like no one understands how happy this movie makes me

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have you ever met David or Gillian?

I would literally rather saw off my own fingers, chop them up like hot dogs into a pot of kraft dinner, and eat it all in one sitting while watching a seth rogan movie than meet a celebrity

And that’s when I knew I was in love with you. In that tiny little moment that could mean absolutely nothing to someone else. In those 2 seconds you looked up at me and smiled, I knew. Because I just sat there just looking at you. I was so focused on you, so in love with your presence that it hurt to leave. That’s how I knew. I knew because you’re the person that I’m ok with pushing me to my breaking point. I love that you get me so mad and then you make me so happy. I like that were dysfunctional. I like that we may not have the fluffy movie like love- I like that we have fire. I like that no one else understands it. I like that it’s ours. I’m in love with you, I always have been. Even in the few weeks I thought I wasn’t. I know now that I am, and because of that, this is going to be harder than I thought
—  velicious09.tumblr

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Name: Agnes
Time and date: 22.03.15 and it is currently 12:58 pm c:
Average hours of sleep a night: It varies o.o sometimes like 4-5 and other days I sleep for 23 hours… sooo… xD 
Last thing I googled: Tamandua :3 they’re the cutest little squishes. I need 10.
Nickname: Panda, agpand, pand, pandinski, appa o.o
Birthday: 20th of October c:
Gender: Female 
Sexual orientation: Straight as far as I am aware. 
Height: 5′6? Idk… 164cm xD 
Favorite color: Purple c:

One place that makes me happy: My blanket cave c: Or my floor…
How many blankets do i sleep under: Normally just one, but I kinda wrap myself in it like a cocoon/burrito c:
Favourite movie: Ooo… erm… there’s a load o.o 
What I’m wearing right now: Sleeping top and underwear o.o PYJAMA DAY!!! 
Last book you read: Fully? Understanding Owls by Jemima Perry-Jones c: Now I can have an owl. But if not fully then The Dog’s Mind by Bruce Fogle.
Most used phrase(s): “Aids”, erm.. there’s quite a few o.o I just can’t remember them now XD 
First word that comes to mind: Potato.
What I last said to a family member: “LOVE YOU, drive safe.” 
Favourite beverage: Hmm… water o.o 
Favourite food: Ooo… don’t ask me to choose Q-Q 

Last movie i watched in theaters: The Hobbit all nighter c: It was fun :3
Dream Vacation: I’d love to go to Iceland, and Canada, and Australia… and like… places c: 
Dream Wedding: I don’t really have a dream wedding… I guess all that matters is that I’d be with the person that loves me for who I am? o.o idk…

Dream pet: MANY!!! Like a panda, a tamandua, a couple of bats, some awesome moths, maybe an armadillo or two, a skunk, a red panda, a lynx, maybe a wolf as well… LOTS.
Dream Job: Working with animals c:

Now 10 humans… erm…

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That’s 10 right? D: Good…