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The fact that Bakugou takes after his mom so much delights me.

I’m still nominating mama Midoriya as best mom tho gosh.

*me, scrolling through my own blog* she is so goddamn funny I love her

Thomas the toy maker

Thomas, after realising that everything had changed, Lucille gone, Allerdale in a state beyond repair, a chance at freedom, left his machine. Perhaps he would return to it in time, the drawings and machine parts tucked away in a box ready for when they would emerge once again. 

Given his sustained injuries instead he turned to smaller ventures. More difficult at times, but it kept him occupied and helped build muscles and his coordination. The trinkets that had once been repayments of guilt to Lucille, now offered him a means to an ends. A small building in the town, bought when he sold the ring that had been his ticket to many a woman’s heart. It had a small living quarter above it, enough for him with a rather pleasing view out over the hills, whilst beneath him was the space for a small shop. That was where he would spend his days tinkering with his little creations, the magician, the little automaton of the mining machine, the little rocking horse he had started. That was when there had been a gentle knock at the window. Thomas sat and wondered who it could possibly be. Edith had left as soon as she was sure that Thomas was alive and well. No one else knew he was there apart from the gentlemen he had bought the residence from. Cautious and holding his hand to steady himself he peered through the window and saw a the daintiest of little girls stood at his door. 
“Can I help you?”
“You have toys”
“Can you fix mine?”
Holding it aloft for him, Thomas saw that the little girls doll had suffered quite the trauma and as such was no suffering a missing limb.
“No, I’m sorry” hunched against the door and only allowing the smallest of space, Thomas shook his head, 
“I can’t-”
“Is that a rocking horse?”
Yet the little girl was determined. Pushing past his weakened legs, she marched to the table, 
“Please leave or I shall have to call for your mother-”
“Its so pretty”
Her child like fascination, her bright and genuine eyes as her fingers gently ran along the back of the rocking horse, the doll crumpled and long forgotten at her feet. 
“A magician!”
Pushing the brim of her wide hat back from her face, stood on tip toes she turned to Thomas and nodded. She wanted to see it work. Sighing, too tired to argue, he turned it on and watched her reaction as the ball disappeared and soon appeared from the magicians mouth. A thrilled and stunned gasp bringing a small smile to the once baronet’s face. Her innocence was a difference in a lifetime of dark. 
“You are very clever sir…you’re the toy maker”
He never intended for it to become something significant. But once he had reattached the arm of the doll, showed her the other trinkets he had been working on, there were soon more at his door. People bringing their children with their broken toys but secretly wanting to see the toys that were hidden behind the door. 

So it went. Within a couple of months, a lick of paint and redecoration and creation of more ornaments, Thomas opened his doors to the town. People from far and wide came to see the toy maker whose shop was filled with toys, where fluttering moths and butterflies hung from the ceiling and whose wings cast shadows of colour onto the floor thanks to their glass wings. It was a wonder world for those who could otherwise not afford, but Thomas always made sure they went home with some kind of trinket. Seeing the smiles and the way that people enjoyed his work, eased the pain that he had otherwise been feeling. He brought happiness to them, to children, something that had been absent from his own childhood really. Soon enough the shop was not big enough and the demands too much for him to handle alone. He had to move to a bigger residence and employ a skilled few to help him complete his orders. Sharpe’s toys were a success. Orders even from around the world were sent to the toy maker.
“Can I help you?” Thomas was walking the shop floor one morning when he saw a little girl stood staring at one of the butterflies that sat fluttering on the counter. He had made those when he had first started, now it was seven years later and they were still popular for their realistic qualities.
“My mother likes butterflies, they remind her of someone special” she speaks, her head crowned in a bonnet hat, a rather pretty white dress on. Thomas smiled and crouched down, 
“Really, and who is this special person your mama speaks of?”
The moment he saw the little girls eyes he knew who her mama was. Her eyes were the exact same, golden brown with flecks of yellow. Only her hair was not blonde, no it was dark and waved…like his own.
“My papa, he died before I was born, but mama says he was very good with machines”
“Is- is that so” he tried to swallow the dryness in the back of his throat as he wondered whether truly what she was speaking and his own assumptions were true.
“Can you show me more?”
She held her small hand out and Thomas wondered whether he should send her back out, tell her to leave. But he couldn’t. Her curiosity so like his own and her mothers. Standing, he took her small hand in his and led her round the shop. He would simply have to meet her mother later, meet his old butterfly.

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If you're still taking prompts... I had this idea for a langst fic, involving Allura, Lance, and Coran bonding over missing family. Bonus points if they go back to earth for a visit and the McClains adopt Coran and Allura after hearing their story

“My father and I were without a mother.” Allura spoke, voice soft. It was just her, Lance, and Coran in the room. The three talking over missing family. “I never knew my mother so I didn’t miss her. Father did and you could tell. I often wondered how having a mother would’ve changed my life.”
“My mom was the best. She made amazing food, really good terla, an Altean desert.” Coran smiled. “And Deqt. A kind of drink. She loved being in the kitchen.”
Lance listened intently to the two Alteans sharing their life story. They had literally cast all paladins but Lance out and locked the door, just so they could talk to him. He was very grateful.
Coran turned to Lance. “What about your family Lance?”
Lance took a deep breath. “As you know, my family is big. There’s mama, papa, my brothers Tyler, Liam, Kane. Then the twins, Rachel Lynn, Raelynn for short and Sofia. Then the youngest sister, Winter.” Lance smiled.
“Woah.” Allura leaned back.
“Then all my cousins, I won’t name them. We all used to go to the beach. We had a big beach house that we’d stay in for most of summer. When we had to leave I’d whine, I wanted to play in the water. But Mama would always smile and say, ‘Theres always tomorrow.’ Mama made the best Lan cake. Whenever I felt sad she’d make me my own. Mama was good like that. She strove to make other people happy even if it meant she couldn’t be. She spent so much money to get me into the garrison so I could see the stars…” Lances voice wad but a mere whisper as tears gathered in his eyes. “Now I’m gone, she probably thinks I’m dead.” His voice broke and tears fell. He quickly wiped them away and looked up, smiling slightly. “She’ll be so happy when I come back.”

The Princess and the Pirate--Epilogue

Rating: T

Pairing: Captain Duckling

Summary:  When the Black Fairy finds a way back from the Dark Realm where she’s been banished, Snow and Charming fear for their daughter, Emma’s life.  They turn to the infamous Captain Hook to take their daughter to safety before the Black Fairy is able to start the “final battle” she’d threatened just after Emma’s birth.

Missed the beginning: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)

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Emma looked at herself in the mirror on her mother’s vanity, as Snow White set the garland of snowdrops and ivy on her head.  Her eyes sparkled, her cheeks were rosy and her hair lay in gentle waves across her shoulders and down her back.

It was finally starting to feel real.  She was finally starting to feel like a bride.

Snow White put her hands on Emma’s shoulders and leaned down to kiss the top of her head.  “I’ve been dreaming of this day since my own wedding, Emma,” she said, her voice not quite steady.  “I’ve been dreaming of helping my daughter prepare for her wedding.”

Emma smiled at her mother, catching her eye in the mirror.  “I don’t know if I ever really thought about my wedding before I met Killian, but I’m glad you’re here sharing it with me, mama.”

Careful not to muss her daughter’s hair, Snow leaned down and hugged her.  “By the time I married your father, my mother was long since gone. I had Johanna to help me, of course, and she was wonderful, but it wasn’t like sharing those last precious moments with my own mama.”

“I’m sure it wasn’t,” Emma said, turning around on her stool to look up at her mother.  “I’m sorry Grandma Ava wasn’t there to help you.”

Snow waved it away.  “It was a long time ago, and today isn’t a time to recall bittersweet moments.  Today is a day of joy.  Speaking of joy, is there anything you’d like to ask me, about, you know, tonight?”

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Hi!! You're blog actually does give me life and I love it so much! I'm not exaggerating when I say that I think I check out this blog like every day hahaha. But what could a fan wear to impress JHope Suga Junggook and V at like a fansign? If you could do all the members that's be amazing but if not the four members are okay too!!! Thank YOU!~

omg you’re so cute. thank you so much! we do this for you guys (: 

sure i can do all of the members!

ok so i’m basing this off of what they’ve said about their ideal types sense of style. i’ve post the images of outfits that i’ve made and summed up the translations of their interviews (with my own input as well)

Jin: obviously mama Seokjin likes the ‘cute’ type. he’s made it clear that he’s into feminine girls that can work simplicity. so long hair worn out in loose waves, over a loose knit sweater (or anything oversized) with simple skinny jeans. i think he likes the tops to be bigger because then she’ll look small and dainty. simple accessories and cute sneakers - he also really likes girls in glasses. an important note he said: “going overboard with cuteness and not dressing for your own age is not attractive.”

Suga: Yoongi would prefer a girl that can rock a variety of styles. he’s really into the urban ‘street style’ as well as the laid-back look. i can see him liking a girl that has medium length hair, with more of an edgy dye and cut. as for the outfit - a leather jacket with a white crop top and black leggings or skinny jeans is his ideal outfit. for shoes, he likes sneakers unless they’re converse apparently lol. he also thinks a girl in Jordans is super attractive. not sure how he would feel about jewelry but i don’t think he’d be into anything too flashy.

Namjoon: joonie is also into the street style. something laid back and casual, but that you make look sexy. for hair i can see him liking it long or short, and styled nicely.although i doubt he’d be impressed, because i’m sure many girls wear what he considers his ‘ideal outfit’ to the fan signs. we all know his ideal outfit do i even need to explain, he says it all the fricken time we can’t forget it

J-Hope: hobi loves the feminine look of long hair over a dress, but definitely not with high heels! he isn’t really into the flashy style scene, rather something with a tom-boyish feel. Nikes or Jordans with leggings is nice too!

Jimin: chimchim would like a style with a soft and pretty essence. for hairstyles he thinks loose buns and half up do’s are cute. he’s into colours and textures that match, along with oversized clothing. most of them seem to be into this style. he likes skinny jeans, but “shorts are okay, too.” he isn’t too picky with shoes, but he does like high or low heels! 

V: our little Taehyung has specifically said that since he’s really into women’s fashion, he likes a similar style to his own. something comfortable yet fashionable. he’s really into black and grey oversized clothing. so bigger tops and hoodies. matched with skinny jeans or skirts. Converse, Adidas or Vans for shoes. for some reason i feel like he has no preference for hair.

Jungkook: lmao the fetus has said that he doesn’t really understand fashion, but he’s into big tops over shorts. also the look of someone wearing an all black outfit. i think something with a bit of a ‘rocker’ look. he also likes beanies and sneakers like Vans or Converse.

~ admin ariel

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So how well do you and doffy get along now that you and Cora San are an item?

“I wouldnt say we’re the best of friends.”

Mama, you have made me afraid
of my own body;

I am terrified I will wake up
to find someone carving out my chest
and suddenly I will be gone,
my bones a cage,
my bedframe a grave;

you have taught me that in an instant
you can turn into someone
that you don’t even recognize

and I’m scared, Mama,
because the fire I see in you I see in me
and look where you are now,
in a dying house wrapped in a tree
that doesn’t even produce flowers anymore,

I don’t want to die like you did,
by my own body rotting away.

—  mama, you’re dead and i’m sorry but i don’t want to join you | jocelyn

“EXO flops”


The Swift family has been a part of my life for 7 years now. I love them like I love my own family.
I’m going to keep praying for Mama Swift and that she wins this battle that she shouldn’t even have to be fighting in the first place. I know she can do it.
I’m tired of cancer messing with people that I love. I’m REALLY sick of it.
taylorswift Tay, I love you and I love your family. You’ve continued to make me strong over the past 7 years and now it’s my turn to be strong for you💜

since it’s mama swifts birthday, here is a story i have from last year when i went to nashville in early february: so we are talking about the grammys right and she’s like yeah i’ll be there, not in the audience but in the dressing room freaking out. we are like oh my gosh no taylor has it like 1989 cant NOT win ya know. and she’s like yeah we thought last last time, i guess we just hope for the best and prepare for the worst, right? knock on wood hahah, and im like HEY! my last name is wood, and mama swift goes OH ILL KNOCK ON YOU *knocks on my shoulder* looks me in the eyes and goes you’re my good luck charm,,, and tbh taylor won album of the year a couple days later so im not saying i did that or anything, but like.. i did that (just kiddign but this is just such a little moment that meant so much to me and i love mama swift like she’s my own) 

Matters of the Hart: Pancake breakfast.

In which Maya finds out why Lucas called her a short stack of pancakes. 

Maya Hart absolutely hated today. 

For the week prior, flyers littered the halls, announcements over the PA system were made, and reminders at the end of every single school day informed students about this day. With each reminder, Maya could feel a vein in her forehead just aching to pop.

It was now Friday morning, forty-five minutes before the bell would ring to alert everyone of the beginning of the school day. There, the 5’2” blonde—with her heels on mind you—stood at the entrance of her middle school cafeteria eying the John Quincy Adams student body. 

How dare they! Did they not know what they were doing? Did they not know the meaning behind of all this?! What traitors!  It was a really good thing that her best friend Riley had her back.

“Blueberry! Banana! Chocolate chip, Maya!” Her best friend—so called, might she add in at this point—looped her green canvas jacket clad arm through Maya’s fishnet covered one and tugged her towards the line that wrapped around the whole lunch room. Farkle and Lucas joined soon after and it was the Minkus that noticed the—what seemed like permanent—scowl on Maya’s face.

“Ouch, Maya. Not in the mood for—“

“Don’t say it—“ She tried to interrupt.

“Pancakes!” The over joyous brunette eighth grader proclaimed, her brown eyes glazing over in absolute mirth at the sight of all the types of pancakes. Big ones, small ones, medium ones. Heart-shaped, crown-shaped, even ones that resembled lady bugs! 

Lucas, the tallest of the group—seriously what was up with that? Did steroids help you get taller? Maya would have to look into that later.— started to pass trays down the line. “Really, Maya? Why the long face, you look madder than a wet hen!”

Reluctantly, Maya took the tray in her left hand and lazily slit it along the counter top. With the tilt of her head and a rise of her brow, she looked up at Bucky McBoingBoing with an expression that could only be read as, ‘Are you serious right now?’ And he says she never listens to the way he speaks.

A rich laugh left the Friar. “You look upset is what I’m trying to say.”

Riley snapped out of her pancake fantasy as if she just had an epiphany, Maya swore she could see the gears in her head turning. “Oh oh—“ she started off extremely excited, proud of her discovery, “—oh…” Her enthusiasm dropped, replaced with embarrassment. “You know it probably has something to do with uh…” The girl started to rock back and forth on the heels of her shoes, waiting for the line to progress, “You know…”

Farkle nodded his head, completely on the same page now. “Oh, yes. Makes sense.” He paused to turn to face Lucas directly, assuming that the City Cowboy hadn’t made the connection yet. “It’s ‘cause you called her a short stack of pancakes.”

What was that saying about assuming again?

Maya reached her hand out to smash it against Farkle’s face, his nose smashed against her palm. Her glare only intensified with the rather animalistic growl that escaped her. Both Lucas and Riley cringed, trying to avoid the subject. Unfortunately, they hadn’t changed the subject quick enough nor had they clamped a hand over Farkle’s mouth before he could make an ass out of himself.

Now, let’s set the record straight. Eric Matthews had resolved the argument. They had made up and everything was better! Okay, so maybe not everything. One: Later never came so Maya never dealt with Lucas as she promised. Two: Lucas never answered why he let Maya call her those names. But those two things were never brought up again.

Even so, Maya was still a girl of pride! Heck, she knew she was short but being called out on it was just not something she took lightly.

Finally, she dropped her hand and wiped her palm on her pant leg, ridding it of the Farkle germs. The line finally started moving and everyone received their pancakes.

Riley opted for six mini-pancakes in the shape of crowns. She mentioned how it was what the princess of the student body deserved. Farkle made sure that each and every single pancake in his tall stack was symmetrical. This aggravated Geralyn the Lunch Lady to no end. Lucas had a small stack of regular pancakes on his own plate. And after some persuasion from her friends, Maya was now sitting at a table, surrounded by said friends, staring at a stack of pancakes that started at about the same size of her hand then gradually got smaller until the top of the stack.

With a scrunch of her nose, Maya sighed heavily and rolled her eyes before reaching a hand out to the middle of the table. “Fork over the syrup, Huckleberry!” Lucas stretched his own hand out to give her the syrup. No ‘thanks’ in reply, typical Maya. Regardless of her lack of manners, the gentleman that Lucas was tipped his imaginary hat and winked across the table.

Maya sat silently, eating at her pancakes while the rest of her friends were engulfed in a conversation about Belgium, 1831. She herself was having a small conversation in her head.

“The Pros and Cons of Eating These Pancakes” by Maya Hart.
They were really good. Like extremely good. But they cost 5 bucks! The five dollars did go to the Wounded Warrior Project. She could have saved those five dollars and instead eaten at the Matthews. But it was toaster strudel again. These pancakes were delicious though… But hey, wait! Eating these pancakes would mean she succumbed to Ranger Rick’s torment! It would mean giving in and accepting that she WAS in fact a short stack of pancakes! I mean, yeah she’s short, but still. Ah screw it, these pancakes were the best she’s ever had!

By the time she had made up her mind, she was already on her last bite of pancakes.

She looked up, only to find four empty plates on trays and only one other person at the table with her.

“Where’d Farkle and Riley go?”

“They headed over to class,” Lucas had this huge grin on his face and she couldn’t quite figure out why it was there. “They left ‘bout five minutes ago, but you were busier than a one-legged cat in a sandbox eating at your pancakes.”

Again, she gave him the look. She shook her head, as if she didn’t quite catch what he had said. Her eyes were blinking rapidly, confusion written all over her face. “I’m sorry, Ranger Rick say what now?”

He looked down at the trays and laughed to himself before getting up and piling them on top of one another, heading towards the garbage can. Maya stood up and followed behind him.

“I meant that you were way too preoccupied in that head of yours to notice that they were gone. They even called out to you to get your attention. Said they’d just wait for you, but I told ‘em to go on ahead.” After sliding the scraps off the plates, Lucas went to the conveyer belt that would take the plates and trays to the back where Lunch Lady Geralyn would scrub them down. Again, Maya followed.

She stood there, all 5’2” of her, eyes full of determination. Her hands where at her hips, one cocked to the side. She meant business. It seemed that now—when it was just herself and Lucas Friar— was later.

It had been a question on her mind since he uttered those words, though it was stashed in a small closet in the back of her mind, saving it for the opportune moment.

“Of all the things, Bucky McBoingboing, why a ‘short stack of pancakes’?” Her voice came in a mock southern accent, way thicker than Lucas’, but hey. It was for added effect!

Lucas couldn’t help but bite his lip to hold back his laughter. There was no way he could take her seriously. She was short enough that the top of her head only came to the bottom of his chin. He could easily toss her over her shoulder and drag her to class with him. His legs were long enough that he could out run her without much effort. Oh, she also had a little bit of syrup smeared on her upper lip.

“I’m sorry, but you’re really not that threatening with a syrup mustache, Short stack.” Without hesitation, he reached a hand out and with his thumb, wiped away the syrup. Lucas then looked down at his thumb, messy with the syrup before shrugging and putting the digit into his mouth.

Maya stared at him as if he had grown an extra head right then and there in front of her own two eyes.

“Oh, and well. I like pancakes. My mama would make ‘em for me and told me I shouldn’t have too many or my stomach would start hurtin’. She always gave me a short stack. But you know,” he paused and grinned, tipping his imaginary cowboy hat before walking away towards class, still facing her direction, “a short stack always left me wantin’ more.” Lucas then turned around and started a slow jog to Mr. Matthews’ classroom.

Maya stared at Lucas’ retreating form in utter shock.


This is my first fan fiction in the longest time. I just started this blog and honestly, one of the reasons why I did start it was to get this idea out of my head and onto wonderful world that is the inter webs.

Nothing too major going on here, just a little Lucaya moment. :)
Like, reblog, maybe even let me know what you think, yeah? Criticism is always welcomed. It helps us grow and mature in our writings!

People think Beth was whiny? WTF.

No listen.

When the Apocalypse started Beth was 16. That is scary for a kid her age. She was terrified of the thought of being eaten. She had lost almost everyone she loved except her dad and sister. She struck me as a mama’s girl. Much like I am with my own mama. Judging by how seeing her mother as a walker messed her up for awhile. So obviously her trauma at seeing not only her mother but also her brother and others she loved like that would seriously fuq anyone up. Especially as a teenager.

This was the only time where she came off as ‘whiny’ and it was because she (barely a young adult) just had a really traumatic experience. It was acceptable.

Now. When they got to the prison she was never the whiny one. I am gonna be blunt here, I love all the characters so don’t think this is bashing. It is just the truth.

When Rick told Lori of bad things he had to do, she pushed him away, shunned him. Whined.

When Daryl told Beth of bad things, the person he was, she fought him to make him see he is good. She comforted him, didn’t whine.

When Lori died, Rick went crazy, this was a traumatic experience for him, but no one said he was whiny. But his grief continued while BETH took care of his children. He pretty much ignored his kids for awhile. When Beth lost her family, it was okay if she continued grieving because she herself was still a kid at the time, but she got better after Andrea let her decide her own fate, when Rick continued grieving, the group and Beth cared for his kids. Yes, it was okay for Rick to grieve too. But he is also a father and the leader, it was his responsibility to be there for his kids which, when Lori died, honestly he wasn’t. The group gave him space and let him choose what to do. But unlike Beth he wasn’t getting better, he was distant until Hershel gave him a good talking to. So in this instance, Rick was more 'whiny’ than Beth.

When Daryl asked her to look out for Carl she didn’t whine. Just said she’d do it.

When Maggie and Glenn got captured, one of the first volunteers to rescue them was Beth. There wasn’t a choice for her, she didn’t whine about it. Only reason she didn’t get to go was Hershel said no.

When Merle and Glenn got in a fight everyone was arguing and fighting and whining. No, not Beth, this badass girl shoots a friggin gun at the ceiling to shut everyone the hell up cause whining and fighting over Merle wouldn’t do no good.

When Michonne tells her she doesn’t want to get hurt by getting close to people, Beth bluntly tells her that when you care about someone,hurt is kind of part of the package. No use in whining about it is there lol

When Daryl left, yes she was mad at him. But not because she just wanted to complain. She was honestly mad that he could just up and leave after everything he went through with the team.

When Maggie talks to Beth about how Glenn is sick and their dad is in the sick block, Maggie says she doesn’t know what to do but Beth? “We all have jobs to do, that’s what daddy always says. We don’t get to get upset.” Yes Beth is trying not to cry but she also knows they cannot whine about it.

When she cries out to Maggie when the governor attacks, it isn’t cause she is whining, its because her sister is leaving her to go find Glenn, her dad just got decapitated and she just lost her home. Pretty valid reasons to cry.

When she and Daryl are at odds ,its not cause she is whining. Its because she knows they need to find everyone but Daryl in his grief is busy sulking and acting like a wild man. Daryl’s version of whining basically.

When Daryl beats up on Walkers, Beth says nothing and then admits to him that “All I wanted to do today was lay down and cry but we don’t get to do that.”

Beth knows she isn’t as strong as the other girls, but pretty much in few words tells Daryl point blank that despite everyone seeing her as a burden she made it, she was strong, she didn’t whine or complain even if she had many opportunities to do so.

She never whined or cried at the hospital, she never let Dawn break her.

So I am curious, how exactly is she whiny when the whole point of her character was teaching people they have to keep going ,that they can’t whine.

Sorry, I get protective over Beth lol