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Again, I didn’t do this for a week so I’m going to put the recs underneath a cut so that your dash isn’t clogged with a long post. Enjoy!

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There are so many great fics out there that need to be recognized! If you find something you like on this list, be sure to show it the appreciation it deserves with likes, reblogs, and messages to the author! I hope you can find something to enjoy, and remember that if you’d like me to see your work, be sure to tag me in it!

Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.

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Went into the Malec tag so I could reblog stuff and all I see is people hating on people in the tag. Male shippers posting hate about everything from other ships to reasons people can’t like Alec and beyond, like…we’re here to LOVE things, not tear them down! Why do people have to complain and bitch 24/7 on this site? Just show some love! :(

coulrophilia  asked:

I've sent a couple of (constructive?) criticism anons to systemhop and they never got published, so I'm assuming it happens quite a lot.

This doesn’t surprise me. I’m guessing they delete most if not all of them and then leave a few of the more rude ones so that they can look like their in the right.

This is why more people need to respond more directly to them. When you go on their blog and send in an ask you give them the power to just click a button and make it go away. If you keep posting in their tags or you reblog their posts then they can only hide it from themselves and everyone else can still see it, so it doesn’t go away.

I’m not saying it’s wrong or bad to try to send in anons, but it does make it easier for them to just plug their ears and toss it out so no one else can see it and they can try to make themselves look less shitty than they really are. They don’t get that luxury if you respond directly because even if they block you it’s still out there for others to see who don’t have you blocked including people  just finding their blog.


she had learn a lot

btw, i made a PATREON (click here) page, if you like the content i do and if you can consider supporting me so i can keep making more content, but don’t worry if you can’t, likes and reblogs help a lot aswell, and just plain enjoy my work, because i enjoy sharing it, alos i upload the full resolution images of everthing i post there, in case you want them go get them, anyone can see those

Scene: An anti-sjw takes the stage to do some stand-up

“Hey guys, my name is Ben, and I’m an attack helicopter.”

The crowd is silent, watching him with a mix of caution and sympathy. A few people cover their eyes to avoid the trainwreck that they can already see unfolding in front of them. Ben’s hands start to sweat. B-but badsjw reblogged my post! They tagged it as ‘lmao’! How can these guys not find it funny? he thought to himself.

Then, he improvised; Going off script, he started setting the scene.

“I mean like, tumblr, yeah? They got kids on there who… they’re kids and they’re like, ykno, angels. I mean, they think they’re angels”.

A woman in the front is texting her friend to come pick her up as soon as possible.

“They’re all ‘oh I’m an angel! My pronouns are angel / angels / angelself”

There’s a visible recoil in some of the audience members when they hear him say backslash out loud. The woman has silently crept out of her seat and is making her way towards the side entrance. She ducks so as to not block the view of the people sitting beside her, though they would have rather avoided seeing what was transpiring on stage.

Ben sees an opportunity. If there’s one thing he’d come prepared for, it was hecklers. While everyone else had stayed quiet for some reason, unexpected for a university campus, this woman was trying to slink away. He would not let some FEMALE escape his grip.

“Are you triggered? You, in the side.. are you triggered? Did I trigger you?”

The woman stops in her tracks and throws a glance back. He’s pointing. Nobody’s staring at her, they’re all sitting in stunned silence. At least it was free entry she murmured to herself as she pulled the handle on the door and dashed out.

“Trigglypuffs, am I right? SJWs can’t take logic.” Ben quips before he starts throwing his hands around, shouting something indistinct to the audience because the microphone was away from his face. The audience enjoyed the silence.

With the audience still silent, Ben had to pull out the big guns.

“So, I saw someone drop this kitkat on the ground, on the… in central park the other day. I picked it up and ate it because, hey, hashtag candy lives matter”

An audible gag was heard from the back of the room, though the rest of the crowd wasnt sure if it was because of the thought of this trembling puddle of sweat eating a kitkat off the floor or from them physically saying ‘hashtag’ like they were a 40 year old newsreader. This is it Ben thought. I’ve cracked the perfect joke. It’s topical! This will go viral and steven-universe-official and plebcomics will finally follow me back! I can see the copypasta now.

“You fucking suck dude.”

Ben’s daydream about KotakuInAction rallying behind him is dashed as he hears the cry from the left aisle. It was then that he realised he’d been daydreaming for 5 minutes, most everyone had left, and he’d pissed his pants.

As the warmth fell down his leg, all he could see in his mind was the angry post he was going to write up on his own tumblr tonight, about how university campuses are simply hug boxes, not accepting of REAL humour anymore.

can we change the way we, as a fandom, look at fanfiction, and fanart?

can we, as a fandom, start appreciating authors and artists in the way that they deserve? what i’ve seen since i joined the marvel fandom two years ago has shown me that that the current attitude to art and fic is, well, kind of appalling.

we read things, sometimes we kudos, we rarely comment. we reblog stuff with base level tags, or just hit ‘like’ and move on.

i see text posts that are outdated memes get more notes than a piece of art that took a lot more than ten minutes to create.

fandom is so rich with talented people that seeing the fruits of their effort has become the norm. we appreciate it, but not in the same way we would in smaller fandoms.

we’ve become expectant. we’ve become elitist. we see so much work from so many fan creators that we’ve stopped appreciating the time it takes to create them.

artwork can take hours, days, weeks, months. same with fic.

we consume it in minutes, or hours, or days, and move on.

these fanworks are not a right, these fanworks are a privilege, and one we, quite frankly, are deserving less and less.

when was the last time you left a comment on a fic? when was the last time you reblogged meta, or art, or just a post about your favourite characters, with anything other than the character names and the fandom in the tags, and maybe triggers shown in the work? when was the last time you truly showed your appreciation for the creators in the fandom?

i’m not saying i’m not guilty, but i see artists think they’re terrible because their work doesn’t get notes, i see writers give up because their work has just been consumed without anyone saying “hey, good work with this!”

i’ve seen new writers scared to start, because they don’t think they’re good enough for fandom. i’ve seen artists scrap every single thing they draw because it doesn’t hold up to what fandom has dictated is good by the notes a select few people get.

and sometimes, that’s all it takes. “hey i really enjoyed this” or “wow this is gorgeous” or even just a button mash in the tags or the comments. it can do wonders for a creator’s self esteem, it can be the thing that keeps them creating.

it can be the difference between a dull dash with textpost after textpost and a vibrant dash with art, edits, gifs, or all shapes, sizes and skill levels.

a kind word can be the thing to push people to keep working, to get better. even if they’re not at a standard you deem “worthy” of comments, or they’re not popular in the fandom.

in fact, especially these people.

i’m not saying that the writers and artists with 20k followers and a million notes and comments don’t deserve them, they absolutely do, but there are so many underappreciated artists and writers out there, that don’t get the feedback they deserve simply because they aren’t “big”.

you can see it for yourself - look at the top fics on ao3 for whatever ship. you’ll see recurring usernames, only a small handful of people, and then a drop in kudos, hits, and most prominently, comments. 

if we as a fandom want to show the writers and artists, editors and gifmakers, icon makers and manip-artists, and everyone else i can’t think of off the top of my head, that we deserve their time and effort, we need to start giving them this feedback.

tl;dr: comment on fic. comment on art. reblog things instead of liking them. send messages directly to the artists and writers if you can. show these people that this fandom wants them here. or we’re gonna see a sharp decline in people willing to give fandom anything.


[Just as a warning: I don’t know what kind of drawing / doodle you will get. Some might be colored and/or detailed and others might not. I’m sorry if you end up thinking that it’s unfair I probably spent like 2 minutes on yours and 10 minutes on someone else’s.]

So now that I totally switched what I do to de-stress- I figured that I might as well do something like this. I don’t know how many people will see this / participate, but I realized that I should probably draw more now that I’m not constantly screaming about life for the most part.  

Here’s what you need to do in order for me to check out your blog / draw:

-Reblog this post (likes will not count, but that doesn’t mean you can’t like this to save the post).

-Wait patiently (I know I probably don’t need to say this, but please give me time to figure out / draw something for you. I might dash out several pieces a day because I’m in some sort of drawing jazz, or I might not). 

-Following me is not required, but it’d be much appreciated!

I will check out your blog (and maybe follow you depending on if I like your content or not), and then figure out something to draw based off of it. I might draw some random content I see that reoccurs on your blog, I might draw you, I might draw something inspired by your theme or something you like, etc. Bottom line is that I have no idea what will come your way, but when I’m done with it I will upload it in a single post, or with a few other drawings, tag your blog URL and the tag ‘mishion free for all’ in it. So keep an eye out for your notifications and/or ‘mishion free for all’!


I genuinely feel bad for all the boys on this site and there’s not nearly enough positivity posts so to all my male followers I just wanna say:

You are not ugly, gross, selfish, rude, sexist or inherently a bad person just because of your gender. Your gender alone doesn’t necessarily mean that you get everything handed to you, that your feelings aren’t valid or that you don’t face any problems. Whether you’re cis, trans, gay, straight, bi, ace or anything in between, you matter and you are always worthy of love and acceptance, and please don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you that you’re not. ♡

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please guys my dash is ded



He is 27 years old with two underage littles, 16 and 17. He believes the law is pointless and that he should follow his “own morals”. He told me he joined the community because he likes young(er) girls and that was the only reason! This man is predatory and dangerous. HE IS NOT A REAL DADDY
I cannot tag him because he blocked me for proving him wrong, but please stay away.


also thank you to @grumpybabyprincess to making a warning post as well 💖

  • Kirishima : *plugging nose* wow, Bakugou's quirk isn't the only thing that can kill when it explodes
  • Kaminari : *hi-fives Kirishima*
  • Bakugou : *from the bathroom* SHUT THE FUCK UP, I CAN HEAR YOU!!!
  • Fiyero: How's your tea, darling?
  • Glinda: You made it perfect. Just the way I like it.
  • Glinda: Strong.
  • Glinda: Green.
  • Glinda: And very, very bitter.
  • Glinda *whispering*: Just like Elphie.
  • Fiyero: Excuse me?
  • Glinda: Nothing, nothing.
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- Books (I know that’s vague, I just like seeing books on my dash)

- Stars

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Cosplay is fanart for people who can’t draw. I’m not even joking, ask any cosplayer and a lot of them will say it’s a way to make art in a way they can’t get on paper.

I’ve seen a lot of posts by artists stressing why reblogs are so important and the same goes for cosplayers.

If you’re hesitant to reblog cosplay because you’re uncertain about sharing pictures of real people on your blog I can say that at least for me I don’t see cosplay as a picture of me so much as fanart of a character using costumes and photography as a medium.

Cosplay is fanart just like any other fanart.


I am so tired of seeing these cowardly ass Anons posting racist comments on here, like WTF! I definitely will and can track you down and show you what my black ass can do to you, I know some of you on here are not proud of who you are that you resort to insulting and degrading fellow black simblrs in this community.

This will definitely be put to a stop as I will not tolerate any of you racist ass little bxtches on any of my fellow simblrs blogs or on any of my own. I will cut you by the root like we cut a tree down. X-(

**Remember you will be treated like you treat others!**

what i've learned about hockey players, based solely on my group chat

i don’t know much about hockey, but i have a group chat with people who really like it so this is what i’ve picked up so far

sidney crosby: an angel, a sweetheart, hockey god among men. also thicc

evgeni malkin: probably gay for sid??? liked pegging porn on twitter once immediately after the birth of his son

tyler seguin: human trash can but in a hot way. also he’s definitely not straight

jamie benn: probably dating tyler seguin??? both a simple farmer and a dairy cow

dylan larkin: he could probably kick my ass but honestly looks like sunshine???? he looks like he’d send u flowers at work just because

claude giroux: he likes grilled cheese??? also called someone a pigeon i think

marc andres fleury: flower, sweetheart goalie who justs wants to fight

zdeno chara: actually an angel irl but probably would eat a human baby on the ice

alex galchenyuk: DESERVED BETTER


carey price: someone vaccinate this man against everything

brent burns: lives in a cave with 50 snakes??? no teeth

alex ovechkin: russia personified

connor mcdavid: a literal infant on skates?? but captain

auston matthews: could probably win everything if he didn’t play for the leafs

IM SO HAPPY BC THE WEEK HIATUS WAS AT THE END ONLY FOUR DAYS :’’’’’D im so happy really (ノ°▽°)ノ *dances*

so i did this drawing based on the last update of eicinic ‘s auldthood au (๑´ㅂ`๑) its beautiful and it has so many details and the character’s desing (both externally and internally) is amazing, you all should pass by ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧