like my kokoro

Disco girl, coming through, that girl is you ♡

I’m 185% sure ‘Disco Girl’ would be ‘their song’ and no one can convince me otherwise


This ItaJUMP episode is about Yamachan had a mission to face his weakness (frog, natto & haunted house) in order to get a child session (like what he wished before) for the next ItaJUMP special 1 hour broadcast LOL he really worked hard to eat that natto

And in this episode i found so much Yamachii moments~
1. Chii tease Yama and then here goes the ‘Baby Yama’ 😊😊
2. That PPAP trademark move which Chii always sing like everytime? 😁
3. Again Chii tease Yamada 😃😃
4. Chii lends his shoulder to her beloved baby
5. 5cm distance? eh? what’s is this? 😌😌 ♥♥
6. lol the frog legs spread! ctrl+v
7. Always stick to Chinen~ Well,, Chinen is such a guardian angel for Yamada 😂😇
8. Bonus ending lol i love that one~ Yama screamed too hard till like his throat was going to cracked up 😂😂

ps. sorry for my engrish ( ;3;) YAMACHII ♥♥♥ They are so cuteee~~

I like gifs as much as the next guy, but I have a profound fondness for screencaps. There’s something about capturing an emotion in a moment that I find more interesting. But you also get to really study things when you have that one moment, and I’m reminded of that flipping through the opening bits of Deep Breath like



or like


Clara’s worry and hope and fear all mixing into these single moments, and although she’s conflicted she still has caring, tender touches for the Doctor. I just like being able to see these emotions and gestures captured in a frame like this.


I could hear KakaIru fans squealing thru this entire scene. :)

Especially when it paused on the next part for literally 4 full seconds:

Also, Kakashi is smooth AF

Kakashi: *notices Iruka is embarrassed about asking after Naruto*
Kakashi: *employs the good ol’ compliment-kabab*:
1. affirms it hasn’t been easy Naruto
2. connects struggle to good outcome
3. connects good outcome to Iruka’s prior influence

Iruka: *enjoys kakashi’s kabab*


jxckspxcer submitted:

I drew a thing in class & I decided to just slap some color on it & give it to u since u seem to rly like art of this beautiful murderbaby.



Stress relief sketches of my precious freckled bb.
[Child Ace & all grown up Ace]
The 2nd one is from a dream I had of him recently, Ace smiled at me just like that in it. <3

i finally got around to finishing this game

………………… you could probably see from a mile away yuuya would be my fave

shuu, sakuya