like lucy in the sky

I made this for the competition that The Beatles Story Liverpool is running to create a piece of art inspired by Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds ✨


Sparkly gay(and pan/bi) girlfriends at first fight sight. 

(but seriously karolina is rainbow sparkling and julie is radiating the pan flag colours here)

🌸🌼🌺anybody and everybody is free to participate in this if you want! Share the peace and love and rock and roll man 🌺🌼🌸 

 July 1st- draw your 1967 self! 

  July 2nd- Draw your favorite California psychedelic rock band 

 July 3rd- Draw something inspired by a psychedelic song 

  July 4th- Draw Haight-Ashbury in its prime (bonus points for Beatles references) 

 July 5th- Redesign a 1967 album cover 

 July 6th- Draw something inspired by the album “incense and peppermint” by Strawberry alarm clock 

 July 7th- Draw the Beatles in flower crowns trying to put one on George Martin 

July 8th- draw 1967 yardbirds July 9th- recreate/reinterpret a 60s concert poster 

July 10th- reinterpret a modern band or artist as a 1967 one 

 July 11th- draw a later famous rocker/band who got their professional start during 67/68/69 as a confused, impressionable teen

July 12th- Draw an old rockstar with their 67 counterpart 

 July 13th- Draw Bowie fangirling over Beatles 

 July 14th- band of your choice driving in a VW hippy bus 

 July 15th- draw ‘67 Pete playing guitar 

 July 16th- Monterrey pop festival! Re design the poster or lineup/ draw your favorite act 

 July 17th- draw Pink Floyd as psychedelic as you can 

 July 18th- draw hippies dancing in the park 

 July 19th- draw Jim Morrison writing poetry in a field of flowers, 

 July 20th- draw ‘67 Bowie meeting '67 Pink Floyd, 

 July 21st- draw a cute Joj in a flower crown holding a random kitten 

 July 22nd- draw the members of Led Zeppelin in 1967- pushing a broken down tour bus.. all sweaty and panting, but Roberto is just sitting there with a chilled lemonade, not helping at all.  

July 23rd- draw jimmy Hendrix with a floral motif 

 July 24th- draw two members from different bands wearing the same groovy outfit (who wore it better?) 

 July 25th- draw 1967 Brian Jones in the most fabulous and psychedelic outfit you can think of! 

 July 26th- draw a purple dragon (for a tripping musician to chase) 

 July 27th- draw a magic bus for a magical mystery tour 

 July 28th- draw someone fangirling over Janis Joplin 

 July 29th- draw what you think Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds would look like! 

July 30th- draw a musician jumping on the Indian music bandwagon and attempting to play the sitar 

 July 31st- draw your classic rock OTP doing some cute groovy shit. 

 So there are the prompts! A big thank you to everybody that submitted one 💛 if you participate in this please tag your drawing under “Summer of Love Challenge” I’d love to see everybody’s ArtiNg! ✌️&💛

I love FF15. And the characters. It happens rarely that I play a JRPG and actually adore the whole party. :D

So, have the finished and scanned version of the fanart, which… I actually just started because of their names. If you translate the names from Latin, you get something like that:

Noctis Lucis Caelum. Dawn light in the night sky? That one is actually poetic and fitting.

Prompto Argentum. Quicksilver.

Ignis Scientia. Errr… Fire and knowledge? Promethean fire? One of his special attacks is Sage Fire, so works for me.

Gladiolus Amicita. Small sword of friendship. Aaaand I lost it. A friend and I spent the rest of the evening making compensation-jokes. And since I can’t really add cutie marks in his background, he gets the love of his life: Cup Noodles.

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Listening to shuffle and Carolina came on - huge contrast to the classic rock it was surrounded by. I'm blown away by how rich and layered the sound is - along the lines of the Beatles or Badfinger. There is so much going on, particularly in the second verse. All the vocal harmonies and instruments. With your highly trained ear, can you pick out all the instruments and parts on the 2nd verse? Not asking for a full breakdown on the song - yet! Thanks!

I heard a lot of percussion, but I couldn’t name all of them, so I went to my percussion guy.

“Carolina” is a sonically satisfying song to listen to– like SOTT, there’s a thickening of texture, a build-up to a synth rise and string swell in the middle, and then a paring back to barer textures at the end. There’s also a counterpoint of syncopated sounds that is really masterful– just a beautiful, subtle, sexy production, rhythmically tight and smart.

The percussive sounds contrast impertinently with the whiny, strung-out vocals– hallucinatory vocals, like on “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

I know you didn’t ask for it, but, too bad, dude, you’re getting it. My instrumental breakdown (I have left out vocals):

0:00 lap steel, bass, shaker, Jew’s harp
0:08 cow bell, acoustic guitar, bass
0:17 bass, hand claps, lap steel, acoustic guitar
0:46 drum set, tambourine, shaker, synth
1:00 drum set (+tight snare, tambourine, bass, open/close high hat
1:20 bass, drum set, synth strings (violin, cello), open/close high hat
1:36 drum set, tambourine, synth rise
1:48 cowbell, spoons, shaker, electric guitar, bass
1:55 bass, cowbell, spoons or chimes
2:10 drum set, tambourine, bass, electric guitar, lap steel
2:26 synth strings, drum set, tambourine
2:56 electric guitar, synth string, synth down, snare rim
3:01 snare rim, electric guitar

The instruments like the shaker, spoons, cowbell, Jew’s harp, lap steel put this song into bluegrass territory, but the snares and the electric guitar set it into more in blues/ jazz.

The synth strings are definitely 2017, as are all these layers that can be digitally mashed together to form a tapestry of sound.


Nalu Fluff Week (Bonus) Day 2: AU

Saving the best for last and also my most proud piece I did! :’D I was really torn on what to do for an au. I always wanted to do a cross-over with Nalu and a Ghibli movie and this was the one that instantly came to mind. So here’s Natsu and Lucy as Howl and Sophie. & Them with Howl and Sophie hair color’s!!

Marvel Ask Meme
  • Professor X: What's one thing you wish you knew about the person you love?
  • Magneto: Are you a good person?
  • Cyclops: When was the last time you were a good leader?
  • Iceman: When was the last time you were intentionally cold to someone?
  • Angel: Most unique thing about how you look?
  • Beast: What's your biggest intellectual accomplishment?
  • Phoenix: When was the last time you felt powerful?
  • Havok: How do you express your anger?
  • Darwin: How do you handle change?
  • Nightcrawler: Do people judge you on how you look?
  • Wolverine: How do you deal with your problems?
  • Storm: Who do you think respects you the most?
  • Shadowcat: What is something you wish you hadn't seen?
  • Rogue: What strengths do you get from others in your life?
  • Gambit: What item makes you feel safe?
  • Jubilee: Do people take you seriously?
  • Mystique: Who do you wish you were more like?
  • Hope: How do you best help others?
  • Ms Marvel: When are you at your strongest?
  • Deadpool: How well do you understand sarcasm?
  • Wasp: What do you feel you didn't get enough credit for?
  • The Hulk: What's a part of you you don't think many people see?
  • Hawkeye: What's a talent you've worked really, really hard to hone?
  • Quicksilver: What's something you should've taken more time on?
  • Scarlet Witch: What is something you consider yourself the best at?
  • Black Panther: Do you consider yourself a fair person?
  • Falcon: Do you think you could change the world?
  • Daredevil: What do you always pick up on that others might not?
  • Squirrel Girl: If you could kick any superhero's ass, who's would it be and why?
  • Wiccan: What's one wish you'd love to come true, but are scare of the consequences if it does?
  • Hulkling: What's something that defines you?
  • Hawkeye II: Ever done something out of character just to prove a point?
  • Speed: How's your relationship with your sibling?
  • Patriot: Have your grandparents done anything amazing?
  • Noh-Varr: Are you a good flirt?
  • Colossas: Do people tend to forget about you?
  • Sister Grimm: Do you think you possess magic?
  • Lucy In The Sky: Do you feel like other people erase your identity?
  • Princess Powerful: What was your favourite thing about yourself when you were a kid?
  • Talkback: What do you think makes you special?
  • Arsenic: Have you ever run out of time before you finished something really cool?
  • Old Lace: Your thoughts on dinosaurs?
  • Victor Mancha: Has anyone ever lied to you about your past?

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Director sanvers (finally I found someone who takes prompts for them lol) - Night-time (does that count as one word? Haha)

Thanks for the prompt!

Maggie turned her head up to the sky. Sometimes, though very rarely, she found herself missing nights in Blue Springs. Not for any of the people there, except maybe her aunt. But for the stars in the night sky. Nebraska skies were free from light pollution. She looked up at National City’s dark, starless sky for a long moment. It always made night time feel a little more lonely, to look at an empty sky.

Soon, she was reminded that she wasn’t alone at all. She felt an arm wind around her waist from her left, and a hand in her own on her right. Lucy on her left, Alex on her right. She tilted her head back down, and looked at the two beautiful women at her sides. She offered them each a small smile.

“What’re you thinking?” Lucy murmured, resting her chin on Maggie’s shoulder.

“The stars. It would be nice to see stars again.” Maggie responded.

Alex squeezed her hand, and said, “I know a great place, not too far out of the city. You can see so many stars it’ll take your breath away.”

“Let’s go. This weekend.” Lucy said.

“I’d like that.” Maggie said quietly. She spared the sky one last glance, then the three continued to walk down the sidewalk.