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He looks like a sad grandpa who just wants his grandkids to love him


honestly i love all the raritwi AUs in this world, most of which @earthsong9405 is responsible for, but let me use this post to express the well-known fact that i lOVE BODYGUARD,,,,AU,,,, SO MUCH,,, SEASONS MAY COME,,,WINTER TO SPRING,,, BUT ILL ALWAYS BE TRASH FOR A SILLY PRINCESS MADLY IN LOVE WITH HER SILLY BODYGUARD

summercicada replied to your post: crocordile replied to your post: O_O It’s so…

You’re related to the KENNEDYS

Distantly! And it’s my natural father’s people, so I’ve never met anyone or anything. In fact, I’ve only met my uncle who married into New England acceptability the once.


so i’ve been playing what some might call an obsessive amount of Euro Truck Simulator 2 lately and as a joke i was like “haha what if i created a trucker OC for this game”

anyway i did just that and ended up putting a lot of thought into her backstory and now i genuinely like her  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

her name is Silke, she’s german, mid-60′s, and she collects grandma-themed bumper stickers despite not technically being a grandma


So maiagaru did this gifset that keeps coming back around, and while I am generally on board with the sentiment, I also was thinking about why some mothers in particular might not take their daughter to ballet class… and I have been trying to think through this child situation in various guises, and I figured hey, why not try it first in an AU that people would be really ticked off if I messed it up? What could possibly go wrong? So, you know, if I have totally blown it, please say, and we can cancel this as part of the AU entirely. It’s also tooth-achingly sweet, so either sorry! or you’re welcome! depending on how you feel about that. The actual AU parts are Fluidity, Rotation, Momentum, Prismatic, and Turbulence. And as always, abject appreciation goes to amatterofcomplication and Roadie for doing the real things.


Aunt Tracy helps.

Because Aunt Tracy understands.

“You realize your moms are going to kill me if they find out about this, right?” Aunt Tracy asks you, basically every week. But she takes you to class anyway. And when she can’t, your Uncle Liam or your Uncle Steve, or both of them together, take her place. Aunt Tracy says they are crazy boys because they are thrilled to be inka hoots with her, whatever kind of owls those are, but you don’t care, just as long as you get to go to class.

Ballet class, that is, so you can learn to do what your mama does. Both Mama and your mom are fine with you learning to do what Mom does: you get to sit in her workroom and watch everything that happens, as long as you are mostly quiet. She lets you use her sketchpads to show her your ideas about costumes for Mama and other clothes for dancers and swimmers and runners and anybody else who moves. She even sometimes takes you to the lab where they test the clothes, and that’s exciting because they have wind tunnels. The latest time, you watched a skier lean forward and fake-jump off a fake mountaintop, and you asked Mom, “Can I have a wind tunnel for Christmas?” Mom said no. Mom doesn’t usually say no, not that fast, so you were pretty sure she meant it. But still, you are hoping that maybe there will be one in the living room, or maybe the hallway of your apartment building because they are really big, on Christmas morning.

But Mama doesn’t want you “anywhere near ballet,” which is silly, because you are near ballet anytime you are near Mama. And you like being near Mama. Mom is the one you roughhouse with, scramble over, get swung by, collapse onto because you’re giggling so hard. Mama is the one you curl up with when you’re tired. One time you did that and Mama said to Mom, are you all right? And Mom answered, I just have something in my eye, that’s all. And Mama smiled and kissed your head, and Mom came over to the sofa and kissed both of you.

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