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In which Kratos also got wet in the name of science.

replication of this experiment.

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Would it be safe to assume that post-clone body magnus remembers who killed his wife? Since everything else he gave up in wonderland also came back?

The McElroys said during the second The The Adventure Zone Zone said no.

Travis: —you talk about in, um, Episode 59, like— Well, two questions. One, so Magnus has the new body, right?

Griffin: Yep.

Travis: And the physical stuff that he lost during [crosstalk] Wonderland is back—

Griffin: [crosstalk] Oh, does he still— Does he remember Kalen?

Travis: Yeah.

Griffin: No, no no no. I— you— so the way that I kind of thought about this, and you all— this is what fucked me up when you guys were like, “Oh, don’t get back in your body, you’ll forget everything,” is we were kinda thinking about it in a different way, in that I was thinking that like, your memories and the things that you remember kinda resided in your spirit? Or whatever? That was inside of the mannequin, and so when it was outside of your body you were technically dead, and so the voidfish didn’t work on you, and that’s why you were remembering those visions and all that shit. But like, I think your memory lived in your spirit, so when it got back in your body, just because your body was from a time before Wonderland, like your brain would still remember Kalen? That’s not really how I think about it. I— uh— and frankly like—

Travis: Okay.

Griffin: —that moment was too cool to take away. So like no, Magnus doesn’t remember Kalen, ‘cause I do kind of like this idea of Merle and Taako having to go on this vengeance quest for this dude they’ve never met before. That we may not— which may not happen, but just like, I’m not gonna take that away.

Justin: [crosstalk] So, I’m gonna— I’m gonna call it right— I’m gonna call it right now, we’re gonna have— At some point, we’re gonna do a live show, and it’s gonna be a two-night— hunt— the hunt for Governor Kalen.


Dear Taylor,

I’m Suzy and I want to share with you something that is a big part of my life and that you are also a big part of it. When I was High School I wasn’t the most popular and didn’t have to many friends. I had braces, glasses, and didn’t know how to dress and teens called me weird. The only reason guys liked me was because of my body and that made me feel so used. I listened to your music a lot and it got me through a lot of hard times. When it came to prom my senior year, I thought I was actually going to get to go because a guy I really liked told me he would take me but in the end he backed out. I was left feeling like I wasn’t pretty enough or worthy of even going. That I would be laughed at if I went by myself. I decided to stay home, I wish I would have had friends to go with but none of them so called “friends” wanted to go with me. I was very unsure of who I was, until a few years ago. I went to your 1989 Tour and I heard your clean speech and the lines that stuck out to me the most of what you said was “You are NOT somebody else’s opinion of you.” and “You ARE your own definition of beautiful and worthwhile.” I knew from that moment, I am who I know I am. That I am beautiful no matter what others say. You gave me hope!! Now I am stronger, more confident, and feel beautiful!! I decided that since this year is my 25th Birthday, I want to have a party that is Prom themed!! That this will be the prom I have always dreamed of, the one I didn’t go to because I was afraid to. But now I am fearless!! I know this is kind of last minute and I know you are a very busy person but I would love to invite you to my 25th Birthday Prom!!! There will be lots of food, music, and dancing!!! A place where I am free to be myself, a place where love will be!!! My Birthday Party will be on Saturday, June 24th, 2017!!! Would you, @taylorswift be my guest of honor at my birthday prom??? It would be a way of thanking you for all you have done for me and to have you at my party celebrating who I am now, it would mean so much to me!! I know it is such short notice but it would mean the world!!! I can’t say how incredible you are and how you have changed my life with your kind and loving words!!! I love you, Tay  :)


Suzy W

The biggest problem with this boy
is that he doesn’t seem to believe
that he’s beautiful.
This is a problem, of course,
because he knocks the wind out of you
every time he so much as looks at you
and you can’t help but think
that if he understood his own radiance
he would never touch you

Silly redraw for AU where Hughes is alive (because the whole fandom loves that one yes? yes); it’s about 1920 and Roy is posing for pictures for his campaign as East City governor. And Hughes is inopportune.

@roymaes this one is in your honor.

#HughesPhotobomb for 2016 plz.

do you ever have class with that one person who keeps glancing in your direction? and you’re really confused? because you’re making eye contact with them every 10 minutes? and you’re not sure if they’re looking at everyone or just you in particular?? maybe someone right next to you??? what is happening


The mirror monster. 

It takes a form similar to a man and wraps themselves in clothes to hide the dark matter they really are, walking among the humans in their good disguise. If ever needing to ‘disappear’ they just return back in the mirror.