like look! at him! an actual 5 years old!

concept: svt arriving in the philippines for their concert and the media requesting them to try the famous filipino delicacy, balut (duck embryo). seungcheol reached for the egg the media person was handing him looking all tuff n daddy for the cameras and all of them are excited. as seungcheol cracks open the egg, clear liquid flows out of it and the reporters tell them to drink it. being an actual 5 year old seungcheol is, he passes it to jun who slurps it up like alcohol in a shot glass. “oh we have this in china too! we got this right minghao?” jun asked the other half of the groups china line. minghao nods along half asleep, half awake as the sounds of the cameras flashing are enough to lull him to sleep. hoshi grabs the egg from junhui’s hands and cracks it open like the man he is “you know the saying, when you’re in rome u gotta do what the roman-A,LKSJDEFHBCJN KOKO-YAH?!?!?” hoshi’s screams can be heard a mile away and everybody is intrigued on what he saw. out of all the members, vernon, one of the youngest, steps in to claim his soon-to-be philippine fame as he bravely eats the duck embryo, the yolk and the hard white part in one mouthful. “guys dont be pussies it actually tastes like chicken” he said, but if you listen closely to the background, you can hear the mother of the group, jeonghan, muttering to himself how stupid everybody in the group is. he glances for a moment to the 12 members, as disgust can be clearly seen in his fiery eyes.

I just want to know what happened to 5sos. Like music wise they’ve gotten awesome. But like Luke actually looks like a 28 year old man who has 2 kids and works in a 9-5 office job. Ashton has taken on Michaels bad meme-ing thing. Michael cut his hair away. And Calum is still missing (tell Ashton if you see him).

Single Dad Series - Their Child Gets Upset

How They Ended Up A Single Dad


Luke: “Daddy!” Luke’s daughter, Charlotte yelled as she ran into the study where Luke was working. It was really stressing him out, he worked when he was actually at work and along with at home. He never got to spend time with his daughter and when he did, it wasn’t that long. “Daddy!” The 5 year olds small voice yelled again, with a slight whine to it as she wasn’t getting the attention she wanted off of her blonde 6 foot something father. He sighed deeply, turning away from his laptop and facing the little girl next to him, his heart still breaking as he remembered she was looking more and more like her mother every day.

“What is it, baby girl?” He picked her small body up that was covered with the fairy costume she was wearing. Her uncle Mikey bought it for her and other than her father, he was her favourite man in the world. She loved how he played guitar and was so fascinated by it.

“Play tea party with me?” Her bottom lip jutted out and she looked at her father with sad eyes. This usually always worked for her and she knew that.

“Not today, baby. Daddy has to work.” He gave her a sad smile before pushing her hair out of her eyes. She huffed out in annoyance before scrunching up her face.

“You always working.” She breathed out heavily with a smudge of anger in her voice. She was just like her mother, he thought.

“I know I am baby, but if you want to keep feeding Barbie and Teddy cookies then you need to let me work, yeah?” He hated upsetting his little princess, it always broke his heart. His daughter gave in though, letting out another angry sigh before talking again.

“Call uncle Mikey, he will play.” She smiled at her father at the mention of her favourite person. Luke chuckled.

“Yeah, I’ll call uncle Mikey, how about you go set up a spot for him at the table yeah?” She nodded, jumping off her father’s lap and running to the kitchen while Luke called his annoying red head best friend.

Calum: A sneeze left Calum’s mouth and he let out another deep sigh. He hated being sick, it ruined so much for him and his 3 year old son. But along with Calum, his son, Elijah was also sick. It was the common cold so he wasn’t as worried as what he usually would be. Calum was a parent that worried about everything that happened with his son, he fell over? Calum almost took him to the hospital. If it wasn’t for his mother he probably would have.

“Daddy.” His son whined, sitting up in Calum’s bed where the two had slept last night. “Woke me up.”

“I know buddy I’m sorry, how you feeling today?” Calum’s hand pressed to his son’s forehead, it was still warm. “Still sick?” Before the 3 year old could answer, he ended up throwing up all over his father and on the bed covers. “Oh little man.” His son’s cries filled the small room, letting his father know he was upset.

“Sore.” The small boy pointed to his throat which made Calum nod in understanding. He picked up his son and carried him to the bathroom where he stripped him down. “You too.” Calum nodded, him too stripping down and turning the shower on, where they both washed themselves down.

“You’re okay bud, daddy’s here.” He rubbed his sons back. “You’ll get better in no time, I promise. Then we can go out for ice cream yeah?” Elijah nodded, grinning from ear to ear at the idea.

Michael: “Daddy!” Cameron, Michael’s son jumped on his father at exactly 7:04am. “It’s my birthday!” He squealed.

“Hey bud.” Michael pulled his son up and into his bed. “Happy birthday little man, stay here and daddy will get you your presents.” Cameron nodded, a huge smile plastered on his face. Michael walked to his wardrobe where he pulled out 3 presents that were wrapped up in truck printed wrapping paper. He placed them next to his son before they both smiled at one another. “Open them up.” He did was his father said and started ripping the paper off of the presents. He screamed at the first one, which was more than one in reality. Michael had managed to stack 4 boxes of Legos and wrapped them.

“Oh wow!” The little boy smiled up at his father. “Thank you!” The now 6 year old went to his second present. This one was one that Michael knew his son would be excited for. He practically begged his father to get it, clinging to his legs in the middle of Target crying for it. When he opened it he squealed so loud Michael thought he was going deaf. His son slapped his father face for ‘lying and saying you wouldn’t get it’ which Michael laughed at. No he didn’t condone violence, but this was his son and he knew he would never hurt anyone intentionally.

When it come to the last present, Cameron smiled at the outfit his father had bought. It was a pair of skinny jeans and a Slipknot shirt – Yes the 6 year old liked Slipknot, but Michael was just glad that he didn’t understand half of the words. He had also bought his son a pair of black and white converse. Just like his uncle Calum.

“That’s for your party tonight.” Michael started. “Nanny will be there and so will all of your uncles, but daddy has to work for a few hours.” Michael watched as his sons smiled faded before he spoke slowly.

“Why? It’s my birthday.”

“I have to work buddy.” Michael hated his job, sure when he was a teenager it would have been an amazing one, but when he’s a single dad it was hard. The record shop was amazing, it just took up all of his time. He loved music more than anything, but he hated upsetting his child.

“You not spending time with me on my birthday?” His son started to cry and Michael’s heart broke before he smiled.

“I’m only joking!” He laughed.

“That wasn’t even funny!” Cameron pouted before his father started tickling him. And maybe Michael lied and maybe he lost his job but his only priority was his son and his happiness.

Ashton: “Lia, do you want this dress?” Ashton spoke to his 6 year old daughter when they were shopping. It was just them this time and she was enjoying it before she saw that dress.

“No.” She stated bluntly. “Kylie has that one and I hate it.” This made Ashton sigh and put the dress back.

“Amelia, you can’t hate everything your sister has.” Ashton had no idea what was going on with his daughters, but whenever Kylie had something, Amelia didn’t. They used to be so close and loved going out in the same outfits.

“Yes I can!” One thing Ashton didn’t like was the fact that his daughters got their stubborn attitude from their mother.

“Lia, she’s your sister, you’re meant to get along.” Ashton rubbed his face, frustrated with what was going on. He just wanted to know what was happening.

“I hate her!” Amelia jumped up and down in the middle of Target, stomping her foot on the ground. “She gets everything she wants daddy! Everything!”

“Where is this coming from?” The 6 year old wiped her tears away before sitting on the ground.

“You love her more than you love me.” She said in between breathing and sobbing. Ashton’s heart broke, the one thing he hated was when his little girls cried. It ripped him apart. He had always tried his hardest to make sure neither of them felt left out, but it’s hard when you’re a single dad who has two children to look after.

“Honey, I love you and Kylie the same. I don’t love anyone more than the other.” He picked her up and she placed her head on his shoulder. “Don’t you ever think I love you any less because you both mean everything to me.”

“I love you daddy.” Her small voice had spoken as she sniffled, grabbing her father’s shirt in her small hands.

“How about we look for another dress, yeah?” Ashton’s hand rubbed her back a few times before she pulled away from his shoulder and grinned.

“Yes!” Ashton smiled, mentally noting that he would have to even out the amount of time he spent with the twins individually.

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Has the show even addressed Castiel vs Cassiel at all, before having the name on Toni's murder board? I thought that obviously while they are two separate angel names, there are some accounts which conflate the two, or arguments that one developed from the other as language evolved. Also Supernatural always takes a bit if artistic license with these things anyway. I'm not sure whether we are supposed to think there's another angel, or if it's Castiel's old name; hence Balth calling him Cassie..?

No, I think this is the first time… I don’t think we’ve ever had it written down in any archaic sources since they’ve never looked up Cas specifically, and even in 3x06 it’s very clearly Castiel not Cassiel when he’s randomly in that invocation full of angel names they used as a spell (I’m… not done laughing about that… It’s been like 5 years or something since I’d have noticed that one :P)

I’m trying to remember if we’ve ever actually seen Cas’s name written anywhere but Metatron’s crappy scripts that spell it Cass.

But there are a few posts with sources about Castiel and Cassiel and I’m gonna tag this Cassiel and I suspect if my memory serves a post with links to 2 posts about Cassiel/Castiel in old texts is one of the only things in that tag if you want to read more 

I definitely saw it as a fandom nod, though, in 11x23, because we’ve been digging shit up on Cassiel for years and if they know that and Cas isn’t based on Cassiel but on an actual obscure angel Castiel spelled that way with a different purpose, then Toni is making the exact same mistake as fans idly scrolling lists of angels which aren’t exhaustive enough to include the bae, but do have Cassiel on, causing confusion over the similarity of the names…

I saw someone compare Toni’s knowledge to “those buzzfeed articles about Supernatural from the POV of your friend who’s never watched Supernatural” or something, earlier today, and I think the Cassiel/Castiel mix up goes right in with that casual fan/only sometime watcher view on the show and its canon details :P