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sanvers + kisscam au

alex danvers is bored. which on a date on a friday night? nothing new to her. she continuously tried and tried before and it never felt right, but with kara in the happiest relationship she’s ever been in with james, alex feels this need to try one more time. to maybe hope to excel at this one last time.

it’s going about as well as it did the last time she had tried this. horribly.

so far internet dating has resulted int four of terrible dates. two she left before they could even hit the first hour, this one she promised she would at least try and stop to enjoy it. 

yet, it hasn’t been working. alex feels like she would rather her drown herself, physically in the beer in her hand than continue to sit here and drink it and pretend that she’s enjoying the guy’s arm around her shoulder, or his stupid scruffy face or god, the way he keeps shushing her when she goes to say something. 

this baseball game would be much more enjoyable if she were allowed to have an opinion, but this guy hasn’t once asked if she even knew the teams, or anything about the game, he just assumed she hadn’t. assumed she was oblivious and stupid, and so inherently female that she didn’t understand a simple game.

a game she played as a kid herself, when she wasn’t surfing. a game she gets to play sometimes with kara on a larger scale when they hit up the desert and they see how far she can hit it. 

( not how hard, kara! how far. )

and boy is this grinding on her nerds. she goes to speak once more but the just a second babe. gives her enough response to decide that within the next inning she was going to excuse herself, and leave. she was just waiting for an acceptable moment. 

there’s a lull in the game, and alex thinks this might be her moment. josh, the idiot she decided to go out with tonight, has turned to some guy next to her, and has spent three minutes ( she knows she’s counted on her watch - deo grade and all. ) talking to him about the third baseman. 

her eyes dart up to the large screen, she thinks it was more out of a small habit of trying to find somewhere to look, that wasn’t leaning closer to his horrible breath, but when she does she gasps.

a large intake of breath happens, and she’s not even sure that that she’s seeing correctly until people are cheering and she can feel the pit of dread in her stomach. it settles like a bad night with too much alcohol. 

national city’s kisscam! in bright big letters that alex danvers thinks about smashing into little itty bitty pieces.

she turns to josh because she expects - even though the screen shows differently - that he’d be waiting for her to well, kiss him. but he’s not, he’s still engaged in whatever stupid conversation he was having, his arm wasn’t even around her anymore she was completely disentangled form him. and though she should be grateful right now she’s mostly mortified and annoyed.

for fucks sake.


one achingly long beat.


another beat.


a sharp intake of breath.


“babe, listen, give me like five fucking minutes and we’ll go get something to eat alright? chill out.”

he didn’t even turn around, or stop talking to the other oblivious and clearly there by himself idiot.

she’s about to handle this alex danvers style. with finesse. with anger. with god damn pride, and stride off camera. 

she blindly reaches for her jacket behind her when she feels a tap next to her.

she goes to snap. she goes to say what the hell do you want? she goes to say anything but instead, she lays eyes on the most beautiful woman she has ever seen. with the softest eyes, and a large and nervous grin. and alex swears that her stomach both swooped and got butterflies at the same time.

no way.

she doesn’t even realize that the other woman is talking, until she realizes that she’s waiting for a response.


instead of an explanation she gets a laugh and the other woman must have made an executive decision. one because she would guess later, the camera was going to move very soon if she didn’t.

it takes literally three whole seconds for her to realize the woman is kissing her.

before she can even realize what’s happening her hand is reaching out to fit along the jaw of the other woman. the mystery woman. trying to pull her closer.

she mentally makes a list of the first three things that can come to her mind clearly. 

one. she’s kissing a woman, a woman!! 

two. said woman’s kiss has to be the best kiss she’s ever gotten in like forever. possibly in the entirety of her whole dating life. possibly in the next forever as well. she may never get kissed this well again.

 three. the crowd is cheering, the world is moving on, somewhere behind her she hears josh’s loud what the fuck! but none of that matters because three, oh three. this woman has the softest lips alex has ever kissed and she doesn’t want to stop.

she unfortunately does though. only when said woman pulls away, dimple worthy grin on her face, glancing behind alex with a flush.

alex is dazed, and confused, and so, so, so wanting to kissing her again, which is confusing, but very much an impulse she’d give into. 

but she’s enough put together that she knows to glance behind where ever the other woman’s gaze is. it turns out its on josh, who’s stomping his way through the aisle. throwing things as he goes. screaming still. and alex can’t help but laugh loudly.


“yeah, oh. you were pretty into that for a straight girl.”

“um -” alex feels her face heating up and she doesnt know what to say, how to move, to say she’s not gay. because she’s not right?

“i see. how about this…” the brunette raises an eyebrow and alex feels herself listening even closer.

“i’m maggie. maggie sawyer. i’m ncpd outside of this bad atmosphere.”

alex tries not to look so disappointed as to where that sentence went.

“i’m alex danvers. alex. i work - um, well, i’m a bio-engineer.” 

real smooth, she thinks to herself. she’s never stuttered so easily over that.

“well miss bioengineer who is clearly straight, and in no way gay, whatsoever. how about since my very, very gay date stood me up, and yours seems to be a massive prick, we get out of here and grab something to eat? i know this great place that has veggie burgers and -”

“oh my god, gross.”

“if you had let me finish, and normal ones if you’re going to need that in your system. and we can ignore all of everything else and maybe just get to know each other? on our very, very, very not gay date. hm?”

alex feels her face heat up again, and she can’t help but nod.

“you’re buying.”

“i just saved your ass from city wide humiliation on screen and i have to buy dinner! preposterous.” 

“you said your date stood you up, i think you’ll be okay.”

alex is feeling brave, and bold, and butterflies floating in her stomach, and suddenly somewhere it hits her that this is what she wanted out of this date. and maybe, she’ll panic about that later. right now she could really use some food.

“fine then. come on you sneaky little punk who probably makes more than on her what i’m assuming is a scientist salary. let’s get you some food.”

( alex does have a gay panic. she has a panic so hard that she panics in front of maggie, because that’s where she accidentally slept over watching bad netflix.  it takes alex a whole three days to come to terms with it. it takes alex and maggie three weeks to admit their dating. )

( it only took them two years to get engaged. at that same baseball stadium, and maggie was nothing if not thorough, and she made sure, that the proposal ended up on the big screen. as a reminder of how they met. )

( alex decides maybe she wont smash the words national city’s kisscam! after all. )

beside you (cassian/bodhi)

Bodhi Rook has a long-standing date with Cassian Andor. Not that he would call it that in front of Cass, only Jyn. Well, in actual fact, it’s mostly just Jyn that calls it a date, when on a Thursday evening the doorbell rings like clockwork and she leaves their flat or hides herself in her room, usually with a wink in Bodhi’s direction and a huge grin on her face.

It started back when they were in first year of university, when Bodhi, stupidly, had decided that doodling a portrait of the really cute guy sitting in front of him was a good idea. 

It probably would’ve been fine, just another sketch in the corner of his notebook that no-one else looks at, if he hadn’t bumped into said guy as he slid out from his row and dropped the book on the floor. With just enough luck, it had landed open on the page he had just be doodling on. 

Cassian had let out a bark of laughter and Bodhi’s cheeks were bright red, but somehow, he’d come out of the situation with a new contact in his phone and the promise of Spanish lessons in exchange for A3 sized drawing of Cassian’s face. 

Since then, the Spanish is long forgotten and the drawing of Cassian is probably in the hands of some girl he was half in love with all those years ago, but the Thursday evenings every other week are still standing.

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lexa tribute artbook

hey friends @bekka-pramheda and i were discussing the possibility of putting together a lexa tribute artbook for all the gorgeous fanart that’s been made in honor of the lovely lexa kom trikru and wondering if the fandom would be interested in that sort of thing?

it’s entirely hypothetical rn but it would be around 50 pages and we would probably need people to prepay in some sort of kickstarter or donation thing for printing/shipping costs but neither of us are in it for profit or anything there’s just so much beautiful fanart and love out there and it seems a nice way to have a physical manifestation of that 

as for content we’ll likely be contributing but if any artists are interested in potentially participating that’d be great! we made a simple poll to gauge interest so if this is something you’d like us to look into please take a second to respond 👍🏼

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