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When they see you in your wedding dress.
  • S. Coups: He won't stop smiling. Ever.
  • Mingyu: Once you're in reach, he's gonna carry you bridal style and spin you around.
  • Vernon: Another person who won't stop smiling.
  • Wonwoo: He's just gonna stare at you and blink.
  • Woozi: Hoping that your heels won't make you tower over him.
  • Joshua: Would make sure you're with him the whole time.
  • Jeonghan: Laughs a bit, cause you're now HIS WIFE.
  • D.K: "Are you sure she's the bride? Cause she looks like an angel."
  • Seungkwan: "OMMA! SHE'S AS PRETTY AS YOU!"
  • Jun: Probably faint.
  • Hoshi: Starts feeling nervous cause you look... WOW!
  • The8: Hugs you and kisses your forehead
  • Dino: Too amazed by your beauty to speak.
Exo Reaction To Their Mom's Showing You Their Baby Pictures

Exo Reacting To Your Mom Showing Them Your Baby Pictures


“I’ve never understood why people get so embarrassed when they see photos of themselves as a kid. I mean my aren’t that bad-Oh my god what happened to my hair?”

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*tries to act confident but feels awkward and blushes*

“I bet you didn’t know I was this cool even when I was a kid.”

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“That’s one manly kid right there.¨

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“My Omma likes to show people how I looked in harder times like before I had my black card.”

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“Wait, that’s me?”

“Cool. It’s me before the drugs.”

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“Not to brag or anything but, I looked good.”

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“And now you a see a baby ferret in it’s natural habitat.”

“Omma, please stop.”

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*talking about himself*

“Wait, who’s this kid in the photo? I don’t know him.”

“Oh, so he’s older now?”

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*when you gush over how cute he is*

“Aww, Jagi. Hajima.”

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“Ewww, see this just proves that with hard work, eventually you could be as beautiful as I am.”

“I doubt it but”

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“Omma, no not this. Anything but this she’s going to tease me forever please-Wait, is that me eating chicken?”

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“Told you so. I looked cuter than you did and I still do.“

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INFINITE REACTION: When their parents disapprove of you, because you're a foreign

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This is entirely my opinion and assumption about INFINITE

Sungkyu: he always listened well all what his mom say, so at first he’d be sad even to the point to thinks about breaking up, but after some time he would notice that nobody is allowed to decide what’s best for his heart.

Dongwoo: He would be disappointed and lost, his family’s  opinion were always important, but at the same time he loves you too much. He’d take a time for himself, away from everybody, to think about what he should do.

Woohyun: “but omma~ I like (Y/N)” makes tantrum, he don’t want to break up with you just because his parents don’t like you.

Hoya: shock define him at that moment. His parents not liking his perfect girlfriend, would be like a punch in the stomach. This would make him think if his he should continue or not your relation.

Sungyeol: “…hum?? You don’t like (Y/N)” he’d be surprised and would try his best to change their opinion about you.

L: He wouldn’t care much about his parents opinion, he just don’t feel like he need permission to be with you.

SungJong: He’d be mad at his parentd, he loves you more than anything and he hopes that everyone understand it.

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