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Tio Nevada's Secret Hideout.

I found this draft hidden (far) away in the magical draft bin (probably a drunk-draft since I don’t recall this at allllllll) & all it was missing was a good run-through edit that I managed in a 15 min break: so here’s something…

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Canon Character: Nevada Ramirez, from Trouble In The Heights.
OCs: Lillian, Nevada’s niece; & Natalia, Nevada’s sister & Lilly’s mother.
Situation: Nevada’s babysitting, again…

Kinda related to: Tio Nevada’s Tea Party.

Two minutes.
Okay, if he was going to be honest, maybe it was more like five.
It hadn’t been ten, though- Nevada knew that.

Quickly, he stole a peek at his cell phone. No, he was right, the phone call lasted seven minutes. He was just in the other room. It couldn’t have taken more than three minutes for his departure and his re-arrival into the living room.

Honestly; he thought he had handled the situation well. Natalia would slaughter him if her precious daughter repeated almost any of the words he had to share with his colleague, so leaving the room felt necessary for his survival and her morality. He had left that Dora show on, the one with the awfully vexing violet monkey and the fox that Nevada thought would look better as a scarf than a villain… actually, it was still playing.

Yet, somehow, in this well-planned span of not-quite-ten-minutes… Lillian had somehow conjured up a couple fitted sheets, the comforter off her own bed, one from the closet, and an assortment of pillows. Nevada watched on, as a bump that had to be his niece burrowed and shifted beneath a few of the coverings she must have been trying to prop up between the couch and the coffee table.

A+ for innovation and effort.
But, her architectural skills could be improved upon.

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I think what shook me to the core about the video was how REAL it all felt. Like, the legitimately looked like a REAL couple with REAL silly moments. Like you saw Isak and Even at the end of S3E10 and that was the first time they were both carefree and being their true selves around one another, but then we didn't really get to see them after that, but after seeing that video and seeing Isak/Even goof off and just LIVING LIFE like it honestly makes me emotional

yesss! it was a summary of what we haven’t gotten to see!
and even making a youtube video they did it so great, it really is a whole fucking relationship represented in those 1:51 minutes!!!

you: if you could have any superpower, what would it be?
me: the ability to dramatically and flawlessly set up a fold-up chair
with one hand
you: what

you: holy shit

if you run around calling other groups flops unprovoked just because bts has a billboard music award, then you’re a disgrace to the fandom ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


the most supportive relationship



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if you love me LET ME


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I feel like Derek must be legitimately confused when people don't find Stiles attractive. Like Scott will forever remain a mystery to him cuz SCOTT YOU GREW UP WITH HIM WHY DONT YOU WANNA HAVE SEX WITH HIM????

I kind of get the feeling Derek would be relieved more than anything no one has “taken Stiles off the market” before they can sort out their shit than anything else. 

Like, Derek is aware people find Stiles a lot to take (he knows he did, in the beginning) but he is also convinced the moment Stiles escapes to college he’s going to be scooped up by at least a dozen amazing people in his first year and he’ll have missed his chance for good, whatever his “chance” is supposed to be. Stiles is under appreciated in Beacon Hills and Derek sort of, maybe relies on that after he moves away; as he and Stiles grow closer, sending e-mails and postcards back and forth; as Derek realises, fuck, what he was sure would fade in time has only grown stronger. Because how could Derek possibly compare to someone who hasn’t got his emotional baggage? Someone without the tragic back story. Someone who can actually communicate with Stiles in a way he’s always needed, but never quite gotten. 

And Derek hates it, hates the first night Stiles kisses him, the day before his college graduation - tentative and scared - and his first thought is thank god no one ever saw in you what I see. It’s a pretty ugly thought but Derek is certain he never would have stood a chance otherwise. He doesn’t understand how people don’t think Stiles is a great catch, especially now he’s matured; is often baffled (and irrationally angry) whenever someone leaves Stiles’ bed after a one night stand that Stiles had hoped would be something more. He doesn’t get why people don’t fall in love with him the moment they get to know him, even if his sense of humour is astoundingly bad and makes Derek want to punch the nearest wall sometimes.  

He doesn’t get it because Stiles is beautiful. And not just in the way he stands or sleeps or smiles, but in the way he gestures erratically with his hands; in the way he makes those awful, inappropriate jokes at two in the afternoon as he shovels pie in his mouth and laughs, all by himself, despite every shitty thing that’s happened to him. He’s beautiful when he’s tired and sometimes when Derek watches him charge - scared but loyal to the end - at the next fucked up thing that comes their way, he has to remember to hide the fact he can’t fucking breathe beneath a well timed scowl. 

Stiles Stilinski is a mystery to Derek because he’s the most infuriating asshole he’s ever met, and yet if it turned out Stiles was some kind of supernatural creature with angel blood he wouldn’t be surprised because Stiles makes the darkness seem not only bearable, but beautiful. 


When you think your crush is unrequited but it turns out she actually likes you back

  • McCree: Hon, why is your brother on the couch?
  • Hanzo: He just needs a place to stay until he can get back on his feet.
  • Genji: Your razor broke, it wasn't suited to my metal face.
  • McCree: Uh-
  • Genji: Also, I invited a friend. Hope you don't mind.
  • Hanzo: Er, well actually brother-
  • (Doorbell)
  • Genji: That's probably him!
  • (All go to​ door)
  • Zenyatta: Hello! Genji said it would be okay if I stayed here for a while!
  • Hanzo & McCree: (look back at Genji)
  • Genji: Uhh, this is Zenyatta.
  • Zenyatta: Do you mind helping me with my boxes? I've got 62 of them and they're all filled with the exact same kind of metal sphere.
  • McCree: Ugh.
  • Hanzo: Yeah, my bad.