like lol i ate so much today

260317 SWC V LA

Onew didn’t grab his mic for replay so key ran after him and handed it to him ㅋㅋ
cr: keyoemi

someone in the front was recording and key got right up in her camera rip that girl 😱😱😱
cr: keyoemi

TAEMIN IS ON ONE! HE DID 3 SPINS IN THE MIDDLE OF FEEL GOOS & ALMOST HIT MINHO😂😂I feel like hes gonna bust out his clothes
cr: ontaekey_

Minho: Welcome to SHINee World!

Key: We’ve always wanted to come here for a shinee world concert, right? Not for kcon, not for a kpop concert. I wanted to come for a swc.

Taemin: Today is the last day of the North America show so let’s fire it up!

Taemin: We had a lot of good meals to eat.
Key: We had In n Out

Key:This is real guys. You are not watching youtube right now.

Jonghyun: You are so passionate today. We thought deeply how we should show you our performance this time. I’m honored that you are the last audience that we are performing to.

Interpreter: you guys are very passionate today.
Taemin (in English): you guys are… very… passionate today

Jinki: the louder your cheers, the better we are!
Crowd: *loses their shit*
cr: TrashyJongTae

Taemin: We will do our best until the end of the show today

Jonghyun: We are going back to Korea tomorrow.. so sad. Taemin learned so much english.

Minho: I really miss LA.. actually today, i watched NBA. Actually i’m.. lakers fan.. my favorite basketball player is Kobe Bryant… but today lakers dont have a game.. but i watched la clippers… but they lose.. today i ate hotdog and in n out… SHINee like In n Out

Key said Minhos jersey was $300 and Minho said “shhh the price is secret” lol
cr: yitaem

Key was trying to recall some lyrics from LaLa land to sing but was having trouble so Minho said “are you ok?”
cr: yitaem

Key told us not to miss the power Ranger movie
cr: yitaem

they were talking about the movie la la land and key and minho were trying to copy the poses from the movie poster. before that minho was talking about basketball and key was like “i know nothing about basketball so what did you do today”
cr: jaececa

Minho just dabbed and now MinKey are making silly poses together pfffft
cr: keyoemi

MINHO: *talks about sports*
Key: “I don’t know what your talking about anyways what did you eat today”
cr: ontaekey_

Key: What were you guys talking about?
Taemin: Why you come hurry.

Key: what were you guys talking about?
Taemin (in English): why you.. come.. hurry. Please call.. your friend.. minho
cr: TrashyJongTae

Jinki: I would like to come back to see you again. its only 13 hours

Taemin:The reason i like LA so much is because the weather is so great. I hope i could come back again to see you all. thank you

Jonghyun: Thank you so much for cheering us on. it was all thanks to you that we could finish so well.

Interpreter:let’s take a picture!
Taemin (in English): let’s take a picture!
Taemin (in korean): let’s take a picture outside!
cr: TrashyJongtae

Taemin doing an impression of Key
then hides face behind hood
cr: bookwormAgatha

Jinki: Please put it down (the banners) so we can see your face
Minho: 1, 2, 3 CHEESEuu~
cr: sheiwol

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TBH when I first got into the fandom one of my main issues with Jimin was his size. It made me sad to look at how frail he was, and to hear him speak about himself the way he did. I would cry for hours about it, especially since both my SO and I have dealt with eating disorders (his was anorexia and mine was severe overeating) so it hit hard. I wanted nothing more than to run up to him and hug him, and then help him get healthy. Seeing his little tummy now fills me with the purest joy.

I can relate to this so much. My favorite part is when Jimin says things like “don’t expect abs this year”, “my stomach is like a chocolate bar that someone smudged the lines off”, “I ate so much today” or when we get blessed with pictures/footage of Jimin eating.

ABS Jimin who???????? It’s all about TUMMY JIMIN.


Idk what this just turned into… just… if you ask me anything it’ll just turn into some kind of Jimin appreciation post. If you send me an ask about Jimins eyes and I’ll spam you with 100 pictures of them. Lol.

today i had a “cheat” day and ate all my fear foods that used to be my favorite. i cooked them all with my boyfriend. we made pizza, fried pickles, sausage, and hot dogs (all throughout the day, not at once lol) and i had so much fun cooking with him like i used to. once i got home, i felt so regretful and horrible and just awful. i’m so tired of not being able to enjoy food. i want to recover but no one will take me seriously because i’m not underweight. i’m just so tired.

Intake for ya today bc I need to keep myself in check!! Gotta a life to live! :)

Breakfast: a bowl of love grown fruity stars cereal with almond milk. And coffee with almond milk creamer!
Snack: a single serving size Lenny and larrys cookie.
Snack @ work: teriyaki turkey jerky.
Dinner: lemon chicken arugula salad. And a kombucha.
Snack after work: two pieces of toast with two eggs and ketchup.

Workout was just an easy quick 4 mile run!
I was so hungry all day today. Like all day, and it bugged me so much but I got home from work and checked my garmin after a busy shift at work.. and my calories burned today was fucking 3,700!?!? So I gladly ate my snack at home this evening!! Much needed!

Well, I am back re watching Arrow. Again. Lol! I JUST finished re watching the series this morning, but I love it so much, so I am re re watching it again hehe :)

I’m gonna watch an episode or two and then go to bed bc tomorrow morning THEA COMES HOmE!!!!! 🐱 so so excited!!!!

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Hello!! I'm honestly just feeling the need to pass out some love today and I only follow like 25 blogs, so I thought I would send a message to each of you. I'm pretty sure tumblr ate a few of the messages I sent last week, and I think yours might have been one of them lol. If this is a double message from me.... oh well! But thank you for all of the great Mycroft content and art!! Your blog is fantastic and I hope you have a lovely day when you read this! Stay awesome :)

Ahhh thank you so much! This means a lot, honestly. Hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly <3

Bits & Pieces of Tora's 101Q&A

Q3 After waking up, what’s the first thing you do?

Tora: I smoke.

– Where?

Tora: In the room

Q4 What do you wear when you sleep?

Tora: There’s no change. I’ll just go sleep with whatever I’m wearing

Q5 Girl, what do you want her to wear when she sleeps

Tora: I want her to wear anything but pajamas

– Pajamas are a no-no?

Tora: I don’t like it. It’s grandma-ish

– There’s lot of cute designs though.

Tora: No no. This, if it’s from a guy, it’s not cute yo. That’s why, T-shirts are good enough

Q8 Are you the type to off all lights in the room (when you sleep)?

Tora: If I don’t, I can’t sleep

– So your room is pitch dark?

Tora: Basically, yep

Q10 If you had a lover, are you the ‘hug and sleep’ type? 'Sleep on your arm’ type? 'Sleeping separately is better’ type?

Tora: I can’t sleep if it’s not separate(d) ne

– Why is that?

Tora: Because I’m sensitive to heat, when the person’s body temperature is transmitted, I can’t sleep

Q11 To want to give the goodnight kiss type? To want to be kissed type?

Tora: Nah, both are good. ( ゚∀゚)・∵. グハッ (lol). Does it matter to have that good night kiss? (smile)

Q13 In the songs made in dreams up till now, are there lyrics?

Tora: No

Q14 Have Alice Nine appear in your dreams before?

Tora: I think they did but I can’t remember ne

– Are you the type to forget even though you have dreams?

Tora: Yeah. I don’t remember that much of it

Q15 What’s your ideal breakfast?

Tora: I wonder~ it depends but if there are egg dishes

– Eggs, do you like them?

Tora: Yeah. In the morning. I feel like eating an egg dish and miso soup.

Q16 By the way, tell us the menu of the food you ate today

Tora: Today is the convenience store bento [lunch box]. 7-11’s.

Q17 The point of today’s fashion coordinate?

Tora: Nothing much. Fuheheh (lol). I’m sensitive to heat so, cooling clothes

Q18 When you like the clothes, are you the type to buy them immediately or the type to choose carefully?

Tora: Hmm, I don’t really buy clothes so I don’t know. Compared to tightly fitting clothes, I like baggy clothes more

Q22 Do you put on fragrances?

Tora: Yeah

Q23 When did you start putting on fragrances?

Tora: High school? Ah, I think I started in middle school

– Among your surrounding (people), was it normal?

Tora: Surprisingly yes

Q24 Do you have a favourite fragrance?

Tora: I’ve been using Bvlgari (Pour Homme) Soir all these while

Q25 For your shoes, are you the sneakers type? Boots type? Leather shoes type?

Tora: Sneakers ne. Even during lives, it’s sneakers. If it’s not sneakers, it’s hard to move. And then, my body is big so when I wear boots, I become too huge

– High-cut sneakers, do you like them?

Tora: I do

Q26 Are you the type to wear watches?

Tora: I do but I lose them often so I don’t wear them these days

– The reason for losing them?

Tora: Instead of saying 'losing them’, it gets broken.  Just by putting it there

Q28 When you are walking with your lover, 'I want to link arms’, 'I want to hold hands’, 'I want to wrap an arm around their shoulders’, 'I want to walk separately'… among these, which one?

Tora: I don’t want to hold hands but I’m not saying that (I want to walk) separately but, linking arms is just nice

– From the girl?

Tora: Yeah. I’m only going to stuff my hands into my pockets. That’s the best

– Not wanting to hold hands, is it because you are sensitive to heat?

Tora: It’s not that. Holding hands is fine too but it’s linking arms that I like. 

Q30 What kind of actions from a girl that would make you feel something?

Tora: I’ve never felt anything from (a girl’s) actions na~

– How will you feel something?

Tora: I probably won’t feel anything. Thinking, 'this is good’ when we’re together is when stuff like our hobbies matches. Other than that, I don’t feel anything ne

Q58 Have you thought of leaving the band in the past?

Tora: Nope……

Q59 Was there a period of time where you have thought of pausing the band and have solo activities?

Tora: No……First of all, I can’t sing

– Tora-san, do you want to try acting?

Tora: Nope, I don’t (decisively)

Q65 What is the bit that you like about Alice Nine and the troublesome bit of it?

Tora: I like how we will help each other out. I think it is really good ne. We are the kind of people who takes the initiative and wants to do the work. When we discover the holes of the bit that people didn’t do, we will take the initiative and fill that hole up. The troublesome bit is probably Nao-san’s toilet? (lol)

Q75 What kind of music do you often listen to when you want to have a change of mood/break?

Tora: I don’t listen to music. It won’t change my mood. I think this is the bit where it is the most different between Hiroto and me. I get tired when I listen to music. I will care about how does this bit goes, my head will go into work-mode and I won’t be able to settle down

Q90 Which part of your body do you like?

Tora: My eyes I guess. It’s been praised since I was young. The colour of my eyes. I have contacts on now but, it’s a little greenish yo

– Your family members, does everyone have that colour?

Tora: (My family members’ eyes are) ordinary. It’s only me.

– Is there some green in your hair too?

Tora: No. I was a redhead when I was younger. As I grew older, it gradually turn blackish. If it is not dyed black, it’s brown.

Q92 Please tell us a recommended way to lose weight when dieting!

Tora: I was on the chubby side in junior school but I thought of losing weight for the first time during junior high school so the first thing I did; that was, drinking laxatives everyday

– Did you lose weight?

Tora: I lost a lot of weight! (The weight) dropped to a level that it’s almost unbelievable.

– What was the reason of wanting to lose weight? Was it because you dated a girl you like or something at that time?

Tora: Nope. There were laxatives at home. When I drank that, something amazing happened, when I went on the weighing machine the next day, all of a sudden I lost weight! I thought, 'if I continued this everyday, I will be able to lose weight easily isn’t it?’ And then at 174cm, I dropped to about 47kg. And then, I collapsed. When I was taking laxatives, I didn’t eat as well and when I went to the hospital, I was diagnosed with anorexia

Q97 What do you think that should be done before 30 years old?

Tora: To have a good time I guess. While you still have the stamina. If you’re gonna enjoy yourself, it’s better to do it early

Q98 Survival living on an uninhabited island. Among your members, if you could bring one person, who will you choose?

Tora: Hiroto I suppose. In terms of surviving, he doesn’t look like he will be troubled

Q100 Your life’s final dinner, with who, where and what would you want to eat?

Tora: This is the most difficult. Will you even be hungry? At times like that. I was watching TV recently and it seems like in America, before a death penalty, the prisoners condemned to death can eat their favourite food. When you think of what would you like to eat, ordered menu is surprisingly ordinary. There is nobody who ordered a high calorie meal because it’s the last. Isn’t it probably because they aren’t that hungry ne 

– When death is before your eyes.

Tora: Yeah. If it’s me, I think I will end up not wanting to eat. The final dinner. And, I think I will want to be alone. The final dinner; it is a pretty word but because it’s something right before dying. When I hear the word 'the final dinner’, I get hungry but I think in reality, I don’t think that would be the case. You’re gonna die after all. It’s the same as being condemned to death. The people who can be hungry during such situations are probably crazy

Q101 A few words to the you of 10 years later

Tora: Get your shit together*


* ちゃんとしてて下さい can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the person. This version is interpreted by me based on my limited knowledge and understanding of Tora. Please feel free to interpret it in your own way.

Credits: Original blomaga from: Azshannar & wp_wolfpaws

Somebody sat at lunch for an hour slowly eating their pile of steamed kale without complaint. “You can’t offer up your sufferings when you’re busy complaining.”

So when he was finally done, we made him a “I ate my kale today” award. He was super pleased. Funny and adorable. I think were going to just start doing this at random for the kids, little life awards through out the day. Awards like:

“Wore one pair of socks all day.”
“Used an appropriate amount of milk to cereal ratio.”

I think I’m going to start awarding myself too:

“Made it through the day on one cup of coffee.”


Ate at Cafe de Seoul today with MG! (´∀`) The place had a really nice, cozy ambiance. The interior is lovely and the seats from where we sat strongly resembled the university chair in the Sims 3, lol. They also provide you with this cute buzzer thingy that comes in the form of what looks like a tumbler cup which lights up once your order is done. Me and MG shared this waffle that came with a Vanilla Gelato and a chocolate syrup. It was relatively nice but it would’ve been so much better if the waffle wasn’t so hard.

I also finally had the chance to “tour” around Taft! I’m so jealous of the place because they have a wide range of coffee shops to choose from.

from early this morning, a little after i had woken up, did some ab workouts, showered and ate an apple. i know your stomach is always flatter in the morning but i liked how it looked today, especially since i haven’t been to the gym since tuesday. also sorry about all the body spam but i’m trying to embrace what i look like even when i don’t feel my best