like on a funeral

Most of these characters didn’t give a rat’s ass that HR died. And yeah, he was no Iris West. He wasn’t the love interest, the daughter, the sister, the best friend. But HR deserved more than a semi-teary farewell and Savitar seeming like he cared more about killing him than any of the people (aside from Tracy and Cisco) seemed to care about him dying.

Barry barely mentioned him after he died. Joe didn’t seem to care at all. Julian had an, “Oh wow, I missed a lot,” kind of reaction. Iris showed barely any grief about the situation until the funeral.

Like, I know the show didn’t care about HR, but this is just disgusting. And I’m probably one of about ten people who care because I see people shitting on him in the tag already.

The smartest thing Caitlin did in the finale was leave the team who hardly cared about her at all this season. I’m proud she didn’t take the cure. She doesn’t need to be cured. She needs to learn how to control her powers and it seems like she is the only one who can figure that out. It sucks that she is the most selfless person on the show but when she clearly needs help, no one budges to offer her any. Like when she made a move to walk away in the funeral scene, I know why she was doing it, but no one went after to still try and help her.
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Technically, there’s a dress code for private audiences with the pope that is substantially more strict than the general Vatican dress code. Wear black, arms and legs covered (women in dresses), women wearing some sort of head covering… there are conflicting reports about how seriously it’s enforced, especially considering how laid-back Pope Francis is, but the dress code does in fact still exist.

Just in case you happen to see news about famous women meeting the pope, and want to know why they look like they’re dressed for a funeral. The only exception currently on the books is that certain Catholic queens/princesses have the privilege of wearing white instead of black.

A couple years ago I was on vacation with my entire family and my cousin was like 11 and called himself the chosen one and started dubbing everyone like ‘chosen one #37578’ ect. And one time we got a pizza and when the pizza guy got there my cousin got this thoughtful look and said 'You. You are chosen one #2. My second in command.’ And the pizza guy looked so touched



All the light that you possess is skewed by lakes and seas.

monsta x in a nutshell

shownu: buff quiet manly man

wonho: acts cool but would cry if he saw a puppy

minhyuk: always screaming

kihyun: smol and Ready To Fight

hyungwon: handsome meme

jooheon: looks like he would kill a man, would hold a funeral if he sat on a fly

i.m: is he a demon? who knows

overall: cute, crazy losers who deserve all the love on the planet

A worldbuilding thing people often overlook is the way that cultures are contradictory without anyone really noticing or acknowledging it. Like “in Xland funerals involve covering the corpse with gold leaf and then making a dozen marble statues of the deceased” except, you know, those are only some funerals. Or “In the US in the fifties married women didn’t work outside the home” except that didn’t apply to poor women and plus actually quite a few middle class married women–with kids even–had full time jobs (like my grandmother, who was a social worker in the 50s and actually all the way up to her retirement).

The Sherlock Holmes style of deduction–no native speaker of English would make this particular mispelling! No member of this one religion would ever have/say/do this forbidden thing, therefore Person B must not have done it! Everyone in Society Z was married, so stories about an unmarried adult must be entirely fiction, or they must just not have mentioned a spouse for some reason” all these things assume that cultures are logically consistent in a particular, straightforward way that, frankly, they pretty much never are. Note, I’m not saying you can’t draw any conclusions at all from data about cultures, just, things aren’t hard and fast, certainly not simple, and people generally just don’t see the contradictions or put them in a special “but that’s different” category.

Person A has really great hair. Soft, long, always perfect in every way. Person B is hopelessly in love with it and makes a habit of stroking it absentmindedly, braiding it, running their fingers through it. On top of that, it’s been the same way ever since they’ve been together. So it’s kind of a shock one day when B comes home to A beaming proudly, sporting a new crew cut, and exclaiming “What do you think?!”