like look at her precious angel face

Wee Little Babs / Gabriel

Request:  Do you do fics for the angel Gabriel?? If you do can you do some fluff with him? Plot up to you. Also, if you don’t do fics for Gabriel just change it to Castiel!! Also, I hope your day is going great!!

Warning: Chuck is being such a dad in this

A/N: I hope you enjoy this Nonnie!!!

Sam and Dean were out on a hunt in Colorado leaving you with Chuck and Gabriel. Sighing, you adjusted yourself for the third time in a minute. Chuck looked up at you, over his newspaper.

“You okay over there (Y/N)?”

“I’m just bored,” you whined.

He chuckled and set his newspaper down,” Ask me questions. About anything.”

You looked up at him and squinted your eyes, thinking of a question. Suddenly, a smirk made it’s way onto your face.

“The angels, did they grow up or ‘poof’ they were adults?”

“They all grew up. Surprisingly, none of them were much trouble. Except for Gabriel of course.”

“Any embarrassing stories I could use for blackmail?”

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Let Me Love You | Pt. 6

Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Taehyung 

Genre: Angst 

Word Count: 945

Masterlist |Ask

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

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Suddenly, you heard him whisper while a sob escaped his mouth. “I-Is it really too late for u-us?..”

You stopped walking and answered without turning around. “Yes, you’re too late..”

With heavy steps, you started climbing up the stairs. It was too late. He was too late. You were engaged to someone else now.

Right before you reached your bedroom door, you were met with Taehyung leaning against your wall with his arms crossed in front of his chest. Slowly, he looked up at you with an unreadable expression plastered on his face.

You, on the other hand, could already feel your heart beating fast against your rib cage, scared that he might have misunderstood the situation that took place just minutes ago.

Averting your eyes, you looked down at your fingers. How were you supposed explain everything to him? “T-Taehyung, I..I’m-”

“Come here.”

When you looked up, you were met with a soft smile and his arms wide open, waiting for you to come closer so he could embrace your shaking form.

Without saying anything, you walked towards the person you called your best friend and fiancé at the same time and nuzzled your head in his chest, allowing the newly formed tears to roll down your face.

“Shh.. everything is going to be okay. I’m here, Y/N-ah.. You’re not alone..”

Nuzzling your head further into the crook of his neck, you tried to calm your breathing down. “Thank you, Taehyung-ah..”

Placing a little kiss on your head, Taehyung guided you slowly to your bedroom and sat down beside you on your bed.

Caressing your cheeks, he locked his eyes with yours and whispered. “Don’t be so hard on yourself, Y/N. If you’re sad, then be sad. If you want to cry, then cry. You don’t have to pretend like you’re okay.”

Placing your hand on top of his, you took a deep breath and smiled at him. He was trying so hard to make you feel at ease and happy. You were sure that he heard your conversation with Jimin but still chose to ignore it in order to not make you uncomfortable.

“Are you okay, Taehyung?”

Confused, he looked at you. “What?”

“Are you okay with all of this? Are you even happy, Taehyung?”

Tilting his head a little bit, he started speaking again. “Of course I’m happy-”

“Taehyung, please stop pretending.. I know that it’s hard for you too. Your life changed drastically because of Hana and me. You gave up your own life in order to help us and that’s not something that everyone would do just in one night. I know how you feel when you see me talking to Jimin. I can see it in your eyes. You’re hurting because of me and there is nothing I can do to change that, Taehyung..”

Sadly, you looked down at your intertwined hands, the guilt you felt towards him eating you alive. When you felt his soft fingers under your chin, you looked back up at him and connected your glossy eyes with his.

“You can change that, Y/N..”


“Move out with me to another country.”

Bidding the comforting darkness a goodbye, you unwillingly opened your heavy eyelids to the whining sounds of your daughter. Guessing that it was time for her second bottle that morning, you lifted your blanket in order to stand up but halted when suddenly her whining stopped. Assuming that Taehyung must have taken care of her, you closed your eyes again and welcomed the darkness with a little smile plastered on your face.

Just before you could doze of for the second time, you felt something stir beside you. Opening your eyes again, you turned your head to your left side and were met with a sleeping Taehyung.

When Taehyung was here, why did Hana stop crying?

Knowing that Hana wouldn’t stop crying until she got her bottle, you stood up from your bed immediately, concerned that something might have happened to her.

Walking out of your bedroom, you walked towards her nursery but halted before you stepped into her room, the sight before you making you freeze immediately.

Your daughter’s head was nuzzled into Jimin’s shoulder, her grip on his shirt as strong as a baby could hold and her eyes slowly closing as her father sang a unknown lullaby to her.

Hiding behind the wall, you listened to Jimin’s calming voice while you closed your eyes and let the tears roll down your face.

Close your eyes slowly
Give me your frozen hands
Beware your innocent soul
Sleep in silence like the time
This world is a hole with no ground

Before your soft heart pales
And life shows it’s dark side
Sleep, sleep darling
This world is a dark hole with no ground
Sleep, sleep my angel face
This world is a hole with no ground

When Jimin stopped singing, you watched how he placed soft kisses on his daughter’s head. The smile he had on his face was a smile you’ve never seen before. The affection he was showing towards his daughter was something you always dreamed of when he wasn’t there with you in the first months. The way he looked at your daughter showed how much he adored and loved her like she was the most precious thing to him. 

If he hadn’t been too late, perhaps everything could have been different for all of you..

Leaning his head on your daughter’s head carefully, he whispered the words that broke your heart the minute you heard it.

“Take care of your mother, okay? Forgive me, Hana..“

Author‘s Note: After what felt like 50 years, I was also able to update this scenario. I am sorry for having kept you all waiting for so long.. I’ll try to update this scenario regularly, I promise! I hope you like it and let me know what you think about it~ Should Y/N move out with Taehyung or should she stay?

Happy Cas is happy to see me!

Omg at that smile!! Argh!! Some fluff for ma hoe, @notnaturalanahi.

Nini’s 1K Gif Celebration Masterlist

Eyes On You

“Can’t believe they called after all this time, just so they could see you”.

Meg smirked in the backseat, handcuffed and slightly bloody.

“Sorry. Guess Clarence needed to see me. Not my fault he likes me better than you”.

You were so tempted to reach back and smack her across the face again, but the boys were already waiting for you.

It didn’t take long to reach them, pulling up on the road to see Dean and Cas stood outside, Sam in the car.

Getting out, you opened Meg’s door and pulled her out.

“Don’t try shit. Cos I’ve got a bunch of bullets that might not kill you, but they’ll hurt like a bitch”, you warned threateningly.

She smirked at you, sauntering forward as she swayed her hips, winking at Cas.

You shook your head, walking behind her.

You looked up to see a huge smile on Cas’ face, looking at her like she was the most precious thing in the world.

Of course he’d like her. Why the hell would an angel even look at a human, when there was a vile demon bitch right in front of you?

She stopped when she reached them, saying something to Cas that you drowned out, staring at the ground when you joined them.

“You look beautiful”.

You smiled bitterly, wondering how he could find a demon beautiful, no matter the vessel.


Your eyes went up to Cas’ when he called your name, flashing him a quick grin.


“I said, you look beautiful, y/n. I have missed you”.

He walked forward, taking you into a slightly awkward, yet comfortable and warm hug. 

But you stood shocked, tensing as he held you.


He buried his nose in your hair, inhaling your scent.

You looked over Cas’ shoulder to see Dean smirking knowingly, giving you an encouraging wink, while Meg pouted, pissed that Cas showed you his real feelings.

You finally understood.

He wasn’t looking at her at all.

His eyes were on you.

His eyes had always been on you, but you just never saw it until now.

You smiled as your arms snaked around him, hugging him back as the fluttering in your stomach got faster and faster.

“I-I missed you too, Cas. So much”.

You could talk about your feelings later. 

Right now, you were just happy to be in the arms of the angel you’d loved since you met him.

The one who you now knew felt the same. 

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Do u think that whenever ladybug and chat noir are together, Mari thinks tht whatever feelings she gets near him as "Wow, what a beautiful and profound platonic friendship :) "

I think even though Mari teases him and all that, she genuinely loves him. And not in a romantic sense (at least for now). Like you know right here in this scene at this moment:

you can see the admiration she has for this boy in her eyes. Like she was straight up probably thinking “This precious angel is gonna be my best friend I am so blessed”. So yeah, as of now I think that she is content with their friendship and super happy that one of her best friends is also her super kind and awesome partner. So yeah, I wouldn’t doubt that she thinks that from time-to-time, about their friendship in general, and I love that sm :’)

In our hearts.

Lol I’m addicted to dad Harry…

Anyway, enjoy!!! :)

“Daddy, why I don’t have a mommy? Where is she?” 

The melody merging into the hot air of the garden, created by the brush of Harry’s fingertips against the chords of his old guitar, halted when he heard those words. He knew at some point that question was going to pop in in any of their conversations, but he had never expected it to come up in such a sudden way.

He didn’t realise how long he had been making her wait until she left her toys on the floor and walked to curl up in his lap, calling his attention.

“Where is she, Daddy?”

He looked down to her, meeting her innocent and vivid gaze, and detecting her inherited features from you in them.

“What made you ask that baby girl?” 

She shrugged before answering “Lately I’ve noticed all my friends have a mommy and a daddy… well, not all of them, Emma has two daddies and Kevin to mommies; but I only have you. Why don’t I have a mommy?”

He ignored the speech he had prepared for that question and, looking at the horizon where the sun made its final appearance of the day, he answered in the most honest of the ways “Princess, sometimes the brightening of a miracle means the fading of another one” He could feel a lump settling at the back of his throat, as he repeated the sentence he once told himself the saddest as well as happiest day of his life three years ago.

 All the landscape at his sight disappeared and was replaced by the image of a dim waiting room where his figure walked nervously from side to side, waiting impatiently for good news. The next thing he visualised was the sorry countenance of the doctor leading him to the delivery room, finding his baby daughter being held by the wrong person. She was supposed to be in your arms, not the ones of the nurse. He was supposed to see the beautiful image of the two loves of his life, one smiling wide as she tried to calm the other little one, not what he saw.

The feeling of the lump grew inevitably wider and he realised he had to stop recalling that day if he didn’t want his daughter to see him crying. 

“What does that mean Daddy?” 

She sat up and stroked his cheek with her small hand “That means she’s somewhere out there looking after us.” He got lost in the darkness of the sky. “You see that shiny star? The one that stands out between the rest?” He pointed at it while leaning to be at her level. He saw as her chocolate eyes located its spot and a grin made its home at her face 

“Yeah, it’s very beautiful. I like it very much” 

“That’s where Mommy is. Sure she’s right now looking at you and the precious angel you’re growing into.” 

Her mouth made an “o” shape, she couldn’t get her eyes out of the shiny spot. “Will Mommy ever come to visit us?” “No my love, but she’ll always be with us, even if we don’t see her. Do you know where she’ll be?”

“Yeah, Mommy will always be in our hearts.”


after they had sex, dany falls asleep on jon’s chest and he is touching gently her hair, watching with teary eyes the goddess lying next to him and wondering how he got so lucky, he’s looking her angelic face, trying to catch in his mind forever how beautiful she looks while sleeping, so calm, so precious; he’s wishing she can open her eyes so he can surrender with pleasure in their deep and mesmerizing color, then he touches her cheeks with his knuckles, they’re cold like ice but there’s still a pure blush in them, jon procceds to her bottom lip, passing his thumb and touching it with tenderness, then, he leans carefuly to kiss her softly, aware that he can’t wake her up… she starts to smile slowly and he can’t help but laugh realizing she was awake all this time… god… he would really die for her…

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Avengers/WWE crossover

“You see Demon King? I knew she’d come..” Thanos smiled when the demons wife stepped out. (Y/N) saw the demon king held by his throat in Thanos’s hand. She couldn’t let it happen. Balor struggles seeing her.

“Don’t…” she says. Her wings slumped down in defeat. A sacrifice had to be made and if it meant Balor would be saved then her soul could rot for all she cared. Thanos shoved Balor to the ground.

“You see that? All I had to do was find the one thing she cared about the most. You’d be surprised how quickly women like her just beg and plead for their husbands despite just how fucked up they are.” He glances from Balor to (y/n) again. “Too bad this beautiful angel will lose her wings.”

Balors eyes widened.

“Don’t fucking do it! (Y/N) you get out of here now!” He watched Thanos approach you slowly. He circled you, getting a good look at the Demon Queen and her precious wings.

“I could always have your husband take your wings for me…but.” He paused grasping one of your wings in his hand and raised his knife. “I wanna see the look on his face when I take them myself.”

(Just a random Drabble…I don’t know much of marvel but after watching the avengers trailer I got inspired)

Proud (Father!Namjoon)

Plot: Just some really fucking soft father!Namjoon fluff

Word Count: 895

A/N: so I’ve just been in a father!BTS mood idek why I’m just really soft rn and I needed this in my life, I needed bby Kim stealing joon’s clothes and him being really sentimental bc you know that boy, as soft and loving as he is, would totally have those nights where he just thinks “damn, I’m lucky” so I had to do it for myself, the link for this is father!joon (all of the father related posts are here)

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He sat in the middle of his daughter’s room, his eyes covered by his hands while he waited to hear her little feet pattering back in. She had just finished her bath and had asked him if she could surprise him with something, and being the sucker for those big puppy dog eyes, he said yes. So now there he was, surrounded by her toys and trying his best not to bump into her tea table, remembering how heartbroken she had been when he’d cleaned it off and put it away before she was done with her tea party, not knowing she was having one to begin with. It had taken him an hour, a countless amount of failed bribe attempts and an ice cream bar for her to forgive him and he didn’t want to do all of that when she was meant to be in bed within the hour. 

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Big Bang Reacting to holding their newborn for the first time.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

T.O.P - The small baby girl laid in her father’s arms as she curiously stared at his face, knowing that she’s looking at her father. Anyone who’d walked into the room would be able to see that she was his daughter, and it wasn’t just because of the resemblance between the two. It was the look in his eyes. The love and protectiveness that you could see just from his gaze. His daughter was his precious angel, and he’d do everything to make her happy.

It was an odd sight watching the two of them look at each other, silent, as she held tightly onto one of his fingers. It almost felt like you’d been intruding, and you could feel the joy radiating off of him.

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Taeyang - Taeyang wasn’t quite sure what to do when you handed him his son. He was sweaty, shaky, and he wasn’t sure how to hold him properly. But the second the baby was situated, his paternal instincts quickly settled in. His son, almost an exact replica of Taeyang, had opened his eyes for a moment to see who now held him, before shutting them again.

“So sleepy.” he laughed as he gazed at his son. He began to poke at his son’s feet, wanting to see his son open his eyes again, only to receive a shrill whine. “So stubborn.” he mumbled again as he opted to watch his son sleep in his arms.

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G-Dragon - His daughter had been spoiled from the second he found about her existence. He declared that she needed the best furniture, paired with the best clothes, and not to mention the mountain of toys he bought. So as he sat in the bed next to you, the small child quietly sleeping in his arms, a smile stuck on his lips as he gazed at his daughter. He found himself pointing out all her features, cooing as he gently pecked her face with light kisses.

His daughter, even though barely even a day old, was the most precious thing in his life. Besides you of course.

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Daesung - Your son was the most important thing to him, and it had been that way since the pregnancy. He was excited about his baby, and the nervousness never really kicked in. Until now. Looking at his son, wrapped neatly in a fuzzy blue blanket in his arms, all of his worries went through his mind. What if he wasn’t a good father? What if the baby didn’t like him? It didn’t take long for those thoughts to die down though. As Daesung held fists sons tiny hands in his large ones, a large, toothless smile that looked exactly like his father’s grew on the baby’s face. Maybe his son was more like him than he originally thought.

And he wished you luck.

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Seungri - Seungri had been nervous throughout the whole pregnancy, every appointment and every kick made him want to pass out; it had all been for this one beautiful moment. The tiny pink bundle laid peacefully in his arms, content while she played with her father’s finger. He couldn’t help the dopey grin that seemed to be permanently etched onto his face, as it grew larger with the happy squeals that left his daughter.

From where you sat on the hospital bed, you watched as your husband gazed at your daughter, and you could tell in that moment that she was going to be a daddy’s girl.

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-Admin H

From The Rooftop (Jimin)


side note: i will NOT be doing a part 2 for this even if someone requests it. i poured my heart and soul into this drabble and it’d be wayy too hard to write a part 2, especially because i have other requests i need to work on, so please be understanding!

Genre: such drama, much fluff

Word count: 3616 (it’s a long one guys)

Rating: A for Jimin’s an Asshole

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Since today is Matthew and Stephs 5th wedding anniversary... Anniversary cuddles? ~🌸

For a second, Matthew almost didn’t want to wake Stephanie up. The way the morning light was gently filtering through the curtains almost seemed to make her skin glow sunkissed and summery and her hair looked streaked with gold and mahogany and a million shades of deep, rich brown and softer highlights of bronze and copper and a beautiful colour Matthew would struggle to describe beyond calling it ‘Stephanie’. She looked like something ethereal and otherworldly, like a faery or an angel or something precious and beautiful and untouchable.

Even then, Matt couldn’t stop himself from reaching a soft hand towards her face and gently stroking a thumb over the curve of her cheek. She felt warm and comforting and if home ever had to be condensed into a single being, Matthew knew it would look like his sleeping wife.

“Hey sleepyhead.” He whispered, feeling her shift and begin to wake from him careful touches. Stephanie rolled over to face him and Matthew felt the breath get knocked out of him as two sleepy brown eyes looked up at him, the light making them practically glow a rainbow of rich browns as she looked up at him. “Hey yourself.” Steph replied in a tired, rusty voice. Even while still half asleep, Matt smiled at the way she tilted her head to lean into his touch and he let the palm of his hand come to rest on her cheek. “Happy anniversary, honey.”

Five years wasn’t much in the grand scheme of things. In the face of a potential 80-90 years of life, five years was nothing. It was a blink, a shrug, a sentence in a vast and incomprehensible book. It was inconsequential. But Matthew knew that, regardless, he wouldn’t trade the last five years for anything. “You’re so beautiful when you wake up.” He said, letting a hint of awe slip into his voice as his eyes traced the soft curve of her eyelashes and the slow, sleepy smile she gave him.

“You’re beautiful too.” Steph’s hand lifted off the mattress and Matt felt a warmth in his chest as her fingers traced the line of his nose, the shadows of too many late nights working that showed under his eyes, the tips tickling over morning stubble before she gently grabbed him by the chin and pulled him in for a slow, sleepy kiss that seems to melt Matt’s bones and leave him star struck and dizzy. “I love you.” Matthew more felt than heard the words, low and soft with tiredness, against his lips. “I love you too.” He replied, pulling Stephanie close to him and revelling in the way she fit so perfectly into his arms he wondered how he was ever comfortable holding anyone else.

“Sleeping time, work later.” He heard Steph mumble, her head resting on his chest right over his heart. “Sounds good to me, love. Sweet dreams.” Matthew said and felt his chest tighten as Stephanie tugged one of his arms away from their spot wrapped around her and laced her fingers with his. ‘I hope I never have to wake up in the morning without Stephanie beside me.’ He thought tiredly, letting his eyes drift closed. 'I can’t wait to celebrate 10 years of marriage.’


So just a little back story for how this scenario came about. Admin Byuntae (from K-reativefantisies) sent me this video here, and she called Junior a “butt” for pushing Yugyeom. I said there was probably more to the story, and Yugyeom probably did something to Junior off screen that we couldn’t see. Anywho, it started a whole debate between the two as we argued to argue who was innocent or not, and then she gave me the idea to write this story XD 

Summary: When Junior accuses Yugyeom of pulling a prank on him, somehow you and your friend end up arguing for each of your boyfriend’s sake.

Genre: Comedy

Length: 1074

Junior let the water wash over his body, rinsing off the sweat from dance practice. Finally, he turned the water off, reached out to grab a towel, and wrapped it around his waist. He pulled back the shower curtain and screamed when he saw an ugly green ogre baby sitting on the toilet seat. His hand went to his chest, and his heart was beating like crazy. That definitely wasn’t there when he had gotten into the shower, and he knew exactly who had placed it.

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he’s not a siren

Chapter 7: Gigue - often the final dance movement in Baroque suites

Summary: Merman AU. Their meeting is orchestrated by fate, conducting them one at a time to step on the stage. With the flick of the baton, in time, they will sing the same song, but only if they aren’t swept away by the ocean’s mighty waves.

All Ladybug wishes is to have a Chat Noir by her side, but what Marinette finds is that maybe she just needs a more aquatic companion.

Pairing: Ladynoir/Adrinette

WC: 4.8 K

Parts: 1/2/3/4/5/6

Also: AO3//

Thank you to @emberglows for being my beta and I hope @gigiree and @shadybug enjoy it! 

Je t’aime, he says–she knows he says. Je t’aime, he feverishly repeats as their minds, souls, hearts thread together, tangling as one by red string.

And–and he, her Minou floods her everything. His feelings pour out of him, soaking into all of her cells, until her body is breached by pinks, by reds; by loves that drench her worldview.

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How Castiel would react to you on your period:

‘’I need your help, Dean’’

‘’It seems there is something wrong with, (y/n)’’Cas stated as he and Dean walked towards your open bedroom door. Dean chuckled as he spotted your half slumped figures face first in your bed. 

Your butt stuck up in the air as you repeatedly groaned and moaned. ‘’Is she supposed to be behaving that way? Shall we get a doctor?’’Cas mumbled with worry. 

‘’Nah, man, she’s just on her period’’Dean laughed as he clapped Castiel’s shoulder. Cas stood for a while as a look of realisation twirled over his face. 

‘’But women’s natural cycle is a gif-’’


Cas jumped slightly, gulping as he tried not to look to frightened. 

‘’Maybe she is possessed?’’Cas offered helplessly. Dean laughed again as he looked at his helpless angel friend. 

‘’Dude, it’s easy. Just treat her like a dog’’Dean shrugged.

‘’A dog? Dean, (y/n) is not of the bionic st-’’

‘’No genius. Just rub her belly and give her snacks’’Dean winked. 



I didn’t mean to push you away, I didn’t. I just -
                   I couldn’t let you see me.

Lauren Jauregui's cuteness appreciation

So I never really do my own posts and stuff but I was bored and also this is a REALLY important topic and I feel like I have the obligation to show the world just how cute lauren actually is…

Ok, let’s start with the simple “no makeup lauren” just look at her, i dare you to say she’s not cute

ponytail lauren is always cute lauren jUST LOOK AT HER LIL SMILE

i LOVE when she smiles like that like without showing her teeth ISNT IT CUTE

more small smile lauren pics<3345678

ughhhhh too cute

BUT ALSO don’t you love when she does that big smile face?????

asdfghjklaskkjdlkajsdlk sHE LOOKS SO HAPPY


BUT also lets not forget when she does that kinda “surprised” face when she like opens her eyes really wide and just

her face is priceless

i die everytime



precious angel

now prepare yourselves to high cuteness leves bc ur bout see laurens pouty (“sad”) faces

likEEE ???¿'¡!!!NOO PLSSSS

this is waaaay too cute

like really, pouty faced lauren is jst sooo cute


look at her little double chin iTS SO FREAKIN CUTE


now is time too see one of my favssss. ok so have you noticed those moments when lauren puts like a face that looks so extremley serious that is ridiculous ???? 

shes like whatcha say bitch

isnt it hilarious omg

and then when she does that at an interview or something and she like blantantly stares aT THE CAMERA LMAO


and also that face she does when she puts the corners of her mouth down ???

like oops i did it again



I KNOW this is getting long BUT it not my fault its hers for being so cUTE (im almost finished dont worry just enjoy)


cute little baby

and PLEASE NEVER GIVE HER A BABY TO HOLD AGAIN bc i dont think i’d be able to handle it


and like just her being lauren is cute

when she’s not in the “cool rocker girlfriend” mode and shes just 

and she puts her “misterious punk rock grunge girl” mode on pause and

just starts being all cutesy

i love those moments

dont you???

bc like everyone knows she hot

cause we all got eyes and see that.

but not everyone gets to see how cute she actually is…

wow yeah shes definitly intimidating…

just like a little puppy

so yeah… Even though i trailed off a little, I think I explained  my point. lauren might be hot af but she’s also cute as hell

I do not own any of the pics or gifs above, all of them belong to their respective owner/creator

The fault in our ARMYs(it's okay, I cringed at the title too)
  • BEWAre it'S VerY LoNG!!!!!
  • OHOHOOHOOO~. So a couple weeks ago, I wanted t write something. A couple weeks ago I was afraid of getting hate. A couple weeks ago, we still had a problem. But I honestly don't care about getting hate anymore, but the fact that it had to come to a point like this before I spoke out? I'm really sorry. Nevertheless, I'm going to speak out now. Let's address the first problem.
  • BTS in Sweden and Germany:
  • - Rap Monster was CHASED into a changing room and ARMYs kept following and trying to peek inside.
  • - Jimin was approached by a girl at an ungodly hour, she shoved her phone in his face, asking for a picture. Being the polite muffin he is, he tried to say "ah-ah no.." But bitches gonna be bitches : )
  • - NEXT UP (yup, there's more), Jin and Kookie were chased down the street by ARMYs they tried to run away no- they were sprinting away but this ARMY followed after them "like a wild animal"
  • -V, my precious baby angel, (I'm not saying that he never gets angry, but he's good with his idol image) Got visibly mad, he looked on the verge of tears
  • -YOONGI had to SHOUT to get the ARMY's away.
  • May I remind you that this was their VACATION, they were trying to relax before they went to a French, New York(Newark really) AND LA KCON. After a comeback, 3 mv's, concert stages and all the fucking promotion, OUR BABIES CANNOT GET A BREAK???? This is exactly what happened in Mexico with them last year. "Fans" threw PHONES at them.DO YOU WANNA KNOW THE BEST PART? Their excuses lmao "If you saw BTS, you would want to talk to them" : )))) these are shit excuses from shit people.
  • PLEASE NOTE: These bitches do not represent the ENTIRE European ARMYs and International ARMY fan base. but they do put on an image and just hint to changes that must be made. BTS, and every other idol or famous person, they are all people, normal people like you and I. So treat them as such, not as fucking ZOO ANIMALS. Also, I hope y'all know how dehumanizing it is to be greeted with a phone.. Like wherever they go, people don't look at them through their eyes, they take a video of it. It's not always fun to be treated like a lab animal, guys.
  • Why don't we talk about army's in general. Okay,
  • @overdosescenarios wrote something like this too and they got hate for it.
  • - ARMY is a big fan base but guess what? THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY BIG FANBASE. (Surprise Surprise) But regardless, SOME army's have this disgusting habit of thinking ARMY's or BTS are above any other groups...huh..weird.
  • - Not all ARMYs but we have a habit of doing this other thing, any video, regardless if it's kpop or whatever, some ARMY comments something and other flock there saying "OMG ARMY" or "JIMIN GOT NO JAMS XDDdDDDDDddd" like ???? Yes I know you're excited to see a fellow ARMY but come oN. Even on Seventeen's "pretty U" they were all over there saying that the video resembled "RUN". Sorry, it really didn't. Like...I guess seventeen ran? But that's it though. Also Carats are like the chillest FANBASE but they got peeved at all the ARMYS. Because if it wasn't someone calling out the resemblance, it was an ARMY apologizing or a CARAT addressing the problem. And you had to scroll all the way down before you reached a comment that addressed the hard work SEVENTEEN put into THEIR video. Smh
  • - DO NOT cOMMEnT EVERYWHERE. It's okay to comment but a good 150 of you flock when someone either has an ARMY shirt, or the word BTS is mentioned. Like one or two, fine. Good.BTS is so great. ITs just cursed by a really annoying FANBASE.
  • - Don't call V an alien, Don't say RM breaks everything, don't do shit like that. They don't like to be known as that stuff It's like getting the superlative for "weirdest kid" in High School. That should not be their legacy, okay?
  • - Don't hate on other groups and DON'T HATE OF OUR MEMBERS. YO I saw people giving v a hard time. What that boiiii ever do to you, huh? Tayang's song wasn't for him. Idols aren't perfect okay?
  • - Don't get mad when BTS isn't included in react videos. I saw so many comments on Buzzfeed about "WHY ISN'T BTS HERE". And I have an answer, BTS isn't the only kpop group worth a mention.
  • - You gotta understand that Rap mon and Suga and Hobi aren't the only good rappers out there. I know that calling Chanyeol (I love yeolie but really lmao) a better rapper than them is a damn disgrace but there are other talented people. And if you are only into BTS and you're calling them better rappers, better dancers, better singers, then you aren't a real fan bruh.
  • BTS started off small, they made their way up and in no way am I,or other good army's letting those little shits crap all over it. THere are people who don't even wanna join our fandom because of the bad apples. Just cut it out please. I don't know if it's new army's or the ones that got in from FineBros or Buzzfeed *shivers* but just stop.
  • Sorry for the rant.