like no you dont understand he knows i exist


wolffoggirl said:bts reaction when their girlfriend cringes when she hears girls call their boyfriends daddy.

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Jin: its okay I only like to hear it come out of your pretty little mouth aahhh jin since when did you become such a perve.!>.<

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Suga: well i mean I am a Suga  daddy

You: pft shall I remind you kept trying to sell a gold chain for 3 dollars 

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J-hope:  dont worry baby ill always be your daddy       

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Rap Mon: I swear armys think that im into every kink that exists we dont think so we know so namjoon.!

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Jimin : *cringes with you* -.- dont even try jimin 

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V: *doesnt understand why hes called daddy* (Y/n) why me if Jimin is more into that then me..?

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Jungkook: I AM DADDY ALL HAIL ME i am so done with you kookie

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