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The Wedding

Chapter 7 of ‘For Love’
OK guys, so this was probably the longest I have spent on a piece for quite a while. I have tried to blend the core pieces/speech from the book with my own imaginings on extra pieces that may have passed between Jamie and Claire and the others on the day. This is still from Jamie’s perspective and his thoughts and feelings.
I would also like to say that I did not look at Outlander whilst writing this chapter, because of that there may be some discrepancies between how I have written events and how they actually occur, but I felt that was important because this is only my take on it and cannot truly compare to DG’s beautiful wedding scene so I did not want it written verbatim. 
Thank you so much for reading and please do let me know what you think, good or bad, as this has been a nerve racking chapter to write.
Thank you,
Han xxx

Jamie walked ahead of Claire up the hill toward the kirk, he would have liked to walk behind her, to see her framed against the pale stone of the chapel, but she needed a guide not another onlooker. She had placed her trust in him, fighting back her panic over the church and her memories of her first husband, letting him lead her onwards and he would not desert her.

She had seemed reluctant to leave the horses at the bottom of the hill and Jamie was not sure exactly why, but he had gently led Claire’s mount to the hay with her and tied the beast with the others whilst murmuring softly in Gaelic to both of them. He knew no other language which calmed skittish nerves as well as the Ghaidhlig

His own excitement was now tempered with growing awareness of Claire’s feelings. Though she had tried to conceal her distress after her outburst, it was still written plainly across her face. Jamie knew that marrying him was Claire’s most logical choice, it was part of the reason he had offered to wed her. However he was coming to understand exactly what it was that he had forced upon her with his suggestion. She still grieved for another man and Jamie was pushing his way into her life, a very solid wedge between her past and her future.

Of course his intentions were honourable and the choice sensible but Jamie wondered if perhaps the end did not justify the means when it came to the human heart and he was beginning to suspect that Murtagh had been right about the lass’ feelings toward him.

At the top of the hill Jamie turned toward her and grinned

“Alright, Sassenach?”


She snapped a glimmer of fire flashing in her eyes and Jamie sucked in his breath sharply. Beneath his kilt, his body stirred in willing anticipation of letting that wee angry flame scorch him. Claire mistook his breath for offence and waved a hand in apology.
“I’m sorry, I’m fine really.”
She looked toward the church and Jamie saw the small shudder run through her.

“I dinna ken how else ye propose to get away from Jack Randall or out from under the Mackenzie thumb if ye dinna wed me, but if ye ha’ a plan I’ll gladly hear ye out and help if I can.”

Jamie’s heart constricted as she looked him over clearly appraising his offer and considering it.

“I don’t have any plans.”

She said finally and the knot that had begun to tighten in the pit of Jamie’s belly relaxed slightly.

“Thank you for helping me by the way…with my horse…”

“Och! It was no bother Sassenach. Any time ye need help wi’ a mount or a hard ride…”
Jamie snapped his mouth shut as colour flooded his face. Claire cocked an eyebrow at him and smiled slightly, the tension between them sagging under the weight of Jamie’s embarrassment and Claire’s soundless laughter.

“I’ll bear it in mind.”

She said dryly. Jamie had no idea what made him lose control of his tongue so shockingly, he hadn’t been so foolish in front of a lass since Annalise asked him a question one supper and he answered with a mouthful of wine and dribbled half of it onto his chest, then choked and snorted the other half through his nose onto the table in front of her.

“Please forgive me I didna mean any offence to ye Claire.”

Before she could answer Dougal strode forward and all but dragged her toward the church doors

“In we go!”

He looked over his shoulder and smirked at Jamie but Claire, struck by a sudden thought yanked her arm from Dougal’s grip and whirled back to face him.

“Wait … I said bloody WAIT!”

She snapped as Dougal tried to take her arm again.

“I can’t marry you, I don’t even know your real name!”

Jamie tried not to smile at the almost comical way her mouth gaped and bowed low, keeping his eyes locked with hers

“It’s Fraser. James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.”

“Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp.”

She gulped and stuck her hand out awkwardly, nearly poking him in the eye as he straightened.

“The pleasure is all mine, Claire.”

Jamie took her hand and shook it, grinning as she matched the strength of his squeeze and boldly pumped his arm up and down.

“If you two are now properly introduced…”

Dougal jerked Claire a little too roughly to his side and it was only Murtagh’s hand on Jamie’s arm that kept him still.
As soon as they were in the out of sight, Jamie closed his eyes and clenched his fists hard at his sides. Had he really just insulted his bride with a careless innuendo and allowed her to be snatched away by his uncle? And that along with expecting her to marry him without even telling her the name she was taking?! Of course she wouldn’t recognise the Fraser plaid! How could she? Poor lass! This might be something to save her life rather than a romantic ceremony but still! Of all the blundering, thoughtless actions he could take …

“Easy laddie.”

Murtagh murmured and Jamie cracked an eye open to look down at his Godfather.

“I’m a fool.”

“Sometimes, but mostly ye are alright. Now yer uncle, there is an auld fool.”

Jamie snorted and Murtagh clapped a hand on his back

“He’ll test ye Jamie, but dinna let him away wi’ too much. He’s no’ the sort to respect anything but force.”

“I canna risk a fight wi’ him Murtagh, he’s the Chieftan o’ Clan Mackenzie and my mother’s brother …”

“And an ignorant cretin for all that. Tread lightly bhalaich, but dinna fear to tread at all.”

Jamie nodded, letting the tension leave his shoulders. Dougal was not a problem he could solve in a day and he needed to focus on Claire now.

“Are ye sure ye wish to do this then?”
Murtagh nodded toward the church and furrowed his considerable brows
“Ye ken she was drunk, aye?”

Jamie grinned and nodded
“Och aye, she’s a raging hang over, poor wee thing!”

“Dinna be leading on wi’ all that softness! She represents ye as a man if ye wed her and ye canna be lettin’…”

Jamie held up a hand and shook his head tersely, willing Murtagh to silence

“Dinna fash so! Ye’re like an auld woman!”

“Eh? Ye …”

Murtagh began but Jamie was already striding towards the church doors, drawn to Claire like a moth to a flame.

“Right then.”
Murtagh muttered and crossed himself hastily before hurrying after his impetuous godson.
The priest was clearly nervous and was flicking back and forth through the pages of his bible with trembling fingers and Jamie found himself fixing the man with a stare that promised a swift kick in the arse if he didn’t get on with it. Once the good Father had acknowledged that look and hastily turned his fumbling attentions to the matter at hand, Jamie was free to look at his bride and look he did, for he could hardly believe his luck.

*God, How did ye make a woman sae beautiful?*

He thought, unable to tear his gaze from her. Everything she did entranced him, from the gentle blinking of her amber eyes to the slow bobbing of her throat as she repeated the words the priest told her to say. Jamie found himself tracing the sweet curve of her jaw with his eyes and memorising each little detail of her face and actions, storing them in a place within his heart that he had not known of before Claire came into his life.
Jamie said his own vows in a clear, strong voice, hoping that in doing so he might lend Claire some of his own certainty and offer some encouragement.

After the English vows, the priest invited them to kiss. Jamie felt his bottom lip quiver and his palms slick with sweat as he leant down toward his wife. Ah Dhia! His Wife! He closed his eyes, too afraid to look lest Claire cringe away from him. Her mouth was soft and warm and his knees went to jelly as the faint tang of whisky passed between them. He expected Claire to pull away quickly but she pressed into him, her body melting into his, her tongue probing against his lips, seeking. Jamie was vaguely aware of shrieks and applause behind them and smiled against her.
Jamie had never known a kiss to feel like that, but what stuck with him was the sweet wee smile on Claire’s face as they parted. For the first time that day she looked happy and flushed with colour not drawn by wind or painted with whisky, she was simply radiant.

Jamie was still smiling at her as Dougal stepped forward with the dirk and in the second before the knife was pressed to his flesh Jamie realised that no one had told Claire of this custom. The blade stung but he didn’t flinch, didn’t even shift his gaze to the blood welling at the surface of his skin. All his care was for her, all his devotion rested on her and when she shied from the blade with a small grunt of shock, it pained him more than steel ever could. Jamie had known he loved her before that moment but it was the first time he had understood exactly what it meant to love her and it both thrilled and terrified him in equal measure.

Claire stared at the fabric in Dougal’s hands as their wrists were bound together. Jamie pressed the tips of his fingers into the chilled flesh of her arm hoping to reassure her that it was almost done. Her eyes, slightly unfocused, met his and Jamie stared into her for all he was worth, grounding her to him, offering her the little sanctuary he could.

“Just repeat the words as I say them lass.”

He murmured and then raising his voice, recited the blood vow in Gaelic. Claire followed as best she could, her pronunciation clumsy and at times completely wrong, but her voice held firm.
Jamie watched her mouth form the words with all the wonderment of a child seeing the ocean for the first time, the enormity of the promise crashing over him like waves on the shore.

Their wrists were unbound and blotted and they left the church together, stepping out into the sunlight as husband and wife. Jamie held Claire’s right arm in the crook of his left and accepted the congratulations of the men as they made their way back toward the horses.

Jamie felt her weight shift before Claire even realised she was going down. As she fainted, he slipped down to the ground alongside her, cradling her in his arms and positioning her head gently in his lap.

“Ha’ ye killed her already Jamie?”

Angus shouted from further up the path and was met with several guffaws of laughter. Jamie’s own lip quirked but he didn’t answer. Claire’s eyelid fluttered and she looked up at him slowly regaining her awareness.

“That bad is it?”

“I’m sorry I…”

“Hush. Ye just had a wee faint, and little wonder wi’ the heat in the kirk and the shock o’ the vows.”

Claire shuddered against him and Jamie rounded his shoulders, instinctively hunching further over her body.

“That was rather unexpected!”

“Aye, I’m sorry no one thought to warn ye.”

“It’s alright.”
Claire smiled at him again and began to shift herself up. Jamie hated to relinquish his hold on her but carefully helped her to her feet and stepped back.

“I am sorry Jamie, I think it’s only that I haven’t really eaten for a couple of days and I did have rather a lot to drink last night…”

Jamie heard Murtagh snort behind him and shot him a look over his shoulder

“I didna ken ye were hungry.”

Jamie patted his jacket as though hoping to find a bannock concealed in the fabric, his brow creased in worry. He didn’t want to fail his first test as a husband, to provide food for his wife!

“There’ll be food in a saddlebag for sure Sassenach. I’ll see to it that it’s offered to ye.”
Jamie promised, concern still written across his features.

“I’ve a loaf and some cheese; you’re welcome to as much of it as ye please Mrs Fraser.”
Ned piped up. Jamie saw Claire startle slightly at the name but she nodded and thanked Ned and smoothly resumed her place at Jamie’s side.
Gently, Jamie threaded his fingers through hers

“Just in case ye fall, aye?”
He smiled.

“Just in case.”
Claire nodded, squeezing his fingers lightly in gratitude.

It was not the start Jamie would have liked to give them, but his heart rose high in his chest with joy that they had even this, for it was something and he knew well enough that that many great things had been built on a foundation of less.

ok i’ve obviously talked about adam wearing ronan’s clothes before but there can never be enough discussion about clothes-sharing tbh

  • so he just casually shrugs on the nearest hoodie or jacket whenever he stays over and ronan just stares at him blankly for a long moment before adam flushes and looks at the ground with his hands in his pockets and says “what? it was cold, okay” and ronan’s like “yeah, whatever, parrish” before going back to being a Very Serious farmer who is Very Busy doing important shit that’s not having a mild heart attack over how cute his boyfriend looks in his jacket okay
  • adam sleeps in his clothes all the time. it’s just convenient, right. but he still does it even after he starts leaving some of his own clothes at the barns. ronan doesn’t comment on it but he pretty much never gets rid of that flutter in his stomach every time he finds adam passed out in his bed wearing one of his tanks. 
  • ronan definitely leaves his fair share of clothes all over the floor at adam’s place too. and he doesn’t seem to ever want to take them back. adam would think he’s just doing it to be a nuisance or to assert his presence, but it feels more intentional than that – and somehow it makes his apartment feel more like home. he ends up grabbing one of ronan’s shirts about half the time when he’s in a rush (which is always, basically). ronan doesn’t say he can keep them but it’s heavily implied.
  • he ‘’’accidentally’’’ ends up packing a bunch of ronan’s stuff when he’s leaving for college. ronan’s touched but amused. adam’s like “shut up, it’s your fault for leaving your shit everywhere. i can’t tell the difference anymore” and ronan smirks like “yeah, that’s obviously the reason” “shut up” “you know, i can always dream you up some shirts if you want –” “NO – i mean, thanks, but it – it won’t be the same” his blush is probably visible from space but ronan just nods and says “i know.” 
  • (adam definitely leaves some of his t-shirts behind too because he knows ronan sleeps better when he can feel that he’s close.)
  • like a month later adam calls him in the middle of the night to be like “your shirts don’t smell like you anymore and i can’t sleep” and ronan has to bite back his laughter and he’s very seriously like “i’m sorry” and adam sighs and says “i wish i could be next to you right now” and ronan’s heart aches a little and he itches to run his fingers through his hair and to hold him close to him and he says “i know. the pillows don’t smell like your shampoo anymore either“ and adam’s like “you were sniffing my pillow??” and ronan’s like “shut up, you stole like 50 of my shirts” and adam’s like “shut up” and after they’re done muffling their helpless giggles into the pillows ronan says “i miss you” in this soft, vulnerable, late-night voice that always kind of gets adam choked up and adam tells him “i’m always with you” because it’s the truth and ronan says “i know. me too.”

Dear Kent,

I’m being forced to write this by my therapist. She thinks it’s a good idea. A healthy way to process my feelings. I don’t know. I feel like this is kind of stupid, actually? But I guess it’s important. So. She told me I should write ten things I appreciate about you. I’m essentially writing a love letter…oh well. Here goes nothing.
1. You’re the fucking captain of the aces!! How dope is that!!!
2. Your

I’m kind of having trouble thinking of things.

Update: I had another session with Mary and we worked on ideas together for what to write.

2. You take care of your family first and foremost. You love them so much. I really love that.
3. Dat booty tho
4. You might not know how to take care of yourself very well but you fiercely defend and advocate for your friends.
5. You never drive drunk (haha loser you don’t even have a license) Update: Mary said I shouldn’t call you a loser even if it’s meant lovingly.
6. Your toes are like little breakfast sausages and that’s cute.
7. You don’t get into fights on the ice unless someone is being homophobic, how cool is that?
8. You can juggle!
9. Great taste in music, honestly.
10. You always try to do your best and not care about what other people think about you. Fuck them. You’re amazing no matter what.

Ok. I mean. I feel like I have a better understanding of what Mary was talking about. I do feel better. Self love is no joke…


I think this is one of the most important scenes on the anime. 

It’s not like Nana was going to see that thing written on the wall, it’s not like the opinion of random people would bother her anyway and it’s not like someone is watching and Hachi does it so ‘she can look cool’. 

She just stopped, ran to get spray, erased those words with a fierce look and wrote her own feelings there. Her expression while doing it and how calm she looks after she is done kills me every time.   

After 40 episodes, after all they went through, Hachi’s feelings didn’t change at all. 

Hachi was more than an inmature, superficial and selfish character. Yeah, she was an imature, superficial and selfish character that loved Nana with all her heart. Hachiko the loyal dog!

This anime/manga show one of the greates friendship between girls and I’m so happy at how they animated this scene. 

oh shit you know when you’ve been actively repressing how much you miss someone and how important they really are to you for both shitty pride and day to day survival purposes and you finally get to a point where you’re like ok.. ok cool i’m fine living like this. this is the new normal nice ok. look at me gettin by like a coldhearted champ. i aM a coldhearted champ. and then one day u look at like… 2 fuckin old pictures of you and them and it all comes rushing back to you like bbbffhhhhSHHHHHHHHHHOOMBapbaheyoo 

FUCK DUDE haha love hurts!

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WHY do you waste so much energy talking about gay men when they do. not. care. about. us.

lmao “wasting so much energy” bc every once in a while I talk about people on this site being blatantly homophobic and how you guys shitting on gay men is gross like ??? ok lmao. “don’t give a shit about us” look i have lots of gay men in my life who actively and vocally love and support my dyke ass so i think they deserve the same from me… i believe in solidarity between gay men and lesbians, i think it’s important, i can’t believe this is something i’m getting “called out” for. how bored were you to send this lol. come on.

ok but have u ever thought about how messed up ages are. like. we always round down. why dont we ever round up?? rounding should be done consistently in both directions imho. if we want to live in a truly fair and just society then we should at least use math equally to round up and down. im over 27.5 so im just gonna say im 28 now because thats how math works the rest of the time,

So. It looks like part of Jasper’s motivation is to be strong. To be powerful. I also really like how strength is covered in Steven Universe. That being strong comes in different forms, and it’s OK to be weak and vulnerable. But I can’t help but think: Being “strong’ in Homeworld must be really important. It probably ties into the utility thing. Being strong is how Jasper is useful

EDIT: I just realized that Jasper admired Rose Quartz for her strength and skill. I wonder if we’ll ever get an episode that says Jasper’s sense of self worth is tied into how strong she is.

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Hello! I just discovered your blog and I fell really deep into this AU hell. I have a question: Karlheinz looks like a powerful, important family head. How's his relationship with other families or even Voldemort? Thank youu~

Mun! Madame: Hello and welcome to our hell! :D Please enjoy your stay here hehe~

Ok, this is actually a very interesting question. First of all, I should elaborate on our timeline here. Our boys are at Hogwarts after Voldemort’s been dead and all the HP characters we know and love have left. But it’s also before all those HP characters have kids. That being said, Karlheinz is still old af and was definitely around when all the Voldemort shit went down. I think originally he may have sided with Voldemort, since they both shared the same view on an elite type of blood, but he probably jumped that train when he realized the man was bat-shit crazy. Despite that, Karlheinz hung around for a bit, pulling some strings with certain death eaters and making things go his way, or just making things interesting because he was bored so why the fuck not?

The Sakamaki name has always been a respected one, and it certainly holds true with Karlheinz. He’s got an impressive amount of connections with the Ministry, and is even on friendly (not so friendly) terms with the Potters. Not because he gets along with them exactly, or that he shares in their beliefs, but because it’s convenient, as anyone with power knows. There’s also a long standing connection with the Malfoys, because old money tends to stick together.

So basically just Karlheinz being Karlheinz. 

When I was 13 years old, in my grade 8 English class I was shown a movie called The Dead Poets Society. Most of my class walked away either thinking it was lame or ok or maybe even kind of good. But for me and my 13 year old mind, that movie changed my life. The phrase carpe diem was written in my locker, all my notebooks even the walls in my room and while looking back and seeing how corny it was, I also realize how important it was. Nearly six years later while I don’t hold that phrase as closely to my heart I noticed today how much it has stuck with me. Too many times I have been questioned on my life decision like why I went to school for hair, or why I coloured my hair blue, or why I want a tattoo or god forbid why my dream job is to become a disney princess.and honest to goodness because it’s what I want. Because I am going to seize every fucking moment I can out of life because it can be so goddamn shitty sometimes. So every moment that I have the opportunity and finally the courage to do it, I will and I really wish more people would because I hate seeing others go for the bare minimum just because it’s there.

Ngomongin Karin Bukan Xxkarin

Buat Karin. No, not that (aw) Karin. She is just an example of how fucked up our society is, pity her. I’m totally disagree if someone say that she’s society cancer, yea the society it self is a cancer. She and her ‘goal squad’ tried hard to be -what society want- by lying, manipulating, and everything. Boom! she become new social media sweetheart (Most her fans are underage social media user!). But then, when she failed bringing those image, bad thing happen.

Idk if she’s just victim or she just make herself look like a victim, what I see is everything happen with and around her is representing how fucked up our society is (Ok, I say it lyk thousand times). I smell that one or more of them surelly a compulsive liar. She still has a hope, she has waay moore time to rebuild her dreams, just in case she could find what is more important than those drama. Fyi I’m not #awkarinteam atau #apapunituteam ya. Haha.

Kok cuma ngomongin orang jadinya. Atau aku tulis dijudul baru aja ya? Iya dia bukan siapanya tapi, lewat dia kita melihat sesuatu yang salah dalam kita membangun sebuah konstruksi sosial, ya gak Kai? Ya gitu deh, itu tadi cuma intronya kok Kai, kan tulisnnya buat kamu. (Krn kita juga ‘nggosip’ itu dikit tadi). Ya emang ketika kita menilai seseorang, bisa jadi sesuai bisa jadi tidak, apalagi tiap kepala punya perspektif sendiri-sendiri, punya standart sendiri-sendiri. Apalagi yang kita amati manusia, bukan sesuatu yang kita ketahui semua variabelnya. Yuhuu, jadi dalam tulisan ini kalau ada sesuatu yang kamu ngerasa tidak cocok denganmu, maafkan ya!

Khairina Fadiah Hidayati adalah wanita asal Malang, cewe berkacamata yang kini berkuliah di juruaan Gizi di Universitas Airlangga, alumni SMA 1 Malang dan alumni SMP 4 Malang. Yang dulunya pindahan dari pulau paling ujung timur Indonesia. Dia biasa dipanggil Karin, ku panggil ia Kai, kenapa? Biat beda aja haha. Terkenal sebagai bookworm dan tidak suka selfie kemudian dipamerkan ke media sosial. Dia kritis, tidak gampang kebawa arus, dan dia adalah pelajar yang pembelajar.
Udah berapa lama kita temenan ya? Empat tahun bukan? Dan selama itu aku menerima banyak pelajaran dan terima kasih banyak.
Salah satu orang yang mau ndengerin semua perspektif dari aku, salah satu orang yang bikin aku berani lagi untuk mengutarakan pendapatku sendiri. Ngerasa nggak?
Ku bersyukur punya temen kaya kamu yang hobinya nggak haha hihi nirfaedah habisin duit sana sini. Karena itu aku percaya Karin orangnya bisa ngelihat kualitas dibalik kuantitas.
Punya segudang mimpi dan harapan. Jangan pernah takut menghidupkan ambisi, karena lewat itulah kita bisa hidup.
Makasihh banget sudah mau jadi temenku, mendengarkan semua cerita absurdku, mimpi-mimpi dan harapanku. Semoga kita bisa mewujudkannya, mimpiku dan mimpimu.

Semoga pertemanan kita bisa berlanjut sampai batas waktu yang tak ditentukan. Maaf aku baru kali ini nulis tentang awakmu, thanks wis nyemangati aku waktu ate berangkat ke Bogor iko. Kan selalu kuingat.

Selamat menjalankan umur 19 lebih 1 jam. Ya!


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Where are you going to go to college? (I don't want too personal information, just maybe the state and why you choose it? ((I'm starting my senior year in high school and have no clue what to do lmao)) ) Have a beautiful day!

Hey, dude! Yeah, it’s okay to ask. I wouldn’t like to say the name of my college though for personal reasons, but I will tell you that my school is in Washington state.

When I was looking at schools, I didn’t have an overall “it seemed good/bad/ok”, but there were certain categories I looked for:

•How liberal/conservative is

- I’m talking politics and religiousness here. You want to find the correct balance. Some schools will be religious and scream abstinence, and be intolerant toward something that might be important to you, like gay acceptance. Other schools will be very liberal and push condoms in your face and be so proud about their LGBTQA program that it seems almost forced (at least to me).

-I was looking for somewhere in the middle, where people have multiple views, and that people of either “side” won’t be patronized, but that there will be intelligent, open conversations to all beliefs.

- Something I’ve discovered is this - on the liberal to conservative scale, Lutheran schools are the most liberal, public/private schools are the second most liberal, and private religious schools range from moderately liberal to conservative.

•Whether the community is a right match

- This will matter more to some people than others. What I mean is the overall feel off what the people are like. One college I went to visit, no one smiled and it made me very uncomfortable. Another, everyone was nice, but their dorm was entirely anime themed and everyone seemed to be living in a fantasy land as if they were all 12 years old, both in maturity and how they treated their school, which also felt very uncomfortable to me. (I’m not saying watching anime always means someone is immature, but there’s a certain group of people that are so obsessed with anime that don’t go outside and scream about their favorite characters and don’t much anything else). Basically, go to a school and ask yourself “would I want to be here? Would I fit in here?” I didn’t feel like I would fit in to either of those communities, and I didn’t want to, either.

-What I was looking for was someplace open to different views, that seemed intelligible and serious about their schoolwork, but also was welcoming, friendly, and fun. Each adjective I used there is like a bullet point that I used to “check off” if the school met my requirements.

•Academics courses

- How could I forget? Yes, does the school have your major, minor, double major? Does the school have the amount of support you want in a classroom?

- Small schools tend to give you the opportunity to work one on one with a teacher and see them if you need help, simply because there’s less students. Larger schools don’t have this opportunity, but are usually better equipped with a wide variety of classes, clubs, and activities.

- I chose a comparatively small school. Many other small schools didn’t have the major and double major I wanted, but this one did, and all of the other qualifications fit. I’ve always grown up in small schools, too, and going up to a big school would’ve felt daunting.

•Size of school

- I talked a little of it before. Basically, ask yourself if the school has what you want. Smaller schools have more personal time with teachers and a tight knit community. Bigger schools have more classes, clubs, and opportunities in variety.

-I found the balance that fit for me. It has what I want, but not a lot more, in a small school. I really liked its community and opportunity.

•Location of school

- How important is it for you to be near family? Do you like the weather/culture where you are moving?

- I am moving quite a ways from SoCal, and I wanted to. I didn’t want to live at home and commute like my brother, but go away and establish a life and independence away from home. But also, I live near some of my dad’s side of the family (just a nice aunt, uncle, and cousins), so I am not completely alone if I don’t want to be. I like the culture or the city I’m going to be living in, and the people there a lot. It’s more liberal than my school, so in a way, it’s a nice balance for me that I’ve always been used to, except less conservative because I was not comfortable with that in my present life.

•Cost of school

- Can you afford it? Is the environment snobbish? There was this one school I went to where it cost a lot, but on top of that, everyone seemed like total snobs. They were unfriendly, rude…
That’s not to say that rich people are born to be snobs, but that some people can be arrogant, because they haven’t struggled having to get much in life, immature, because they rely on their parents for expenses, or just clueless that other people don’t have as much as them. This is from my perspective, though, and I know that others probably do not see this as I do. I didn’t want to go to that school because of its cost, community, and academic classes (the students didn’t seem to care, and I had to explain a basic concept to a senior who already took a course on it. Everyone stared at me like I was a goddess or something. It was a great moment.). Some people don’t care about this stuff, while I do. I definitely feel pressured if everyone is richer or poorer than me, because I feel guilty like I have to be either way.

- I chose a school that would normally be a little expensive because it’s a small school, but I was given all sorts of scholarships. The school likes to make itself affordable, and the people seem very nice, and there was no pressure to spend lots of money whilst in college.

As for knowing what college to choose right now? You don’t have to. I had no idea what I wanted to do at the beginning of my senior year. People just started telling me about different schools, I looked them up, and ended up applying to seven very different schools so I could see them and find what I wanted. In the end, I don’t think I could’ve chosen a better school. At first, when I was looking at schools, I was worried I wouldn’t find one that fit all of my qualifications. And then when I chose it, I was worried that I chose the wrong school somehow. But then, after a few weeks of thinking I knew it was right.

Have a wonderful day yourself, and thank you!

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I went to this other talk in ISNA, but that was in last september, and another speaker was using you as an example on how muslim girls these days on social media are so into themselves and are caught up with their looks- that it matters more than other things. I thought about it,,,, it made so much sense. I admire you are following your dreams, but honestly you don't really contribute anything important to society like dalia or linda sarsour. you made me feel so insecure