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I recently begun to read the light novel about Guren, and I got a feeling that there were strong parallells between characters in both Yuu’s life and Guren’s life. This is merely my opinion, but I wanted to share it nonethless.

Yuu and Guren

These two already share the trait of being protagonists of their story. Both values their family really much, but while Yuu seems adamant on keeping everybody alive, Guren tries to harden himself by saying he needs to sacrifice them if neseccary. Even if they are different in many ways, like personality, their story has an uncanny similarity to it. How they clash with the Hiiragi family, even if Kureto seems to have taken a liking to them (in his own unique way). Neither respect these authorities. Both pretend to not care too much about their comrades (in the beginning), but cares too much for their own good. Both have the ability of making people love them (yes this is an actual thing). 

Shinoa and Shinya

While shippers probably won’t agree with this, I want you to take the shipper-googles off and hear me out on this. Both were the first in the protagonists class to make contact with them. Both have this habit of teasing the protagonist, being sassy, hiding their true intentions always behind a smile. However as the story goes both of these two develop a strong bond with the protagonist, even if they are raised in the Hiiragi family, void of family love. 

Mitsuba and Mito

The hot-headed, tsundere characters. Proud, yet not in a stubborn way. Though they have the stubborn personality trait. Both start off not liking the protagonist at all, yet as the story progress they begin to care very much, and eventually develops a crush. They are both from families with tight relations to the Hiiragi family. 

Shihou and Shigure

While Kimizuki tends to be agitated by Yuu, both share the trait of being serious, cool and collected most of the time. They are serious about their work, and has a clear goal in mind. Despite their cold demeanor, they are very kind hearted. Both care very much for the protagonist in their own way. Though Kimizuki needs some time to warm up to Yuu, he ends up, like Shigure, being very loyal to the protagonist.

Yoichi and Sayuri

gentle, warm-hearted and shy. They have the utmost respect for the protagonist, and looks up to him. But even if they have the flustered, nervous way of acting, they are both surprisingly strong. 

Mikaela and Mahiru

These two are almost scarily similar in a lots of ways. Yet again, I want you to put shipping aside on this one. To start from the beginning, both were childhood friends with the protagonist. Both cared very much for him, but at an early age they were violently seperated. When they re-united many years later, much had changed. Both made the protagonist the very reason for their choices. He was their reason to live. Both wanted strength to reach that goal. Compared to their cheerful and kind childhood self, both changed dramatically over the years. Mikaela became full of hatred for the world, including himself. He didn’t care for anybody except Yuu. Mahiru was the same with Guren. Both propose to the protagonist to run away with them. The protagonist refuse, but swears he wants to save this person. Neither cared about the lives of anybody else than the protagonist’s, except for that Mikaela eventually protects Shinoa squad, and Mahiru cares a lot about Shinoa and protects her in her own way.Neither do they stay by the protagonist’s side for an extended amount of time, but they have short interactions. Later in the series, both are turned into a vampire by Krul Tepes. Both stand at the opposite side of the protagonist in the war. Mikaela on the side of the vampires as opposed to Yuu with the humans, and Mahiru who’s first a Hiiragi (Ichinose is deemed as a low branch family compared to the Hiiragis, and thus they are not allowed to have a close relationship), she then turn to Hyakuya church and later to the vampires.          I might add that Guren and Mahiru had sex, and in a sense sucking blood is considered vampire sex (refering to Mikaela’s LN) so Idk?????

While I couldn’t find a direct parallell to Goshi, I guess now that Narumi is in the squad they carry a kind of similarity? Both being more “grown-up” in their personality. And they tend to mess around with the protagonist, though they have a pretty serious nature. Idk

Shinoa’s a perfect Demon Vessel? Her destined person?

Ok, so according to some spoilers of the second chapter of the seventh volume of Guren’s light novel, Shikama Douji told kid Shinoa:

  • That she’s a perfect Demon Vessel, unlike Mahiru. Nobody knows this because Mahiru hided it in order to protect her little sister fom their family. She does really loved Shinoa.
  • That she indeed has desires (Sexual desire, fraternal desire, she wants to be approved, to be recognized)
  • That the person she’ll want him/her to see her hasn’t appeared yet.
  • And that she’ll meet her destined person 8 years later (She was 7 that time or 8 a.f.a.i.k.).

So, with that information we know that there are candidates, like:

  1. Yoichi
  2. Narumi
  3. And Kimizuki

I’m not counting Mitsuba and Mika because she met them before.

But let’s be honest… we know that Shikama Douji is almost a 99% talking about Yuu-chan x’D.

Kageki no Kuni no Alice ch3 summary

So just to refresh everyone’s memory, Andou Hikari enrolled into the Alice Academy Opera Troupe (which strangely allows those without Alices to attend) in order to look for her brother. The chapter starts out with a certain blunt boy telling her to quit~

He hints that he might have seen her brother before~ Yes, it’s Hyuuga Natsume from the High School Division and Mikan come to visit her in the music section! But the biggest mystery to Hikari is…

Bear, a stuffed animal that moves! (btw Ruka’s not in the shot above, that’s Narumi) How did this crew assemble before her? Well, Natsume came over to see his sister Aoi, and Mikan was bringing bear here for maintenance (explained by Shiki). On his way, he caught sight of Hikari who was cleaning like a mofo and encouraging another girl to persevere (cuz normal students have no status >_<) Narumi’s like, “and that’s Tsubasa-kun’s little sister~ You came here to catch a glimpse of her, right~~~” And Natsume changes the subject, bringing up a “Touma-sama” who Narumi’s supposedly hiding here.

Other students trash talk her “behind her back” and say her acting’s nothing special (which is true). Her teacher tells her she’s not getting to the heart of the emotion when she acts. He further says that she needs to be able to act emotions she’s not good at as well. And here we have Natsume chiming in, “You’re not suited for acting if you can’t do that. If you don’t have the talent, you should just quit. You suck.”

Aoi appears here and chides him for not telling her he’s coming. Then Mikan meets up with them and introduces herself when she learns Hikari is Tsubasa-sempai’s sister. Hikari’s super happy someone knows her brother and wants to know more!

Cutting off her bliss, Natsume has a message from her brother, “Quit this music school now. Don’t come to a place like this. Distance yourself from Touma and don’t get involved with him.”

Now who would Touma be =P The scene cuts to Ema who’s told Natsume has come to this sector and is seeing Hikari. Mikan butts in and it turns out they haven’t been able to get in contact with Tsubasa and Natsume was just spouting stuff (which is probably along the same lines)

Hikari’s super shocked that he told her to quit >_< Then Ema comes in and tells them not to bully his Little Sister. He then greets Natsume with a “it’s been a while-but wait, nice to meet you.” Natsume’s done with them so he leaves after Ema’s greeting (and giving him a face)

Of course, being the perceptive boy he is, Natsume knows pretty much what’s going on here. He accuses Narumi of bringing Hikari here for Touma and says she’ll be devoured here because of him. Narumi says that’s not going to happen, he did good when he brought Mikan and Natsume together so he’s pretty sure of himself ^^ He then asks Mikan if she’s ever regretted being thrown into the Academy and meeting everyone. “Not at all. I believe in Narumi-sensei”

D’awww~ And they go back holding hands (with their freakin pair rings~~~!!!)

Anyway, Hikari was a little bothered by what she was told but Ema reassures her that her brother’s words were harsh because he cares about her. Hikari still isn’t sure who Touma is… but she thinks about the kanji for a bit (遠麻 can be pronounced either way). Anyway, she shakes the thought… when she gets a high jump kick from Bear! What does he want? TBC next chapter~

EDIT: The next chapter will be the finale of this spin-off short :( My copy isn’t coming in until the end of August (because I have other books in my August order that aren’t released yet XD) so I won’t be posting my summary until a) my copy arrives or b)someone posts decent quality raws for my screenshots!


Question: “What is something that SKE48 is lacking in?”

Kamimura Ayuka: “Freshness”

Ayachan: “What member is most lacking freshness?”

Mizuno Airi: “Shibata Aya!”

Ayachan: “Hey!”
I fall in love just a little (oh a little bit) - Danganphobia - 終わりのセラフ | Owari no Seraph | Seraph of the End [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Bar/Pub, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Firefighters, Firefighter!Yuu, this isn’t a firefighter fic btw, it’s actually a bar au lmao, everyone treats mika like a king there cause it’s the vamps bar, yuu just wants mika’s number tbh but problems, it’s rlly cute, Fluff, Humor, Beer, drinking contests, Alcohol, Mika can speak russian ayyy, YuuMika Week

“Alright Mr. Firefighter. Each week you make an attempt to get Mika’s number.” Shinoa explained. “If you fail the first week, you have two chances left. If you fail the second, you have one more. Fail that one? You’re paying for every drink we order at any bar we go to for let’s say, the next six months.”

In which Yuu is the firefighter and Mika is the stranger across the bar. The journey to ask for his number begins.

[Day 2 of YuuMika Week: Alternate Universe]

I really hope krul is okay and just kinda walks up to shinoa squad + mika and narumi in like cool mom jeans and a fancy jacket and sunglasses and just being all cool and krul-y and mika just runs up to her and they hug and he calls her mom and they are a happy fam this is what I dream of