like maybe 800

shootfanfictionmyaddiction  asked:

31, 38, 55? 😁

31. do you binge?

i used to really struggle with binge eating, but since my ana has taken over i really dont struggle with it as badly.  i havent ate anything binge like at all for 2 weeks, and ive only slightly upped my calorie intake (maybe to like 800) a few times in the past month or so when i became too ill

38. what is your bmi?

17.8? i think? im 164cm and 107lbs and i calculated it the other day and it was around that but maybe im wrong

55. what is your current weight

107 lol

thank you!! <3

dear aquarium companies,

less tanks like this: 

more tanks like this:


lol I love the moment when a really really popular blog reblogs one of your posts and you just go on tumblr to see your activity blowing up on the one post and you’re just ?????? who?????

So I’ve been thinking about doing another fun type of prompt thing after we hit another milestone (like maybe reaching 800 followers or reaching a certain number of posts) that’s like a shuffle song thing, where you pick a number between 1-however many songs I have at that point and the song it lands on I have to write a short little thing based on the songs or certain lyrics for it with whichever character you guys choose

Would that be interesting or nah?

‘sup! as you might know (probably not tho) my birthday is on next sunday, 12/04! the other reason for this is that i’m rather close to 4k in followers, thank you very much for that – i’m super thankful to you all and i’d like to do more than just a follow forever but sadly i don’t have either time or motivation to make anything big hahah. i just wanted to say that you make my days so much brighter and fill them with smiles and laughter, thank you for being there for me! well, without further parley, here we go;

a – m

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o – numbers 

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my blogroll and my lovely followers! i love you all very much.

I was thinking about how many consecutive push-ups i can do and then was like “I wonder what the world record is? probably at least like 800. maybe over 1,000.” it’s over TEN THOUSAND. I’ve never done anything ten thousand times consecutively in my life. I’ve never even said ten thousand consecutive words. I haven’t lived ten thousand consecutive days. My life is a sham