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A summary of UT's bizarre doll project ever since the campania arc
  • Undertaker: It was for love!
  • Ciel, Will, Grell, Ronald, Othello, Ludgar, Sascha, the Superiors, Diederich, Frances, Alexis, Tanaka, the fandom, Yana, God: Cool motive. Still murder.
  • Sebastian: lmao I no understand love 'cause #demon but definitely still murder.
  • Undertaker @Ciel: You don't even go there, you burnt children!
  • Undertaker: Cool motive. STILL MURDER!!
  • me on every other day: i hate everyone. i hate everything. tbh i just hate life in general.
  • me on wednesdays: so #blessed to be here. every day is a gift. i love my life!

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What happened to Lance's sniper team?? There's always at least a group of two, but usually three. There's the sniper, the spotter, and the security. Sniper shoots shit, spotter calculates distance/wind speed/temperature/etc. and the security makes sure no one sneaks up behind them and kills their asses while all this is going on. (Usually at least one person has some kind of more advanced medical training) Not that I don't like ur au, I love it!!! I'm just curious. You're amazing tho!!!

OKAY THIS IS honestly something i should have researched because i never really thought about sniper actually having teams consisting of two or more people and after you sent me this it clicked into place. SO THIS IS COMPLETELY MY BAD i never thought about Lance having a sniper team of his own at all. 

I do have it thought out that as a single team the Voltron Force often switch pairs depending on the mission. Shiro and Keith being the most close quarters combat capable out of all five, usually serve as the infiltrators or the front lines. But if the mission doesn’t require as too many roles to be fulfilled, the support team will get someone else to back them up, or vice versa. 

Coincidentally, Lance and Hunk have more advanced medical training than the other three! :) But now that you brought this to light i’m just like lol i should have thought this through…. Perhaps before Lance joined the Voltron Force, he was with a sniper team of his own. 

  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Joseph Oda
  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Sebastian Castellanos
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Leslie Withers
  • Looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: Ruben Victoriano
  • Looks like they're going to kick everyone's ass and will do it: Juli Kidman
  • Looks like a piece of shit: Marcelo Jimenez

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The Killing Stalking shows a very real and terrifying reality of abuse and how it draws you back by fear and uncertainty. I don't read manga but I think it's amazing how the artist has managed to translate that fear through the panels, especially found the line in the hallway floor quite symbolic and well thought out through the art.

I agree and I especially like how the artist managed to illustrate Yoonbum struggling with his obsession for Sangwoo while wanting to escape (there’s a part where he contemplates whether he should really go back to his uncle’s place or not and fighting with whether or not to let go of Sangwoo).  I also like how we can feel the fear the character feels becAUSE HELL KNOWS I GOT VERY ANXIOUS READING IT.  

Like this series is meant to shock us and make us horrified at what’s happening. It’s putting this insane relationship before us with two people who have A TON OF ISSUES. And it’s sad and terrifying that something like that actually can happen or has happened???

I hope the artist keeps surprising us with the upcoming chapters – I especially appreciate the stylistics like the framing of scenes and the way expressions are drawn and how lighting is used

Imagine Bismuth cornering Jasper, planting both hands on either side of her when she tries to duck away.
“Where do you think you’re going, good-lookin?”
Jasper gets flustered & covers it up by trying to talk all tough, & Bismuth just chuckles & moves in for the kill, but Jasper stops her. It evolves into a power-struggle that ends with sparring. It’s as close to foreplay as they get.

Jasper has a breakdown over how gentle & loving Bismuth is. She doesn’t deserve this kindness, she doesn’t deserve to be taken care of after everything she did to Lapis. It isn’t fair how much Jasper misses Lapis, knowing she would rather die than fuse with Jasper (or anyone) ever again. 

Bismuth is so used to creating weapons to hurt, destroy, and harm that she takes to making things Jasper likes with ease. Small metal figures with tiny weapons.
Although she wouldn’t openly admit it, Jasper collects them. They make the hole she was made in feel more like home, & less of a prison.

This thing with Bismuth.. it feels more empowering. It feels safe. And the feeling of being safe is a foreign concept to the soldier Jasper is.

Heartstrung - Prologue

A/N: This was inspired by my lovely, @msmanga14​ who has been freaking out as I go through the plot to this upcoming fic of mine. I figure that hey, maybe people would like a preview. This is my first Soulmate AU.

Fandom: Fairy Tail
Pairing: NaLu
Rating: M - sexual content in future chapters

Summary: It’s been said that wherever you have/had a birthmark, is how you died in your past life. A scar that marks the fatal wound that killed you so you could be reborn again. It is also said that when/if you meet the person who killed you, you remember your past life and death and Lucy isn’t a big fan of the pink-haired man she’s run into. Soulmate AU. NaLu.

Link(s): Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Epilogue

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And here’s a beautiful edit/photoset by @rivendell101 


There was a pattern that doctors found when they’d studied the correlation between people who did and didn’t have birthmarks, soulmates, and memory recovery. It didn’t happen often, but it happened enough that there were three rules:

1) Your birthmark marks the location of a fatal wound inflicted by the hand of another.
2) If you run into the person who effectively ended your most recent past life, you will recover the memories of said life and your death.
3) For your souls to make amends, in this life you will be mates.

And unfortunately, this was not the kind of soulmate you could escape from.

On multiple past occasions where soulmates were too overwhelmed and hurt by their previous lives to forgive their attackers, they’d done their best to walk away. They’d moved halfway across the country, quit their job and cut all communication, and if the memories were too vivid, sometimes they would try to kill themselves.

But the world worked in cruel ways.

They’d move halfway across the country only to have to move back and find themselves right next to their soulmate. A new job would put them in the same area as—if not direct contact with—their soulmate. The gun would freeze up and wouldn’t fire, the pills they’d taken were immediately rejected by their body or their metabolism would spike to filter the drugs.

There was no escaping fate.

And when Lucy learned about birthmarks and soulmates, she prayed she would never meet hers.

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They've romanticized the abuse they told us only happens on the television or in your favorite films. They never informed us just how far people can go before it’s labelled as such, a simple slap was a one time thing but some man has killed his girlfriend for buying the wrong milk. They never tell the stories of people who have gone through this pain and managed to escape it because those people don’t want to relive the suffering and fear. They are human, just like you and me, they have been stained pretty shades of black and blue but you asked; “Why didn’t she just leave?” or “Why would he stick around them if that’s how bad it got?” You have clearly never known how far love can cover our eyes. It makes us blind to the abuse.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write
  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: sagittarius, aquarius, aries, capricorn, leo, gemini
  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: cancer, pisces, virgo, taurus, libra, scorpio
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: pisces, libra, cancer, sagittarius, taurus, aquarius
  • looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you: gemini, leo, scorpio, capricorn, aries, taurus
  • could kill you by feeding you too many cinnamon rolls: gemini, sagittarius, libra, cancer, aquarius, virgo, pisces

also ok ok i will shut up about this but all the references to fathers in that film were killing me??? ‘you know you can’t judge someone based on who their father is’ and the beast’s face when belle saves maurice and she’s like ‘of course i saved him he’s my father’ just fucking stab me

and the whole part with him letting her go because she needs to save her father is so fucking painful in this au because?? fuck that has so much significance for the being. he so strongly regrets everything that happened with frankenstein and how he was too late to ask frankenstein’s forgiveness, so he urges her to go and save her father because he knows the pain of showing up too late and wOW YEAH FUCK ME UP MATE

A lot of things can destroy a heart,” she answered, sounding tired yet strong somehow.
“Destroy it? But wouldn’t that kill you?” He asked, baffled.
“Oh yes, but a heart is like a cat in that way. It has a lot of life’s.”
“Oh. Then does it hurt? When it dies?”
“At first, then you feel nothing.”
“What happens afterwards?”
He could see her smiling in the corner of his eye.“It starts all over again.
—  Break my heart

this entire event is hilarious because Don doesn’t even explain Kotori’s situation.

he has to duel to get the soul, but likely Kotori wouldn’t willingly duel him (or she’d just lie and say she doesn’t, because while technically she does, technically she doesn’t)

would he just be like “…what do I do with this one

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How about a Fushimi + strain power scenario since those are fun! he gets hit by a strain that makes him flirty with everyone he runs into. Reactions from s4 + hmr?

Hilarity ensues, probably. Say Fushimi’s chasing the Strain with some of the alphabet boys when he gets hit with its power. Everyone’s worried and Akiyama crouches down next to him to see if he’s all right and suddenly Fushimi’s smiling sensually and leaning really close next to him and whispering in his ear while Akiyama stutters and tries to figure out what the heck is happening. The funny part would be if the power doesn’t just make him like casually flirty it makes him whatever Fushimi’s idea of flirting would be, so what he ends up whispering in sultry tones is something like “You know, I hate you the least out of all my subordinates.” And that’s how he is with all of them, like he tells Hidaka “Sometimes I almost kind of like you” and even to Doumyoji he’s like “Every now and then I find your stupid brainless smile endearing.” If he wasn’t climbing all over them and getting a little handsy no one would realize he was being flirty at all. Taking him back to headquarters is an adventure because he keeps casually leaning against each of them in turn and giving romantic one liners like “You’re really not as stupid as I thought you would be.” (That Fushimi, such a sweet talker.) Once they get him back, as soon as he’s sees Munakata Fushimi’s all right up next to him and holding his hands while telling Munakata how Fushimi totally looks up to him when he doesn’t feel like punching him. The alphabet squad is frantically trying to explain while Munakata’s just curious why Fushimi is being so honest and friendly all of a sudden, because in Munakata-land getting all up in someone’s personal space is just how you communicate friendliness and a sincere interest in another person’s well being. That Fushimi is flirting with him never crosses his mind, everyone decides it’s probably best not to tell him.

Later Fushimi escapes HQ and runs into Yata, of course, and is immediately super clingy, purring into Yata’s ear how much he missed Yata and how Yata almost doesn’t look like a total hoodlum virgin today. Yata is torn between being confused that Fushimi’s suddenly so friendly and freaking out because did you just bite my earlobe what the fuck. But after that bit of clinging Fushimi starts acting almost the same as he used to when they were friends, just maybe touching Yata a little more often than usual, playing with Yata’s fingers and running hands through Yata’s hair, the whole thing, and Yata starts to feel a little more at ease even though he’s still way confused. Eventually S4 comes to pick Fushimi up and on the one hand Yata’s now less confused about Fushimi’s behavior but on the other he can’t help but notice how much the way Fushimi talked with him and relaxed with him echoes the way Fushimi was when they were friends and if this is Fushimi’s idea of flirting was there something Yata was missing before.

I held your hand
For the last time
A month ago

My fingers used to smell like
The lotion you never needed and
On my lips I’d find a faint residue
Of the lipstick you knew I hated

These days the only thing I find on
My lips is the bitter residue of alcohol
And broken dreams

Expert as I am in the art of self-destruction
There isn’t enough alcohol in the world
To kill me fast enough

But my, has it been a month already
I’ll drink to that, as I suppose, then
This one’s for you

—  This one’s for you // D.B. // poems on her #5
please read this if you can

hey y'all, a lot of you might know that I’ve been living in a situation of domestic violence for nearly my entire life but if you don’t know you do. I’m going to be going back home from now until the 19th and things are looking really dire. My father has been threatening to kill me/my sister/my mother and has been beating us for as long as I can remember but it’s gotten a lot worse in the past few months and me and my sister are afraid we’ll have to relocate to a shelter for a while and idk if I’d be able to come back to school.
There’s like a 50-50 chance that I’ll either do that or spring break will be hell and I’ll be able to come back to college.
I’m not asking for money. I’m just really bad at reaching out to people for help.

If you know me IRL please check up on me in the next week. I never reach out to ppl when things get super bad so please check up on me. I only say this here bec I’m too anxious to tell anyone individually.

If you live in California and are willing to be a backup option/escape route/catalyst for me to get to safety, please let me know. I don’t have very good internet at my house and often times we are isolate there so we can’t escape. He hides our car keys, important documents, and phones from us very often so it’s really hard for me to know what I’ll be able to do.

My sister said he’s been calming down in the past week but mind you within the past week he’s thrown my sister out, taken her back in, taken her car keys, beat my mother, and thrown a chair at her.

I don’t know what to expect and I am extremely afraid. All I ask is for people who have my number/skype/email to check up on me throughout the week.

Thanks for reading this. I appreciate you all.

Again I feel bad for Arima.

I know that more people are going to start hating him now, but people fail to realize that he has no other choice. Like literally, he has no other choice. He’s property of the CCG, he doesn’t have claim to his own life and that’s sad.

If anyone thinks that a kid his age, enjoyed having to kill off a family, or completely ruin a family, you’re wrong.

So many people give Arima bad wrap for being “sadistic”, or some emotionless asshole who loves death, but no one ever takes into consideration that he may not have a choice. He’s not like Kijima, Furuta or the others we’ve seen who enjoy killing, who love death, and who boast about it.

He’s very, very quiet about it, and I don’t think he wants to do it. It’s a little odd how while everyone else’s hobbies are strongly related to killing ghouls, or training, Arima simply likes to read and day dream.

He’s not a monster. He was just forced to be this way, and if he had a choice, I’m sure he’d live his life out differently. But he doesn’t. So….just, take into consideration that he probably hates himself for all the senseless killing.

I have such a weakness for ships where at some point one is brainwashed and supposed to/has been sent to kill the other but doesn’t through *~the power of love~*

I mean

It’s a trope

That I apparently 

can’t get enough of. 

Send help.


My man is taking his LAST EXAM EVER!!!!

He’ll be graduating with his MBA on Saturday and I am SO FRIKIN PROUD!!!!!!!


barry allen in every episode: 1.09 “man in the yellow suit”

- I screwed up, dad. After years of searching I finally found him. I found the man who killed mom. The man in yellow, the one in the lighting. He’s out there, and I had him. He got away. I… I was so close. I promised you that I would get you out of here. Every day you spend in here has been because of him. Until today. Now you’re in here because of me, and I’m so sorry. I…