like ok we know they will never be romantic

OK but……Bob….literally had no reason………to not say anything……..about bellarke…….if it wasn’t going……to be romantic………like……there’s no point… saying nothing………if nothing was happening……and Bob…..wouldn’t lie to us……..if it wasn’t happening…….he’d straight up tell us……he doesn’t think it’s romantic……..but that’s not what we got today……….


really, I’ve always found it so odd that of the two girls anna is the one who finds romance?? while I don’t have a problem with elsa not wanting or being ready or whatever in romance, it DOES make sense to contrast her loneliness at the start with having friendly, family, and romantic love at the end, and… Anna learns that she doesn’t have to rush into romance or even have romance at all!! And it’s ok!! Kristoff becomes her first real friend and it’s wonderful!! (side note: that was exactly how strange magic was originally going to end lmao)

I do love queer coded elsa but like…. We all know Disney will never COMMIT (or half ass it like Lefou if anything) so gdi I’m gonna continue wishing it was this over kristoff & anna

they really have no chance of ever being canon but you bet your ass they are canon in every one of my aus

also pictures included to support your comment

ok we all know and love demisexual neil but what if in addition he’s aromantic

he’s never experienced romantic love at all and maybe that’s what he wanted to find kissing that girl but all he felt was lipstick and fear, so he accepts what his mother told him and it’s not for him

so when he meets andrew he never considers relationships because it’s dangerous, because he doesn’t do that, he doesn’t swing but that doesn’t matter. 

andrew becomes (over time, mostly post-tkm) comfort, he holds neil up always and he’s always a secure place, a safe bet. they love each other very much, but there’s no romantic love tying neil to andrew; he doesn’t need that, he just needs andrew to be there.

I love you is background noise in their lives: a failed attempt to translate too many emotions into a spoken phrase, a Valentine’s gimmick, a Hallmark card. romantic love isn’t necessary for andreil and it’s perhaps even more special because they chose each other for nothing so random such as romantic love, but because of everything else they are to each other.

(andrew probably isn’t aro but rejects the notion of love from far too much trauma and lack of trust and generally shitty people. through months and years of neil’s yes and understanding and trust, he comes to terms with what he feels for neil, but it doesn’t change the nature of their relationship because there’s so much else in the relationship that it’s not necessary to change the terms. neil knows, anyway. he knows the way andrew looks at him and he knows that it’s more love than he’s ever had before and he’s grateful every time.)

About episode 16

Well, it made me kinda… sad? :(

Firstly, because that was not the way I thought DJWifi was going to become canon. I mean, we all thought he had a thing for Alya the entire series, and now it’s suddenly Marinette?? But as quick as it came, it also went, because in the end he “noticed it was Alya all along”, y'know, kinda like she’s his second choice :((

Well, and then, most importantly, Adrien. He was helping his bro out. Ok. But it was to get together with the person we all thought HE has been developing a crush on all along. Adrien was trying to set Nino and Marinette up, thus proving he actually didn’t mind = has no romantic interest in her???? Y - Y AND what later, Adrien started liking Marinette, it would be no use, Adrien would never woo his bro’s “girl” :/

It’s all very confusing and absolutely not how I expected to wake up this morning lol but well, yeah, I’m still kinda sad…

…guess I’ll be staring at Chat’s ears wiggle gif for 20 hours straight to make myself feel better nyohohohoho *sigh*