like pieces of my face are coming off

Star Wars thoughts

Imagine what tumblr would be like if Episode IV/New Hope had come out in 2016.

  • The rampant Han/Luke/Leia OT3
  • The Luke/Han vs Luke/Wedge ship wars
  • Kinky Vader/Tarkin bdsm fic
  • Obi-Wan/Owen Lars headcanon’d as estranged lovers
  • People who ship Leia/Vader bc they “have an emotional connection”
  • R2-D2′s panicked screeching replacing song lyrics in audio posts
  • A billion screencaps of 3PO making the same face tagged “me af rn”
  • The Harry Potter AUs where the Death Star trench is one of the triwizard tasks or something
  • Luke’s “What a piece of junk!” as a reaction gif to bs posts.
  • Panoramic photos of the Mos Eisley cantina scene with comments like “tag yourself, I’m buttface alien that gets his arm cut off”
  • And I’m sure some random-ass tumblr meme about Obi-Wan not being dead, just running around naked on the death star like  “oops, lost my robe better not make a habit of this”, then everyone losing their shit when the prequels come out and it happens ALL THE TIME

(please add more if you feel inclined to do so)

813 Month Day 3 - Amputee (word from pastelwayfinder)

“Told ya I’d see you again. I keep my promises,“ Axel kissed Roxas’s face over and over, embracing his crying, quivering boyfriend close to him with one arm. Axel felt his body sway with Roxas’ extra weight throwing off his balance. He chuckled into the messy mop of hair and readjusted his grip on his crutch, straightening his posture. “Couldn’t really come back all in one piece like I’d promised though.”

He heard Roxas burst out in a short laugh, sniffling as he giggled between his sobs. “I don’t care, you’re back.”

your fav is problematic: Tim Drake
  • every time a family member comes to him for help with a piece of tech he only responds with “have you tried turning it off and back on again”
  • @ damian: “shut up you’re like 12″ 
  • [bland-faced] “im super excited!” [dead-pan] “that’s the funniest thing i’ve ever heard”
  • once when he was running on only 2 hrs of sleep over the course of 3 days, he accidentally used jason’s toothbrush and when he realized what he did, he panicked and went and bought jason a new one that looked exactly the same and jason still doesn’t know
  • “tim what’s your status” “tired” 
  • “tim look at this” “very wow much cool”
  • he learned to fall asleep with his eyes open to avoid listening to bruce’s lectures
  • in the background of a lot of pics and videos recordings of ‘Brucie’ Wayne, tim is there, doing something really weird
  • usually he’s dabbing 
  • bruce never realizes it until later when he’s watching the recordings on tv later and the camera pans to focus momentarily on tim in the background, and bruce is just. he’s so tired. where did he go wrong.
  • jason calling the manor like “WTF I JUST SAW THE NEWS AND TIM IS THAT YOU IN THE BG” “YEAH IT IS. here im texting you a pic of Bruce’s disappointed face”
  • doesn’t realize it’s not okay to sleep in a laundry bin it doesn’t matter how warm the clothes in it are Master Tim
  • [does something really mundane] “witness me”
  • Bruce: [recounts something that happened a while back] Tim: “we get it, you’re really old”

For A MILLION DOLLARS? For a million dollars I would slap my brother so hard that his head disconnects from his body and escapes earth’s gravity. I would leave a handprint on his sorry face so detailed that artists for centuries to come would study the fragmented pieces of his face. For a million dollars I would strap a military grade land mine to my palm and slap him so hard that seismologists the world over would be losing their shit. I would chop off my own hand, toss it into a civil war era cannon, and cannon slap that bitch back into the colonial period. That being said, I would also chidori slap the chakra out of my brother for like half a chipotle burrito.

it should have been thundering.

it was one of those nights where it should have been storming so i’d have something to blame for the water on my cheeks.

but the truth is, it was a beautiful night and i burned my finger on a cigarette but pretended not to notice. i didn’t bring a sweater but i didn’t realize i was shivering until i couldn’t stop. i remember pressing my lips to my own fist but i don’t remember going home, i can’t recall getting in the car. i don’t think you held my hand.

and i can think about it for hours until i’ve torn all my hair out but it’ll never fully come together.

so instead, i will remember being terrible at dancing, holding faces in hands like they are crystal balls, cutting me off at five because i shouldn’t try to keep up with anyone until i learn to keep my own heart steady. and i think someday i will. just give me the time to readjust. you could be my anchor, you could be my solid ground.

—  the wolf boy series // a.m
Like Broken Glass

Summary: Dan locks himself in his room and refuses to leave. His feelings for Phil are tearing him apart. 
Word Count: 1076
Warnings: Swearing, depression, slight mentions of self harm

“Fuck” I muttered to myself as I opened my eyes. The blinding sunlight piercing through my blinds was too much for me to take. I forcefully shut my eyes as quickly as I had opened them. I couldn’t take another day like this. I tried to block it all out and stay in bed for the rest of the day. I didn’t want to face Phil, I was feeling so weak. I felt so vulnerable and breakable. One look from Phil and I would shatter on the floor like broken glass. Would he pick me up if I fell to pieces? If he knew how I really felt about him would he stay? Could we still be friends? I shrugged off the thoughts again, they haunted me everyday. I knew one day my secret would come out. It was eating me alive, consuming my whole being, leaving me hollow and broken inside. I was so twisted and torn up. I loved him. I loved him too much to lose him.

I laid in my bed, wide awake, for several hours. I had ignored several knocks on my locked door, and didn’t reply to Phil’s texts. I knew he was worried about me. It was almost six in the afternoon and I hadn’t left my room since the night before. I felt bad, but I couldn’t face him, not in a time like this. I couldn’t let him see me so broken, so far gone beyond hope. I was hopelessly, desperately, and endlessly in love with him. I was reminded of it everyday. Every time I ventured out of my room was just a reminder of the feelings that were eating me alive. I couldn’t bear it again. I sent Phil a text, letting him know I was still alive. He called me three times, but I ignored each one. I couldn’t hear his voice, it would break me again.

I laid there, as this carnivorous animal consumed me from the inside out. I was growing thinner and frailer each day. Today I felt it stronger than ever, clawing at my insides like a tiger, or a lion, rather. My solitude was disturbed at around 8 PM. Phil was banging loudly at my door. For a moment I contemplated leaving the room that I hadn’t departed from since 7PM the night before. I scratched that thought and buried my face deeper under the covers. Phil was yelling at my door, crying, screaming my name. I couldn’t ignore that. I never wanted to hurt Phil, and lately that was all I had done. I knew he was worried about me. He didn’t want to lose his best friend, but he didn’t know that he already lost me. I was gone the moment I looked into his eyes and realized that he was the only person I could ever love.

I couldn’t ignore Phil’s cries. I stumbled out of bed, my frail body could barely move. I limped my way to the door. Phil had quit pounding at my door, he had quit shouting. Phil was just standing there, outside of my bedroom door, sobbing. I could hear his cries, felt in that moment like I could die from guilt alone. I wished I had never existed so I would have never caused him this pain.  

“Phil?” I said weakly, it was more of a yelp. My throat was aching. My whole body felt like it was within moments of collapsing.

“Dan…are….are…you okay?” Phil chirped. His voice was full of relief, yet worry, such a strange mixture.

“Phil, please,” I breathed out, needing a moment to catch my breath. Exhausted from the exertion of just getting to the door. “Please go, I’m fine.”

I heard no reply for several minutes, I knew Phil couldn’t speak. I could hear him crying again.

“God damn it, Dan. Why can’t you just let me in?” Phil said through his tears. I couldn’t reply. “Dan, I swear,  if you don’t let me in…”

He trailed off in tears again, and I couldn’t stand myself for doing this to him.

“I’m sorry.” It was all that I could say, and I meant it more than he could ever know.

“Please don’t hurt yourself, please” Phil cried. “Please let me in. What’s wrong? Did I do something? Dan please”

He didn’t do anything wrong. He couldn’t. Phil was perfect. Phil didn’t deserve any of this. I got the courage and I unlocked the door, and opened it to find Phil collapsed on the floor. I couldn’t keep myself from collapsing on the floor next to him. He instantly grabbed me and pulled me into his embrace, and I just felt so guilty.

“God, Dan.” He said, his voice muffled, his face was rested on the top of my head. “Please talk to me.”

I felt the animal rage at full force. It had taken control of me now, I was helpless as the words erupted from my throat.

“I love you. I fucking love you, don’t you see? I love you and it’s killing me”

Phil looked at me for a moment with a confused expression, he looked as though he was struggling to process what was going on. I was a mess in front of him. I knew I had lost it. Without saying a word Phil carefully placed his hand under my chin and slowly pulled us closer. He connected our lips in soft, yet passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around him, and returned the kiss. Phil pulled away slowly and whispered, “I love you too, Dan.”

We laid there like that for hours. I was afraid he was going to make me explain or talk about my breakdown, but he didn’t. He just kissed me and held me. He knew exactly what I needed more than anything in the world. Phil understood me in a way that no one else could. I apologized profusely for scaring him so bad, but he didn’t seem to mind. Looking back on it all, I really wish I hadn’t let it get this bad. I wish I could have told Phil how I felt and didn’t let it eat me alive. I had Phil now. He was mine. He picked up the pieces of my broken glass, and put me back together. I was finally complete in his arms now, and I never wanted to leave.

tonight I helped my five year old put together an 84 piece Kylo Ren lego action figure
  • Kiddo: I love this Kylo Ren.
  • Me: I like how fashionable he is.
  • Kiddo: He's got his hand on his hip because SOMEONE won't come play with a totally awesome Sith.
  • Me: He's not a Sith.
  • Kiddo: Says who?
  • Me: The writer. He is a dark side user, though. And he faces off against Rey, who is a light side user. They fight.
  • Kiddo: Do he and Rey get married?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Husband: ...they will if Mommy has anything to say about it.

okay, so last night i had a weird dream. it started off with me being the new face of batman — y'know, for the movies and all that, not ben affleck. anyway, i was finishing up a scene where i had to eat pizza rolls ( don’t ask me why ) when i decided to break into one of ‘em in half. granted, they had just come out of the microwave so obviously they were hot. when i ripped it apart, a piece of pepperoni landed on my leg and it hurt like a motherfucker. i swear that one pepperoni square had all the cirlces of hell in it because it was painful as fuck. yeah, that was when i woke up though, after that. i never felt such betrayal from food in my entire life, and i may just swear off pizza rolls for good so i don’t risk getting burnt by one of those.


Ok since you’ve been posting a lot about one piece and the really sexist vibes that come out of it, I remembered an old sbs question that oda answered about genderswapping the main crew. The end result… yeah all the guys ended up with nami face (and luffy is basically nami entirely but with black hair) but the thing that pissed me off most was the catch phrases. Especially of the monster trio.

Like….. luffy eating a salad? Sanji only making sweets?

There’s plausible, and then there’s complete insanity. So yeah I love this anime but dammit the sexism is rampent everywhere. Get your shit together oda.

Story tome

So my first ex used to pretend that he wanted to hang and we were friends at the time because I didn’t understand what a piece of garbage he was. So I’m driving home from school to move into my new place and this kid I madeout with once was like “come jerk off on my face on your way home.” And me being the class act I am 💁🏽 was like “na I’m good” (I literally just didn’t have time 😂😂😂) anyway, I make it to philly and take this kid on a date that I matched with on tinder (different kid than my ex or the other one and it’s a week later) and I show up to bob and Barbara’s in philly. My ex is at the bar and I was like “oh that’s my ex. I should go say hi so this isn’t weird” and found out the kid I was with also went on a date with him. I didn’t care obviously and it just made more of a reason to say hi and make things easy. He immediately starts yelling and i can smell his ketone breath. I walked outside after 4 rude texts to deal with it in which he kept talking about how he loved me (he didn’t, he just liked to string me along. 3 years of emotional abuse cmon) and I was like “listen I don’t have time for your kiddy games, I have a date. I received a text saying "I knew it was over because you weren’t still waiting for me when I turned around” like the kid walked away and expected me to still be there… So I go inside and my date left and that’s a story for another day but luck have it, the kid is best friends with the guy that wanted me to make his face into a toaster strudel as I was driving home. I was like “hey I may have messed up and I like xyz” and told him the whole story. Mind you I’m stone cold sober because I couldn’t drink because i had to deal with my ex, and Gretchen Weiner is like “I guess there’s two side to every story” and I’m like… What? Ok… No like I was sober I’m pretty sure I’m correct whatever. TURNS OUT MY EX IS DATING TOASTER STRUDEL AND HES TELLING ME HOW HE LOVES ME WHILE STRUDEL IS ASKING ME TO DUMP A LOAD ON HIS FACE AND IM MORE THAN DONE BECAUSE I STARTED TO UNDERSTAND THAT I WAS STRUNG ALONG AND THAT 3 YEARS LATER THIS KID WAS STILL PRETENDING TO WANT ME AND HE FINALLY ADMITTED TO IT AND THATS WHY HE IS GARBAGE