like paperwork

So I went to the eye doctor, right, and I sit down to fill out the paperwork like you do and the lady was like “Thanks, Doctor Doctor will be with you in a moment” and I was like why did she say doctor twice that’s weird but then I looked at the business cards on the table and his name was actually Dr. Chad Dockter and I looked around and the other assistant caught my eye and just nodded like “You just had the moment didn’t you”

I’ve made a few posts where Wanda uses her powers to freak out Tony and he’s defended by several people such as Bucky or Loki, but here’s another concept:

Tony absolutely not giving a shit about Wanda’s powers and not being the slightest bit afraid of them. Like Wanda will use her powers to move things around and stuff to freak him out but Tony won’t pay any mind to it and just be like, “Are you done?” 

Maybe he even builds a device that can keep her out of his head, and probably Bruce’s and anyone else he cares about, and has it on him at all times so she can’t mess with his head. 

I love people defending Tony from Wanda but I also really like Tony being completely unimpressed by Wanda and her powers.  

10 “Spinoffs of Tomorrow” You Can License for Your Business

The job of the our Technology Transfer Program is pretty straight-forward – bring NASA technology down to Earth. But, what does that actually mean? We’re glad you asked! We transfer the cool inventions NASA scientists develop for missions and license them to American businesses and entrepreneurs. And that is where the magic happens: those business-savvy licensees then create goods and products using our NASA tech. Once it hits the market, it becomes a “NASA Spinoff.”

If you’re imagining that sounds like a nightmare of paperwork and bureaucracy, think again. Our new automated “ATLAS” system helps you license your tech in no time — online and without any confusing forms or jargon.

So, sit back and browse this list of NASA tech ripe for the picking (well, licensing.) When you find something you like, follow the links below to apply for a license today! You can also browse the rest of our patent portfolio - full of hundreds of available technologies – by visiting

1. Soil Remediation with Plant-Fungal Combinations

Ahh, fungus. It’s fun to say and fun to eat—if you are a mushroom fan. But, did you know it can play a crucial role in helping trees grow in contaminated soil? Scientists at our Ames Research Center discovered that a special type of the fungus among us called “Ectomycorrhizal” (or EM for short) can help enhance the growth of trees in areas that have been damaged, such as those from oil spills.

2. Preliminary Research Aerodynamic Design to Lower Drag

When it comes to aircraft, drag can be, well…a drag. Luckily, innovators at our Armstrong Flight Research Center are experimenting with a new wing design that removes adverse yaw (or unwanted twisting) and dramatically increases aircraft efficiency by reducing drag. Known as the “Preliminary Research Aerodynamic Design to Lower Drag (PRANDTL-D)” wing, this design addresses integrated bending moments and lift to achieve drag reduction.

3. Advancements in Nanomaterials

What do aircraft, batteries, and furniture have in common? They can ALL be improved with our nanomaterials.  Nanomaterials are very tiny materials that often have unique optical, electrical and mechanical properties. Innovators at NASA’s Glenn Research Center have developed a suite of materials and methods to optimize the performance of nanomaterials by making them tougher and easier to process. This useful stuff can also help electronics, fuel cells and textiles.

4. Green Precision Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is hard work. It can also be expensive when you have to bring in chemicals to get things squeaky. Enter “Green Precision Cleaning,” which uses the nitrogen bubbles in water instead. The bubbles act as a scrubbing agent to clean equipment. Goddard Space Flight Center scientists developed this system for cleaning tubing and piping that significantly reduces cost and carbon consumption. Deionized water (or water that has been treated to remove most of its mineral ions) takes the place of costlier isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and also leaves no waste, which cuts out the pricey process of disposal. The cleaning system quickly and precisely removes all foreign matter from tubing and piping.

5. Self-Contained Device to Isolate Biological Samples

When it comes to working in space, smaller is always better. Innovators at our Johnson Space Center have developed a self-contained device for isolating microscopic materials like DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells without using pipettes or centrifuges. Think of this technology like a small briefcase full of what you need to isolate genetic material from organisms and microorganisms for analysis away from the lab. The device is also leak-proof, so users are protected from chemical hazards—which is good news for astronauts and Earth-bound scientists alike.

6. Portable, Rapid, Quiet Drill

When it comes to “bringing the boom,” NASA does it better than anyone. But sometimes, we know it’s better to keep the decibels low.
That’s why innovators at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have developed a new handheld drilling device, suitable for a variety of operations, that is portable, rapid and quiet. Noise from drilling operations often becomes problematic because of the location or time of operations. Nighttime drilling can be particularly bothersome and the use of hearing protection in the high-noise areas may be difficult in some instances due to space restrictions or local hazards. This drill also weighs less than five pounds – talk about portable power.  

7. Damage Detection System for Flat Surfaces

The ability to detect damage to surfaces can be crucial, especially on a sealed environment that sustains human life or critical equipment. Enter Kennedy Space Center’s damage detection system for flat composite surfaces.
The system is made up of layered composite material, with some of those layers containing the detection system imbedded right in.
Besides one day potentially keeping humans safe on Mars, this tech can also be used on aircrafts, military shelters, inflatable structures and more.

8. Sucrose-Treated Carbon Nanotube and Graphene Yarns and Sheets

We all know what a spoonful of sugar is capable of. But, who knew it could help make some materials stronger? Innovators at NASA’s Langley Research Center did! They use dehydrated sucrose to create yarns and woven sheets of carbon nanotubes and graphene.

The resulting materials are lightweight and strong. Sucrose is inexpensive and readily available, making the process cost-effective. Makes you look at the sweet substance a little differently, doesn’t it?

9. Ultrasonic Stir Welding

NASA scientists needed to find a way to friction weld that would be gentler on their welding equipment. Meet our next tech, ultrasonic stir welding.

NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center engineers developed ultrasonic stir welding to join large pieces of very high-strength, high-melting-temperature metals such as titanium and Inconel. The addition of ultrasonic energy reduces damaging forces to the stir rod (or the piece of the unit that vibrates so fast, it joins the welding material together), extending its life. The technology also leaves behind a smoother, higher-quality weld.

10. A Field Deployable PiezoElectric Gravimeter (PEG)

It’s important to know that the fuel pumping into rockets has remained fully liquid or if a harmful chemical is leaking out of its container. But each of those things, and the many other places sensors are routinely used, tends to require a specially designed, one-use device.

That can result in time-consuming and costly cycles of design, test and build, since there is no real standardized sensor that can be adapted and used more widely.

To meet this need, the PiezoElectric Gravimeter (PEG) was developed to provide a sensing system and method that can serve as the foundation for a wide variety of sensing applications.

See anything your business could use? Did anything inspire you to start your own company? If so, head to our website at to check them out.

When you’ve found what you need, click, “Apply Now!” Our licensing system, ATLAS, will guide you through the rest.

If the items on this round-up didn’t grab you, that’s ok, too. We have hundreds of other technologies available and ready to license on our website.

And if you want to learn more about the technologies already being used all around you, visit

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The Labyrinth Finale

Originally posted by baebsaes

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU 

Pairing: Reader/Jimin ft. all the members

Length: 4.7k

Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate the whereabouts of your parents during your senior year in high school. It was that fateful decision that led you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading when your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along. 

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 Finale

A/N: And here we are! 1 year and 7 months later, we have finally arrived at the final chapter of The Labyrinth. There have been countless times when I just wanted to discontinue this series and quit writing overall because of the lack of an audience, and yet I persevered because this was a story I wanted to tell and it is a work of mine I hold dear to me. But alas, more and more people started to read this massive series, and before I knew it, the reason I continued to write this series was not only for me, but also for you, my readers. So thank you so much, because YOU guys are one of the reasons why I’ve been able to learn the things that I did from writing The Labyrinth. It saddens me that this is where it all ends, but I’d like to take this time to thank you all, those from the beginning, middle, and even future, for the endless support and I love you all so very much. Without further ado, here is the final chapter of The Labyrinth! // 01/29/16 ~ 08/01/17

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Try to make me look bad? Hope you didn't enjoy your job.

Very long story. TL:DR at the end.

September 6th, 2017 will be an ordinary day for most people, but that day, today, marks the end of my quest to right a grievous wrong committed against me by a co-worker who was worried that I might usurp his easy job in the company.

Let me take you back roughly five years. The engineer of our company called me into the office. I had spoken to him before, primarily whenever we needed a tolerance adjusted for an order that began production over or under a limit, in order to avoid completely throwing away anything that we had already spent time and money producing. I figured that $engineer simply had a question about one of the machines, or about an order that had been ran the night before, but instead he had a proposition. I was to be offered a spot in our in-house testing lab, and to start training the next week. Obviously interested, I took the offer on the spot, and that Monday I began coming in earlier in order to do training with our only lab technician at the time.

Enter, $labtech.

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People talk about Iron Man not having the strongest rogues’ gallery like say, Spider-man and Batman (and there’s also a whole, valid discussion about Yellow Peril in there, fair enough), but I’d argue that it’s because the person he’s usually busy fighting is himself.  

I mean, Tony might get the Shocker trying it on a few times and the odd bank robbery, but if you look at the comics and ask who the main villain is, you’ll often get answers like:

  • “seven hours of paperwork”
  • “unwanted company buyouts”
  • “childhood abuse” 
  • “alcoholism”
  • “heavily-implied PTSD”
  • “the slow sapping of idealism”
  • “taking his friends for granted”
  • “chronic illness”
  • “the U.S. government”
  • “self-destructive and compulsive behaviour”
  • “stages of grief”
  • “the lack of privacy that comes with being a public figure”

Ah yes, and the old favourite, which makes a regular return in all his arcs:

  • “crippling self-loathing”

I mean, it’s kind of amazing some of the comics arcs are as gripping as they are. I just guess it’s catchier to put “IRON MAN VS. DOOM: THE FINAL SHOWDOWN” on a cover than to use titles like “TONY STARK VS. JUGGLING A POLITICAL CAREER AND PERSONAL ETHICS: THE RETURN YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR.” Um.

Daniel: It’s like, all this time I’ve been killing kids for Zeemoog. Trying to please him, trying to achieve ascension, trying to be the most worthy of his love, and all this time… he wasn’t real. It wasn’t real.
David: I’m sure it must be tough to have the foundation of your beliefs shaken to the very core.
Max: Wait for it.
Daniel: So I’ve come to a decision. I’m going to turn over a new leaf. No longer will I murder kids in the name of a false god!
David: That’s great!
Daniel: From now on, I murder kids for my own entertainment.
Max: There it is.

So do you guys remember that yaomomo+wardrobe malfunction post? I…decided to look through the tags and tally the votes for each team and

these are roughly the results as of this time the breakdown of the votes are:

  • Team A (Cover Momo) : 127
  • Team B (Destroy Camera) : 149
  • Team C (Costume Mod): 143
  • Team D (!) (Scold the Camera Men aka Team Iida): 2

I…wasn’t able to count the total number of people who reblogged + commented their teams bc I simply tallied even if some voted for 2 or all teams…. I was able to take note, however, that about ~50.6% of people voted team ABC, which is pretty cool!

Anyway I wanted to share this bc I found it pretty fascinating, haha also bc apparently i have a lot of time in my hands. Also I think it tells a lot about the temperament of the people who voted! As I was tallying there was a close fight between DestroyCamera VS, Costume Mod but the former claimed victory… haha. Very fascinating and interesting truly!

reminder that ur support/companion animal is NOT a service animal, and shouldnt be allowed inside or around public areas where actual service animals exist

this has become such a fucking common thing to see at cons, its extremely easy to tell if ur fucking jumping, barking, lunging dog is not a service animal, as the ACTUAL service animal ur dog is trying to attack is sitting calmly a few yards away

stop doing this

youre an asshole, your dog is an asshole, and you make it even harder for legitimate service animals to be taken seriously 

Even just from a narrative standpoint, I like the fact that Taako and Lup don’t have last names. Maybe their family did, but after everything? After getting shuffled around like they didn’t matter by everyone except maybe one aunt? Of course they don’t want to keep that last name. Their family doesn’t want anything to do with them - fine, then they don’t have one. They have each other and that’s it, that’s all that matters.

They don’t need a last name on the road; they barely need first names on the road for as much as either of them matter to anyone besides each other. It’s not like they have paperwork to fill out. It’s not like anyone is looking for them.

They get to university and fill out the applications and the person in charge of admissions points out that they forgot to put their last names. Taako shrugs.

“Well… what is it? What’s your name?”


And the admissions person doesn’t know if he’s joking or being serious, so they just spell “Taako” differently and let it go because they’re not paid enough for this shit, fuck it.

Someone on the Starblaster finds out - or Davenport just asks, because Lup Taaco is one thing but Taako Taaco is like naming your kid William Williamson - and it becomes the biggest ongoing joke since Barry’s last name. 

anonymous asked:

wow, you write very well and detailed! the plot is amazing too. can I request a scenario of rfa (and v + saeran if you can) being yanderes while they're dating mc?

Oh, thank you so much! So… I didn’t intend to go full yandere because I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with (not because of the theme, I just wasn’t sure if I knew how to do this), but that kept getting darker as I wrote, and it turned out really abusive and angsty. I’m not proud about Jumin and Saeyoung ones tho, they’re not that great, but I hope that’s what you wanted. :)


RFA + V and Saeran being yanderes ANGST


  • Whenever you hang out in public, he’ll always have an arm around your shoulder or waist
  • In bed, he enjoys fucking you in front of mirrors, he loves to watch himself giving you pleasure
  • Won’t let you cum till you tell him how great he is at everything and how no other man you’ve ever been with could ever be compared to him
  • He won’t forbid you of wearing certain clothes, but he won’t pretend he’s not bothered, he’ll pout and insist you have to change because he was the only one that deserves to see you at your best
  • If he’s not able to convince you, expect to find dark hickys all over your neck, collarbones and thighs after sex, that way you can’t wear low cleavage tops and short skirts
  • He’s not afraid of getting into fights if someone approaches you, fuck the scandals, you’re his
  • You always have a seat reserved on the front row during all of his musicals, and he makes sure the seats by your sides are empty, he doesn’ t want anyone distracting you from giving all your attention to him when he’s performing
  • At first, he would never let you be photographed or give interviews, HE is the public person here and anything concerning your relationship would be answered exclusively by him
  • He used to say this was for your protection, but you knew he just didn’t want you getting the same kind of attention he gets
  • But then, he realized  he enjoyed to show you off to media, so he’d spend days training you to say the right things and find the right clothes, so he’d dress you up like a doll
  • He was determined to turn you to a modern day princess and your relationship should always come across as a fairytale in the public eye
  • But he started actually believing in this, so any attitude of yours that didn’t meet his expectations would be harshly scolded
  • You didn’t feel human anymore, everything you did felt so robotic, made only for other people to see
  • He was the actor here, but you felt you were the one always pretending  to be this perfect princess
  • Neither of you knew what was real now, not even your love


  • He will hold hands with you in public and tight the grip everytime some guy (and girls, eventually) look at you and smile
  • In bed, sometimes his insecurities get the best of him and he can’t hold an erection for long, your warm touch makes him lose control of his body immediately
  • You would always reassure him it was fine, the sex was still great, anyways, and you loved him so much
  • But he didn’t like your tone. To his ears, you sounded like you felt pity for him, and he hated!
  • Still, you always managed to praise him a lot, and you just hoped he could notice that every moan and compliment you gave were sincere
  • He could almost read people’s mind on the streets when you went out. “What is she doing with him? Poor girl can get someone so much better” He was always wondering when you would realize that too 
  • He wasn’t strong enough to fight for you, so the only thing he could do was make himself weaker and weaker, so you would feel obligated to take care of him
  • So he’ll hurt himself everytime you get late from work/school, everytime you talk to another guy, everytime he feels you’re not giving him love and attention enough
  • He hates your pity, but if this will make you stay, he doesn’t care


  • Trust always was a low point in this relationship, even though she would never admit to you and to herself
  • You were always so sweet to everybody, sweet… or were you just flirting to everybody?
  • She gets it, ok? You’re a little younger than her, you’re pretty and bubbly, there isn’t a single person who wouldn’t fall desperately for you like she did
  • But she knew those guys would be coming to the cafe just to see you, they didn’t care about coffee at all
  • So hiring another person and putting you on paperwork felt like a natural move to protect you and her feelings for you
  • You missed talking to people, seeing their smile everytime you would hand over their delicious and beautifully made drinks
  • But you would never complain, you didn’t want to upset her, she would be so cold when she was upset and the sex would feel so awful
  • Because this would be clearly about her pleasure only, and sometimes you could swear your frustration would turn her on more and more
  • In fact, making you feel frustrated was an habit now. She would make you overwork so you’d always look frustrated, stressed out and tired. If you’d be like that, you wouldn’t look that cute to other people now, right?
  • She became what once hurt herself so much, but she couldn’t even realize it, she just wanted to be the only one to see your true beauty and sweetness that would be hidden behind those dark circles under your eyes and the ill aspect of your skin.


  • You didn’t remember the last time you went out by yourself, if he wasn’t with you, at least two bodyguards would
  • His arm is always around your waist, he wouldn’t let his guards down not even around his own father
  • He is very possessive and demanding on bed and this is a huge turn on for you at first
  • But you could always tell when something went wrong at the office, because he would take it out on you very roughly,. Most of the times, you would feel the pleasure through the pain, sometimes you wouldn’t, it was just that scary pain
  • In the beginning, he was very understanding that you had different habits from his, but it got really perceptive when he was slowly pushing his eating and sleeping habits onto you. It was for your own good, he would say.
  • Controlling you was for your own good, he would say
  • Things started to get weirder when you went out by yourself for a couple hours. A friend of yours was in town, she was going through a tough time and could use a friend now, she seemed so sad and afraid, you felt that taking the bodyguards could be intimidating
  • When you returned home, you never seen his eyes that dark and never heard his voice this low and husky. “Where were you?” “Why didn’t you take my calls?” “Are you leaving?” “Are you trying to escape like Elisabeth did that time?” Oh no, not this again…
  • He got you a bracelet with a tracking device, the bodyguards got very detailed instructions about never leaving you alone if he was not around, a female bodyguard was hired exclusively to watch over for you in the bathroom, that was the level of insanity going around that penthouse
  • You and Elisabeth were his precious little kittens, but if you’d gonna behave like an wild animal, he’d need to tame you at all costs


  • He is not too clingy in public, but he’s always by your side or a little behind you
  • In bed, he will make you scream his name out loud and tell you’re his, only his
  • If he was too busy, he would hire Vanderwood to keep an eye on you when you’d go out
  • As much as you enjoyed Vanderwood’s company, it was uncomfortable, and you told him. He didn’t like it, but dismissed his services on a very passive-agressive way.
  • “I’m just worried about your security, MC, it’s a shame you don’t care about yourself as much as I do… but I won’t tell you how to live your life”
  • Still, he needed to know if you were always ok, so he attached GPS devices on your clothes and would always hack security cameras on the streets to watch you
  • He also installed cameras and wires at your apartment, but he didn’t tell you.
  • Hacking your laptop and phone started as a hobby , but quickly became a habit, he’d love to trace patterns in your interests
  • But everytime you ‘d search something he considered inappropriate (like photos of that cute guy on that boy band) he would take down the internet at your home or send you a virus, this also worked as an excuse to go to your place or make you go to his, 
  • This happened so often that you felt you were actually living together, but not in a very natural way
  • He got obsessive about your online activities, he felt he could know you better like this than actually talking to you.
  • Everybody is more honest when nobody is watching, and although you were so special, you weren’t any different . Watching you like this would make sure you would never lie to him.
  • He just wanted to be the one who knows you the best, it was the least he could do after pushing you away like that. Now he wanted you closer as possible.
  • None of  the tasks he did for his previous job felt filthier like this one, and he got surprised how much this satisfied him


  • Like Saeyoung, not clingy in public
  • But he showers you in compliments in front of others, and gets slightly angry if people don’t respond in a way he considers adequate
  • Even when you don’t take his compliments as he desires, he will get frustrated. “You need to start seeing yourself as the magnificent person you are, MC. It really bothers me you’re uncapable of”
  • He puts you on a pedestal, and everytime you do something that doesn’t go according to how he pictured you should do, he will scold you for not reaching your full potential
  • Takes tons of pictures of you doing several activities during the day, and sometimes, he takes pictures of your reactions when he touches your body and praises you, those ones became a collection
  • A very prestigious art critic pointed out how the model would look despaired in some of the pictures, which V hated
  • Now he was determined to only get your joy in his photos, so he would create every possible situation that could make you smile. But still, nothing was good enough for him, you never looked happy enough, and he would be very clear about how frustrated he was with you
  • You watched as your boyfriend was only seeing you through pictures, you didn’t feel like a real person who could show her emotions genuinely
  • But what hurt the most was that you didn’t see your boyfriend’ eyes anymore, they were always behind the camera lens


  • He’s too shy to show affection in public, but he’ll walk with beside you, glaring at people like a hound dog
  • In bed, he is very instable. Sometimes he treats you like a porcelain doll and touches you like you’re gonna break, he feels so guilty for everything he did, so treating you like this feels like he’s finally doing the right thing
  • Other times, he’ll be rough, very rough. You’ll have dark bruises due to hard hickys all over your body, he enjoys tasting your blood, he says is the most delicious thing he ever tasted
  • He can be like this out of the bed too, the shy and quiet Saeran or the loud one who’ll snap at you over the silliest things. You never know which Saeran you’re gonna face
  • He hates it being like that, he feels like shit and knows this is too much for someone so bright and lovely as you to handle.
  • But he’s so afraid you’ll see you’re making a mistake being with him, it’s probably a matter of time for you to notice you’re too good to him
  • So, before you realize that, he has to find a way for you not to feel so good, he needs to lower you to his level
  • His snaps will be more aggressive, he’ll tell you how useless you are at everything, you’re stupid, futile, you’re so lucky that he’s patient with you, you ‘d never find a guy who could bare you like he does
  • And slowly you start believing in that, you never noticed how much you and him are alike. Yes, you’re lucky you have him, if you two  are so wrong for the rest of the world, at least you can be wrong together.
  • He  feels like shit, the only way to make you stay is if you feel exactly like him

anonymous asked:

we live in adjacent apartments and our bedrooms are on opposite sides of a very thin wall and one night i heard you crying(betty) and talked to you through the wall AU

Jughead slammed through the front door of his shitty one bedroom apartment, kicking the empty pizza box half way across the living room and chucking his keys angrily at the Tarantino poster hanging loosely by scotch tape on his center wall.

Today sucked. Scratch that this month sucked. With his editor breathing down his neck about publishing his next novel and Jellybean nearly flunking out of her senior year his stress levels were through the roof, he was trying desperately to get through to his little sister how important it was to graduate but considering the fact that he never had the only thing his prodding accomplished was making himself look like an even bigger hypocrite. His father begged him to come home, even for just a little, just to help out with Jellybean and the new baby.

Yeah did he mention his 46 year old mother had just had a baby, Considering the fact that he was 26 there was quite big age gap. He couldn’t come home though, not until he finished his novel, not until he had enough money to help them.

Throwing himself on his bed, he shut his eyes, praying that sleep would come to him tonight, just for an hour please. However the slamming of his next door neighbors apartment door and the sudden crash of glass had him nearly tumbling out of bed at the sheer force. He hesistated, should he go make sure everything’s okay? It could be a murderer or a burglary, he’d never met his neighbor, only seen flashes of her blonde ponytail in passing but he did know she was a tiny thing. His decision was made however when he heard sniffles against the wall, the sound of a mattress creaking and soft crying. She was alive atleast, that was a good thing.

Jughead couldn’t help it, pressing his ear against the wall, her small gasps and shudders were utterly heartbreaking. He placed his fingers on the wall and before he knew if he was speaking, his volume raised and clear

“Ya know, things may seem shitty now but… it’ll get better…it has too.” He winced at his words, way to be assuring Jughead, he was certain he had creeped her out by her lack of response, great. Elevator rides were gonna be so fun now.

“I’ve been waiting for it to get better for years. Maybe sometimes it just doesn’t.”

Jughead stiffened at her response, the watery voice and thud of her head against his hand pressed on the wall. He wasn’t used to being the positive one, he was known for his sardonic humor and ever present scowl.

“Well.. if he doesn’t want to treat you right he doesn’t appreciate you.”

He was rewarded by the sound of a slight giggle
“Who’s he? If you’re referring to the slamming of the door that was my mother. I’ll agree with you, she does have the anger of a grown man. I’m sorry by the way, I know it’s late, I tried to tell her she couldn’t come over but she does what she wants. I’ve never met you before have I? You’re my neighbor and I don’t even know your name.”

Jughead smiled although he knew she couldn’t see it
“Names Jughead, Jughead Jones. Nice to informally meet you through the walls”

Her giggle was his new favorite sound
“Im Betty Cooper. Sorry for crying on your wall”

“Don’t worry about it. My wall is your wall. Care to explain why you were crying in the first place. Me and the wall won’t judge.”

He could practically feel her smiling against the paper thin wall
“My mom disapproves of my choices. I teach at a pretty run down school. You know how some of the elementary schools are in New York I’m sure, she says I’m being reckless. She had a job lined up for me in the town I grew up in, but I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to help kids. That’s what tonight’s fight was about, she wants me to come home, but I am home. Those kids are my life.”

Jugheads chest tightened, he had grown up in the worst part of town, he had always prayed for a teacher to care about him, someone who would actually help him learn. Apparently Betty Cooper was that kind of teacher.

Clearing his throat Jughead answered
“I know all about disappointing family. I’m an author. You don’t get much more disappointing then that.”

Jughead heard hands slap against the wall
“You’re a writer? That’s amazing. You’ll let me read something sometime.. or maybe you’ll let the wall read something.” She laughed shyly, a tinge of hope in her tone, he knew he could never say no to her.


Betty tapped on the wall
“Maybe you could let me read it now? I won’t be able to sleep. I could come pick it up right now?” She sounded so excited Jughead couldn’t help but laugh

“I thought this was your therapy session.”

He smirked when she tssked impatiently
“That’s what the guidance counselors for, so can I come over?”

Jughead was already rummaging through likes of paperwork when she asked
“How bout I bring it to you? I’m coming now.”

“Okay!” He heard the springs on her mattress squeak. Here goes nothing.

Jughead locked his door and moved to knock on Betty’s door, barely touching the wood before or sprung open. She was beautiful, even with watery red eyes and a messy blonde ponytail, he’d never seen anything so pretty in his life.

“Hi” she grinned

He smiled back “hi”

Suddenly he was being pulled into her impeccably clean apartment, flowers and candles everywhere. She plopped onto the light yellow couch with the spotless white trim, she was staring up at him expectantly. He couldn’t keep the smile off of his face

“What?” He questioned

“Read to me.” She sniffled, burying herself deeper into the couch and patting the space beside her

“That wasn’t part of the deal” the dark haired boy quirked a playful eyebrow

Betty pouted, clasping her hands
“Please, it’ll make me feel better. You don’t want me crying on your wall again do you?”

Jughead stared for a moment before dropping beside her

“No Betty Cooper, I do not want that one bit.”

anonymous asked:

canonverse ereri headcanons? fluffy or smutty or smth?

I love canonverse ereri  (◡‿◡✿) uhhh..

  • when Levi is busy with chunks of hard paperwork, I like to think Eren always offers to give Levi shoulder massages or head massages. And Levi feels kinda blissful becuz he never gets that type of treatment from anyone lol. 
  • Eren likes to bring Levi the most prettiest flowers to leave on his work desk (canon or au, Eren would do that lol) 
  • when they have actual free time, I like to imagine both of them riding on their horses together alone in a huge flower field. 
  • (jumping to smut) Eren gives a lot of loving kisses to Levi’s battle scars when they do the do. 
  • Levi sometimes wears Eren’s key necklace when they frick frack. 
  • Eren has wet dreams about his captain a lot.