like last night I was trying to sleep


Last night was back and bi night. I almost dusted off my deadlifting after seeing my back pic from the last post. Then I thought about my injury from earlier in the year and noped the fuck out. I’m just going to stick to machines for a little bit longer. Well at least until my trainer asks me why I’m not deadlifting and forces me to. I’m pretty sure it’s coming. Look I’m not trying to end up like Drake on Degrassi. Lol.

It was a great late night workout that pushed me into that pumped zone where I couldn’t sleep for two hours afterwards. I set two back PRs and switched up the bicep routine some. I think I’m going to add something to the bicep routine next week. I’m not sure what but something. So if you have suggestions please feel free to throw it out there. Don’t pay attention to that total workout time I was too busy facebooking to end my workout and it went super long on the app.

This has been a great week. Tonight is a run night. Unless work kills me.

ML Fandom Week, day 6 - puns

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: K
Word count: 988
Characters/pairings: Adrinette, DJWifi
Summary: It wouldn’t be a true romantic gesture if Adrien didn’t throw in a pun.

For Day 6 of ML Fandom Week: puns.

Marinette had never been happier. Over the last seven years, she and Adrien had not only encountered and defeated numerous villains as well as put a stop to Hawk Moth’s evil plan (there hadn’t been an akuma attack in almost a year); they had also been dating and were so enamored with each other that it sometimes annoyed their friends, found an apartment to move into practically the moment they graduated high school, and went out for date nights at least once a week.

And it was during one of these date nights that Adrien did something spectacular.

They had been sharing stories about their day, Marinette laughing at another of her boyfriend’s awful-but-lovable puns, when he took her hand and pulled her off their path. They turned the corner of the sidewalk, and Adrien gestured to the street behind them. “Look familiar?” he grinned.

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“Yes, Dean?”

“Um, did you …?”

Dean pauses, wrinkling his forehead, and watches the former angel intently, who is sitting at the kitchen table, enjoying his breakfast with some kind of weird and strangely adorable concentration.

Castiel looks up after Dean stopped talking, his expression open and warm. “Yes?”

Dean grabs himself a cup of coffee and downs it in one go after realizing it’s just lukewarm and wouldn’t burn his throat.

“Did you sleep in my bed yesterday?” Dean asks, trying to sound casual and missing by a mile.

Castiel raises his eyebrows. “In your bed?”

“Yeah,” Dean says, shrugging. “When I went to bed last night … well, I noticed the pillow kinda smelled like you.”

It’s been a surprise, that’s for sure. Dean felt tempted to get up again and ask Castiel about it instantly, but in the end he was way too comfortable to leave, inhaled the scent he grew so familiar with instead and slept better than he had in months, maybe even fucking years.

Castiel looks at him closely, debating something in his head Dean can’t exactly decipher. “Yes, I indeed rested on your bed yesterday at some point,” he admits eventually, obviously not sorry at all.

Dean frowns at him. “Why?”

“I just returned the Vonnegut book you had lent me the other day and your bed looked inviting,” Castiel explains. “So I seized the opportunity.”

Dean snorts. It seems odd and so freaking typical at the same time. Of course it would be perfectly acceptable for Castiel to use someone else’s bed just like that, only because it’s there and appears nice.

And Dean knows in the back of his head that he should be at least a little bit annoyed, but the image of Castiel dozing on his sheets, his face so peaceful, is way too endearing to have any negative feelings about this.

“It wasn’t for long anyway,” Castiel says. “Ten minutes perhaps.”

“I’m not mad,” Dean reassures hastily. “I was just wondering.”

Castiel seems to hesitate, apparently not sure how to interpret Dean’s reaction, before finally a small smile pulls at the edges of his lips that makes the hunter’s stomach flutter involuntarily.

“It’s interesting though,” Castiel states, almost sounding pleased.

Dean licks his bottom lip. “What is?”

Castiel rises from his chair and steps closer toward Dean, once again ignoring every single rule about personal space ever invented. Dean can feel Castiel’s breath touching his skin and his heartbeat picks up its pace promptly.

And then that bastard even leans forward and whispers into Dean’s ear, “It’s very interesting that you’re able to recognize my smell although I only lay onto your bed for such a short amount of time.”

Dean swallows and doesn’t know what to say to this.

Castiel, however, seems to enjoy himself. “It’s very interesting.”

His eyes glint in a way that seems so piercing and intense and so Cas that Dean’s knees start to feel utterly weak.


jhope: last night I couldn’t sleep at all due to some high school lovebirds

jungkook: dude tell me about it!

jimin: *looks at v in shocked while blushing 

v: *trying to pretend he doesn’t know anything

jhope: wow look! they’re trying so hard to act like it wasn’t them!

*everyone starts laughing

suga: me and jhope could hear them loud and clear in our room but we were too tired to tell them off 

jhope: I was gonna record them for revenge but then I heard jimin weeping so loud I knew taehyung was going too hard at him

jungkook: *starts laughing hysterically while clapping like a seal

jimin: allllright we’re done here

v: jimin’s going so i’m going too

jimin: *whisper to v “you said the wall was soundproof idiot!!”

v: *loudly whisper to jimin “if I didn’t say that you would’ve bitten your hand till it bleed

everyone: we can hear you right now too dumbass 

jimin: babe we gotta get outta here while we can

v: I’m right behind ya baby

*both of them run out of the sauna but jimin was the only one blushing like a tomato


I didn’t do a formal work out yesterday but I did go for a walk with the family and I did get in my 250+ steps per hour. I was pretty pathetic last week with my steps so I want to be better about that this week. When Monday hit last week I was not ready to do the week, I had been entertaining company on and off for two weeks and I just hadn’t recuperated. But this past weekend I was much more careful to give my body what it needed and I got more sleep and I felt much better by Monday morning.
The baby was showing promise with sleeping through the night but now he’s back to two or three times a night 😭 so I’m trying not to let tiredness control my food choices like they did last week🙄
I’m still 185.8 as of this morning so I just need to buckle down for the next week to hit my goal, 185.5! I can do this. Positive affirmations.

I know I’m supposed to stay positive, and god damn am I fucking trying these days, but it’s really difficult to even manage my thoughts when everything just keeps constantly piling on and I feel like I have nothing left. no future. no love. no friends. no money. nothing. I merely exist. nothing to look forward to. just another miserable day of work followed by an even more miserable night of trying to distract myself from this bullshit existence of mine.

then it’s over. I go to sleep. I wake up. I do it all over again and prepare for the next shit storm. each day making me feel more hollow than the last. and I’m not entirely sure how much I’ve got left in me.

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name: kelan

gender: nonbinary (agender ish? idk)

star sign: virgo

sexual orientation: lesbean :^)

hogwarts house: hufflepuff

favorite color: lavender? or like really dark orange

time right now: 12:05 pm

average hours of sleep: either like 14 or 3-5 lmao

fav characters: im gonna list whoever comes to mind ok amethyst from su, grunkle stan from gf, abed from community, helena from orphan black, johnny jhonny from paranatural, maggie from ava’s demon

fav artists: i’ve really been digging janelle monáe lately

dream trip: me and a few friends were recently talking abt driving up to boston to visit a buddy so…that

dream job: children’s writer but like….gay

when did you make your account: fall 2012 i think? ive been here forever

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What’s the reason you’re confused right now?
It’s almost 1am and I can’t sleeeeeeeep 

What were you doing at 11 pm last night?
Drawing! I decided I need to start doing art again ^-^

How do you feel about 3am?
SLEEP is a wonderful thing that I should be doing at this very moment

I bet you kissed someone last night, right?
U lose the bet + owe me $5 bc no I did not (alas)

You can drink ONE drink for the rest of your life, what is it?
water 💧

Do you like hickeys?
I’ve never gotten one but I guess it’s a tentative no

Is there someone who constantly lets you down?
Not that I can think of!

Do you always answer your texts?
I try to! 

Last time you talked to your best friend?
Too long ago :{ but I’m seeing my friends in a week !

Are you silent or talkative?
Silent unless I’m really comfortable with someone, in which case it’s impossible to get me to shut up 😉

Is someone else in the room with you?
Just me!

Do you cry easily?
I am the World’s Biggest Crybaby™

What’s your family like?
An absolute mess.

What was your last text?
“DAD hi it’s ur eldest”

Most embarrassing moment?
so many I am clumsy and embarrass myself too frequently for my own good tbh

If you had to get a piercing what would it be?
currently don’t have any but it’d be my ears !

What’s on your mind right now?
im thinking abt what to get/make for my irl friends’ bdays (2 on Oct. 20, one on oct. 24, one on nov. 27 and 2 on nov. 29. i like giving presents oops) 

Where are you going on your next vacation?
Currently on vacation in Israel and I’m going to Melbourne next August!

Where have you lived all your life?
The US

Do you curse in front of your parents?
Noooo I value my life thx

Are you happy with your life?

Words you can’t spell half the time?
Portuguese for whatever reason?? Other than that my spelling is impeccable (if i do say so myself hehe)

Do you cook?

Name 4 things you wish you had
a vespa (and a license), more discipline, a large kanken, and one of those white ikea desks bc im secretly in love w those

Ever met anyone on tumblr?
not yet!

How’s your hair?
Getting too long for my liking… I’m getting cut to just above my shoulders once school starts. Maybe bangs as well.. we’ll see!

January 2007, were you single?
not only was i single, but I was also 6 years old lol

Are you nice to people?
I think so!

How do you feel about sea aquariums?
Idk I’m not too keen on the idea of animals in captivity, unless they’re endangered or are being rehabilitated/treated! I really like leafy sea dragons though

Okay, so, this popped into my head late last night when I was just falling asleep, because the creative juices always have to hit me just as I go to sleep. Thankfully, I remembered this one. Anyway, I was thinking about Altean foods and I’m sure they have some form of desserts that Hunk probably finds lying around one day, trying to make something edible, like berries, and thus: Cynthebyries ( synth-buries ) was born.

- Appearance:

Cynthebyries are primarily purple, but they have a few blue and red spots or stripes lining them.

- Texture:

Cynthebyries feel kind of hard. Much like candy apples or sour candy balls, but they can be squeezed like a regular berry. It’s mind-blowing to everyone ( save for Allura and Coran ).

- Size:

They come in different sizes. Some of the Cynthebyries are as big as jawbreakers whereas others are as small as a badly blown bubble. Some of them are in the middle between big and small, like bonbons.

- Taste:

Cynthebyries taste really sour but incredibly sweet at the same time. The berries have a juicy centre that tastes a bit more like the middle of Lindt chocolate than it does juice. The berries get their name from the “juice” as Alteans called it Cynthe Juice.

The paladins try the Cynthebyries and they’re like “oh wow that’s a zinger” and their faces scrunch up like when you eat something too sour ( like a lemon ) because their poor Earthling tongues were not made for Altean foods, but it tastes really nice, especially the Cynthe juice in the middle. They harp on Coran because how dare he feed them space goo when they could have been given this delicacy.

Bonus: The space goo is probably the Altean equivalent of a protein shake. Disgusting, but healthy. Poor Coran just wants his paladins to be healthy. RIP Coran.

Next Bonus: Since Altea was destroyed, the Cynthebyries are probably one of the other things that Coran savours from home so he isn’t just going to pass them out willy nilly because they’re quite special to him and Allura.

Update with dad is hes doing okay.

Still just at the hospital. No updates today but we talked a bit last night when I texted him. Swelling on feet and legs is down, feeling overall better aside from how much blood he’s getting drawn and such. No confirmation about anything yet, just that he has to go to a foot specialist about some things. Something is up with his bones in his feet which I forget details because mental state after fighting with mom last night. But dad is on his feet at the Ford plant all day, so it makes sense whatever he was explaining to me last night.

So. They’re gonna get him situated. Might have diabetes, might not. Probably does though.

Mm. I’m a bit out of it. Took a small nap to try and catch up the sleep I’ve been losing lately. Emotions are still not where they need to be. Body feels like it’s empty and there’s a light pulsing through me, chest aches. I’m… Very out of it. Work/truck was… Alright.

Alive though I guess is the positive.

Lack of sleep and the hormones I have right now combined are a bitch.
I was laying in bed cuddling B after she finished eating and was taking a little nap, and I was struck by the thought that she’s already almost a week old, and I just started sobbing.
Like an uncontrollable ugly cry.
I seriously just lay there with her and cried and cuddled her.
It was really painful because anything like that hurts my c section incision but I literally couldn’t stop. She’s already growing up so fast that it’s breaking my heart. Combine that with her being fussy last night so I’ve had about 3 hours of sleep in the last 24-30.
I have to feed her every 2 hours as well right now because I’m trying to get her back up to her birth weight. She was weighed today and weighed a little less then she did when we left the hospital which was really discouraging because I thought we were doing well and she would have gained some. So I’m feeding her every 2 hours (or more if she wants) until our appointment Monday when she’ll be weighed again. I’m praying she’ll gain some weight..


I am trying to get into sims right now but I am moving next Saturday and there’s boxes EVERYWHERE!

I am tired because of stress and lack of sleep. I still haven’t had a good night sleep in weeks.

I will try my best to continue my story and legacy and have a queue long enough for you guys to read and last until I get my internet at my apartment but I actually am kinda against doing that because I don’t like being so far ahead of you guys so I don’t know what I will do yet.

Lastly, my son also starts school next Monday so, there is that. LEGION IS ALSO COMING! But that shouldn’t slow me down on my story because I mainly play with the Boyfriend and he works during the day.

I am sorry if my dash might be empty until I get situated.

//@ I/H blogs talking about this blog, blocking me, whatever, go ahead, I really don’t care. And yes, I am transparent, it has never been a secret that I do not ship your ship. I do not understand what you were trying to achieve by pointing this fact out.

Maybe I shouldn’t have blown up like I did last night, but hey, good decisions do not get made when you’re mentally ill, sleep-deprived, and covered in mosquito bites. I don’t care if you don’t like this blog, I’ve been running it since February and a lot of people seem to enjoy it, so. *Shrugs*

I intend to run this blog for a while yet, and now that I’ve got my explosion out of my system I will keep it as drama-free as I can.

L out. Now please let me live.

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Nicknames: I never really had any tbh

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Taurus 

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Height: 5′3″

Hogworts House:  Probably either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? IDK I never took the pottermore test

Favorite Color: Red or Green but not together because then it’s like christmas 

Time Right Now: 2:16 PM

Average Hours of Sleep: 8? if I’m out of school lol

Lucky Number: 5

Last Thing I Googled: antinoos

Favorite Fictional Character: Aslaug. Big shock, I know.

Favorite Bands/Artists:  Right now I listen to a lot of Blackmore’s night, as well as bollywood and french musicals.

Dream Trip: Some sort of thing where I get to try great food all around the world

Dream Job: I’d like to write

What I’m Wearing Right this very minute: sweats and a t-shirt… don’t judge me.

When I Made This Blog: Sometime in March last year, that’s when I got photoshop and started making edits haha, I wanted an organized tumblr to put them in, my main blog was so random :P

Current Amount of Followers: 1,201

How Many Blogs I Follow: 161

What Do You Post: mostly just my edits and my commentary/ranting

Who is your most active follower: I’m not really sure what the question is lol, so I’ll answer about some of the people I interact with. I talk a lot with @bransstrk , she’s amazing, actually she gives me ideas for a lot of gif sets and she knows so much about the sagas and vikings history. And @laure-demontety ofc, lol I mean she’s the one who tagged me! She’s so nice and creative, I love all her artwork and she was great to introduce me to the rolisla mermaid au. @ascoldasitgets (#1 Sigurd x Blaeja shipper) is wonderful and she’s started making edits too so everyone should check out her great stuff!  @behindfairytales makes such beautiful edits of Alyssa and she always brings up such insightful points about Aslaug and the writing on vikings. @divinesaber is the sweetest and looking at her blog inspired me to start posting disney stuff because of how nostalgic I got, it’s great! I don’t think I need to advertise her though since she made the fyeahaslaug tumblr lol, she’s like, an authority in the fandom. It’s great to talk with @faster-than-asparagus-is-cooked about erlendur, she’s very nice to me and I like to creep on her blog and read her very entertaining tags… she doesn’t know that though… whoops. Anyway, all of these people are amazing and everyone should follow them if you aren’t already.

When did your blog reach its peak: Maybe when I was giffing War and Peace? Like, IDK If I got the most followers from it, but I always got a ton of requests and one of those gif sets got the most notes I’ve ever gotten. I think I got a follower spike this summer though and that’s bc of vikings.

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Not really, it’s more like I get sporadic bursts? Like I don’t usually get asks, but if some new info/interviews pop up I’ll get an ask (usually about Aslaug because my bias is obvious lol) and then I’ll get more because people want to discuss certain points or they just really want to vent because lbr news about Aslaug is usually bad news.

Why did you choose your url: One of my favorite fairytales was Jorinde and Joringel, so I just kind of did a riff on it, bc obviously those names were already taken.

Hum, so I’ll tag all the people I mentioned @bransstrk, @ascoldasitgets, @behindfairytales, @divinesaber, @faster-than-asparagus-is-cooked

the most recent example I’ve seen of the generational gap was last Sunday morning at 8am when I was in line for coffee before going to work

the customer before me, an older man, was trying to be chummy with the 20-something barista, and was like, so what’d you do last night? did you have fun? did you paaaarty?

and the barista just looked at him and was like, no. I went to sleep so that I could open at 6am