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I was a queen, and you took away my crown; a wife, and you killed my husband; a mother, and you deprived me of my children. My blood alone remains: take it, but do not make me suffer long.

historical make me choose @liverpoolrules asked: marie antoinette or elisabeth of austria


Costume Porn + Weddings/Wedding Dresses x

glitter by aprilynne pike: Breaking Bad meets Marie Antoinette in a near-future world where the residents of Versailles live like it’s the eighteenth century and an almost-queen turns to drug dealing to save her own life. 

okay but imagine

Madame Du Barry (1934) available on DVD or at least digitally

Dolores del Rio! Jokes about kings making omelettes! Anita Louise as Marie Antoinette and a seriously adorkable wedding night scene between her and Louis! A film which is a unique example of something that exists as a mash up of pre-Code Hollywood and films after the establishment of the PCA! It would be marvelous!


→ISFP: The Composer:

Introversion (I) preferred to extraversion: ISFPs tend to be quiet and reserved. They generally prefer interacting with a few close friends rather than a wide circle of acquaintances, and they expend energy in social situations (whereas extraverts gain energy).

Sensing (S) preferred to intuition: ISFPs tend to be more concrete than abstract. They focus their attention on the details rather than the big picture, and on immediate realities rather than future possibilities.

Feeling (F) preferred to thinking: ISFPs tend to value personal considerations above objective criteria. When making decisions, they often give more weight to social implications than to logic.

Perception (P) preferred to judgment: ISFPs tend to withhold judgment and delay important decisions, preferring to “keep their options open” should circumstances change.

1) ISFP Celebrities (f/m): Rihanna, Ozzy Osbourne. 2) ISFP Historical figures (m/f): Leonardo Da Vinci, Marie Antoinette. 3) ISFP Fictional characters (f/m): Eowyn, Harry Potter.

A production still from Je m'appelais Marie Antoinette, an interactive spectacle play written by Andre Castelot and Alain Decaux, which played in France in the 1990s. The play recreated Marie Antoinette’s trial and allowed the audience to vote for the fate of the queen during a break after the end of the trial. The ending of the play would differ depending on the outcome of the audience vote. The four options were: acquittal, exile, imprisonment, and death.

Marco Calvi-  La Joueuse de tympanon 

acrylic and pencils on paper

In 1784, the whatchmaker Pierre Kintzing and the cabinetmaker David Roentgen,presented at Versailles the Joueuse de Tympanon, an automaton looking like Marie Antoinette. It is said that the automaton’s hair were those of the Queen and that its dress had been created/made with the same fabric of one of Maria Antoinette dresses. The music played by the Joueuse was composed by Christoph Willibald Gluck Allemand; a German composer who was also the Queen’s music teacher. Marie antoinette, who understood the value of such a creation bought it in 1785 and donated it to the accademy of sciences. The Joueuse de tympanon , survived the horrors of the revolution is now in the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Paris yet fully functional.