like no i dont think you understand this is not how i look

okay so i know a lot of people like lancelot (lance/prince lotor) and i would like to say im open for a lotor arc. all for it. i also want lance to have lots of character development ! what would be awesome is a lance and lotor friendship-style-arc (just hear me out). lotor finds lance as a weak link and tries to jeopardize team voltron. HOWEVER - lotor begins to like lance (as a friend)
the way lance meets with lotor is in the middle of the night, right, and one night KEITH wakes up and sees lance leaving and decides to follow him
he sees lance with lotor and understands how lance thinks of himself. at this point, lotor is actually nice to lance and genuinely wants to see him happy.
keith being keith just goes in and attacks and is like “NOooOoOoOoOO dont hurt him!!” and lotor and lance just look at each other and lotor says “you like him??? him!!!”
and then lance and keith get all blushy
and the end wow

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Comics batjokes is actually a very dynamic and also very abusive relationship. Please do not support people that promote romanticizing an abusive relationship! People that get hate for comic batjokes deserve it tbh

look man,

have ur opinion, its fine. its whatever. you can think how you want. i hate a lot of other ship dynamics myself, whether they be abusive or promote erasure or i personally just dont care for them or whathaveyou

but what i dont do - for those ships i dont like - is go out of my way to pick fights with people on this beautiful blue hecksite we call tumblr.

its not funny, its not cute, its not noble. its just showing everyone how much free time and lack of impulse control you have.

if you’re not into it, thats fine. i completely understand. honestly a lot of the material in some of the comics gets really disturbing and dark and scary. thats just how they are. heck, im a horror fanatic and some of the stuff spooks me. but just because you’re not into it, doesnt mean you have to grab a megaphone and charge into that wasps nest with all those wasps you hate so much. 

there’s a block button and xkit’s blacklist / whitelist function for a reason.

tldr: have your thoughts and opinions, just dont tag it if all youre gonna do is look for a fight.

 y’all i hate when (privileged) people try to justify votes for tr*mp by being like “people are tired of politicians’, “the middle class whites are sad about their shitty racist town disappearing” or “rednecks are scared”

like yo how am i supposed to have sympathy when you’re totally either 100% okay with hating or you just DON’T caRE about the lives of people who are different than you? i understand how fucked the political system is here but shIT we gotta stand together and you decide to only care about yourself?? SCARY AS HELL MAN 

How can Ya’ll really think they are younger than 17???

NOTE: Okay I don’t usually get involved with shit like this but I dont understand how people see them so young. Pidge, I get, She possibly hacked herself in. But in the case of Lance, Hunk, and Keith unless the Garrison is that of a correctional military academy i see no reason for them to be seen younger then 17. If you have canon Proof that show them as younger please do share I am not trying to be rude i am simply confused how a lot of others think they are all so young. Also I apologise for any grammar/ spelling errors i have dyslexia but i will try my best!.  

 I believe they are all at least older than 16. 
Guys let’s look at the facts. If I assume that the garrison is in America we can also guess, being that it is Academy and, I believe military at that, such as West Point or the Air-force Academy. It seems like ya’ll for some reason (and I am up to being proven wrong but by facts) that they are all like 15 (which is how old Pidge in if i remember correctly). 

They are confirmed to be in their late teens I believe. That can Range from 15-19. Now let’s look at the Academy’s I mentioned earlier. Now again I am talking about American military I have no authority/knowledge over other countries military rules. 
These Academy’s are essentially college’s they give you free education and in return you serve on average 6 years of your life. 

That would explain why shiro, if we assume he is 25 was 1. Sent on the mission 2. Was seen as a Senior Officer not a student. if he joined when he was lets say 17 he would be on his possible 5th year of servus.

 I know this because I will be applying for the Air-force when I am old enough. Being that the Garrison Is a Academy, I assume that all of them have completed high school. In America the average senior in high school is 17-18. And please correct me if I am wrong but the military will not even let you enlist unless you are at least 17 years of age. 

Now lets  assume that they are all freshmen in college (which I also think Is incorrect but I’ll get into that in a second) that puts them at at least 18.

 Now. Let me tell you why I believe that that they may be even close to 19. I believe that they are all in their second year of the garrison. (This next part I very well may be wrong but) Shiro was missing for close to a year. Well I believe Keith and Shiro knew one another from the Garrison, so they have to be at least 1 year in. And with the amount of Emotions that Keith faced when finding Shiro was more then just seeing a person you knew, they we friends before he left, close ones at that. And i assume that Keith left/was kicked out, after shiro leftand being that Lance knew what Keith looked like ,so well he was able to reconise him simply by the back of his head in the darkining evening desert, I’d assume that at least Lance had to have know Keith for a substantial amount of time . This makes me believe that they are at least in the end of their fist year, or  into their second year of the Academy. That would put them at 18-19. And I had personally seen them at least 17 all along???

 If I said something factually/canonically incorrect please do tell me but this has confused me for some time. If you have sources or even your own reasoning of either agreeing or disagreeing with me please do share! Also this is in no way me trying to defend ships it is simply about their ages.

@ Army (not all of you but a lot of you)

Stop looking down on other groups to make your fave look better.
Stop downplaying the achievements of other groups to make your fave look better.
Stop downplaying the hard work of other groups to make your fave look better.
Stop disrespecting other groups to make your fave look better.
Stop disrespecting and looking down on senior groups who have paved a pathway for newer generation kpop groups to be able to become this international, and stop calling established groups irrelevant. 
Stop acting like your fave runs the world.
Stop acting arrogant because you think your fave runs the world.
Start to acknowledge the hard work of every single group out there because they work just as hard as everyone else and they deserve the same amount of love and respect regardless of how popular they are. It’s really not a hard concept to understand.

I really did not want to write this but I understand you’re guys bitterness and anger that theres no tf2 comic yet.
But can we stop spamming the tags with it?
Think about new people who join the tf2 fandom, they won’t be seeing new content, new art, ships, new fics, because it’s only about how valve never listends and how Overwatch this and Overwatch that!

Have you thought how… it may give a bad taste in their mouth?
As someone who’s been in the fandom for a long time….Sure, I’m hoping for the comic to be here too (and when it’s here, it’s here) but I’m trying to stay positive.
Even if people are leaving, i’m not gonna ramble in tags. I just want to create content and give people something to look!
Because the more you do, I feel like the others around you feel negative as well!

Seeing so much rambling about the comic gives me a bad feeling.
We have to stick togheter like a family.
We gotta support eachother and the fandom. Or I don’t know..supporting tf2 with contents and not…this..


I spend a lot of time thinking about character appearances and why they look they way that they look, partly because there’s like zero to no variation when it comes to telling them apart in comics and partly because I love thinking about this stuff, given the chance i will not shut up about this.

I think 90 percent of how you draw a character comes from what you’re thinking about instead of skill level. the end result is just the tip of the iceberg. so if i want to “Draw a character better” i dont review any lessons on drawing and go do lifedrawings.

instead i try to get a clearer understanding of who my version of the character is, in words that i literally write down.  I’m working on it but here’s some of my thoughts as I was doing that

Ok so my Jason..features wise I like him with a big wide mouth because he talks a lot and has attitude so he should have a big mouth. I also like thick grumpy eyebrows, because he’s thick and grumpy, so it should reflect in his eyebrows.

His smile would be pretty off-putting I think. he has vampire fangs, and he looks untrustworthy and kind of wolfish. I was listening to a podcast and apparently that is a trait that comes with high testosterone along with male pattern baldness, so I hope he enjoys that hairline while it lasts. I like his hair to look kind of arrogant, like a rooster , but it’s also changing a lot because he’s unsure of what looks best.

moving into the next point, I think his personal style would be incredibly deliberate and put-on, honestly. you think looking this cool comes naturally, NO WAY.

Jason is the comic book equivalent of a child celebrity who is now trying to move past his disney channel roots and make a name for himself in spite of his personal problems. He is trying so goddamn hard to distance himself from his days of being a dorky little pantyboy because otherwise that’s all people will see him as.

I also think his look would be kind of dated even if he still looks pretty slick. Like his taste for what is cool stopped in the late 80s and then he missed some time. so he’s probably modelling himself after the greasers in the Outsiders, James Dean and that bad boy from the old beverly hills 90210/ OR EVERY OLD HIGHSCHOOL MOVIE EVER  as far as recent stuff goes he probably saw the movie Drive and bought one of those jackets immediately and started standing like Ryan Gosling. he tried to talk less too but could not help himself

He doesn’t realize that smoking is bad now cos he never got those lessons in school [because he was never at school, and also, the times]

on that note he probably uses lame old lingo like  asking Tim if him and his boyfriend are “going steady” and if they’ve gotten to third base yet. also he would still be calling women broads and toots and sweetheart until Barbara tells him to stop

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I dont really understand that whole multiple gods from different religions existing at once thing because if Apollo controls the sun how does Ra do the same. The closest i've come to understand is that they brag about the extent of their powers while it isnt true. Like harnessing the suns energy but not the entire sun. Also how Jesus and God exist in their world too. If you've seen Supernatural i think thats also a pretty good interpretation of it. Btw that book idea sounds great

there’s a great book, which is finally being turned into a TV show that looks wonderful, call American Gods, everyone should read it for it’s own worth, it’s strange dark and otherworldly. Any ways the main character keeps having “dreams” of being “in the earth and under the earth” where in he meets a Native American man with a buffalo’s head and the buffalo man (who is America itself) tells him “Believe” Shadow asks “believe what?” “believe EVERYTHING!” which is a basically good guide to Gods in this context, is Ra the Sun god/the sun itself? yes yes he is, just Apollo drive the sun across the sky every day? also yes, is the sun a huge ball of nuclear fire millions of miles away from earth that we’re spinning around? sure. In my book idea I thought of reality as an onion, layers, we see what we see, but doesn’t mean that an onion skin width away from us a giant isn’t walking down the same street, Gods being things that can cross over or be on more than one layer at once, I felt like that was a good way to explain why Norse gods and Greek ones or whatever wouldn’t meet. Any ways i don’t get too hung up on the contradictions in Rick’s Gods, to quote Walt Whitman “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” 

also thank you very much for those kind words. 

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I dont understand how can you fetishy pearl so much. Im not saying that because she´s from a family friendly cartoon show, but becuase she is as flat as a skate board. Also I dont think she even has genetalia (Oh god! please dont draw that with a dumb "like this? huuurdy huurr" comment >.<)

Personally I like all chest sizes and really disagree with the idea that a girl needs huge boobs in order to be sexy. The size of the breasts shouldn’t matter, it’s who they’re attached to that matters. As for gems not having genitalia, I’ve seen this complaint before and think it’s kinda nitpick-y. I mean if you wanna get technical, then why would gems even blush if they don’t have a circulatory system? The answer is that it just looks nice, don’t over-think it.

From Theron Shan’s Instagram Account:
look doctor arcan’t (if that is your real name) i dont rly know what you want me to say im perfectly happy. see this smile? well ok if i have to think of something then maybe i like do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to intelligence cuz you would think we have an elaborate network of spies in the alliance & youd be correct but theyre all amateurs cuz sometimes they sleep which youre only allowed to do on your 72nd hour shift it sez so in the uber manual. if you dont work constantly then stupid baby emperors usurp the galaxy & freeze your girl in carbonite which kinda sucks & then your mom leaves you cuz she & death marr want to go bake cookies in the woods & dad says playing alliance is stupid but hes the stupid one & why are you staring at me im not crying youre crying!     i hate feelings!   is this how normal therapy sessions go??? am i doing this right? does she look like shes ready to give me back my holonet? of course im taking this srsly im a professional crap have i been pressing the holo-siri button this whole time no dont post that

mhmmm sso anyways heres that ship art made of spite

like hear me out, im not a fan of mchanzo, but you!! you who do you do you and it looks cute and im glad you having a good time

for me, mc .gen ji is my bread and butter

but i also notice i get of people follow me through mc ge/nji and they are just sweethearts about my art BUT LIKE 


ok imma rant some under the cut, just to keep this somewhat short.

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A conversation me and my little cousin had while decorating Easter eggs
  • My little cousin: My mom says that you wanna be a boy
  • Me: *Thinks* holyshitholyshitholyshit how do i explain this
  • My cousin: But i told her that you're already a boy
  • Me: How did you figure that?
  • My cousin: Because you look like a boy and you dont like girly things like Genesis (my older cousin) so i knew that you werent a girl.
  • Me: Ilysm omg

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So that panel with urie thinking about saiko and then mutsuki with afterwards thinking 'what is this feeling' i still dont understand that at all. But do you think it meant urie now liking saiko wondering why he's feeling like that? I mean she hugged him and even confessed so...

I don’t think Saiko has confessed romantic feelings to Urie at all. I think she meant that in a family-loving way, because she knew that Urie would need love and support to overcome this process of becoming a ghoul. She made clear that she “knew” how Urie felt (lonely), and told him that she had been looking at him all this time, acknowledging his leadership and his feeling of wanting to belong somewhere. Now, about the panel you mention, I personally interpret that comment as “I’m feeling loved by others (Saiko)” and maybe “I have feelings for Mutsuki” = “what is this feeling?”, Urie was always cold and never felt close to the rest of the squad, even if the others loved him as a friend, he maybe never felt that love and felt lonely all the time, and jealous of Haise. Now he’s being more open about it and he’s starting to see that he has people who care about him, and he’s also showing concern for others, aka Mutsuki, and all of these feelings are new to him, maybe that’s why he’s like ohh, what’s this? 

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"#look at your pc#does it have a gender?#no? well done you now understand the borg" - That has to be the simplest way to explain them ever and your point I love it.

Thank you. I mean, I hate being a basic bitch, but at this point I feel like we have to put this in very basic terms (I do not have time for people trying to be smart asses going “oh well it is not quite…” like no one cares please go and stop disappointing your family)

Just think of the Borg as a PC. Big pc, yes. But still a PC.

It is doing endless background checks, scans, program running, whatever. It is doing so many things. What you see on screen, is just part of what the PC is doing. If you see one window open and look at it, that isn’t the PC. That isn’t a proper representation of the PC.

Or how about this. If you open up a picture of a pretty lady, or boy, or a kitten, your pc isn’t now a female, male or cat. It is still a pc.

The Borg are just that PC, but in control of itself. But it still applies. If it shows you a picture of a pretty lady, it doesn’t make the PC a female. It is a computer. The next person it could show them a picture of a frickin crocodile. Doesn’t mean it has scales. Shows a picture of a cat, you are more likely (if you so happen to like kitties) to be nicer. Show a picture of a pretty lady to certain people, they are going to be nicer. Doesn’t mean the PC has a gender though. 

That is the most basic way I can explain and if at this point this is still beyond people all I can say is that Borg will just leave you alone you wont add anything to collective they got other things to do. 

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i have to write a paper for a class where i know the prof doesnt like me as a person or how i write. and i keep opening the doc to start writing something but i have zero thoughts rn because i still genuinely dont understand how we should be writing papers for this class. and how am i supposed to write a paper for someone i know wont like it regardless? and will not give me any helpful feedback?? im just pissed. :|

i mean, frankly you ought to look back at your old work and read the comments that your prof has given you and decide if any of it has any merit. even if you don’t think it has merit, try taking some of the advice anyway–it’s just one paper. and you may surprise yourself. if you still don’t understand what your prof dislikes about your writing, email them and ask if you can meet during office hours to ask for specifics about how you could improve your writing.

if it’s crunch time, pick a topic and make sure your position is crystal clear. go further with it than you necessarily believe so you can really have a thesis that hits home. write clearly, concisely–short sentences, never make the same point twice. your quotes should be short, and fit naturally into the sentences you’re writing, not stand alone. incorporate your quotes into the very phrases where you’re making your points, if that makes sense.

let go of your anger at this prof, it’s personal, and it’s not going to help you. this prof, unfortunately, is assessing your work whether you like it or not. try to take their advice from the perspective that they have something they want to teach you, but due to your personal differences, it’s getting hard.

that said, your prof could also be a total shithead, and all you need to do is manage to make it through the fucking semester alive, which is sometimes a fact of life, and you still need to write your essay

hope i helped <3

bangtan x red hair

I have a thing for red hair. Like you don’t even know.

Heavily criticized for his red hair at the MAMAs: Kim Namjoon, everyone. I think he actually looks good in it. I don’t understand why people freaked out.

oh man. Yoongi’s hair was redder during Danger promos but I like his more auburn-ish hair. But mostly because of this pic cuz asdfghjkl

Wine red hair. idk how else to describe Jin’s red hair because his lips are way too distracting lol

Hobi hobi hobi I LOVED his red hair…a lot


Jungkook really really suited his red hair. As much as I like him in black hair…but I also like him in brown…and blonde. To me he suits everything, okay? Like that’s what biases do to you.

Tae tae, still waiting on you baby…

‘you dont know me’ she says as she repeatedly bang her fists against the hard chest that belonged to the man that had seen her like this before.

‘you dont understand’ she excuses with her eyes closed shut and her breathing hitching every time she feels a new tear forming on her cheek.

'you dont care’ she accused while his hands gently gripped her wrists to cease her attack on his torso. his eyes were soft as he stared down at her.

'you dont love me’ she sobbed before digging her face into the chest she had just abused. her hands were trembling and her tears stained the fabric, but neither cared. he wrapped her arms around her small body, bringing her closer so he can lay a gentle kiss at the top of her head.

he shakes his head before placing a finger under her chin to force her eyes to look upon his, 'i hate that you think so low of me because if you really think that, then you really dont know me either’.

—  JB💘 // Can you truly ever know someone without knowing yourself?

“wow there are so many fake nerds cosplaying these days!!!”

hold the fuck up. first of all what the fuck even is a “fake nerd”

second of all, if you think that a cosplayer who spends time, money and tears TO DRESS UP AS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER somehow falls into the “fake nerd” catergory, you are sadly mistaken. cosplayers literally become one with the character. how is that not “nerdy”. i dont understand. 

Texas Furry Fiesta!

I will be attending it this weekend, yup!

Not sure if many of my followers are furries but, just in case anyone wanted to see me haha. 

I will be at the “Otherkin & Therian 101″ panel at 10 AM this Saturday at the con!

I’ll also hopefully be at the “Otherkin and Therian Discussion Group” on Friday at 4:30 PM!

Be there or be square :D

Also in case anyone wanted to know what I’ll look like at the con and how to spot me…

I generally look like this 99% of the time :p