like literally this time it's actually a wip


I just wanted to drop in and thank everyone who have started following me lately. I mean, last time I did this was when I had like 900 followers, now I’m closing on 1300! Just…wow. So, thanks! You’re awesome :>

Also, I haven’t been quite active lately and kinda didn’t continue the requests ‘cause ehhh well, let’s say stuff happened that happens time to time and I’ve just kinda not done…anything. But I’m starting to get my drawing groove back and I hope tomorrow (well, today…) I’ll get to post at least some of the doodles I’ve (almost) done! Been drawing A LOT of Handsome Jack, actually.


It’s taking so long because I’m literally drawing all of them at the same time. My ability to concentrate on one pic at a time is pretty much non-existent.

But okay, I’m off to bed now, good night! Or…more like morning…..

anonymous asked:

wait, you mentioned the inception fandom recently exploding in celebrity aus? i've not been keeping up with new inception fic, but i am a massive sucker for celebrity aus. care to share some recs with this poor trope-loving soul?

I can definitely share the explosion over the last six months with you! Most of these are ongoing WIPs, though, so I haven’t read them! (How I got culled into reading NBT along with everyone else was a delightful accident :D) WIPs are denoted with a * :)

I tried to grab every celebrity AU from the last 6 months but I feel like i’ve missed a couple!