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  • Unknown: Who... are you?
  • Saeran: I'm you, but stronger.
  • [[banishes Unknown to eternal paradise]]

i wish nct stans could understand that having several comebacks within a year is exhausting we should be patient and want our boys to rest, also sm has over 9 active artists who’s comebacks they have to focus on (ex: snsd, shinee, tvxq, f(x), etc.) and cannot give comeback after comeback to nct that is too demanding to expect and we should be grateful we’ve had more than enough already

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It is nearly 4 am and I have just realized that James Sirius and Albus Severus (Rubeus or anything else) are a year apart. J.K said James was just starting and next year is when 19 years later happens. It has taken me all day and some of this morning to figure that out. I feel really proud of myself now.

Oh gosh I really hope this ask isn’t almost a year old. But ok James Sirius started at Hogwarts in 2015. JKR tweeted about it last year (x). Albus Severus still hasn’t started yet because 19 years later isn’t until 2017. Therefore James would be roughly two years older than Albus, not one.

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Well, Aiden wanted more and he tried to change for Lydia and he did but for Lydia I felt like it was just a hookup nothing more and she also had feelings for Stiles when she was with him. and tbh if he didn’t die and they got together, I don’t think they would date for more than 2 months. I don’t like the ship. 

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my cat chewed on my headphones and ruined them, we both have bad luck with headphones cfbgtjnredjfrgtj

holy shit we’re connected!!!! ive never had a pair of headphones last me more than like 2 months lmaooo

even when I was running cross country and could run miles without stopping I was still overweight and I think I only dropped like 10 pounds ?? or so ?? after doing more than 6 months of running 2-5 miles every day except weekends. I’ve gained more weight since I did cross country like 7 years ago but like….honestly I guess my point is like…idk I could only ever manage to lose a lot of weight when I was eating less than 500-1000 calories a day. and I hate that everyone shames people for not being skinnier and not wanting to be skinnier

I should've kissed you ; Ashton

so i’ve been in a one direction mood lately and i’ve been listening to up all night and i realized how one shot / fanfic worthy their songs are from there???????? so here’s one related to ‘i should’ve kissed you' 


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Ashton lied back on his bed, staring at the ceiling. The words you said to him 3 months before replaying inside his head. 

“I like you, Ash. More than a friend." 

“I’ve liked for you for months now, and I always wonder why can’t you look at me the way I look at you." 

Ashton lied awake, convincing himself that whatever had happened the past few days was definitely not a dream. It was all real. His best friend since diaper years liked him. Worst part is, he wasn’t even sure what he felt towards you. 

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((Guess who’s sick and tired of Froy’s seasonal icon? Which I drew in like half an hour or so-/shot– God dammit it’s more than 2 months since Christmas…

Anyways, new icon for Froy (tacticalmaster) – more awesome than the last, ha ha! I lost a bet to him, don’t judge me…))

Fights & Confessions - Requetsed (Luke)

This was requested by Megan (Could you do an imagine where Luke and I get in a fight?) this isn’t the best fight I have ever wrote, I was feeling a little emotional while writing so it’s actually kinda sad. Hope this is kinda what you wanted. Let us know what you think. Enjoy.

You and Luke have been together just over a year, your close to all the boys, which is why you’re invited to go on tour with them. Your due to finish your college course in 4 months and after 2 years studying you don’t want to drop out just to go on tour. However you have 2 months off college before the final couple of months and so you have agreed to join the boys for a couple of mouths then go home. You wouldn’t want to spend the whole tour with them anyway because it’s there adventure and you wouldn’t want to intrude after they have worked so hard for it.

The boys are in the hotel all in Ashton’s room playing video games and whatever else. You needed to go the shop to pick up some ladies products. You leave the hotel and head for the store.

Luke’s POV

‘Whats wrong with you?’ Ashton asks,

'Yeah, you’ve been snapping for days’ Michael adds, they are right I have, I hate it but I have.

'Nothing’ I lie, but to be honest I know it’s nothing even though it feels like something. I thought having (Y/N) on tour would be a laugh, we would be able to travel and share the experience but since she join us last week we haven’t had anytime alone. The boys love (Y/N) which of course is amazing, but it means that they all do stuff together. And not only that but whenever we are alone she’s being off with me, she doesn’t want me to touch her and we haven’t had sex in nearly two months.

'Come on man, just tell us, is it (Y/N)’ Calum asks still focused on the game he’s playing with Michael.

'No, well yes but no. It’s nothing serious I guess’ I reply not sure what I’m trying to say the lads pause the game and all turn to look at me.

'Do you guys think she’s still in to me’ I ask scratching the back of my neck, although me and the boys are close we don’t really do the relationship talk. Calum and Ashton look at each other and Michael shrugs lying back onto the bed.

'Yeah mate, why do you ask’ Ashton answers and I can tell he genuinely thinks she’s happy.

'it’s just that we haven’t, like we haven’t…’ I stop myself, what would (Y/N) say if she found out I had told the guys.

'You haven’t had sex’ Michael asks sitting straight up. Calum and ashton both evidently grow more interested by the movement of sitting on the edge of the bed.

'No we have, of course we have, but it’s been like 2 months.’ I groan as the words remind me of how long it has been. Michael chuckles slightly and lays back down.

'Mate, what’s going on with that, you two have been together forever’ Ashton comments.

'I know, she doesn’t even tell me why we ain’t doing it she just says no, it’s so fucking frustrating’ I complain. And just as I finish my sentence I heard a sigh coming from the door and when I turn (Y/N) was shaking her head and leaving the room.

Your POV

You can’t believe he had told the guys you haven’t had sex for months, not only that but he fucking complained about it. You thought it was getting to him but you also thought when it got to much he would ask.

’(Y/N), wait just let me explain’ Luke groans as he follows you out of the room. After a second and he realises your not replying he continues
'Im sorry I told them, they asked and I needed to talk to them, I thought you were going off me’ he sighs.

'Sometimes I really fucking hate you luke, why would you even think I would be comfortable with you telling the boys about our sex lives’ you shout, you’ve been holding in a lot over the last couple of months and this argument might just be an explosive one.

'Lack of’ Luke mutters

'Seriously, are you fucking serious, are you that self centred that all you can think about is your dick’ you scream at him.

'Im deadly serious, it’s been 2 months (Y/N), and it’s not even the sex it’s just like you don’t want to be around me at all’ he’s getting angry now too as his voice rises more and more.

'Thats right I don’t want to be around you that why I left my family and friends for months to come and support you on tour’ you reply, your too angry to ever shout at him so you turn away and start unpacking the things you got from the shop.

'Oh yeah, traveling around the world for free must be a huge fucking burden for you’ he shouts, you freeze, did he really just say that to you, because that was low even for us. You can’t help the small chuckle that leaves your mouth as you  shake you head walking out of Ashton’s hotel room with your bag in hand. Your half way to your room when you hear Ashton’s door open and close then Luke shouts your name. He catches up to you and grabs your hand turning you to face him.

'Your right, I’m here for the free travel Luke, I’ve been with you for 2 long fucking years so that I could squish everything I could get out of you’ you push his chest and he moves back allowing you time to get into your room.

'I didn’t mean to say that (Y/N)’ he sighs behind you. 'Im just scared, I’m so fucking scared of losing you’ you shake you head, whenever you argue he thinks saying he’s scared will get him out of anything he says.

'No your not, you don’t give a fuck if I leave you, you’d be happy if I left you because then you would be free and wouldn’t have any guilt.’ You shout.

'You know that’s bull, I love you.’ He’s still angry but you can hear in his voice how hard he is trying to hold it back.

'You can’t just say your scared to get our of calling me a user’ you moan at him, he nods and moves closer placing his hands on your waist and you move away busying your self with un packing again.

'See, you won’t even let me touch you, I’m your fucking boyfriend, we are suppose to be in love and the lads have touched you more in the last couple of months than I have’ you look at him and can’t bring your self to continue the argument. You take your sanitary-towels from the shopping bag and throw them at him.

He catches them surprised and looks down his eyes widening. 'Oh’ is all he says.

'Im not on my period’ you tell him and he looks up confused.

'Three months ago I took a pregnancy test, it was positive. I didn’t want to tell you until like two or three months into the pregnancy so I didn’t get your hopes up. But I miss carried last month, so I’ve been bleeding for a while. That’s why we haven’t had sex and I couldn’t let you touch me because I feel like I failed you. I couldn’t carry your baby for more than 2 months’ you let out a huge sigh, relieved you have got it off your chest and then you feel how damp your face is and realise you had been crying through out the whole confession.

You had been looking down all this time and you didn’t realise how close Luke was until his fingers touched your face.

Pulling it to meet his tear glazed eyes. 'You could have told me, you didn’t fail me, I would never have thought that ever, I’m so sorry I’ve been such a dick’ he apologises pulling you into a tight embrace.

'I should have told you’ you whisper in his ear as he rubs your back.

He sighs and kisses the side of your head. 'I love you so much’

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Alex & Sierra still recorded one of Harry's songs, it's named "I love you". So odd, Harry "Lothario Casanova British Heartthrob" Styles writes songs about love, what the hell, Harry?

Wait really? They’re still singing one of his songs? Ohh :) It’s so funny how womanizer Harry who hasn’t had a public relationship for more than 2 months in the past 4 years likes to write about love and having a one and only and staying strong despite the forces that try to tear him and his loved one apart. But what do I know?

no filters, no editing, no fake smile, no make ups, no hiding behind a mask. here’s what a tired monkey looks like after a bit more than 2 straight months of training and work every single day, 24 hours a day, no weekends, no good peaceful sleep… being woken up many times a night and day either by screams of distress or calls for help. in complete devotion and service to beings with dementia, psychosis, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, obsessive compulsive disorder, mental illnesses and elderly age. i’ve done more than i could ever imagine i could. i’ve seen my strength and i’ve seen how deep my roots have grown into the soil. am not so easily shaken by the wind anymore. i’ve seen myself beyond my limits and still remaining calm + soft. i’ve seen myself in the deepest of darkness, still doing my best to shine a shimmering light and offer save haven for those in the deep dark dens… i don’t quite know how. but i did. and this is the beauty of the universe. like terence mckenna once said, you plunge yourself into the abysm only to find it’s a feather bed. we are capable of so much more than what we believe. it will shake you inside out, it won’t be easy, it’ll be the hardest thing you could ever do. but you will do it. because we’re all so strong. beyond our wildest dreams. this is what i’ve learned in these past few months. i plunged into an unknown country, unknown people, unknown situation. i stopped making excuses. this was breakthrough for me. i spent all the years of my life making excuses. when you stop doing that, then magic flourishes within and around you. what i seek to share with these words is not that i’m something special or super-powerful but it is that we all are so strong. beyond our imagination… but we’ll never see it unless we actually step out of our comfort safe zone. so step out of it. let’s stop whining and complaining. let’s get out of our sofas and start living our dreams. creating. bringing magic into life. help others. be the change you want to see in the world. remind yourself of how beautiful and strong you are! once you see that, then there is nothing to fear and if there’s nothing to fear than there is literally nothing in the whole universe that can stop us. all my warmest love to all of you sweetest spirits ✨💓✨