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I don't get people telling you to shut up. It's not like you are in their home shouting at them. You are literally writing on your own blog . If they don't want to hear it all they have to do is block you. it's literally that simple. Honestly it's like they are just looking for an excuse to make drama and vent their vitriol

Yeah me either. I also do get it though, to a degree, so I try to be patient and understand a little bit. People feel that because I have a following and there are people that listen to me that I have a certain obligation toward what I choose to do and say with my voice. And, to a degree, they’re right. Back in the day, people used to flip their shit over me saying I didn’t like Bellamy or Jasper or Bell/arke. They’d come to my blog and tell me I wasn’t allowed to say stuff about those characters because I was influencing how people think. (This was before I worked on the show). They were, for some reason, of the belief that I had to always be neutral and “objective” and “professional” with my opinions simply because people listened to them. What I think people failed to understand then and even now is that… at the time, I was a nobody. I was working my ass off, at home, saving money to move and being a part of fandom. Even now, I’m just an assistant. The nearly 16,000 people that follow me don’t follow me because I hold some important job. At least I don’t think they do. I’m assuming most of those people who follow and listen and read or whatever do so because they either agree with my opinions or at least have an interest in hearing them. To curb those opinions in order to coddle people into feeling safe seems like a waste of my breath to me. Since I got on twitter and tumblr many years ago, speaking about fandom and activism and representation and behavior within fandoms and the LGBT community has always been important to me. Speaking about feminism and racism and other social issues is important to be. Blabbing about which characters I love and hate on TV has always been important to me.  I tweeted a couple months ago about how I liked all the girls on Quantico better than the boys and wanted Shelby and Alex to date each other instead of the lame white boys they’re with. Andout of the word work came a few angry Quantico fans telling me that I don’t have to like those things but because “people listen to me” I should be more careful. That’s silly. That’s a ridiculous way to handle your voice. I realize that’s a very tiny instance and a very ridiculous one at that but I’m hoping the simplified version sheds some light on it. Having people listen to you is exactly why you SHOULDN’T be careful and why you should talk about what upsets you while you can. This won’t always be the case. In some instances I have had to be quiet for actual professional reasons not just for fandom’s idea of what “professional” means. There will be times in the future where I will have to be quiet about things I want to talk about. Because people listen to me. And trust me, I don’t like it and I’m not going to like it. But to believe that it is somehow “unprofessional” for a person to state their anger/feelings/opinions about things (unrelated to their specific job) boggles my mind. It’s not unprofessional to tweet about social issues. It’s not unprofessional to tweet that you’re upset about your shitty customer service somewhere. It’s not unprofessional to dislike another person. It’s not unprofessional to dislike a fictional character and say you want them to jump into a dumpster fire. There is no point in having our voices and being on social media if we are not using them to express ourselves. There is no point in having a following if having one means that we should sit objectively in the middle of everything.

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Whoever said d is your partner/friend must've not read your about lmao they're likely a rando looking for a fight because everyone loves to fight w/ you which I don't get, you're the Best

RIGHT like dirk is the only alter i list in my about page or anywhere on my blog they have no excuse tbh???

even so im joking???? how is it abusive to make jokes abt being better than someone if it is a friend? idek

thank u tho aaaaa

So after reaching 1k I thought i’d celebrate by doing my first follow forever. All the blogs that i follow are amazing and if you see this definitely go and follow them, trust me your dash will thank you for it and I’m sorry if I accidentally missed anyone, also thank you so much for everyone who decided to follow my shitty blog, I really appreciate it and although this site feels like hell sometimes it is a really nice escape. So thank you to everyone that i follow and for those that follow me. (aaaa so sappy I’m sorry. Also please excuse the shitty header, its plain and boring but, anyway…)

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When Kai will debut? (。◕‿◕。) Love you my little monkey - ❀

Love You Too My Little Monkey  ∿  ﴾ˆںˆ ﴿  ❤

Many people have asked to me this question and I answered most of these people privately, but I’ve seen this question every day is increasing in number so I decided to answer this question publicly.  ❤  I have received a lot of questions anonymously, which unfortunately I can’t answer in private like other questions without anonymous. I don’t answer questions anonymously to the simple fact that I will fill the blog by responses. Excuse my darling but i will answer some questions anonymously in this response. So I will answer some anonymously questions made repeatedly by all of you. So one of the questions repeated several times that I received was:

1 - When Kai Will Debut? 

My Darlings Kai will debut next week, I don’t answer to the questions that center he, Because I want to make all of you a surprise.. You will discover something more on him next week. ❤  ٩(๏̯͡๏)۶

2 - Xium is gone?

Yes he is. Listen My Darlings he’s gone, he changed the city and he went to live with his girlfriend, so you will not see him anymore. I’m sorry. ❤ (╥_╥)

3 - Do you know anyone here on Tumblr, if she, who?

Yes I Do. I had previously private chat ’ ‘in public mode’ ’ anyone could write to me, but now only who I follow  can write to me in chat, This is because I only use the private chat with people I know, All of you can write to me with a Fan Mail, I Answer all the Fan Mail of course only if they are not anonymous, so if you want to talk to me well send me a Fan Mail Or a Question. 

The people I know here on Tumblr are:

!Random Order!

@occhicoloratidite (I met her 3 months ago, here on Tumblr , but we also chat on Skype with video calls, she had another blog called ‘’Labuferadimezzanotte’’ where she had 5,000 followers but then she removed the blog 3 months ago and created yesterday another blog this one ‘’Occhicoloratidite’’ now she have 588 followers so let’s hep her to grow up like in her old blog. She have a wonderful blog about Hippie Things, Funny Things, Makeup, Hairstyles, Book sentences. She is my little Sara or Deaniela HAHAHAHA she know what it means LOVE YOU (─‿‿─) ❤) 

@misakimeianothersofy (I met her 1 year ago, here on Tumblr, but we also chat on Skype with video calls, She is my King/Killer for many reasons HAHAHAHAHA, her blog is amazing black/white mangas/animes and blood everywhere, I love you Sofy  凸(¬‿¬)凸 ❤)

@sweetqueeninternet (I met her 1 year ago, here on Tumblr, She is my lovely Amy, She have a kawaii blog with pinky japanese things and animes. She is also a Glitch HAHAHAAHA sorry no sorry   love you (◕‿◕✿) ❤)

@gliabbraccicomeladroga (My little Sab, I met her in 7th grade of Middle School, She is a sweety and beautiful girl, a Intelligent and Mature girl, Her blog is stunning is full of Makeup, Hairstyles, Beautiful girls , Beautiful boys, Book sentences , Wise sentences , Cool things, She is very friendly and good at giving advice. So if you have a problem or you need help/advice you can at ask her. You can also ask her in English, don’t worry she is very good at speaking English even better than me HAHAHAHA. Oh yeah and she is really sexy so.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) HAHAHAHA LOVE YOU ❤)

@gooharagoo (I met her last month, here on Tumblr, This little Monkey is my precious Helper, Her blog is dedicate to Goo Hara a beautiful korean girl who is a K-POP singer,model and actress I personally love Hara  (。♥‿♥。), Love you my little monkey, By Clem ❤)

@rossi-giulia-blog (My Giuly, I met her in 8th grade of Middle School, She is a beautiful girl with a unique character, she is very funny and I’m very attached to her. Her blog is really cool is full of wise sentences, book sentences, sex GIFS and funny things.  LOVE YOU ¯\(©¿©)/¯ ❤)

@ts4isbetterthanlife (I met her 1 year ago, here on Tumblr, Sully is my ‘’professional counselor’’ HAHAHAHA, Well she always help me to create new things and she also create pose and clothes for my sims so, yeah she is my right arm! Her blog is only The Sims 4 Love you Sully (ಠ_ಠ) ❤) 

@shynachogirl-sims (I met her 1 year ago, here on Tumbr, Klare is my personal ‘’Mad Hatter’’ she is so good at create Hats, Caps and now I really need them for Kai eheheh.. She only post The Sims 4 Stuffs and CC’s so go to have a look, Thank You Klare and Love You (╯ಊ╰) ❤) 

@pizzagirljoy (I met her 8 months ago, here on Tumblr, Abby is a sweet and kind girl with a blog with only The Sims 4 and Animes Food’s. She also really funny and a little crazy Love You Abby  (~ ̄▽ ̄)~  ❤)

@suzyiamagoodgirl (I met her 1 year ago, here on Tumblr, Suzy is not a good girl at all HAHAHAHA she the most bitchy person that i met here in Tumblr  sorry no sorry part2  She is so funny and bitchy, Her Blog is only Anime&Manga and The Sims 4, I Love You Suzy  ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ ❤) 

- These are the people with who I have more contact at this time, there are other people with who I chat in private, but these people who I
listed are the most important. - 

Well for today is enough, maybe i will answers other questions another time, but remember if you made the questions without anonymous for me it is easier to answer to you because I can respond privately (i don’t public your questions if you don’t want, it’s a thing between you and me) ❤   

- I don’t answer to the anonymously questions because I would occupy my entire blog. I answer only to not anonymously questions, all in private. I public only some of questions ‘’for use them’’ to respond to some anonymously questions made ​​many times like I did with this one. -❤

Hi everyone, it’s @apgujeon​ aka Skye! So recently this little blog hit 1.5k+ followers! I started this blog as a joke maybe 5 months ago, thinking this would just be a dumping ground for my closeted BTS fangirl with no idea that people would actually like my gifs and my posts. I want to thank everyone that has followed this blog; I appreciate every one of you very much! Thank you to the wonderful users that I follow for making my dash the magical place that it is. And finally, thank you to my beloved mutuals. You guys continue to make my day with your posts, words and love. I still have much to learn and improve, but I’ll keep working hard to make this blog better and worthy of the love it has, and hopefully will continue to, receive!

Special shout out to the blogs below, I love you and your blogs very dearly ♡
(Mutuals are bolded. Apologies if I missed anyone or made any mistakes!)

# - I:

@aguxstd / @arihanagrande / @bwiyomi / @btswriter / @baepsaeved / @bangtanbighit / @bang-tan / @bangtanbanchan / @bwibelle / @bangtoori / @barefacedjimin / @bts420 / @busanie / @booptae / @chimcheroo@chimchams / @chokemejimin / @culmin / @cypherslut / @cypherkookie / @chestnutae / @cyphermon / @doitforjibooty / @dearkook / @ddochi-jimin / @explicitjimin / @eskookimo / @fightmehobi / @fluffyjoon / @goldenmaktae / @goldenhyvng / @glitchyoongi@gotsoymilk / @gentlejeon / @hohbi / @honeyjeon / @hobilu / @hobuing / @hwangsae / @imjiminsgirlfriend

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@jeonsshi / @jeonify / @jeondiary / @jjminie / @jgguks / @jimiyoong / @jinchims / @jevngguk / @jeony / @jeonheart / @joonjuly / @jjks / @jminies / @jeonbase / @jiminutive / @jiminrolls / @kths / @kthtml / @kkuks / @kimtaetaeisbae / @karao-kookie / @kimtahyung / @lets-go-north / @minpuffs / @mintypabo / @minseokked / @mintsugakookies / @nmjoon / @ofnams / @peachyjimins / @peptae / @pjiminim / @rapsuckas / @rapsae / @rapling / @rapperhyung  

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EB: don’t encourage him.

TG: been married for years

EB: oh my god.

TG: got one kid

TG: a lil salamander daughter

EB: leave casey out of this.

TG: shes a real nice kid

TG: does the blep thing a lot though

EB: she does actually! it’s really cute!

TG: pretty damn cute yeah

do you love this angel named troye sivan? is he the most precious lil bean ever? did you die after watching wild?? if yes, then this is the network for you!!

- follow troye trash #1
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- fill out this lil form
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- i would say pls excuse the ugly banner, but everything with troye in it is beautiful

what i’m looking for;
- people who are trash for troye
- nice bloggers
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what you get;
- become certified troye trash
- a group chat to fangirl over troye
- cool new friends who all love troye boy
- a spot on the members page which i haven’t made yet in case this flops
- reblogs and likes for your edits, selfies, etc.

more info;
- ends august 31
- i’ll be choosing 10-15 members
- track #troyeboynw for updates
- feel free to ask me any questions!

( ** pls excuse the bad graphic ok. )   honestly, i’ve never had a blog expand this quickly before.   i literally got 100+ followers before i even hit 24 hours of activity, and i don’t even have proper words to be able to express how grateful i am.   it’s only been a week and i’ve gotten so much positive reception, and i’m completely blown away.   every single person i’ve followed since i made this blog has been open, friendly, and welcoming, and i haven’t had this ‘at home’ feeling with a blog in a really long time.   thank you to you guys for accepting me with open arms, and for making me happy to even log in, and i hope that i get to continue to share this journey with all of you.

team voltron;

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excuse me ! im sorry to bother but i just got back onto tumblr after like a year and i need new blogs to follow maybe ? i use blogging to help me cope with my mental illnesses so its kind of important!

i like steven universe (and many other cartoons like gf, otgw, starvs, voltron, etc), soothing aesthetic pictures (like flowers or clouds) and lgbtq or mental health related stuff

please like or reblog this if youd like me to check out your blog maybe? (and people who im already following / mutuals with reblogging this to signal boost would be very kind!)


The Suicide Squad movie is out in 2 weeks and Harley Quinn and Joker will star in it.  So I just want to reiterate my policy toward headcanons about them.  It’s canon that Joker is abusive.  (really not a surprise when you think about it) This is not a retcon or anything.  That has been a part of the story since Harley was created for the DCAU and continued when she was introduced to main continuity.  She fell in love with him and later realized he didn’t treat her right and left him.

Now how does this affect this blog? Well just don’t send me headcanons excusing Joker’s abusive behavior toward Harley.  This sounds like a very specific thing but I used to get a lot of headcanons that said that.  It’s just not a message I want to be spreading.  There are stories where they are happily together and you can send me shippy headcanons.  I just don’t want “Joker hits Harley but he really loves her in his own way.”  I don’t ship those two but I can’t deny that they were together off and on over the years.  I don’t mind shipping Joker/Harley.  I do mind excusing abuse.

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i feel like jk only wears big tshirts cuz his nipples are too sensitive if the shirt's too tight like pls just think about it

Wow. Excuse me, I will not allow such vulgar content on my blog this is just ridiculous. Kids these days. Have a sense of shame geeez. >.>

(but the real question is was he born like that or did someone “train” them to become that way)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

kbai ive treaded too far

Re-starting this blog

Hello everyone! I’m Charlie, the founder and original mod of this blog. As you can see, it’s been inactive for almost exactly two years now. This is because I no longer identify as aroace, but that’s no excuse for dropping off the map without any notice. So I apologize sincerely for that.

I was drawn back to this blog because I saw a lot of activity on it (likes, new followers, etc) even though it’s been inactive for two years. My best guess is that people have needed it as a support with all the Discourse surrounding aro & ace folks recently. With that in mind, I’m re-opening the blog!

I’d like this blog to remain focused mainly on music, but as always, people can come to me for advice, conversations, whatever. To help with that, I’m looking for mods! I’ll come up with a mod application in a bit, but I want people to be aware of the opportunity.

Right now, I’m looking for people who can help with the following:

  • work through two years of inbox submissions, questions, etc (not that many, I promise!)
  • find & reblog new music relating to aro & ace things
  • revamp the tagging system to reflect current terminology
  • answer questions & offer advice
  • and everything else that goes into running a blog!

Thank you to the ace & aro communities for welcoming me while I identified as aro ace, and I hope that I can repay some of your kindness by running this blog!


please excuse the little mistakes in here, first time ever doing poses by myself and used one basic video to know what to do ^^”

I would like to thank everyone who has followed my blog and the cc creators in this community! 💖 I wanted to give back to the community so here’s some CL poses! 😸 (inspirations )

These poses are separate (I’m too much of a pose making noob to combine them all) and are replacing the Slob, Bro, and Neat Traits!

Download here (no adfly!), all in one folder so you can download it separately :-)

Please tell me if there are any issues with the issues, that’d be great!

If you use these poses in your photos, mention me on them, I’d love to see ‘em!

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Excuse me, I looked through about 5 pages of your blog but I couldn't see anything about why your ribs were broken, did that happen recently? If you don't feel comfortable talking about the circumstances that's completely understandable, but I would like to send some positive thoughts your way and hope your ribs heal as soon as possible! Wishing you many spoons!!

Aww, that’s so sweet. My ribs have had a spontaneous fracture because my vitamin D is so low.

I have multiple vitamin deficiencies that put me in hospital for various reasons, low level brain damage, heart weakness and bone breakage have been my life recently.

You’re so sweet, thank you for being lovely.


“Super Vera 1″ or another name I haven’t come up with yet! Because i’m such a weeaboo and I like some anime tropes (as well as hating most of them), so I’m using some tropes in my webcomic.
For example, the protagonists will have transformations (with good enough excuses for that) that make them more powerful, even if they’re momentary transformations. What I like about it is the sense that I’m, dunno, “collecting” something? Like, hey, how are the next stage of the transformation gonna look like? What about this other character? How’s gonna happen? So I feel like I’m collecting figurines to put in an album. That’s how DBZ made me feel, and that’s how some cartoons like Steven Universe makes me feel and it’s very exciting.
Anyway, again, I’m really proud of her because Vera is simply the COOLEST kid

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What do you think Reddy, Xitsuh, and Hanhae would do for a first date? (It's so awesome that you added some new artists! This is my favorite scenario/writing blog and all three of them are some of my favorite rappers so it's kinda perfect.)

Reddy would take her out shopping so they could always have something to talk about and have fun trying on clothes. He would pick out an outfit for her and if she liked it then he’d buy it for her, saying ‘you’ll need to wear this on our second date,’ wanting to try to see her again.

Originally posted by jwoosung

Xitsuh would take her out for some street food. It would be an excuse to use skinship as he would feed her and put his arm around her shoulder if she was cold. He’d be really sweet and caring towards her, blushing if she fed him back.

Originally posted by fy-jay-dok2

Hanhae would take her bowling. He’d enjoy seeing her having a good time and getting competitive with each other. He would place a bet on who won got to make a wish, wanting to make it playful and to give him an excuse to use skinship.

- Admin 

someday i will come up with a tag for Charon Walken that isnt demeaning to his character but today is not that day