like like highway


Tbh I’m so starved for pics of my baby that I don’t care about the sub-par quality of these finds.


How I imagine myself arriving in Italy tomorrow…

Versus the inevitable reality…

When is Illinois gonna just abandon the concept of speed limits and let rural highways operate in like, Autobahn conditions. Illinois drivers aren’t fuckin following the speed limit anyways lmao

So uh, it’s still raining. My house is another road past the ones on the lake thing and up a bit higher so it’s gonna be a looot more water before I flood, but this is getting crazy. 

I like to imagine Rung’s segway going as fast as a small vehicle.

need a fic to read to pass the time. preferably something long, in-universe (au or otherwise), and while it doesn’t have to be korrasami (which is preferred), i’d like it that if korra has to fall for someone else, it isn’t at the expense of asami’s feelings (i’ve been burned before with really good fics pulling that shit). tho, no k*rvira (well, any korra/enemy pairing) or m*korra, please

anyway, any recs?