like no legitimately

// Just a heads up. I’m like legit exhausted so I don’t have the energy rn to get to stuff, but I will try to do so as soon as I can. RL’s just. Throwing me sucker punches every time I get back up from the last one. It’s nothing serious, just money troubles, and depression, and the horrifying realisation that nobody ever taught me any of this Adulting Shit that I’m having to just deal with it right now. And anxiety’s making that a billion times harder.

But I’m dealing. I’m dealing and I’ll be okay. Positive thoughts.

Hope you guys are all dealing as well. <333 for all of you.

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I'm the dumb fuck? You're the one who's making your gran's dementia all about you. She's fucking sick you asshole and you don't need to tell her to her face how much of an inconvenience you think she is for her to realise you think it. Social cues exist and she'll notice every time you roll your eyes or sound exasperated just like anyone else. Most dementia patients hate that they're sick and can't remember, so your gran doesn't need you making it worse

Are you actually the most dense human being on the planet? Like are you legitimately a whole actual idiot? Do you seriously think I do that shit to my grandma?
No, I smile and with genuine sincerity and explain to her where I go to school, what my major is, and what year I am eight hundred times in one day because I love her.
I walk through the same exact fucking conversation twenty three thousand times a day because she’s my grandma and I love her, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be frustrated about it.
I’m honestly amazed that my response absolutely dripping with sarcasm completely flew over your head and didn’t even get you a little wet on its way by.
But no you’re right, I should just keep my mouth shut and not complain or vent or anything like that, because that’s how a healthy man copes- keeps all his emotions inside and doesn’t let anything out.

Anon do yourself a favor and fuck right off.

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My husband (I’m from yesterday and the one who likes to pull me into his lap) is legitimately like a fucking baby. He’s really manly/dominate around his friends, coworkers, and clients. But when he’s with me he’s a whiny cuddly puppy, none of his friends believe me. But I’m super excited to tell him I’m pregnant tomorrow, we go around the table before we eat on what we’re thankful for and I’m going to say I’m thankful for the little bub in my tummy 👶

I’m blaming this on my period but I am so fucking emotional that I teared up at this ask :”) LIKE WHAT A FREAKING LIFE GOAL WOW. I’m so happy for you both and wish you nothing but the absolute best. PLEASE update me tomorrow with his reaction!!!!💜

Season 4
  • me: it's a kid's show! they're not going to actually kill anyone off! everyone with these crazy dark theories needs to relax!
  • me: *watches season four*
  • me: *whispering* no one is safe anymore.

if you run around calling other groups flops unprovoked just because bts has a billboard music award, then you’re a disgrace to the fandom ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

ok WHO ALLOWED chapter 27 of the dream thieves

first of all,,

i’m actually going to combust