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Here’s my We Like opinion, not that anyone asked for it.

Firstly, it’s exactly what I expected after their debut, if you’re shocked by the style you must have never listened to Wee Woo.

Secondly, I wasn’t super sold on it the first two listens, mostly because there was a lot going on visually and instrumentally. My brain couldn’t predict where anything was going so it was hard to enjoy mindlessly. However, once I knew the song it was like a complete 180, and the confusing beat became the best part.

Basically, it’s a fantastic catchy song, with the ability to grow on you and get stuck in your head for hours. It almost gives a badass feeling in a happy way, definitely the kind of song that makes doing any task 3x more fun(lowkey excited to listen to it next time I go grocery shopping). Quality first comeback to really cement themselves as a cute but powerful girlcrush group. I am a proud HIgh

Footnote: all the girls looked god damn amazing and anyone who says otherwise with face the wrath of my 5'3 self

jongyu or onjong? jongkey or keyhyun? taeminho or 2min? onkey or jinkey? onho or minyu? taekey or taebum?

SHINee is SHINee precisely because of these five men. Their weaknesses alone are made stronger through each other. Sure, not every member is as good a singer, actor, rapper, dancer, entertainer, as the next, but that’s what makes them SHINee. If they all had six star voices, they would not be SHINee; if they all acted charismatically, they would not be SHINee. Their weaknesses become their strong points to produce the irreplaceable SHINee. Each member is as important as the next. Simply changing one member or one skill set will produce another sound; another effect; another group that is not our lovable SHINee.

So don’t compare members within the group. Value and cherish each for their own personal colour. 

SHINee would not be SHINee without these five shining men.

First Date With SHINee
  • Onew: Do you wanna hear my bread song? It's legally mine so don't think of stealing it.
  • Key: Have you heard of SHINee? *gives you all of the SHINee albums*
  • Jonghyun: Wanna listen to my songs? I'll put them on my mixtape if you like them
  • Taemin: Okay here's the plan, give me your make up and I'll seduce the restaurant staff while you get the food.

jong-fetti  asked:

did u meet minho? are u guys best friends now?

I JUST MET HIM AGAIN AT TIMES SQUARE LESS THAN AN HOUR AGO ;; holy shit i cant believe he’s so cute in real life, i came up behind him, tapped him on his arm twice, and asked for his autograph because i know they dont allow photos and he was startled because i was speaking so fast but he saw the album and pen and he understood and grabbed it and went “whats your name?” so he could spell it (like holy shit choi minho just asked me what my name is) and i said “Casey” and he wrote “K-” and at first i didnt want to correct him but i was so shaken i did by accident and i was like “actually its a c!” and he went 


and i freaked out inwardly because wtf minho just apologized to me

and he was smiling his signature minho smile in front of my face ok and then when he finished he said “thank you” cutely to me and started backing away and i wanted to let him know how much i appreciated it but i didnt know what to do so i just attempted to say “thank you” in korean and bowed really fast and he did a lil’ bow back

and basically this was the best day of my life so far and the manager gestured at my friend not to take photos but they still got this photo of me and minho im shaking

141015 2min at SW2014 in Mie ^^

♡   During MC, after wiping his sweat, Minho sniffed his towel ( maybe smelled nice ). Then Minho came to Taemin and made Tae smell the towel… something like Minho “ smells good ? ” Taemin “ Yes !! ” XD … They looked really cute XD cr : @ aionee_51  

♡   During MC1, after Minho wiped his sweat with a towel, he handed it to Taemin. Then Taemin wiped his sweat with that towel and handed it back to Minho ^^

♡   During MC1, when boys talked about drunken Key, Taemin said “ Key called my name in sweet voice like this … Taemin chaaannn ~~~ ♡( falsetto ) ” Then Minho imitated Taemin and said “ Taemin chaaannn ~~~ ♡♡♡ ” while backhugging Taemin … I’m dead. ( cr : @ 66ngng )

♡   During Sunny Day Hero, in " Come on Come on “ part, Minho carried Taemin on his shoulders happily and walked around playfully !!!!! 2min !!!!! Taemin looked a bit embarrased and Minho looked so happy >< ♡ ( cr : @ aionee_51, tmyk72180 and 2minaddict )

♡   During Dazzling Girl, after Taemin’s solo dance, Minho patted Tae-butt ^^ ♡ Thank 2min ^^ ( cr : tmyk72180 )

trans : fukumin99  


Nothing made sense to Minho. He couldn’t make it make sense. Not even if he wanted it to.

He tried to catalog the near misses, the direct blows, the killing strike. He tried to catalog it all so he could skim through it, try to pinpoint where friends who’d become lovers where expected to act as friends again. Maybe there was a rule book, a guide, a northern star, something that details what you’re supposed to do.

Smile when they enter the room, but don’t smile too much.

                (your face shouldn’t light up like the sun anymore, there is no light)

Laugh at their jokes, but don’t reach.

                (why can’t I touch you?)

If they ask if you are okay, say that you are okay.

(I’m not.)

(I’m not okay and I miss you.)

(why can’t I touch you when they can?)

A co-worker of theirs brought up her name. Minho didn’t know her name before that. Well, yes he did, he just couldn’t deny it anymore. It was just a combination of consonants and vowels, syllables that didn’t coalece in his memory, jagged pitches that sounded like high frequency bullshit in his ears. They stuck out, extrinsically, when Jinki said her name–like flying shrapnel blown out of Jinki’s mouth that embedded into the skin of their failed relationship, ripping its memory to shreds.

Jinki said they want to get married. He said it simply. Fluidly. Water over bloody knuckles, salve over bruised skin.

 Keep eye contact brief.

(you bared your soul to me through those eyes once.)

If they ask about your parents, keep it simple.

(my mom says losing you was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.)

(my dad misses you correcting his fingers over black and white piano keys.)

Colors were meaningless. Minho felt colorblind. The world melted, faded, blurred at the seams. Minho was colorblind and they only pigment that mattered was how his heart still fluttered when Jinki said his name. Roses were grey, but sometimes in the afternoon, he saw red when he thought about Jinki walking out of that café that day. The color blue when Jinki mailed his copy of the key back to him when the sky appeared ash. Pink when he thought about their first kiss, mahogany when they made love, black when Jinki stopped returning his phone calls. Everything else was a monochromatic hash of numbness.

Minho hated grey. He hated it. He couldn’t do this anymore. Watch the world in muted tones. He couldn’t watch Jinki leave again. 

(you said you’d love me forever.)

(this isn’t forever.)

(forever can’t be counted.)

It was two in the morning and he was banging on Jinki’s door. He didn’t care; he didn’t care if she woke up and cursed his name. He didn’t care if Jinki told him to never show his face again. There was something he had to say.

The door flew open and Jinki is wrapping his cardigan tighter around him. He squints, whether from recognizing Minho or the harsh bright lights glaring in the hall of his apartment building.  

“Minho…what are you doing? It’s two. Why are you here?”

“I shouldn’t have let you leave.”

Jinki paused for a moment, the realization hitting him, the sleep leaving his eyes. “Minho,” he sighed. “Go home.”

Minho won’t have it. “I shouldn’t have. I should have fought for you. With my fist and with my heart, kicked and screamed for you. I should have begged you.I should have shouted. I should have cried. Laid myself raw for you and I didn’t and now I don’t–“

He paused for a second and shoved the lump back down his throat.

“I would have done anything for you and the one time I needed to prove that I let you walk away. I can’t let you walk away again. Not when I still think about you. All the time. I still dream about you. Every night.”

Jinki sighed again, slow, and Minho can’t read his face so he waits.  

“Why are you telling me this now?” Jinki eventually said, voice small and unprotected and Minho hates that voice because Jinki was the prototype of strength to him and only Minho could make him to sound so small.  “It’s been four years…I’m getting married, Minho.”

(he says her name like it’s a poem when it’s a eulogy.)

(he says my name like it’s pain.)

“I know that,” Minho whispered.

“You said that you didn’t love me anymore.”

“I was angry.”

Jinki’s hand were still crossed across his chest. Protecting. Shielding. “You don’t say things like that when you are angry. You throw insults, you walk out, you curse. You don’t tell someone you don’t love them when you’re angry.”

“You do when you are stupid.”

(and I am stupid.)

Jinki is silent after that and Minho has said everything he thinks he can say without being a disrespectful asshole. “Look, I just–I needed to say that. I’ve said it. That was the whole point.” He paused again and decided to throw in an additive–the undiluted truth. “I just want you to be happy.”

Jinki scoffed and finally, finally his hands fall to his side and the incredulous anger on his face is the first pure emotion Minho has seen from Jinki in regards to him in years.  “You–you come here in the middle of the night and unload this…this bullshit on me and you think you can tie it all up with a ‘I just want you to be happy?’ I was happy, Minho. I was and you fucked it all up. So don’t tell me you just want me to be happy.”

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“No. Go away.”

Minho, through an act of pure will, stopped his bottom lip from trembling. He gathers strength he doesn’t have and tries to stand tall. “If that’s what you want. I will.”

“That’s exactly what I want.”

The door slammed closed.

(pull me out from inside.)

(I am fine.)

Minho plays the viola for a living for an orchestra who caters to those with an burning desire for classical music. Notes are black, the page is white. Color doesn’t exist here. There are no triggers. There is nothing but music.

Sometimes he goes down to the subways and plays until his fingers feel like bleeding. Things like the second movement of Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, something sad and all-encompassing of his feelings. He isn’t given any money–nobody wants to experience depression like that– but he doesn’t need it nor does he expect it. He just needs to be heard.

A silver dollar hits the ground by his foot and he paused his bow. He bent over to scoop it up and return it to the owner but he recognizes the shoes. Ones that needed to be thrown away but were never really trashed. Ones he kept even when he had something shiner and new in his closet. 

“Do you still love me?”

Jinki is standing there, soaked from the rain, like he’d walked here from his apartment. Minho doesn’t know how he found him, but he doesn’t care. Jinki is shivering and Minho wants to wrap him up, pull him into his lap, and wipe that look off his face. The one that tells Minho that Jinki has learned vulnerability again, that he is scared and powerless. That Minho has the power to destroy him.


“I never stopped,” was Minho answer.

The world stopped.

“Then can you take me home? Because I’m cold and I don’t know what to do anymore and all I know is no matter where we go, its home. That you belong to me and I belong to you and I never want to disrupt the natural order of that ever again.”

“What about–“

“Take. Me. Home, Minho.”

The world begins again.

Color bleeds into Jinki’s face, into the space around Minho and suddenly there are pale yellows and iridescent reds and dusky oranges. Minho doesn’t challenge Jinki, he doesn’t challenge nature, he doesn’t challenge God. He takes Jinki home.

(I can’t promise we’ll be happy always but I can’t let you go.)



I have no idea WTF this is.