say please?

Jimin only rolls his eyes, turning to you, “He thinks you’re cute,”

“I heard it the first time,”

“Hey, um, this might be a little sudden but I think Mr. Cassanova over here wants to get to know you so is it okay if we have coffee?”

You look at Taehyung look at Jimin and when you make eye contact, it’s endearing how he wants to look at you but shies away by hanging his head low to the ground. Chuckling, you nod, “Sure I mean, I was already planning to have some so why not?”

From there, Jimin signs something to Taehyung that lifts the corners of Taehyung’s mouth into a grin, automatically doing the same to yours and Jimin at the sight of this domino effect.

((you’re really pretty, y/n.

thank you, taehyung.

you’re welcome.

“this is going to be one hell of a love story.”))

Fred Imagine 4

Request: happy v-day!! could you do a fred x reader imagine where the reader is harrys older sister so she’s also a target for voldemort and fred and george are assigned by the order to keep them safe at school and angst and fluff? ily thanks!! (btw I luv ur blog as well!

alright!! I’m so sorry it’s been a week I’ve had SO MUCH WORK TO DO AH!! thursday is mardi gras break and I’m going skiing with my bff for all 10 days of it but i will try to start on my other requests and do some ships!! please be patient I'm trying my best :) !

“-she needs someone to watch her!”

“Now, Harry, your sister can take care of herself,” Sirius was attempting to calm your bother.

“You know what,” Fred interjected, “I agree with Harry! Y/n is just as valuable to You-Know-Who as Harry is! We all know if he gets a hold of her Harry would be going to save her before anyone could even say ‘Dumbledore’s underwear!’”

You stood up angrily, “Don’t I get a say in this?!”

Sirius, Tonks, Remus, Arthur, Molly, Hermione, Fred, George, Harry, Ginny, Snape, and Ron all turned to look at you and the room fell silent.

“Like Sirius said,” you began slowly, Sirius winking at you when you said his name, “I can very well take care of myself, thank you. And I’m not going to let some noseless arsehole get in the way of my education!”

“I have to agree with you about that, y/n,” Hermione said with a slight chuckle, “but maybe it would be better if there was someone who might keep a look out. Two pairs of eyes are better than one, aren’t they?”

You sighed and sat down, your best friend was always right, wasn’t she?

“Look y/n,” your little brother began, “I just can’t let anyone else get hurt because of me, especially you.”

“Harry,” you looked up at him, “I’m the one that’s supposed to be looking after you! Bloody hell, your my little brother!”

“I know but-”

“What if Fred and I just watched out while we were at school together?” George proposed.

“Yeah,” Fred added, “We could keep Harry and the Order updated on anything suspicious at Hogwarts and watch out for y/n. We always hang out together anyways.”

You looked at Harry for his response.

“Okay,” he said, looking relieved.

Fred and George smirked at each other before walking towards you. You groaned.

“Oh, now, now, y/n,” Fred ‘comforted’ you.

“Don’t be so blue,” George grabbed your shoulders.

“Think of all the fun you’ll have with your babysitters!”

“Oh, no no no,” you shook your head, sliding out of George’s grip to face the twins, “This,” you pointed back and forth between them and you, “is not a babysitting gig. You are simply there to make sure I don’t die. Got it?”

“Oh, yeah,” they nodded in mock seriousness and then grinned at one another.

“Shit!” You cursed as your books flew out of your arms onto the ground. The back of your head felt like it was about to make contact wit the stairs when you felt strong arms wrap around you and lift you up. 

You opened your eyes to see the one and only, Fred Weasley.

“Ugh, Weasley, what are you doing,” you shoved him off, going to get your books. 

For the past week and a half, every time anything, anything at all, happened, Fred and George were there to swoop in and save the day (more Fred than George).

Forgot your Charms homework? Fred has it right here.

Wiping your mouth after eating cereal? Why would you when George is here?

Doing you hair for the day? Your very own personal stylist Fred Weasley is ready to make you the envy of every single girl at Hogwarts. 

Brushing your teeth? Nonsense! Fred will take care of it!

Honestly, it was getting very annoying. 

“What?” Fred said, almost amused, it seemed, “it is our job to take care of you.”

“I’m not a child, though,” you shot back.

Normally you would do anything to have your crush, Fred, at your beck and call, but it was so over the top and irritating! 

“I know, I know,” he assured you, “but Harry would kill us if his sister was forced to walk to Potions all alone,” he added a mischievous wink.

You rolled your eyes, unable to help yourself from blushing, “Whatever.”

You were just about to enter the Potions room when Fred pulled you aside and into a small room off the side of the hall.

“Fred! What the f-”

“Shhhh!” he put a hand over your mouth. 

Fred pulled out of his pocket an extendable ear, a new gadget he and George were working on for Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. 

“Listen,” he whispered as you watched the ear slide under the door and presumably to Snape’s room.

“-you may kill the girl, but Harry Potter is for me,” your heart stopped at the chilling voice.

“Yes, my lord,” Snape’s dull voice responded.

“Is that….” you began.

Fred nodded in response.

“However,” Snape began, “We could use her as leverage, who knows the lengths Harry Potter would go to to save his… poor sister.”

“Very intriguing, Severus. Tell me-”

Fred had dragged you out of the closet and through the halls and you had’t even noticed. Pretty soon you were sitting on the couch in the Gryffindor Common room with Fred pacing in front of you.

“We have to tell the Order right away. I mean, Snape? Severus Snape? I knew he was an arsehole but honestly! I mean-” Fred looked at you and sighed, sitting next to you, “Are you okay?”

You sat for a moment and then gave a short laugh, “No I’m not okay! I just listened to the person who killed my parents practically plan my murder!”

“Hey it’s-”

“No!” you shouted, getting up, “Don’t you dare say it’s okay because we all now it’s not! My life means nothing to them, and they will come and get me and you know Harry will be the first to try and save me and it’ll be my fault if He succeeds!” 

You were talking so fast you had run out of breath. You took a shaky breath and ran your fingers through your hair. 

Fred pulled you into a hug. 

“You know,” he whispered, “If anything happened I don’t think Harry would be the first to go after you.”

“No?” You questioned.

“It would be me.”

You closed the space in between your faces and kissed.

After a moment you pulled apart. 

“We won’t let anything happen to you, okay?”


I'm A Little Awkward, But Most People Like Me

Pairing: Yixing/Baekhyun
Rating: pg-13
Genre: online friendship? 

Summary: Baekhyun’s a little awkward, spends too much time reading smutty gay fanfiction, and doesn’t think twice before flying across the country to meet his favorite author.

Originally posted by junyeol

He’s staring at the screen, the little line blinking, taunting him. He wants to say something. Anything. But what? Is it weird if he just gushes? Can he do that? Hi you don’t know me but I love ur fics and ur a great writer and i think i love you please be my friend. He quickly backspaces. “Definitely can’t send that.”

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Wrong Number

[Annabeth Chase’s phone]

Saturday, April 26 

2:37 am [to 673729225]

Annabeth Chase (6266223842): lisen jerkfac answet you dam phoe im tryig to screm at yo
Annabeth Chase: do yu kmpw how hasrd id too typr rifht now?
Annabeth Chase: aND A Small DICK
Annabeth Chase: youuARE A FCKING ASDHOLES

9:46 am

673729225:  so, um, hey, you kind of left me a voice message yesterday?
673729225:  Weeeell, maybe a few and some texts but i think you got the wrong number, you see unless i have been living a lie my whole life my name is not ryan?
673729225: so yeah, wrong number

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Signs in algebra
  • Aries: This is crap. Who's gonna play tick tack toe w me?
  • Taurus: Libra. Libra, libra. Gimme the answers.
  • Gemini: *Rolls eyes.* C'mon guys. This is fucking cake.
  • Cancer: *Crumples up worksheet.* Ur on, Aries.
  • Virgo: *Blushes.* Gemini, can u help me? Please?
  • Leo: Lol, ur actually working on it? Losers.
  • Libra: Taurus, quit being lazy. But can i have some of that food?
  • Scorpio: Grades matter, guys- sag, what the hell is that?
  • Capricorn: Teacher, Pisce's poking me.
  • Sag: It's my worksheet, dummy. looks better as origami,huh?
  • Aquarius: Wellll...Y isn't a number, how do we... wait...
  • Pisces: Cap, cap, cap, help me and virgo with this one.
  • Taurus: Libra, u can have the food when i hav the answers.
  • Cancer: Aries, you're really goo- Wait, u've been cheating!
  • Aries: U just noticed? Jeez, good luck w that math...
  • Leo: I don't get this garbage.
  • Capricorn: Is this like... detective math?
  • Aquarius: Ssssooo... Y IS a number? But i thought it was...
  • Virgo: Gem. Help me out.
  • Scorpio: Hahaha, finished, bitches. Guess I'm the smartes-
  • Taurus: Tell me. The answer.
  • Virgo: Yeah.
  • Gemini: Oh, my god, Y IS EIGHT, PEOPLE! its not that hard.
  • Leo: Oh...
  • Capricorn: Oh...
  • Pisces: Oh.
  • Aquarius: So if Y is eight, what does that make 6? a vowel? An alien? What is math? What is life? Taurus, is that calamari?
  • Scorpio: Lol. You guys are SO screwed.

of-tomadashis-and-clintashas  asked:

Could you maybe do Clintasha with “i found your box of letters underneath my bed last night and because i’m a nosy motherfucker i decided to read them and it turns out they were all addressed to me and the last one was dated the day you moved out and i’m not quite sure why i thought this would be a good idea but here i am, standing on your doorstep, wondering why the fuck we’re not together anymore” AU because they are both nosy and I'm a sucker for angst and ur writing is amazing

this one started off okay and then it was a downhill spiral from the first glass of wine so pls don’t expect too much

The sudden noise of the doorbell startles Natasha and she jumps slightly from her position in bed, the mug of tea perched precariously against her leg tumbling onto the floor, spilling the lukewarm liquid all over the carpet. “Shit,” she murmurs to herself, grabbing her wallet off of the dresser.

She tips the delivery girl hurriedly with a muttered, “Have a nice night” before depositing the pizza on the counter and tearing a handful of paper towel off the roll to deal with the spill on her bedroom floor.

A shadowy corner under the bed catches her eye as Natasha’s mopping up the tea with the paper towel and she reaches underneath, pulling out a beat-up cardboard shoe box that she doesn’t remember seeing before. Curious, she lifts the lid, revealing a mess of sealed envelopes, each bearing a date. The topmost envelope is dated three weeks ago yesterday. Her stomach plummets as she recalls the events of January 17th.

She shuts the lid on the box, vowing to recycle it and its contents tomorrow morning, but her eyes keep being drawn back to it, to its simplicity, to the mystery it contains. Knowing full well that it’s a bad idea, Natasha opens the box once more, choosing an envelope at random and tearing it open. The paper feels heavy in her hands, as if the weight of the words it carries is too much for her to bear. The handwriting is instantly familiar in a way that makes her chest ache with something akin to longing, but she refuses to call it that, refuses to acknowledge that she wants what she told herself she can never have.

Nat, it reads. You’re sleeping right now. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I could watch you sleep forever. Not, like, in a creepy way. I just never get tired of looking at you.Tears prick at her eyes, blurring the rest of the words on the page. She should stop, Natasha thinks. She should burn the letters and pretend she never found them, do her best to erase the words she just read from her memory and move on.

Instead, she reaches into the box again, pulling out envelope after envelope, unable to stop.

I took you to my parents’ graves today. I wish you could have met them. Mom would have loved you. Today was the 12th anniversary of their death and I never told you, but I felt like you knew. I wish you would tell me about your parents. I want to meet them, wherever they are. Even if they’re just a headstone like mine.

I can’t believe you challenged Tony to a drinking game and won. I didn’t know it was possible for me to love you more than I already did, but I do.

I moved in today. Well, officially moved in. I know I’ve been living out of that one drawer in your closet for months now, but it was time to make it official. I love that we have something we’re allowed to call ours. I love you, Natasha, more than you’ll ever know.

I know something’s wrong. I wish you would talk to me, Nat. I want to be able to help you. I know you’re trying to hide your scars but I can see them. I can feel them. They hurt me as badly as they hurt you.Don’t push me away. Please. Please, Nat, stop pushing me away.

Hands trembling, Natasha reaches into the box once more, lifting out the January 17th envelope. She slides it open slowly, carefully, scared of the words she might find on the page.

You came home from the doctor’s crying. I tried to ask you what was wrong and you pushed me away, screamed at me to get out and leave you alone. I’m standing here with my bags at my feet and I know this is a mistake but I can’t help the way you feel. For whatever I’ve done, Nat, I’m so sorry. I can only hope you’ll be able to forgive me someday. In the time being, if you ever need me, you’ll know where to find me. I love you Natasha, more than I know how to say. Nothing you do will ever change that. Yours, always, Clint.

Tears blurring her vision, Natasha shoves the letters back into the shoebox angrily, furious that he still has the power to make her feel this way. Before she knows what she’s doing she’s pulling on her jacket and shoving her feet into boots, headed out the door with the box of letters in her hand.

She’s on his doorstep before she can really process what she’s doing, hand poised to knock, when all of a sudden it hits her that she can’t show up at his door after everything she said to him, after the way that he left. But it’s too late. Just as she lowers her hand and decides to walk away and leave this all behind her, the door swings open.


“Sorry,” she murmurs, clutching the box of letters to her chest. “I don’t know what I was thinking. I’ll…I’ll just…”

Clint reaches out towards her as she turns to leave, his hand closing around her wrist. “Natasha, wait.”

She turns uncertainly, the weight of his words heavy in her arms. “I shouldn’t have read these,” she says quietly, thrusting the box towards him. “I’m sorry.”

Clint makes no move to take the box, instead bringing a hand to her shoulder tentatively, his grip becoming firmer as she makes no move to shake him off. “I left them for you, Natasha. I wanted you to read them.”

She shakes her head slowly, confusion etched into the lines of her face. “I don’t understand. Clint…why?”

“Because I’m still in love with you Natasha!” An edge of frustration creeps into her voice as he takes a step closer to her, the box of letters the only remaining barrier between her body and his. “And you can try to avoid me, you can try to push me away, but I’m always going to be here.”

She looks down at the box in her hands to avoid his eyes, uncertain.


“Just tell me what you want,” he says gently.

“I think…” she pauses, shifting back and forth on her feet. “I think I want to start over.”

Clint’s lips crash to hers in an instant as he murmurs, “Then what are you waiting for?”

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prompt: Ransom is having a Bad Week and has been super avoiding the Haus for whatever reason. Cue Holster freaking out that Ransom is mad at him, trying to figure out what he did, and then trying to fix EVERYTHING to get his bro back

holy shit ok this might not be what u wanted but here’s almost 2k of anxious pining ransom with a happy ending this was supposed to be a drabble dear god i’ve gotten carried away
warnings for anxiety and mentions of panic attacks
pairing: ransom/holster

Ransom’s logic was this: He was anxious about homework, and he usually did homework at the Haus, so in order to avoid his homework and therefore anxiety, he’d need to stay away from the Haus. Right?

Turned out that was not a very viable plan.

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but also no. 10 (those are my clothes?) for bokuaka please I'm so needy but your fics are so beautiful (and heartwrenching which is okay because it seems I'm a masochist) I'm sorry

I’m so sorry for the delay! jdjbfhrbfh I had a bit of a writer’s block on this one and omg you beautiful person you thank you so much for the compliment <333

10) Are those my clothes?

“Are those my clothes?” 

Coming late after his shift and forever annoyed that the day had gone terrible, Koutarou just wanted to crash into his bed and snooze. It had been rush hour for some reason at the cafe and three old ladies had yelled at him for not having cinnamon rolls in stock- how was he supposed to know they’d have so much rush on a Tuesday? He wanted to shut out the world.

And yet here he was still at the door of his own dorm, mouth wide open probably and surprised at the beautiful stranger seated on his bed and in his clothes. 

He was probably hallucinating. There was no fucking way a gorgeous boy with tousled black curls and sharp eyes was on his bed. No way that he was wearing his “Hoot ur Owl cute” shirt which was too loose for his body frame and hung at his shoulders, exposing a bit of skin. 


“I’m dreaming.” Koutarou muttered before yelling his roommate’s name. “Kuroo!” 


“Is there a hot guy on my bed or am I too sleepy?” Koutarou rubbed his temples as he sat next to the boy on his bed. 

“I’m very much real.” The boy huffed out and Koutarou noticed his ears turning red. 


“Ah and he has the voice of a siren, Kuroo my bro slap some sense into me.”

His roommate stepped out of the kitchen with an amused grin. 

Koutarou scowled. “What?” 

Kuroo began to laugh, wheezing out hyena-like sounds making Koutarou’s head throb even more. 

“Bro…he’s pretty fucking real…oh my god Akaashi.” 

Now Koutarou was wide awake. 

Wait what now? 


The boy next to him folded his arms and looked away. 

“Crap.” Koutarou covered his face in embarrassment. 


It took a while for Kuroo to calm down and explain what exactly the situation was. Akaashi Keiji, was a first year student and Kuroo had spilled his energy drink on him by accident. 

And by spilled, it was the whole can of sticky liquid. 

Kuroo had then offered Keiji to come to his dorm to change while he took the clothes to the dorm laundry to apologize. Since it was laundry day for Kuroo, Keiji had to wear Koutarou’s clothes and hence this created the whole scenario.

“Well, I’m off to take these clothes to the laundry. You guys stay put.” Kuroo winked at them and left the dorm. 

Koutarou gulped. He and Keiji were all alone. Talk about awkward. He was already in one of his moods or else he wouldn’t really care about the current situation. But here he was, very very self aware. 

“You know…you are pretty hot.” Koutarou began, “I mean pretty, and hot, and hoot?” 

Keiji raised his brow in question and Koutarou sighed exasperatedly. 

“Sorry I had a bad day so I’m just going to crash now. You can kill me later.” His head was spinning and he was so very tired that he did not even consider where he was lying down. 

The bed seemed to have jolted when Koutarou laid down but he decided to ignore it. He’d apologize to Keiji after he woke up. And maybe ask for his number… Before he could think anymore, he fell into a deep sleep. 


“Of all the unbelievable things you have done in your moods, this is by far the extreme of it.” Kuroo snickered at a very red Koutarou. 

“I was sleepy! I couldn’t tell with reality! My mind wasn’t functioning!” Koutarou started listing down his reasons furiously. 

“Of course which is why you fell asleep on Akaashi’s lap.” 

Kuroo I swear to god I did not know!” 


“Augh!!!” Koutarou pulled at his hair. “I’m such an idiot, such an idiot.”

Kuroo patted his back. “If it makes you feel better…When I came back, he was stroking your hair.” 

Koutarou stood up and stared down hard at Kuroo. “You’re lying.” 

Kuroo shook his head. “He was.” 


He also left his number with me for you.” 

Koutarou felt his lips twitch upwards into a suggestive smile.

“He was pretty hot in my clothes…” 

“Don’t do it.” 

“I’m calling him.”

you surprised your boyfriend!calum in LA. You called him from a cab on the way to the house he was staying at and the strain of his voice made your heart hurt. He was tired from the strain of performing and traveling, and putting up with the other boys’ and their drama that always seemed to unfold when they were on the west coast.

“I just miss you.” He finally hummed with a sigh, after recalling to you the events of the past couple of days since you last spoke.

“I miss you, too, bunny. What are your plans for today?” You cooed, quietly handing the driver some money and heading up the sidewalk, slinging your bag over your shoulder.

“Nothing. The boys left to go celebrate Thanksgiving or something.” he mumbled and you stifled a giggle at the disgust in his voice.

“Well why didn’t you go with them?” you teased, waving at the guard who once carried you over his shoulder after Ashton’s 21st birthday outside the house with a wink.

“I don’t know, Y/N. I feel bad because Feldy invited me but I just need a break. I’m so tired plus it’s nice to have the house to myself for once.” he sighed and you could picture him running his hands through his hair.

“Well, I hope you don’t mind a little company.” You said with a smirk, ringing the doorbell. You giggled as you heard loud thumping inside and then the door swung open, Calum’s crinkle eye grin greeting you. You giggled at your boyfriend’s appearance: messy curls everywhere and clad in nothing but a ratty t-shirt and black boxer briefs.

“Sorry, babe. I’ll have to call you back. Someone just showed up and I really need to kiss them.” he grinned, hanging up his phone and tossing it aside before he pulled you inside. His hands were greedily groping every inch of your body as you sucked on his bottom lip. “Oh, baby girl. It’s so good to see you.” He sighed against your skin, kissing your neck. He pecked your lips once more, taking your bag from you and pulling you by the hand up the stairs and into his room.

He threw your bag in the corner before tugging your dress off and scooping you up and gently placing you on the bed. He hovered over you, throwing off his shirt before pressing his chest against yours and running his finger along your jaw. “God, you’re pretty.” He smiled, trailing kisses behind where his finger traced.

“I thought you were tired.” you giggled as he began to grind his hips against your thigh. He stopped kissing you and rolled off of you, the cold air in the room encompassing your body.

“I am. Let’s take a nap.” He said with a yawn, smirking and folding his arms behind his head. He laughed at your pout, a wicked gleam in his eye.

“Baby, how are you? I’ve been worried about you.” You cooed, turning on your side and running your fingers through his messy curls. “I know you’ve been so busy. Are you sleeping enough? And please tell me you haven’t just been eating junk and-” you fussed, cut off by his perfect plump lips on yours.

“I’m better now that you’re here, Y/N.” He said softly, running his fingers down your arm that was propping up your chin. He sighed, falling back on his back and pulling you into his side. “I really do feel better with you next to me but I think I’ll feel better once you’re under me.” he smirked, flipping you on your back and kissing down your body.

“Cal. We need to talk about this. I don’t want you to keep it bottled up.” You stifled a moan as his lips pressed against your clothed core. “Baby, I love you so much. Please talk to me and quit trying to distract me.” You huffed, writhing beneath his perfect touch.

He smiled, resting his chin on your stomach. “I love you more. But, baby, we can talk later. I’ll run a bubble bath and I can hold you and talk your ear off about everything that’s been going on. But right now, I want to worship the body I’ve been dreaming of getting my hands on for months now. I need you, baby girl.” His voice rasped as he pulled your underwear slowly down your legs. “Oh, baby girl.” He hummed appreciatively, running a finger across your folds before popping into his mouth. “And I can tell you need me, too.” He chuckled, watching you with hooded eyes before dipping his head back between your legs. The sunlight steaming in the windows danced around his beautiful brown skin and you almost came undone at the sight of the boy you missed so much. The boy you loved and worried about when he didn’t send a million snapchats a day documenting his life or whiny late night calls begging you to get naked on Skype because he was horny or random texts throughout the day of “I love yous” and random dogs he had seen. You know that he was so happy to be pursuing his dream but you also knew it was so stressful for him because he always worried if he was good enough and if he deserved this. He was overwhelmed by the fame but grateful for the opportunity to play music everyday. He was the boy you loved since you randomly met at a concert. Your boy. And god did your boy know how to make you feel good. And just like that, you were seeing stars and moaning his name.

He continued kitten licking you as you came down from your high. “Such a good girl. So pretty.” He whispered hotly, wiggling out of his underwear. “Ready, baby?” He asked, pressing his hard on against your inner thigh. His eyes widened when you shook your head. You smirked, sitting up and pushing him on his back. You straddled his thighs, hovering above his torso.

“You made me feel so good, baby. My turn to make you feel good.” You whispered into his ear, biting the earlobe before sinking yourself down onto him. He hissed, his eyes snapping shut. “No, baby. Watch me. Watch how good you make me feel.” You purred, resting your hands on his chest. His rough hands kneaded your ass as you began to slowly bounce.

“More. Please.” He commanded in a raspy whisper, slapping your ass when you didn’t respond right away. He sat up, pulling you with him as he sunk deeper and deeper into you. “Baby girl.” He moaned against your shoulder, nipping at the soft skin. He continued to rock you, quickening the pace until nothing but your bodies colliding and hot calls of the other’s names filled the air. “Cum for me baby.” He growled in your ear, grabbing a handful of your hair and tugging gently. That’s all it took for you to feel that feeling for the second time in the pit of your stomach. Your orgasm around him was his undoing and you both rode out your highs, Calum collapsing back on the bed and pulling you with him. “I love you. So much.” He breathed, pulling you against his side as you curled into him. A comfortable silence fell between the two of you as you both tried to even out your breathing. He tucked a sweaty strand of hair behind your ear, kissing your nose affectionately. “Your always just what I need. I’m so glad you’re here, baby girl.” He said sweetly, making a different kind of blush than a few minutes before creep across your skin as you buried your head into his chest. “And to think, I could have been eating dry turkey™ instead of you.” He added with a laugh, kissing the top of your head as you groaned at his dumb joke. This was the boy you loved most. Happy. Goofy. Loving. You were proud of the rockstar he had become but as you snuggled into him and felt his heartbeat steady as he drifted to sleep, you knew that a big helping of cuddling with your boyfriend was more nourishing than your grandma’s cornbread casserole could ever be