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I have this idea that Sombra may act aloof and joke a lot but when she actually has feelings for someone they’re genuine and she tries really hard to impress them? And is surprisingly romantic? So when Satya thinks she’s about to be taken to a Burger King for her first date and Sombra actually nervously pulls up to a really nice really expensive Indian restaurant and seems genuinely anxious about making a good impression she just is like *heart eyes motherfucker* 


hey so

anyone else notice it’s fucking RAINING

in the scene where Hughes dies

…and “it’s raining” now has another layer of Maes-Hughes-related pain. Thanks, movie, I didn’t need my heart intact.

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Would you write Shirayuki and Obi encountering Torou again in Torou's POV? Thank you!

Her last job takes her to Viande and leaves her there, which tells her something about working with the Viandese. Which is: never again.

Those cunning, backstabbing bastards. She’d almost like them for it, if they didn’t strand her in a small boat off of Mialto with the guard on her tail.

As she said: never again.

Well, unless the coin was good enough.

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red through me

belated birthday ficlet for @nicaforov​, who requested “i want to kiss you” for kic-verse viktuuri :) hope u like it i lov u long time!!! 

There are several things Victor could have said.

He could have said, “That color suits you.”

Or perhaps something that makes conversation, something like, “Nice, what will you wear with that?”

Or maybe even just, “You look really good, wow, amazing,” and he could have left it at that.

Victor has several options here, but the one he chooses is apparently the big red button in the corner of his mind labelled ‘DO NOT TOUCH—PRESS FOR REGRETS’ because here he is, reaching up to skim the back of his knuckle against the freshly applied lipstick on Yuuri’s mouth and blurting out,

“I want to kiss you.”

Yuuri freezes. Victor’s mind short-circuits.

(From the corner of his eye, he can see a pair of interns entering the HMC closet and then immediately exiting when the words leave his mouth.)

No one moves for so long that the motion detector sensors prompt the lights to turn off, plunging them in darkness and surrounding them in shapeless racks of clothing.

And that’s, well. That does it for Victor. His hand jerks erratically, flying to the scarf around his neck as if to readjust it, as if it weren’t hanging perfectly already. The lights turn on, and Victor gets a quick glimpse of Yuuri staring at him with wide eyes and parted lips—full, dripping red, utterly kissable, completely untouchable—before he screws his eyes shut.

Darkness again, so that maybe Yuuri can leave before he continues to make a fool of himself.

Breathing through his nose, he counts a full three Mississippi’s before saying quietly, “Please excuse my words. They were hardly appropriate, and I understand if you’d prefer to take your leave for the rest of the day, or the week, even, and you’d be fully compensated for—“

He cuts himself off when he feels something soft brush against his lips.

This time, he’s quick to react. He presses forward, pushing their mouths together again. And again. He cups Yuuri’s jaw, traces a thumb back and forth on his jawline. A hand slips into his hair and pulls, not that hard but enough to make him gasp a bit, and then a tongue is slipping into his mouth.

Victor’s not sure if his mind has short-circuited again, or if maybe it never recovered from earlier. All he knows, all he feels, is Yuuri—licking into his mouth, pushing him against the shelf of handbags behind him, slipping a hand underneath his shirt to press hotly on the muscle of his abdomen.

There are small details, too, that he registers faintly. Like the sound of a tube of lipstick dropping to the floor and rolling away, and how Yuuri tastes like coffee but smells like tea, and also how he’s relieved microfiber doesn’t wrinkle.

He says that last part out loud probably, while Yuuri has ducked down to mouth at his neck, because suddenly Yuuri’s pulling away to give him a look of utter disbelief. His lips are wet, lightly bruised from kissing, and covered in a messy smear of Dior Rouge around his mouth.

Victor’s sure he looks the same, but he laughs anyway. “You look incredible.”

Yuuri blushes, but his mouth twitches. Victor wants to paint him in every shade of red imaginable.  “You have never looked better,” he says, smiling and serious.


i will take this opportunity to not so subtly suggest that “will it beard” could be interesting.

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💔 💋 ❣ for Asahi and Kuroo pretty please luv u and your blog <3

How to arouse him;


• Playing at innocence is your best shot if you ask me. Perhaps “accidentaly” making something sound like a possible innuendo and then as you watch him get flustered and blushy, start worrying like crazy, checking him for a temperature as you get up in his face 😏

• Depending on how naughty you want to be, discreet touches drive him insane while you’re in public. If you link your arm around his as you press your chest on him in the most casual way he’ll be down on his knees in mere minutes. If he even lasts for that long.

• If you’re on your own though, at the comfort of your own home, it will be enough to start sweet talking and offering him a massage then allowing your hands to wander when he isn’t expecting them.


• The better question is how to NOT arouse him. If he’s truly into you he could find you biting your lip as you’re solving a math problem the hottest erotica in existance.

• Even though I’ve got to say that he has a preference of you waking him up with a kiss down south while you’re wearing cat ears. Just saying.

• Did I mention that he probably has the biggest master/servant kink? Scratch that, he has quite a lot of kinks in general and you can play at any each one of them and he would be down for taking you on a desk in the library as you play who can be quieter so that no one hears you.

• He sooo does his best to make you as loud as possible; getting caught is incredibly arousing for him. You know the one, forbidden fruit or not he was starving and it was damn delicious.



• If you’re in public, he’ll be hesitant on PDA but when you’re alone he likes to both kiss and be kissed gently and passionately.

• Run your hands through his hair as you’re kissing him and he will become a complete mush. His cheeks will reach a new and yet undiscovered shade of red!

• His hands will always reach out for your waist while you’re at it in hopes of you jumping at him and wrapping your legs around his own waist. He’ll do anything to make the kiss deeper and more meaningful.


• Oh man, I have already made a long list of kissing headcanons on our cat-boy here, but I’ll put a few here just for good measure!

• Kiss him, literally, in any way you want. He doesn’t mind anything, quite on the contrary actually, he loves being affectionate with his partner!

• When he’s feeling particularly playful he’ll try lingering kisses or just moving away, teasing you with his height as he watches how flustered your expression becomes.

• Much like Kenma, I’m putting my money on the fact that he would be a complete slut for morning/night kisses. Not just one or two, he wants to be showered! If you give him just a few you can expect him whining for more in mere minutes.



• This one isn’t exactly a turn off but it’s definitely going to make the mood slightly awkward– saying out flatly that you wanna do it. Probably *only* in the beginning of the relationship though because he would feel insecure about messing up or making you feel uncomfortable under such pressure. What pressure, might you ask? In his mind, if you’re the one asking it he’ll feel as if you’ve grown impatient with his pace. You know he can be a people pleaser at times.

• Overdoing it with scratching probably wouldn’t sit well with him. It could be just me but I think he would be against heavy marking of his partner because he’s afraid that people will think he’s harming her due to his thug personality.

• Bad hygiene. I don’t think there’s much to add onto that, he really isn’t picky about stuff but he believes a shower and tooth brushing should go without saying.


• He would respect his s/o no matter what but if she were to be strongly against any and all experimenting and only wanted what felt good for her, he’d be kind of turned off. Sure, he wants you happy and he doesn’t mind doing anything for you but he dislikes the fact that it’s a one way street.

• Linking to the first one, he’d be pretty put off if the girl would remain in the starfish position as he takes her while she gives no response whatsoever at all times. She should at the very least try something.

• Faking moans would legit make him drop you in split second. You gotta remember his pride would be hurt and he’d rather she asks him to stop and try something else rather than fake pleasure for his sake. As I already mentioned, it’s a two-way street for him and he wants you to be honest about what you’re comfortable with.

Title: Your Liminality

Rating: Teen And Up 

Warnings: None

Relationships: Qrow/Ozpin

Series: RWBY Rare Pair Week ( @rwbyrarepairweek​ ). 

Prompt: Together/Separation

Summary: Some say that lonely nights are a time when magic is active. Ozpin finds a strange crow outside his window and, of course, offers him a new home. 

Notes: I had no idea rare pair week was a thing! Or that it was going on now! So of course when I found out I needed to try my hand at a little Ozqrow. It’s short, but hopefully enjoyable :) 


What’s your favorite fairy tale?

Truthfully? All of them. Ozpin could no more choose a favorite story than he could a favorite student. Each had helped him to grow over the years, to reflect on past mistakes and look to the future. Like friends they comforted him on his lonely nights—nights much like this one. Whatever storm had decided to blow through Vale was certainly a doozy and Ozpin was perfectly content to leave the wind and the rain outside his window, curling up with a companion in the form of a book. A pillow for his head and pages between his hands. Ozpin thought himself a simple man with simple needs.

Though even he enjoyed his indulgences. It was going on 1:00am when Ozpin stood to refill his mug.

Passing through his office and into the kitchenette, he shouldn’t have caught the soft tap-tap-tap sounding from the window. Not above the screech of the storm and his own, constant thoughts. The birds of Vale never flew as high as his tower and Ozpin couldn’t recall the last time he’d seen a crow this late at night… none of which actually made the drenched avian disappear. Apparently, this little bird wasn’t a particular fan of logic.

He tapped the glass again, insistent, and Ozpin’s eyebrows rose into his hair.

“Very well,” he murmured and rolled up his sleeve. The window overlooking Beacon’s courtyard didn’t open, but everything, even glass, was a slave to time’s command. It was a simple matter to slow the atoms enough for Ozpin’s hand to pass through them and he gripped the crow, gently, to bring him safely in from the cold.

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@somuchbetterthanthat, in the spirit of 3-sentence fills, here’s a triple drabble. (From this post)

Grantaire would be able to describe every scent in Stoa, name every blend in the store blind and tell a story – long and meandering, but full of witticisms and trivia – about every kind of coffee bean he carries. But all Enjolras knows is that the coffee shop smells nice, and he feels a few of his worries lighten every time he walks in the door.

He’s too tired to follow carefully as Grantaire describes the drink he’s making, but he enjoys listening all the same – coffee is coffee, as far as Enjolras is concerned, to be consumed as quickly and efficiently as possible, but Grantaire almost makes it seem like something more. An art, perhaps; a secret and magical world Enjolras will never comprehend but can glimpse through Grantaire. Enjolras may not understand it, but he appreciates passion and skill whenever he finds them. There’s something soothing about letting Grantaire talk without quite taking in his words; his voice is rough but pleasant, and he gestures wildly with his hands even as he prepares and serves Enjolras and a few other customers their drinks.

Enjolras closes his eyes as he takes his first sip, like Grantaire is always telling him to do, and tries to take in the feel of the hot cup against his hands and the scent of coffee. He doubts he can distinguish what’s coming from the shop from his particular cup, but at least he’s made an effort.

“This is good,” Enjolras says a moment later, a little surprised. “I think I can tell that it’s different from other blends I’ve tried.” He tries to pull up keywords from Grantaire’s speech, to show some of it sunk in. “It was…something with a mountain, yes?”

“Enjolras,” says Grantaire, in a tone of long-suffering patience, “that’s Floreal’s tea.”


Despite the awkward beginning, things had finally started to relax and you were almost enjoying yourself… almost. Of course, as much as you liked the guy opposite you, something was making you hold back, or, perhaps, someone. You mentally sighed as you tried to force him out of your mind. Now wasn’t the time, you were on a date for heavens sake! You didn’t need Harrison Wells running through your mind when you were trying so desperately to move on from your little crush.

Taking a sip of your wine, something you were enjoying more than this date, you couldn’t help but wonder if you had made a mistake. Certainly, this friend of Iris’ was good looking, even charming, but was he what you wanted? No, you needed to stop thinking like this. He was a good guy, he deserved a chance, a proper chance, one where you weren’t trying to compare him to your boss constantly.

Just as you had decided to do just that your phone began to vibrate. Throwing a quick glance towards it, trying to determine whether or not it was important, you were shocked by the caller I.D. ‘Harrison Wells’ flashed up on your screen, causing you to furrow your brow in confusion. Certainly, you had been called in before, all the more so since helping Barry become The Flash, but you could never recall Wells being the one to call, let alone on his mobile.

Apologizing quickly to your date, you pick up the phone. “Hello?”

“Y/N, where are you?” the urgent, and surprisingly worried, voice of Harrison Wells called through the phone. The question struck you as odd, hadn’t he known you had a date tonight? Barry and Cisco had been practically singing that you did all week long, surely he would have heard. But then again, he had no reason to take notice. 

“I’m at dinner, is everything ok?” you ask, internally cringing at your question. Of course it wasn’t, it wasn’t every day Wells dialled your number.

“I need your help” he spoke. The words were so simple, and their meaning ranged so far, but it was all you needed.

“One second” you reply quickly, putting your hand over the speaker. “I’m so sorry Y/D/N, I have to go. There’s something of an emergency.” Not giving your date the time to reply you quickly gather your things before making your way out of the restaurant. “Doctor Wells? I’m on my way.”


Benton Fraser, his woobie face: a retrospective

because nobody does lonely suffering quite as prettily well as Fraser does

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A scenario where A!Genji is highkey courting an omega that when he flirts with them he gets banter/sarcasm instead of blushing, but later overhears that they do like him its just they are insecure about confessing cause they think he is kidding?

Haha this got long but I love my genj boi. So read more it is

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hello, dear muffins! you’ve all seen this coming, and here it is, at long last, a cullistair week in celebration of swords & broken shields’ anniversary. if you enjoy the dynamic between our two favorite ex-templars, if they’ve made you flail, wail, or made you clutch your heart until you couldn’t breathe anymore, tie yourself up to our ship’s mast and prepare yourself to generate and bask in cullistair wonders for seven days, all in the name of fun and positivity. starting on march 28, please ensure to tag/mention @fyeahcullistair​ whenever you create cullen + alistair art and/or reblog older content in order to be featured. and yes, that’s a forehead touch vibrates


March 28th: Chantry Boys

Anything associated to a verse in which Cullen and Alistair grew up together, whether you decide to explore their youth or older days, either as friends or as a couple.

March 29th: King & Lionheart

All things associated with a world state in which Alistair is King, and Cullen the Commander of the Inquisition. 

March 30th: Alternate Universes

Modern AU? Crossover? Alistair winds up as the Inquisitor, or Cullen as the Hero of Ferelden? Bring it!

March 31th: Have you ever licked a lamppost in winter?

Yes, this is exactly what you think it is. Make it hot and steamy.

April 1st: Fluff & Humor

Bring on the sap, the cheese, the pranks and the terrible puns!

April 2nd: The Grumpy One

A sick, bedridden Cullen? A younger, piqued Alistair? Or something darker, perhaps, like The Calling. Make us laugh, or make us cry.

April 3rd: Growing Old

Do they have kids? Ten dogs? Do they compare wrinkles? Do they reminisce their youth, and how everything began? How everything is, and how nothing’s changed, hair grayer, but hearts just as full?

Dear inexperienced/ignorant rat owners 

Rats are silent creatures. If they are making a noise that sounds like cooing, or something perhaps a Guinea Pig would make, you have an upper respiratory infection on your hands. 

They do not, I repeat, do not make sounds audible to humans when they are happy. Rats communicate in the ultrasonic, and the only thing we hear from them in our sound range is their squeaks when they are fighting/wrestling. 

Stop telling people their sick rat is “happy”, or “excited”. All rats carry the virus Mycoplasma Pulmonis, and that can get agitated when it is excited, just like someone with asthma can have a coughing fit if they get too active/excited. Please, you’re endangering the animals’s health. Stop saying it’s a happy sound. 

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I can't believe there are no to do scenarios for J-hope yet Oo I'll request one yes? :) You and him only started your relationship recently so there didn't happen anything sexual between you two yet.. what would he do if you get him excited without intending to? You can include smut if you have ideas for it. ;)

Sorry for the wait; Also this ended up really long because I an idea I had for an independent scenario that happened to fit this request… anyway I don’t think you’ll mind! Hope you enjoy~

- Devi :)


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A-spec experiences cover the entire breadth of human experience.

You can be aromantic and love the idea of love, love the idea of being in love.

You can be asexual and love sex, love the feeling and the power and the connection of sex.

You can be aromantic and hate love, loathe the way romance is woven into every aspect of our society.

You can be asexual and find sex boring and unpleasant and omnipresent in a way that drains every last ounce of energy from your body.

You can be aromantic and just not even care about romance, romantic love. Why would you? It hardly makes a difference to your life.

You can be asexual and not bother thinking about sex at all, because it’s not worth your time.

You can be aromantic and embrace romantic expectation and relationships for the sake of people you want to make happy, and perhaps even find something to like about it.

You can be asexual and accept the sexual desires of others and embrace them for the sake of leading a happier life with people who care about you.

You can be aromantic and have all of those experiences, sometimes in the same month.

You can be asexual and have all of those experiences, sometimes in the same week.

You can be aromantic and have none of these experiences at all.

You can be asexual and define your experiences entirely for yourself, with no care as to how other people would describe them.

There is no one true way to be aro, ace, or a-spec.

There are as many ways as there are a-spec people. In fact, there are even more.