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Hello babes! Gina and I decided to host a tea awards because we both love tea and because why not haha so we are very excited to represent to you all, the Tea Awards by Voquecity and Tauah.


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ok but like pls consider how fucking cute and angsty famous plots could be like boy band member n actress/model/whatever friends whose fans send her hate when they arent even dating n there like “bro wtf tell ur fans to chill pls” but then it continues w support n whoops their management wants them to date now for publicity wow

and also just like. jaded child actor. new excited puppy who hasn’t been ruined by hollywood yet actor. pls. it just combines good things. they can be co stars n its not real but it feels real fight mE ABOUT iT I DARE U


anyways in conclusion just give me a famous plot of any fuckin kind and i’ll shut up for once in my goddamn life 

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INTRO: Hello babes! Elle and I decided to host the Stranger Things awards because we are both obsessed with the show and because why not. 


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headcanon that honoka is the Token Straight Friend, and when she goes to uni she befriends a guy in her class who she finds out is gay and shes like “oh, you’ll love all my friends!” and hes like “oh no are they straight girls who want a gay best friend…” and honokas like “no???? theyre all lesbians” and honoka introduces him to kotori and umi (v gay and v much in love at this point) and they spend the whole time making jokes about The Straights and honoka is like How Did This Happen to Me? but shes a good sport about it because shes the straight friend every gay wishes they had

when honoka falls in love with a man and they have a daughter her little girl comes up to her one day when shes about 4 and asks “why are you and daddy married? arent girls supposed to marry other girls? like aunty kotori and aunty umi? and aunty nozomi and aunty eli? and aunty maki and aunty nico? and aunty rin and aunty hanay-” and honokas like “okay you can stop there i get it honey”

Hello. My best friend is in a need of money for various living costs, as well as for her mom’s birthday, and with her permission I’m posting this here on her behalf since she rarely uses Tumblr anymore for various reasons.

Please please please commission her, she’s an amazing artist and could really use some financial help! Her prices are affortable to pretty much everyone, but if you cant help by buying anything, reblogging this helps a lot too!

All information is in the picture, as is her contact info so please contact her for any questions! Or you can message me too if nothing else works for you and I’ll forward your message/contact info to her instead! Also yes, payment happens through PayPal!


anonymous asked:

Enough questions about the animatics. How are you ;0 and what made you want to animate/draw

oh uhm im doing good! im working on the next animatic actually haha, and i have to study for polish class l8r man i totally forgot..

and the thing (actually a person) that got me to draw was actually a daughter of my parents friends! her name was aga i think.. she was 16 and i was  abt 8 and i liked doodling but i never cared abt drawing that much..

but she showed me her sketchbook which was full of ballerinas and comics abt them (it was basically like cinderella but w ballerinas and more complicated lmao) and i loved their cute little designs and stuff! i remember the main ballerina.. she was in love with some rich guy who loved her back but they didnt get together, my 9 yr old mind was like ‘’wtf why arent they together just do it ™ and aga said smth that ill never forget ‘’its never THAT easy’’

idk why it really stuck w me

anyways since then i started drawing ballerinas a lot but then i started just doodling my fav cartoon characters! i remember one time i didnt like how one episode of teen titans has ended (a character i love died) so i doodled my own ending and i realized ‘’wait … I can draw mY OWN ENDING FOR THIS HOLY SHIRTRT’’ and since then i havent stopped drawing! i always doodle some little scenarios or stories that pop in my head haha!

my god this got long im sorry, thank you for the ask!

met a friend today!!!
if u know stuff abt mantises i tagged this with like 100000 questions lmao thanks

not-yo-bae  asked:

Soo like my boyfriend of 9 months (longest relationship for me person I lost my v card to) left me he broke up w me to be w his friends I begged him for days to not leave me and while I was begging he was already talking to other girls fastfoward like 3 weeks later and he tells me he loves me and misses me I get excited and I tell him well why arent you w me he tells me because he's already talking to someone else and he fucked her breaks my heart but then denies talking to someone

What a twat, you deserve miles better than time girl. Don’t waste anymore of your precious time on him. You find someone worth your time and some one you deserve in time 💗 try not to be sad

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i don't know why it's hitting me so hard because i always expected it but learning for sure that randl's church is homophobic is really hurting, esp. knowing they are really into it and not like '"yea god whatever." it honestly feels like i met them on the street and they told me to fuck off.

i get that pal, just for my sanity i tell myself that they arent homophobes and ill only believe they are when they actually say shit. a lot of people dont agree with everything their church says, and you can be christian and gay so it doesnt automatically make them homophobes. 

stevie talks about her girlfriend a lot and she was even a costume designer for bs, and i know that being friends w a gay person doesnt make someone an ally but its a tiny comfort lmao

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ugh i love megan like her hair is so perfect it like glows and her bangs are so pretty and they lay perfect on the side of her head ,, and her eyes are like bluey-green and they are rlly pretty they sparkle when she gets excited,, and her smile is so cute her teeth arent straight but they are rlly pretty,, and her face shape is so nice like holy crap jawliNES,, and her ears are tiny and cute,, her voice is so soft and she speaks out to her friends alot and its soft but expressive,, +

i could listen to it for hours,, her skin is pale but rlly clear (like teach me your ways tbh),, and her nose is like tiny and pointy and rlly adorable,, and her neck+shoulders uugugh omg i could live off those,, and her arms are tiny and skinny and her shirts are always baggy and they hang down to above her elbows,, and when she wears sweashirt i cry bc she looks so tiny and i just want to hug her and kiss her face,, her hips are also so nice omg, she is skinny but she has GOOD hips,, and her +

legs ooooommmmggg they are nicE, they touch barely on her thighs and her jeans uuughhhh she wears skinny jeans and they look so good,, she looks so good when she wears dark jeans and pastel shirts and fdkjgnfjd,, and she always has gr8 shoes,, her feet are so tiny and cute,, she holds her binder/agenda close to her chest and its cuteeee,, when she walks shes so ugh perfect fjdik,, she talks to her friend alot and her friend always looks so happy to hang out with her,, and she has become more +

too b/c when she first got there, she sat by herself at lunch, and now she has a little group of friends she sits with :’)),, so basically I LOV MEGAN SO MUCH AND I WISH I HAD CONFIDENCE AND A GOOD SITUATION -💕

omg this is the cutest :( all the little details you notice and appreciate about her are so heartwarming and cute aHHH!!!! I hope that she reciprocates these feelings like u two are my favourite ship. also imagine if she notices details about you like how you do with her????? that’d be the cutEST 

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Does a person have to have alters to have/be diagnosed with DID? I'm asking because a friend of mine has told me she's been diagnosed, but I think it's more likely to be just general dissociation as a result of trauma based on what she's told me, both because she doesn't have alters (she told me herself) and the trauma she links it to happened as a teenager. It's possible I'm completely wrong and i'm being an asshole for questioning her, since I don't know everything.

Alters define DID/OSDD1. So yes you need alters to have those disorders. Otherwise you have another dissociative or trauma disorder.

Given, alters arent always obvious and wont necessarily annouce themselves but they have to be present to have DID.

Your friends situation is kinda questionable tbh i dont recommend confronting her but honestly id be suspicious if i saw this myself so idk

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are you okay with what happened last night (from your comic with zen) i mean why didnt you get away from that party earlier?

you are a nosy little anon arent ya well good for u i love oversharing with strangers on the internet  my life, well last night me and a friend went to a party of a friend in common of us but my friend being the little shit she is dissapear somewhere with her boo leaving me alone, i wasnt feeling like partying but i didnt want to get out of there that early bc of that friend in common (it was his bd) so i was there just letting time pass thEN this boy comes up and start getting too touchy feely for my like and i was uncomfortable and before anything more ugly happened zen called (lmao i was switching between apps and left mm open) so i used that fake calls as if someone important was calling me and i needed to get out of there as soon as possible excusing me with the birtday boy  

narcissistictaako replied to your post “Ask me about Maebryn,”

tell me abt her background, whats her fav food her fav colour her fav season, what is she attracted to in a person and what qualities does she like in her friends

mmmm Street RatTM!! she LOVES meat pretty much of any kind bc its not something she can easily get her hands on so when she can get it its…big heart eye emojis!!! she likes fall the most, I think. color is hard to pin down because she wears a lot of black for Sneak Purposes. But she LOVES colorful things. They just arent wise for sneakage. 

She is…very very easily annoyed by rich ppl??? nobility makes her super upset??? she likes people with sort of humble upbringings for the most part because they can at least sort of relate. she also likes people with a little bit of an edge. Lawful Good type people rub her the wrong way because she feels like they’re so out of touch with the reality of what life is like for street kids and stuff? It’s so easy to say ‘dont do a crime!! ever!!’ when you’ve never been starving. 

she likes people who will see that she stole something and be like ‘oh nice’ basically she doesnt like to be preached at for doing what she has to do to survive. And it takes her a while to warm to the idea of letting people help her with things. If you depend on anyone and you lose them, you’re screwed. She knows that. 

anonymous asked:

10:18pm. im thinking about how i lost my virginity last night and i want to tell someone but my closest friends arent happy w the guy i did it with, they think hes no good, so they always get very tense and fake whenever i bring him up. and my only friend who hasnt been like that isnt very close w me anymore and im not sure if i want her to know such a big thing thats happened to me. also, my legs hurt. very much.

//anonymously tell me what time it is there and what you’re thinking about//

Still cant get over the fact that my oldest friend chose a pedo, a fucking kiddy didler, over me. She chose to defend him like he did nothing wrong. The amount of fucking nights i lay awake thinking she was going to kill herself and trying to talk her out of cutting and shit and she chooses that fucking pedo piece of shit and still talks about him like he is a saint, all because she fucking fancies him. 
I hope they both get hit by a fucking bus, Im done caring about people who arent fucking worth it, Scum.


2. “I’m not jealous.”

7. “Just pretend to be my date.”

Jensen x Reader

Requested by anon.

Originally posted by supermerwholocked2893

“Wait you want me to do what?” You muttered.

“Just pretend to be my date.” He whispered. “Please. Come on Y/N, I will do whatever you want.”

“But why do you need me to go? Why dont you find some bimbo from the bar or something?” You exhaled. 

He shook his head. “No, I need someone that knows me like the back of their hand. Come on, you and I have been friends for twelve years. I need my best friend.” 

You scanned his face for a moment, trying to read him. Until it hit you. “You’re jealous arent you? You want her to think you moved on just like she did.” 

He swallowed hard, and shook his head once again. Pretending to act as if he had no idea what you meant. “I’m not jealous. She and I broke up three years ago.” 

“Then go alone.” You muttered. 

Dean dropped his head, and sighed. “Okay, fine. Yes I am still not over her. But it’s too late for me. And If I don’t go or go alone, it will look like-”He paused as he met your gaze. “Never mind.”

You let out a soft sigh, as you pinched the bridge of your nose. You hated weddings, especially when you didn’t even know who the bride and groom were. But seeing Dean practically so distraught, you couldn’t say no. “Fine.”

His eyes shot up to yours and his face lit up. A smile forming on his lips. “Thank you!” He picked you up off the ground and spun you around. 

“Let go of me!” You cackled. 

“I owe you for this.” he muttered. 

“Oh I know. I’ll hold you to it.” 


‘friend or foe, him being alive is enough’
  • alright shinoas reaction when yuu turned into a monster… lets rewind mika was furious outraged, speechless and shinoa arrived at guren’s office demanding answers but when they weren’t received she didn’t press the matter further and simply gave up
  • When guren mentions her feelings she completely forgets about what she was going down there to talk about… maybe like the fact that the humans did experimentations on yuu??? idk that seems a bit more important rn… why arent you mad? why are you so cool with this? cause mika sure as hell wasn’t
  • When guren told her to leave, she just left?! wait what? no protest, ok thats cool. ‘if you love him stay by his side’ um, simple. i think anyone can do that… oh wait she wasn’t there all the time AND the other members of the moon demon company did that as well. 
  • also yoichi was by yuu’s side when he woke up not shinoa. this was a perfect chance for directors to put her there sleeping and make it all intimate and stuff but they didn’t THERE IS A REASON. 
  • Yuu suggests that he thought about mika in his dreams - in that 7 day coma, he thought about mika…
  • After seeing yoichi he asked about family but went straight back to thinking about mika and he was so filled with joy at him being alive he CRIED!!!!
  • Shinoa can be seen at the door watching yuu cry (a typical scene where a girl observes the guy expressing feelings over his other love? that’s kinda what it looked like to me).
  • Shinoa has a certain insensitivity. She talks about yuu feelings really light heartedly which bothers me, calling him a “cry baby”.
  • yuu doesn’t have a specific reaction to her after not seeing her and being told by her that he was in a coma
  • When he was worried he was asking for the other moon demon company member, asking for ‘everyone’, not just her in particular
  • He said he doesn’t remember anything but he remembers mika being alive, which means he doesn’t remember shinoa hugging him which means he didnt turn back cause of her maybe.. the drug wore off or something
  • also shinoa lied to him like i know you can say well back when they were little and at vampire captives mika lied, no he didnt he just have half-truths or omitted certain things,and he did that to help yuu and i dont see how yuu not knowing that he is a monster and the humans are experimenting on him will help him. if he knew he’d probably leave and go with mika…
  • after told from shinoa about news about mika he doesn’t even care for her presence and seems disinterested
  • she got overexcited over a meaningless touch and overread the situation
  • when she said the vampires had a sip of her blood yuu didnt really give a reaction whereas when mika was getting his blood sucked (ep 1) yuu reacted badly
  • shinoa also seems to have doubts in the flashback saying ‘mika, family, huh’
  • Yuu reacted with the same level of concern to mitsuba who also had her blood sucked by vampires. (and we made it clear he is not interested in her)
  • he said ‘sorry i worried you as well’ nothing specific to shinoa, whereas all the ways yuu reacts to mika is very very very unique.
  • when he addresses the whole moon demon company he says ‘thank you all for worrying and I’m glad everyone alive’ i think he is also alluding to mika being alive

shinoaxyu fans probs think theres a lot of fan service for them in this episode whereas i can barely see any and more proof that mika and yuu are canon

disclaimer: there are always 2 sides to everything, this is just my side and how i viewed things. Let it be clear that I am not hating on shinoa or shinoaxyuu, and i apologise in advanced if the wording appeared like i did so (take into mind this was written straight after episode - a time when emotions are running high)

I think the thing that bugs me about that Asseylum/Slaine scene…is that to her it’s just so easy for her to call peace and order Slaine to stop this war, and keep Mars and Earth as they were before war broke out because she’s always been privileged????? Like, she has no idea what Lemrina or commoners like Harklight, and even Slaine (her closest friend????) have been put through simply because of this royal aldnoah system.

It’s so easy to cry “peace” and want to keep things in your planet the same, when you’re living the life of a royal, and aren’t being treated like less of a person because you were born out of wedlock, not a royal, or simply a Terran. Her people were suffering but did she ever see it?

… ‘basic compatibility’ i see online it just frustrates me . like i dont get how if 2 elements are not congenial the sign is not compatible (if compatibility relied on sun signs alone, and it doesn’t) like i see so many messages ‘so libra and taurus arent compatible they say but can we be friends’

The element doesnt say everything about the sign. It will be the sun’s expression, but Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus and share her energies, they are relationship and sensually oriented, even if Earth and Air supposedly are ‘incompatible’ Libra is the relationship sign of the Air triplicy and Taurus is equally as in need of harmony, its the relationship sign of Earth

i’ll continue just from the top of my head….

Pisces and Aquarius are ‘incompatible’ because they are Air and Water yet they are the magic 2 at the end of the zodiac, Aquarius simply shares the knowledge of what Pisces already knows, Pisces is the only one that can teach Aquarius and this binds them almost telepathically. They are connected to the ocean and are friendly, amiable and like to keep peace.

Pisces and Sagittarius are ‘incompatible’ beause they are Fire and Water. But Pisces used to be ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruler, so they share the benefic’s energy in generosity, wisdom and higher intellect, and the spiritual connection. Pisces and Sagittarius are both mutable signs and double bodied; so they are adaptable and change enough to keep each other entertained

Virgo and Gemini are ‘incompatible’ because they are Earth and Air. But they are both mutable signs who can adapt to each others needs. They are both ruled by Mercury so they share the ease conversation and mercurial energy. And they are the writers of the zodiac.

Taurus and Leo are supposedly ‘incompatible’ because they are Fire and Earth, yet Leo rules the heart so they are all about love and generosity, and Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. And these to signs share the same Fixed energies - and love the glamor and the luxe

Do you get what I’m saying

And maybe signs like Cancer and Scorpio are not compatible because they are both water. Maybe a Gemini can do well with a Scorpio because Gemini has the airy detachment and gets over things quickly, these 2 signs are equally as curious, Scorpio is deep enough to keep Gemini occupied, and Gemini is changeable enough to keep Scorpio entertained. Scorpio relationships can be volatile, and maybe the detached signs can handle it because they get over things quickly and dont let it drain them, a Cancer would likely be much more breakable. Much like if Leo and Aries are compatible because they are both Fire, then who is the star of the show? Aries is ‘me first’ and Leo is ruled by the Sun so they like to be front and centre. It seems like Aries could be better with a Taurus even though they are Earth and Fire. Taurus is happy to wait, and will be happy to follow Aries, and will be patient enough to handle their temperament, these two would be happy to let each other do their own thing, but still want someone to come home to. Do you get what I mean? Basic compatibility annoys me. lol. And even this is pretty evasive when you consider the whole chart which if you are really going to use astrology, you have to. for people interested in compatibility, there are good synestry chart generators online. I find astrology as a better tool for understanding our own behaviors in relationships rather than acting as an online dating tool