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the first day of fall has come and gone and i have held off long enough! it’s time for me to change to my halloween url, but i can’t decide on my fave. so i figured y’all can help me decide and i’ll do blogrates!


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One thing I kinda miss about how episodes used to be released is how we all would comb through every little detail by the next episode. I feel like some smaller things we would usually rant and rave about are getting somewhat glossed over.

So I was thinking of posting a list for each episode before act 3 comes out and it would break some things down. And people can reblog and add to the list. Or freak out and elaborate on certain points.

I dunno, would anyone want this?

I’ll gladly start it if it’s something people would want to just see or join in on.

Can I just stop and say something? The start of this summer was really when I started sharing a lot of my work on here, on my side blog and I really thought people wouldn’t care. I asked some of my favourite writers how they got their writing blogs so popular and how so many people read their stuff and always dropped them asks. They told me just to write. Post it on ao3, post it here, get it out there. I was like, yeah sure, easy for you to say, you’re popular. But I did it. I posted my headcanons, little oneshots and au ideas I had thought of, links to my ao3 stories. I linked my blog on ao3 too, so ppl who read my stuff would see it. And you know what?

People read it. and even more wild, they liked it! I can’t tell you how excited I got at the first reblogs of my work, how excited I still get. I died when @13-percent submitted fanart of my story Monticello Diaries (thank you so much, you have no idea how much you mean to me) and when @crowbalt painted me a turtleneck burr and a koi burrmaid (yes i know they’re freshwater) 

I’ve met so many wonderful people on this site and made so many friends, real friends, people I would fly out to see if I could. I want to express to all of you, all my followers, my mutuals, all of you who are my friends, how much you mean to me. I am….shaken by how wonderful  you all are, how sweet and thoughtful and caring and legitimately nice everyone is. I’m proud to say I’ve never gotten any hate mail ever and I’m so so lucky to have the fantastic, utterly amazing followers that I have. I’m so so lucky to have you all. I couldn’t ask for anything more than this.  

I’ve created friendships on here, met people I care about as much as my own family, people I think about daily, people I love so much. Did you know I light candles for you all when I’m at Church? Don’t laugh, it’s not why you think. I light candles for all of you because I want you to be safe, I ask that you have great weeks because you all deserve it. It’s the little bit I can give back to you, in my own way. When I pray, I think of your icons bc that’s how i know you, and I pray for your health, and your happiness. 

This may seem out of the blue, don’t worry, I’m not going through anything, but I wanted you all to know how much I love and appreciate you all, even those of you I haven’t spoken to yet. You matter so much to me and I love you. I deeply, really do. How did I get this lucky? I don’t deserve it, I’m nothing special. But here we are. Funny, huh?

And hey, any new writers out there wondering how the hell I got kinda popular? Why so many ppl talk to me? How you can make as many friends and be as happy as I am?

Write. And put it out there. On here, on ao3. I know it’s scary, and intimidating, bc what if ppl don’t like it? Well, so what if they don’t like it. Don’t let that stop you, bc eventually, you’ll write something that someone likes, reblogs, and that’s how it’ll start. People will spend hours looking through your writing tag just for the hell of it. You’ll learn so much on here from all sorts of different people, things that will make you a better writer. And it’s all worth it. What you get in return is worth the anxiety you feel before posting, and soon, you won’t feel anxious at all. Even when one of your pieces doesn’t get as many notes, so what? You enjoyed writing it! It was fun! Now on to the next thing.

Trust me, if you write what you like, it shows, and other people will like it too.

You’ll get there. You can do it! The friends you’ll make on here is worth every bit of it. 

So thanks everyone, for having my back, for being there for me, you’re all my family, and i really couldn’t ask for a better one.

I love you all. Let’s keep going.

I need to follow more blogs who post things I’m interested in, so like/reblog this if you can relate to any of this jumbled list and I’ll check you out 👍

- New Girl
- friends
- Kate McKinnon
- feminism
- wlw
- 30 Rock
- Hannah Hart
- parks and rec
- the office
- Steven universe
- Pretty little liars
- Gilmore girls
- being gay


she had learn a lot

btw, i made a PATREON (click here) page, if you like the content i do and if you can consider supporting me so i can keep making more content, but don’t worry if you can’t, likes and reblogs help a lot aswell, and just plain enjoy my work, because i enjoy sharing it, alos i upload the full resolution images of everthing i post there, in case you want them go get them, anyone can see those

Scene: An anti-sjw takes the stage to do some stand-up

“Hey guys, my name is Ben, and I’m an attack helicopter.”

The crowd is silent, watching him with a mix of caution and sympathy. A few people cover their eyes to avoid the trainwreck that they can already see unfolding in front of them. Ben’s hands start to sweat. B-but badsjw reblogged my post! They tagged it as ‘lmao’! How can these guys not find it funny? he thought to himself.

Then, he improvised; Going off script, he started setting the scene.

“I mean like, tumblr, yeah? They got kids on there who… they’re kids and they’re like, ykno, angels. I mean, they think they’re angels”.

A woman in the front is texting her friend to come pick her up as soon as possible.

“They’re all ‘oh I’m an angel! My pronouns are angel / angels / angelself”

There’s a visible recoil in some of the audience members when they hear him say backslash out loud. The woman has silently crept out of her seat and is making her way towards the side entrance. She ducks so as to not block the view of the people sitting beside her, though they would have rather avoided seeing what was transpiring on stage.

Ben sees an opportunity. If there’s one thing he’d come prepared for, it was hecklers. While everyone else had stayed quiet for some reason, unexpected for a university campus, this woman was trying to slink away. He would not let some FEMALE escape his grip.

“Are you triggered? You, in the side.. are you triggered? Did I trigger you?”

The woman stops in her tracks and throws a glance back. He’s pointing. Nobody’s staring at her, they’re all sitting in stunned silence. At least it was free entry she murmured to herself as she pulled the handle on the door and dashed out.

“Trigglypuffs, am I right? SJWs can’t take logic.” Ben quips before he starts throwing his hands around, shouting something indistinct to the audience because the microphone was away from his face. The audience enjoyed the silence.

With the audience still silent, Ben had to pull out the big guns.

“So, I saw someone drop this kitkat on the ground, on the… in central park the other day. I picked it up and ate it because, hey, hashtag candy lives matter”

An audible gag was heard from the back of the room, though the rest of the crowd wasnt sure if it was because of the thought of this trembling puddle of sweat eating a kitkat off the floor or from them physically saying ‘hashtag’ like they were a 40 year old newsreader. This is it Ben thought. I’ve cracked the perfect joke. It’s topical! This will go viral and steven-universe-official and plebcomics will finally follow me back! I can see the copypasta now.

“You fucking suck dude.”

Ben’s daydream about KotakuInAction rallying behind him is dashed as he hears the cry from the left aisle. It was then that he realised he’d been daydreaming for 5 minutes, most everyone had left, and he’d pissed his pants.

As the warmth fell down his leg, all he could see in his mind was the angry post he was going to write up on his own tumblr tonight, about how university campuses are simply hug boxes, not accepting of REAL humour anymore.


[Just as a warning: I don’t know what kind of drawing / doodle you will get. Some might be colored and/or detailed and others might not. I’m sorry if you end up thinking that it’s unfair I probably spent like 2 minutes on yours and 10 minutes on someone else’s.]

So now that I totally switched what I do to de-stress- I figured that I might as well do something like this. I don’t know how many people will see this / participate, but I realized that I should probably draw more now that I’m not constantly screaming about life for the most part.  

Here’s what you need to do in order for me to check out your blog / draw:

-Reblog this post (likes will not count, but that doesn’t mean you can’t like this to save the post).

-Wait patiently (I know I probably don’t need to say this, but please give me time to figure out / draw something for you. I might dash out several pieces a day because I’m in some sort of drawing jazz, or I might not). 

-Following me is not required, but it’d be much appreciated!

I will check out your blog (and maybe follow you depending on if I like your content or not), and then figure out something to draw based off of it. I might draw some random content I see that reoccurs on your blog, I might draw you, I might draw something inspired by your theme or something you like, etc. Bottom line is that I have no idea what will come your way, but when I’m done with it I will upload it in a single post, or with a few other drawings, tag your blog URL and the tag ‘mishion free for all’ in it. So keep an eye out for your notifications and/or ‘mishion free for all’!


I genuinely feel bad for all the boys on this site and there’s not nearly enough positivity posts so to all my male followers I just wanna say:

You are not ugly, gross, selfish, rude, sexist or inherently a bad person just because of your gender. Your gender alone doesn’t necessarily mean that you get everything handed to you, that your feelings aren’t valid or that you don’t face any problems. Whether you’re cis, trans, gay, straight, bi, ace or anything in between, you matter and you are always worthy of love and acceptance, and please don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you that you’re not. ♡

OKAY listen up nerds i need blogs to follow

so if you’re an active blog and post any of the stuff below please reblog this thing so i can come check you out:

  • Dragon Age
  • Mass Effect
  • Fallout
  • Pokemon (especially Team Instinct)
  • Overwatch
  • Roleplay shit (like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Critical Role, etc)
  • Art and Design (fanart ABSOLUTELY counts, see above fandoms)
  • Shitposts and memes

please guys my dash is ded

  • Kirishima :*plugging nose* wow, Bakugou's quirk isn't the only thing that can kill when it explodes
  • Kaminari :*hi-fives Kirishima*
  • Bakugou :*from the bathroom* SHUT THE FUCK UP, I CAN HEAR YOU!!!
  • Fiyero:How's your tea, darling?
  • Glinda:You made it perfect. Just the way I like it.
  • Glinda:Strong.
  • Glinda:Green.
  • Glinda:And very, very bitter.
  • Glinda *whispering*:Just like Elphie.
  • Fiyero:Excuse me?
  • Glinda:Nothing, nothing.

Cosplay is fanart for people who can’t draw. I’m not even joking, ask any cosplayer and a lot of them will say it’s a way to make art in a way they can’t get on paper.

I’ve seen a lot of posts by artists stressing why reblogs are so important and the same goes for cosplayers.

If you’re hesitant to reblog cosplay because you’re uncertain about sharing pictures of real people on your blog I can say that at least for me I don’t see cosplay as a picture of me so much as fanart of a character using costumes and photography as a medium.

Cosplay is fanart just like any other fanart.

Hello, lovely people! I’ve gotten quite a few messages about you guys wanting to buy my portrait of Jack as a print. I decided before even finishing it that I would not be selling this particular portrait as a print simply out of respect for Jack! However, I still would love to offer a chance for some of you to have a physical copy of it so I’m hosting a raffle. It’s completely free! I cover shipping costs and everything.

It’s just a little token of my absolute greatest appreciation for all the overwhelming response that it has been getting. I can’t thank you guys and Jack enough!

Here are the rules to win an 8.5"x 11" print of this portrait

There will be five winners!

  • Reblog this post to enter yourself into the raffle. Only reblogs count! I will only be counting one entry per person, so multiple reblogs don’t increase your chance of winning.
  • You don’t have to follow me. That is up to you whether or not you would like to see more art from me! I appreciate you greatly if you choose to!

That’s IT! How easy is that?

I will randomly choose the winners via a generator and I will contact you through a message via tumblr.

The contest ends September 22nd at 8PM central time!

Thank you guys so much once again and let me know if you have any questions.

IM SO HAPPY BC THE WEEK HIATUS WAS AT THE END ONLY FOUR DAYS :’’’’’D im so happy really (ノ°▽°)ノ *dances*

so i did this drawing based on the last update of eicinic ‘s auldthood au (๑´ㅂ`๑) its beautiful and it has so many details and the character’s desing (both externally and internally) is amazing, you all should pass by ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

Looking for less well-known simblrs

If you are a simblr that has under 500 followers, reblog this!

I’d like to put together a post that lists some less-well-known simblrs (and it can be any Sims game - from 1 to 4!) so that we can share the love, and help build each other up and support our creativity. 😄

it would be great if you could give a little bit of info about your blog when you reblog this. I’ll start:

I’ve had this Sims 4 blog for about a year, and I create CC, post about my legacy, and put together lookbooks and cc showcases. 😊

I’m really looking forward to seeing the cool blogs that you guys have got out there that don’t get a lot of attention. 😊 please share! 😄

can someone tell me why I'm seeing so many 316 posts?

cause I swear if you watch it live I will hunt you down.

have we literally learned nothing about queerbaiting?? finale is like the textbook definition of queerbaiting and if you watch it, well you might as well go kiss jason’s ass and thank him for 307. 

besides the fact that jason and cw expect you to watch it, why tf would you put yourself though that misery again? because I know for a fact that I will have to reblog all of those suicide hotlines after lexa dies again. and so many kids will relapse and depression will hit them harder again.

but if you still go watch it “just for lexa” then you need to think about your life a little.

Since its pride month, I think now would be a good time for me to say this. Really recently I’ve been coming to terms with myself as being bisexual. So here’s me officially saying it!


Made a stand alone post for it cos it’s long and attached to a chain of reblogs and even though nothing Fallout 4 cranks out is polished, I will not stoop to that low. :)

I want to see a trailer for an add on that starts with Kellogg’s voice:,“Did you really think you could get rid of me so easily, popcicle?”

It shows an underground bunker area filled with chimera-type robots. It’s like the Automaton creator went haywire, some gen 1 parts, some Mr Handy, some gen 3. It to look like Sid’s room from Toy Story.

“You can’t imagine the things I have in store for you.”

Add a fancy new revolver. Add a few more traps for the workshop. At this point, fans are excited for more content that’s actually relevant to the main story. Show Sole fiddling with a robot maker. Sneak in a quick peek of what looks like the synth maker in the Institute.

The screen goes black. Kellogg laughs, but it’s distorted. It morphs from Kellogg’s voice to Nick’s. It’s dark and ominous sounding. The audio flickers a bit and turns back into Nick’s real laugh, warm and kind.

“Is there a machine you can’t charm?” He asks the darkness.

Nora laughs seductively and responds: “Not anymore.”

A lighter flicks in the darkness and a cigarette lights up. You assume it’ll be Nick, but see Nora’s red pouty lips, laying across a piano like an old detective novel, with Nick’s tie in her hand. The hand that’s holding the lighter is mechanical, but after a moment, it flickers and turns human.

I want a serious add on that sounds like Tom Clancy Splinter Cell. Desdemona is announcing.

“There is a spy among us.” I want to hear silenced gunfire, I want Nate to garrote someone like it’s fucking Hitman.

“They’ve infiltrated our ranks.” New hairstyles. New costumes. Disguises.

“We’ll need every trick in the book to hunt them down.” Add goofy suction cup shoes that let you walk on walls.

“We can’t afford mercy.” Add a garroting wire as a new weapon.

Show Deacon and Nate in a Lone Wanderer-esque pose. Two silhouettes against the setting sun. Deacon chimes in with, “Well, partner? Let’s get a move on.” He nudges his sunglasses a bit and holds his hand out, beckoning Nate.

I want Nate to hum, amused. He responds, “It’s about time…I’m tired of waiting.” Nate takes Deacon’s hand and holds it, both hands with rings on them.

I want an add on with bot fighting. I want Brotherhood of Steel members to start stealing–or “commandeering”–bots from the field and set up a ring.

Maxson voice over explains, “The Brothers and Sisters need an outlet.” You see a Mr Handy with boxing gloves. It punches out an assaultron.

“A little competition, if you will.” The Automaton bot-maker pops into frame. It shows a ton of more customizing options.

“Being hands on with this technology affords us insight as to how they work.” His voice is testy, as if someone was arguing with him. A gen 1 synth with buzz saws for hands is on top of a sentry bot, trying to carve through the hull. Sparks fly. Soldiers cheer.

“It’s not like they’re people.”

The screen goes black. Suddenly, a spotlight turns on in the ring, and the silhouette of a man is front center, his head facing he floor, shoulders slumped. He’s wearing a battered Brotherhood of Steel cover-all. The soldiers are quiet. Slowly, the man lifts his head. Ex-Paladin Danse stares defiantly at the camera.

Screen goes black once more. You hear Nora’s angry, insubordinate voice respond, “He’s more human than you’ll ever be, Maxson.”