like no what

i feel like most people missed the day in 2nd grade when we learned the difference between a fact and an opinion


What are you all still doing here??

Just over three years ago, I started this account with not much more than a wish, a dream and a prayer. Sure, I at least had some experience writing the muse— I’d been playing him for about a year over at a panfandom RP forum— but I wasn’t a part of the Tumblr RP scene. I was apprehensive. For nothing, as it turned out. Overwhelmingly people I’ve met here have been kind, generous, extremely talented. If I’ve made any progress in my writing or my understanding of my character (and I certainly hope so) it’s as much thanks to you all as to any efforts of mine. I’ve had to take a few breaks, small and large, but every time it’s the people that have brought me back. So even if you’re not mentioned explicitly here, consider this a shoutout to every single one of you for making this the glowing experience it has been. Here’s to another great year!

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Getting to level 99 in persona 5 and Reaper Farming

I haven’t seen anyone talk about this on here yet so I thought I should make a long post about it.

What you need:
1. rank 9 in the Star Social link
2. Have it be a Flu day in game (the days flu days are on are 11/13, 11/14, 11/15, 12/8, 12/9)
3. (Optional) Rank 10 of the Hermit Social Link
4. (Optional) Rank 10 of the Moon Social Link
5. (Optional) As many party members with the Endure skill

Go into Mementos on any floor and wait in one place and don’t move for around 5 minutes and Morgana will tell you the Reaper is near. Attack it and see if it has Despair. If it doesn’t run away. Keep doing this until it does spawn with it.

When it does have everyone Guard and keep doing that until the Reaper dies. You will get a LOT of EXP for doing almost nothing. And to reset it go to another floor and keep following those steps until you’re done or just simply bored. (Note: the lower your difficultly the more EXP you get so If you like me and playing on the harder difficultly I recommend toggling between easy until your done)

Good luck

UF!Sans x Reader

Tiny drabble I wrote instead of sleeping, I found it in my drafts. 

 ‘’I don’t deserve you,’’ he thinks as he watches you sleep. Tiny form huddled against his side, soft snores echoing in a calming pattern. 

’I should leave you, to save you the trouble,’’ he thinks. And pulls you closer by your waist. Your arms adjust around him, and you mumble in your sleep as you press your body closer to him. 

’This isn’t worth the pain of loosing you,’’ he mumbles into your hair. His grip on you tightening and his face hidden in the crook of your neck.

‘’I don’t want to ever be without you,’’ he whispers, and for a second his breath hitches as his words warms the skin of your neck.

‘’Please don’t leave me,’’ he whispers. And your eyes open and your gaze flickers to his eyes, your own are tired but filled with affection.

He looks into them and trails a few knuckles down your cheek.

‘’I love you,’’ he says. And then he leans in closer, pressing himself flush against you as he kisses you softly, effectively drowning your response as you melt into him. 


“Be Yourself” from Jughead and Archie Comics Double Digest #12

true friendship is sarcastically cosplaying as each other at school

also this costume is canon


my friend when she saw my outfit:  you look very,,,, understated
me: thanks im gay and this aesthetic is the easiest way i know to let girls know im gay

Lmaooo so I went to a Chinese food place after my karate tournament with my white mom and my white grandpa and I’m one whitepassing mofo so this Asian waitress shows us to our table and IMMEDIATELY takes the chopsticks away and leaves forks and my mom was so offended it was hilarious

anonymous asked:

"and sure I'm the one who swung the metal bat, but hey I can't control the urge nobodies gonna blame me for that" sounds more like someone using mental illness as an excuse to be shitty

“[ghost] got sick of me acting a certain way aka being mentally ill n blocked me w out a word. like at the time i was having rly rly rly loneliness issues bc [person] had just left me n i was being a bit guilt trippy but i couldnt help it ;;;;;;;;;”

the EXACT quote (with names redacted) that inspired that line of the song, i shit you not

Status variados ❣️

Você disse some e eu somei. Eu disse some e você sumiu. Tudo na vida é só uma questão de interpretação. 💭

Tenho lá minhas fases… 🌙

Você é o meu pequeno infinito. 💙

Ela é aquele vazio cheio de tudo. ✨💕

Não há tortura pior do que ser vítima das suas próprias dúvidas. 💭😕

O amor ficou só que você se foi. 💔

O tempo é rei, a vida é uma lição. 💫

Depois? Depois o café esfria, a prioridade muda. ☕👌

Toda agitação do meu corpo se acalma com o seu toque. ❣️💞

To te deixando pra la, sabe? Também preciso de mim. 👊

Fica. Não suportaria dizer adeus mais uma vez. 😦

Eu quebrei meu coração em pedaços só para remendar o teu. 💭

Ela é assim: sorri pra todo mundo, mas carrega um tormento profundo. 💭

O céu esta lindo a lua também, hoje só deixo entrar aquilo que me faz bem. 🌙  💕

Floresça sua alma e não deixe que ninguém seja capaz de fazer suas flores morrerem.🌸

Com você ou sem você a vida continua. 

Se não for transbordar, não me enche. 🌊

Você sempre é a calmaria no centro do caos. ❤

Éramos conectados como bateria e carregador. É uma pena ter faltado energia 🔱

Meu pior defeito, é criar expectativas demais 😔🍃

Que sorte a minha encontrar você. 💕

Estar em paz é o melhor presente que você pode se dar. 🌸

Por mais difícil que seja, nunca deixe de acreditar em dias melhores. 🌈

Tudo tem seu tempo. E nada é por acaso. ⏳💭 

Para dias ruins: paciência. ⌛

Quem não sabe o que quer, perde o que tem. 💥

Mesmo que eu disfarce. Eu sinto tudo demais. 🌙