like marry me already

listen……. ‘my love’ is literally the strongest and greatest pet name in existence. there is literally nothin better than somone callin you that….. especially when things are soft and quiet and they look at you with utter adoration and whisper “what’s the matter, my love??” or “i hope everything is okay with you, my love” like oh my god?? let me marry you already

Viktor’s Love

Ok I have to get to work so this is gonna be rushed af and incoherent and all but like can we just take a moment because

Like Yuuri being precious smol innocent sinamon roll as always, just happy to finally stand by everyone and share food and drinks and all, ever so grateful that he’s come this far, and met the love of his life in the process, which he couldn’t even get the nerve to talk to before. But we now know that’s not true because he basically declared his love via interpretive dance. Exhibit A:


Ok so it goes without saying that this is where Viktor fell in love. He’s just like omg this quiet meek guy is not what he seems like at all and by god just marry me already. And THEN, this darling little Katsudon goes on, after they’ve already parted, goes on to perform Viktor’s very own Stay Close to Me:

WHICH I’M PRETTY SURE VIKTOR INTERPRETED AS SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF: I haven’t forgotten; please come back to me, please be my coach. Look how well I skated this piece, just for you. This is me proving I’m worthy to skate with you as my coach.

Which leads me to this. Viktor’s priceless reaction:

Because like, ok. Imagine being Viktor. You share this amazing night with this guy and you fall in love at first dance basically, and it’s just so so great because again look at how much FUN they’re having together and the way they’re smiling at each other and it’s like Viktor says in this episode, love and life were something he’d ignored for far too long. But here comes Yuuri to change all that. 

And now imagine, showing up at that hot spring. Like tada here I am! Aren’t you glad! And Yuuri freaking the fuck out. And Viktor thinking how endearing that is because aw he’s shy. 

Aw he’s embarrassed from everything that happened when they were drunk

Aw he just needs to open up his walls and he’ll be the same guy he met on that night. 

If you ask me I think this explains Viktor’s boldness throughout the series. Because it’s like he’s been in love all. this. time. and he’s just going around assuming Yuuri is the same way. The whole ‘let’s sleep together’ and ‘be my boyfriend’ and ‘tell me all about yourself’ at the beginning isn’t just Viktor being a cocky bastard. It’s Viktor being in love. In complete and absolute love. 

And it sort of explains the whole Eros thing too. Because it’s not just on a random whim or even the fact that Viktor wants Yuuri to step out of his comfort zone. It’s because he KNOWS he’s more than capable, because he’s SEEN it before. 

Which he follows with something along the lines of ‘you’ll show it to me soon, won’t you?’ 

Which basically now I’m gonna interpret as Viktor trying to get Yuuri to understand that what he did on that night was a hell of a lot more seductive than Yuuri himself might even realize, and if he can control that, then it’ll be the hook line sinker that’ll get him to finals. 

Also a bit of revenge since, I’m assuming this was probably the first time Viktor was ever caught off guard. I mean seeing Yuuri doing things like that was probably enough to catch anyone off guard. And so maybe this whole time Viktor was just trying to get even, trying to prove that he could seduce Yuuri just as much as Yuuri had seduced him (and not exactly in the sultry way).

And I just. I’m so happy. 

Please excuse my rambles. I’ll try to edit this after I get home.

Stand by me.

Silence filled the room.

“Ugh, please say something.” Yuuri groaned loudly against his hands, the same shaky and sweaty ones covering his flushed face as he waited for a reaction from the younger boy standing right front of him, inspecting the piece of jewelry carefully as he was asked to do, reading the “Stand by me” inscription over and over with his lower lip between his teeth.

“Well, you two idiots have my blessing.” Yurio sighed heavily, shifting his weight into his other foot, making a blonde strand of hair slip from his messy bun and fall against his face. The simple thought of how much the younger boy started to look like Victor at his age being more than enough to warm both Victor and Yuuri’s heart. “Don’t forget to send the invitation.” He said matter of factly, clicling his tongue as he closed the small black box and handed it back to Yuuri, already on his way towards the door when the man finally snapped back into reality.

“Wait! Is that it?” Yuuri raised his voice, hurt.

“What else you want me to say?” The blonde turned around to rest his body against the door frame, bored expression written al over his features.

“I don’t know!” Yuuri panted violently, immediately sitting at the edge of his bed when he started to feel like the room was spinning, hands shaking and tears filling his eyes as his voice broke. “A congratulation, an advice… anything.”

If he was being honest it sounded more like a cry for help than a request.

Noticing the change on the man’s emotional state, Yurio decided to proceed by walking slowly towards the bed and take a seat next to him, the little box being the only thing separating them.

“If you’re asking for love advice to a teenager you’re more desperated than what I thought you were.” He tried tentatively, nudging him with his elbow playfully, watching attentively for a reaction from Yuuri.

But nothing came.

“Hey… you oka-”

“What if I’m making a mistake?” The man bursted suddenly, face agry red and fists white in the sheets, making the teenager jump back with a hand over his heart and his hair bun fall wildly over his shoulders. “What if its too soon? What if he changed his mind? What if he doesn’t feel the same after all? What if-?” 

“Now listen here, pork cutlet bowl!” This time was Yurio’s turn to yell, standing in front of the older boy as he tried to hold back his sobs, right hand clutching the box like a lifeline. “Opposite to what your disturbingly large amount of posters hidden in this very room may suggest, I have known Victor for a longer time than you have,” The blonde boy chuckled smugly when Yuuri’s face turned even redder at his words, “and let me tell you I have never seen that old man so happy in my whole life.” He smiled wholeheartedly as every memory of Victor since the very first day they met came to him in flashbacks, like a movie. Every laugh, every tear, every fall.

“Not even in the ice.” Yurio mumbled under his breath without even realizing he actually said it out loud, the small gasp leaving Yuuri’s now bitten raw lips being the ony thing making him aware of it.

“I don’t know shit about your story together, okay? Don’t care either, so don’t bother. You gonna have kids who actually care one day.” He actually barked a laugh at the mix of confusion yet fondness in the older boy’s face as he looked down, taking his glasses off to wipe his eyes and looking up again to meet the blonde’s green eyes, smiling weakly as if to encouraging him to keep talking. “But the way you talk to each other, the way you look at each other, the way you just breathe around each other for fuck’s sake. I don’t know how to put it into words, you know?.”

He knew neither of the older men liked when he swore but drastic situations required drastic measures.

“Yuuri, if what you and Victor have isn’t love… I don’t think I want it.” Yurio walked slowly to take place next to the older boy once again, not daring to meet his eyes. “Are you making a mistake? Course you’re not, idiot.”

Silence filled the room once again.

“Um, I think its your turn to say something.” The blonde laughed nervously scratching the back of his neck, lazily braiding the ends of his hair as he waited for an answer.

“You called me by my name.” Came amusedly from beside him, making him snap his head up as realization hit him, the older boy already looking at him with a smug but still somehow sweet smile, a thank you shining behind his glassy brown eyes.

“Yeah?” The teen between the two said, looking away when he felt his own green ones starting to water. “Well, don’t get used to it, pig.”

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Ahhhh I like my professor. He's twice my age and married with kids and likes me back. We have already agreed we can't fuck because it could very easily ruin his life but we still wanna be friends. He won't tell his wife about me though so I'm worried he is gonna get into trouble if she ever finds out he has been hiding me. WHAT DO?

find your own man.

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Well now I know why these two have so many fanfictions with them being paired together, lol.
The dialogue in this game is so suggestive.

When Viktor said “It’s almost like a marriage proposal,” I was like: Don’t lie to me. You two are already married.

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Hey I'm curious. Do you have any straight ships in this universe of yours?

LOL NOPE I mean I could but I’m too big of a fag to try

(But real talk: I might as well have fun making everyone gay because it’ll be years until I have an arsenal of actual canon gay characters in cartoons)

unpopular opinion: i detest emma watson