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I used to be skeptical about that theory of what the original List was, with Craig being the cutest boy in class, but since i’ve started playing stick of truth, and that line the girls keep repeating of “craig is so hot. He just doesn’t give a fuck.” just keeps confirming in my mind that, yeah, craig is the cute, bad boy that all girls have the hots for, but probably find him difficult to approach.

I’m so glad Tweek helped mello out his personality lol

consistent art style???? idk her

anywho, apparentely no one is drawing @jojocure ’s au saiharas (blasphemy) so i took it upon myself to draw as many as i could on one page (and a bonus ouma bc id Die™ for him)

thigh choker (m)

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Park Jimin + “Have you been fucking someone else? Because I can do it better than them, you know I can. Let me prove to you why I should still be your favorite, filthy whore.” Thank youuuuuuu

➾13/13 (fucking finally????) of jimin’s smut fest 2017

➾ 1.5k

➾ this is it!!!!! this concludes my jimin smut fest, and altho my thirst for jimin will never die, i’m more than relieved to finally finish this… like 2 months late….. but at least before 2017 ends :”)

side note: ssireum means korean wrestling

The sports arena is bustling with cameramen, sports officials and athletes running around, all of them trying to get who knows where before the actual event starts. The incessant buzzing of your phone in your back pocket also reminds you that you have less than 15 minutes to locate Park Jimin and get him ready for his own event, so it’s really a game of high stakes here.

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i wish nct stans could understand that having several comebacks within a year is exhausting we should be patient and want our boys to rest, also sm has over 9 active artists who’s comebacks they have to focus on (ex: snsd, shinee, tvxq, f(x), etc.) and cannot give comeback after comeback to nct that is too demanding to expect and we should be grateful we’ve had more than enough already

how much longer…..must we wait….for the queerness that is raven’s home. how much longer??? until we witness rae and chels holding hands? touching? ? looking into each others eyes??? building the other up with constant support and validity????¿ anD the tension that melts my screen???????? HOW LONG

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Hi! I submitted some time ago and I haven't spotted it. Is it still in queue or did it vanish? Do you have tags for clerics if I missed the submission (though e-mail should tell me when you do publish it)? Thanks in advance. I am not sure when it was submitted but it sure seems like a ages ago (aka more than 2 months).

Hello! Unfortunately the queue and inbox are now so packed that we aren’t able to check for individual submissions anymore. (Which, by the way, y’all are amazing for sending us so many quotes!) The queue has also crept up to over three months now (!!!) so it might be worth waiting just a bit longer before re-submitting.

Our cleric tag is clerics will kill you, if you want to take a gander!

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wait Gilbert was into Feli at some point? how much did i miss

yeh hinted at in some posts and to state again

he never really got with anyone for more than like, 2 months bc of his personal reasons lmao


had a crush on elizabeta - 7th grade

into feliciano around 3-4 year of art school

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It is nearly 4 am and I have just realized that James Sirius and Albus Severus (Rubeus or anything else) are a year apart. J.K said James was just starting and next year is when 19 years later happens. It has taken me all day and some of this morning to figure that out. I feel really proud of myself now.

Oh gosh I really hope this ask isn’t almost a year old. But ok James Sirius started at Hogwarts in 2015. JKR tweeted about it last year (x). Albus Severus still hasn’t started yet because 19 years later isn’t until 2017. Therefore James would be roughly two years older than Albus, not one.

Anthony: So me and a couple other veterans were gonna head down to the cafe for lunch, you wanna join?

Orion: Like as in…..a social gathering? With multiple people? 

Anthony: Yeah. You don’t have to come, but it’d be neat. And I’ll get them to calm their shit if they get too much, huh?

Orion: Uhhhhhhh………..Okay! Sure! Sounds great!

Orion, internally: O no.

friends with benefits!sungjin

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a/n: dadgang!series will be continued when i get a grip but these ideas have been in my head for a while now ok. THIS IS NFSW!!!!

jae // sungjin // young k // wonpil // dowoon

  • warnings!! this is not a friends to lovers au ok…… this is purely a thot guide™ tbh so for this special series, we have two rankings!! 
  • >>>> the ideal ranking!! who’s the most professional and will get u in & >>>> out of there (brief summary of kinks, foreplay time + openness)
  • 2. the dangerous rANKING!! aka who’s gonna fall first and if you should believe it (#1 being the best and #5 being the worst) LETS DO THIS!!
  • brief summary of our man: busan native, 5′10″ (177cm), self-identified isfj, capricorn sun w/ scorpio moon, well-mannered, cute nose
  • rankings: the #1 ideal, but the #3 dangerous one
  • friends with benefits typing: the professional™ you must quit after two months or only frequent twice a month

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This is why i cant draw shit much

Bull s h i t
I have so many things to do in just half of a week???


this is why i can’t draw much ugh fucking shit

so many fucking events and projects in just one month
and this is anxiety. striking me again (: but much worse

it must be nice to be a leader but the problem is that you don’t know how to lead an y mo r e

Screw life

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Do you really believe another season is gonna happen? I mean I was optimistic about it at the beginning but we must be down to earth at this point. Nothing is impossible, but still... :T


So, it may seem like 2 years + down the line that the show is less likely to be renewed than 2 months after the show ended, but this isn’t this case. Where things are now, we’re more likely to hear about new Hannibal tomorrow than we were 2 months after The Wrath of the Lamb aired.

This is because, after Hannibal was cancelled, the only immediate interest who could feasibly have picked up the show was Amazon, this was due to a legal contract Hannibal creators were brought into simply because of their association with NBC (Amazon has the rights to stream all NBC shows automatically, and they retained that right for two years) they were unable to pick up Hannibal, and so essentially the life lines were cut.

This was the case for the following two years, but in August 2017, the rights to Hannibal became available again. It has become much easier to contemplate a new series of Hannibal now.

PART SPECULATION De Laurentiis Co are seeking out the hows and the whens. It seems that American Gods might have to somewhat, or mostly, run it’s course before new Hannibal, but Bryan is beginning to flesh out his ideas! Everyone is still on board, ready and raring to go! 

So yeah, unless some horrible legal thing happens, or there’s something unexpected to come, I’m 99.9% certain there will be more Hannibal in the future. It is a waiting game though, we have another couple of years to go minimum, but it’ll be worth it! 

i had a moment last night where i realized its been 2 whole fucking years since that big Trauma incident and i uh felt really fuckin terrified