like literally 2 hours ago

Okay so I’m doing this once cause I love them as ducks but this human au turn-around drawing is alarmingly fast, even for me. I literally started this show like 2 hours ago. also if I did draw them as humans again, they would literally wear different color pants in every picture, even panel-to-panel in the same comic scene

Me: today is going to be awesome

Me: *sees one supernatural spoiler*

Me: excuse me I’d like to get off this train wreck I call a life.

Fucking Jenna. She couldn’t have helped her sister? I know she’s like 5 ½ but still.

Her sister’s gf had to see that. Smh.

HER SISTERS GF GAVE HER A GUN. This dude is dying via headshots. Like.. they literally could’ve killed him 2 hours ago.


Guys. Go watch this, it literally came out like 2 or 3 hours ago. I’m going to draw a couple of other bits at least, I’m still getting ideas while typing this, and if there is a video of bloopers then I’ll do even more because my Uni application just went off so I’m freeeee. Honhonhooon. Eva/alternatefiction as Levi and Cim/procerperficio as Eren (yooo whats up)

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I guess it's enough with the Edward thing. Whatever, is his opinion and his fault if he's being disrespectful. I'm really tired and sick from hearing about him all the time now.

yeah I know what you mean. I literally just heard about it like 2 hours ago but he seemed to cause a big spat. But that’s how people get famous…..

For being disrespectful. 

as easy as it is to blame third party voters (i literally did this 2 hours ago, the post has like 20,000 notes now, i know, i’m recanting), most of the voters that voted for gary johnson would’ve voted for trump. stein voters took away from clinton, but they don’t have nearly as much traction.

the disgusting white supremacist underbelly of the united states came out in FULL FORCE tonight. it’s on them, not on the third parties in the end tbh