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i did a bad thing

i started thinking about what i want to do after finding marley is over, and i had all these exciting ideas floating around in my head, so now i’ve got six pages of notes about a story that i’ll probably never even have the time to write, woops

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alright… i haven’t finished my purge just yet. but i got 4 trash bags (I’m in a small room and all this was put away, I have no idea how all of that shit was there??? like old stuff, not really “trash”

and i have 3 donation bags.


I’ve gotta finish this tomorrow, too tired.

purging is fun, holy hell. 

There will be art tomorrow, as accustomed to the livestreams :D

You know what I think is an under-utilized character dynamic in Always Sunny? Dee knowing how to manipulate members of the gang, particularly relative to each other. 

Like the scene in The Gang Gets Trapped, when they need to split up Mac and Charlie, so she’s like, “Hey Charlie, why is Mac the only one who gets to push the button on the walkie?” Or in Mac and Dennis Break Up when she manipulates both Mac and Dennis into coming to the restaurant to get them back together. 

I feel like they should do a lot more of those kinds of things. I like the idea of Dee as the tacit puppeteer of the group, pulling all their strings. 

1.19, aka probably the only time Sam ever had a romantic interest in anyone who had any idea about “the life.”

DEAN: All right, you like her, she likes you, you’re both consenting adults…
SAM: (Frustrated, rising voice) What’s the point, Dean? We’ll just leave. We always leave.
DEAN: Well I’m not talking about marriage, Sam.

The real issue is… they always leave. 

Sarah only finds out about the supernatural because she’s persistent and smart and refuses to just stay out of it. 

They’re talking about how Dean got into the county records office, but this sort of applies as a blanket statement to how Sam and Dean get “in the door” anywhere:

SARAH: How’d he even get in the door?
SAM: Lying and subterfuge mostly.

From the story Dean told to the women at the bar– that he and Sam were scouts for a reality tv show– to the way they talked their way into the auction house that first time, they always seem to get in the door through lying and subterfuge.

The thing with Sam is that he’s never been able to drop the lying and subterfuge. He never told Jess the truth. He’d never told anyone else he tried to have a relationship or even friendship with the truth.

(I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… HOW FREAKING EXHAUSTING AND PAINFUL THAT MUST BE)

SAM: Look, it’s hard to explain. Ah–It’s just when people are around me – I don’t know, they get hurt.

SARAH: What do you mean?

SAM: I mean like physically hurt. With what me and my brother do, it’s…. Sarah, I had a girlfriend. And she died. And my Mom died too. I don’t know, it’s like, it’s like I’m cursed or something. Like death just follows me around. Look, I’m not scared of much, but if I let myself have feelings for anybody…

SARAH: You’re scared they’d get hurt too. That’s very sweet. And very archaic.
SAM: Sorry?
SARAH: Look I’m a big girl Sam, it’s not your job to make decisions for me. There’s always a chance of getting hurt.
SAM: I’m not talking about a broken heart and a tub of Haagen Dazs. I’m talking about life and death.
SARAH: And tomorrow I could get hit by a bus. That’s what life is. Look, I know losing somebody you love – it’s terrible. You shut yourself off. Believe me, I know. But when you shut out pain, you shut out everything else too.
SAM: Sarah, you don’t understand. The pain that I went through… I can’t go through it again. I can’t. 

So we start off with Sam not wanting to tell the truth to people to protect them, but Sarah keeps pushing until we hit a little closer to the reality here. Sam keeps the truth from people to protect himself.

SARAH: You know there’s a lesson in all of this.
SAM: What’s that?
SARAH: We all got through this in one piece. I didn’t get hurt.
SAM : (Laughing) Yeah I’m glad for that.
SARAH: So, maybe you’re not cursed. Maybe…. maybe you’ll come back and see me.

OH THE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE IRONY. Sam stays away from her for seven years only to finally see her again… when Crowley kills her with a curse.

So the bit of absolution Sam gains from meeting her in the first place is shot to hell (literally!) and he’s proven “right” about himself, the supernatural, being cursed, and what a horrible idea it is to tell anyone the truth about who he is and what he does.

Ouch. No wonder he’s still okay with the lies…


Screenshots from I AM GOD HERE | Universim #1! :D

Oh my god this game was so cute! :D
I agree with Seán with this game having potential for being a very good game. For this game only being in Alpha I was very impressed with what it had in it so far and some of the things it said that might be added later. I think my favorite thing about it is the name of the people characters that live in your civilization Nuggets, that name is super adorable! I also love the little details like when you move the camera into a cloud your screen gets all wet. Plus I just like the idea of of this game of you basically being God and controlling a whole planet and growing and evolving civilization on it. Plus with the idea of there being multiple planets you can control too in later updates sounds awesome and so much fun if you like games like this. I’m very interested to see what this game is going to turn into the future and I’m happy that Seán gave it attention this because I’m very interested and intrigued by this game now. :)


the thumbnail for the video is awesome! :D

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Favorite mcr era?

ehhhehhehe danger days looked the prettiest in my opinion, and i love the story of danger days. i also love the idea of basement mcr like all of tjem bein young but i ALSO love the whole thing abt tjem staying in the haunted place during black parade so idk


Barron: Try to get some sleep. If anything bothers you, I’m right here.

Sylvia: Thanks, hon. I don’t know what got me like this. I’m not usually such a fraidy-cat, you know.

Barron: I know. You are one of the bravest people I know, if anything. I think we’ve all been kind of stressed out lately, with the twins’ lessons, with Xander’s birth… We all need a good break. Perhaps, we should take a fun family trip all together, sometime.

Sylvia: Sounds like a nice idea.

She drifts off, still hugging him.

Her worries definitely make him think more about his own. Ever since their friend warned them to be careful, he has also felt off about something. And that is not a natural feeling for him. Perhaps, they do need to be more vigilant. But about what?

Eventually, he drifts off to an uneasy sleep as well. 

Our First Time (jikook)

i’ve had this saved in my notes for a while and i wasn’t sure how to do this but i think i’ll post every now and then and update moments see how it goes if y'all like it (: so give me feedback or maybe ideas also, but after all this is short and it’s just a snip thank you 💓

(jk’s ptv)
i turned and looked at him “wow i’m so fucking lucky” the words escaped naturally. he’s so beautiful, the way his eyes smile when he does, the way his one crooked tooth stands out. he hates it but i absolutely love it. his lips are always soft, and somehow they feel softer when they’re pressed against mine. my eyes wonder down his body from head to toe, his thighs look so fucking good in the jeans he’s wearing right now, black jeans, tight black fucking jeans, and his hands, he might have small hands but those small hands work magic and i kiss them every chance i get while i thank god for this perfect human being.

“jungkookie… hey are you ok?” jimins soft voice woke me up from my thoughts right before they started to effect my body.

“yeah baby i’m fine” i answered in a whisper that only he could hear and gave him a wink. i wanted so badly tell him i needed his bodies warmth against mine but it would have to wait till we get back to the hotel, in the meanwhile i have to keep my distance on stage. thankfully the concert is almost over. Staying away from him is a lot more difficult than it seems we might only be across the stage from each other but it feels as if we’re seas apart.

(Jimins ptv)
I looked over and saw jungkook staring at me only to see his lips move in a sentence but i couldn’t comprehend what they were saying. I turn back and look at the crowd with a smile, joon was up front doing his freestyle goofy dance while jhope and tae cheered him on to keep going. i glance back at jk and he’s still staring seems like he’s dozed off and fell asleep with his eyes open, oh this fucking idiot what is he thinking?

I made my way over to him, “jungkookie… hey are you ok?” i asked softly. I loved catching jungkook staring at me it always gives me butterflies in the pit of my stomach. He’s so flawless when he’s stuck in that stare i catch myself staring back.

“Yeah baby i’m fine” he whispered followed by a smile and a wink from his right eye. i blushed at this sentiment he always made me so fucking weak i hated it but loved it at the same time. i nod and walk back to the other side of the stage. We both knew we had to keep our distance in order to not be so obvious, but who am i kidding we’re obvious enough already.

“oh jungkookie, i crave you more and more every day” i mouthed to myself, my thoughts were jumping all over the place at this point. i have to control myself until after we get back to the room, then i can finally be in his arms again.

i hope you guys enjoy this (: it’s short i know but i will update if you guys wish so let me know THANK YOU 💓

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Are you really defending Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 anime's ending? It did one cool thing in that it pointed out that their super science magic didn't actually obey any laws of thermodynamics. The rest was just kinda... :-|

Am I getting a tumblr anon for stuff I said on twitter because I’m confusedly searching my blog for FMA stuff.

SO I GOTTA ASSUME THIS IS FROM TWITTER so no actually I wasn’t? Maybe an instance of me saying “original” when I meant to manga came off confusing? Or I guess I said it was like… kinda an interesting idea? “Oh man all these thermodynamics breaking is fueled by causing WW1 in another  dimension really makes you think”. Like it’s a bit on the nose but you could tell a story like that? But in no way did it work for me as an ending for the show. It just seemed kinda like a goofy gotcha with no setup. So I wasn’t really defending it as much as saying “I guess you could find parts of it interesting”.

The problem with a lot of 90s/2000s “half adaptations” is (and really this was the core of the whole rant I went on about executive meddling) is that a great story isn’t built from modular parts. Now your structure might be modular and there is tons of benefits to that but a good story is going to have tons and tons and tons of connective tissue so if you rip out the third act of a movie or the end of a long running theory, it’s hard to  reattach all that tissue you just ripped free and rarely is the connects you have the connections you would have made if you started with the original idea to begin with.

So I -could- see someone argue that the 2003 FMA ending (which I think, due to execution, is a huge stretch, but I know some people who like parts of the 2003 anime in general and all this still applies) was more gritty and interesting and inventive than the original ending that was just a bunch of feel good moments but… that’s what the story built up to, leading to a wonderful, cohesive story.

Like I can think about Hellsing too. Arguably the first anime adaptation tried to add a lot more depth and intrigue and mystery and had some weird, clever ideas (and had Seras in a big fluffy pink hat A+) but for a comic that was always goofy and went into NAZI VAMPIRES EATING BABIES it came off as like weird tonal shifts that made no sense (and in both the case of Hellsing and FMA, I knew where the ‘break’ happened as a first time watcher before I knew there was even a break).

Kinda why I stopped watching Game of Thrones (though the execution of even canon material left a bad taste in my mouth too. I could talk a good bit about how writing tone is something hard to translate into a visual medium). Having to make up shit from wholesale in the last bits of the series after working off something made by someone with a strong creative voice? Asking for trouble.

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Sorry but you have no idea like all the newer fans. Preston is a prick

I’ve been here for Paul Higgins before 1D even existed (because, SURPRISE, Simon Cowell hires the same people for all of his bands), and I’ve been a fan of this band before Preston was even hired for Zayn, BUT listen. I don’t care that he’s a prick. I know he is, but he knows Louis and Louis knows him and that’s definitely an advantage if he’s meant to work with Louis and keep him safe. I’m just happy Louis’s got a bodyguard with him, and if Louis didn’t trust him, he wouldn’t be there.

Do you ever just….suddenly follow a porn blog??? No, like, suddenly on your dash there’s a bunch of weird porn and you have no idea why? Like??????? Did one of y'all turn into a porn blog over night??? What’s going on??? Anyway I gotta unfollow cuz I’m not trying to scroll and see a million dicks every day

stay close to me ❄ for annie

all credit goes to the YOI team&nanashinohime


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