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  • harry is louis’ boat that keeps him above dark waters & safe from drowning (keeps him from doing bad decisions and putting himself down)
  • harry taught louis how to be someone (helped him build his self-esteem)
  • harry stood by louis when no one else was behind him (never had a proper father)
  • louis is harry’s anchor and compass keeping him safe from dangerous waters (keeps him from drifting down to bad people’s company)
  • louis taught harry how to be someone (encouraged him from day 1)
  • louis stood by harry when no one else was behind him (when he was showered with mean comments on his singing and “womanizing”, louis was there for him)

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I'm collecting ideas for fics, cause writers block! All I wanted to ask is if you have any particular favourite headcanons for iwaoi?

AHAHAHAHA my favourite headcanon is always the one where tooru is so gloriously hideous when he’s sleeping, contorted face, drool, splayed hair and all. and iwachan (beautiful, rising hajime) is just like (wtf I can’t believe I slept beside that thing how does he transform in the morning)?

I was tagged by stupidsexymustang and pahndah for a new tag game: Confess something your followers don’t know about you and then tag five others.

So instead of doing two confessions (because I can’t think of more than one) I’ll just do a personal one, and if anyone wants to tag themselves, then go for it! <3

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Promises, promises

Summary: when chaos and anarchy rage in the world, Dan and Phil still find time for passionate kissing under the stars.

Word count: 3k

TW: swears, death, blood, fire and general mayhem

AN: for the sake of this fic lets pretend d&p would actually survive during an apocalypse if they had been trained in basic survival skills >_> ((the ending is ambiguous so it’s up to you whose thoughts are those))

He doesn’t jump out of the bed like they do in movies. He startles awake and stares at the ceiling as tears trickle down his temples and onto the pillow. He swears he can still hear the screaming, the roaring of the guns, he can feel the scorching heat of the sun and the cold sweat running down his spine, he can smell the blood mixed in with dirt and grass, he can taste the iron on his tongue. It’s overwhelming. Breathing erratic, heart threatening to break his ribs, he sits up, closes his eyes. Count to five and inhale then count to five and exhale. Repeat as long as it takes. Calm down, you can survive this. Dan taught him that to keep the panic at bay.

The ratty mattress next to his is vacant. His heart stops for a second and he thinks that maybe his nightmares weren’t actually dreams but rather memories; air leaves his lungs, he can’t breathe. Then a silent ‘fuck’ reaches his ears and Phil relaxes. Dan’s still here, still among the living. He finds his glasses, heaves himself off the floor, laces up his boots and grabs his shotgun. Carefully walking around the six sleeping bodies, he reaches the door of their better-than-nothing cabin.

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1. Write your name in song titles:
J ust Give Me A Reason - P!nk
I Need U - BTS
M aps - Maroon 5
E xodus - EXO
N ine In The Afternoon - Patd
A .D.T.O.Y - 2pm

2. Why did you choose your URL?
Because I thought it sounded cool hahaha I was surprised because it was free.

3. What’s your middle name?
Jimena (I use my second name, so, yeah)

4. If you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would you be?
I’d be a grumpy cat hahaha or uhhhh idk I wouldn’t be a nice character…

5. Favorite color?

6. Favorite song.
Uhhhh I don’t even know but I really enjoy This Love from Maroon 5 or Half a Heart from 1D or uhhh Growl from EXO but idk.

7. Top 4 fandoms.
One Direction, EXO, Sherlock, Supernatural.

8. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?
Because I can publish the trash I have on my phone and no one would look at me weird hahaha and there’s some nice people.

9. Tag 9 of your mutuals (favorite ones)

psa ;; Currently, I owe replies to tofindthesun​, telcxntar​, slayervow​, fiionan​, eldarscion​, theharellan​, nyesamla​, and grishildr​. 

Would you please like this post if you don’t mind me switching FCs in our threads? Just to remind everyone, I am changing from Orlando Bloom / Jack Falahee to Lee Joon-gi as my FC. If you do not like this post, I will assume you would prefer to continue with Orly / Jack, and will not switch.

So today I went to meet my PhD supervisor for the first time since I officially got my offer from Kingston. I have this feeling, like all of a sudden it’s real. I’ve been harping on about this PhD for a year and a half now, so the world is justified in thinking, what’s the big deal, you were always gonna do this. Yes, I was, but now it’s “I am”, it’s happening.

I’m happy.