like last night I was trying to sleep



Vanoss and Del have been together a while,
one day child!Evan just pop out for no reason…
hope u like this (°ཀ°) I can’t stop………..   in Pixiv

last night i was drawing the blue pearl when suddenly we had a blackout and naturally, i hadn’t saved, so i went to bed and told myself i’d try to redo the drawing next morning. but then i decided to do something different?? 

 maybe someday i’ll do a couple of new pieces with like rose quartz & yellow diamond, but for now i gotta sleep, it’s like 4am and i have work tomorrow


Arashi ★ Blast in Miyagi [2015]
┕ Juntoshi Blast ♥

compliments are really so great like think about the last time you got a compliment and how amazing it made you feel. compliments are free to give and you could change someone’s entire day! be the reason someone has a smile on their face when they go to sleep at night

Our love story didn’t look like one.
No, we were autumn in west Texas:
flat road and horizon for days,
all that dying grassland.
I held your hand on dust roads
that hitchhiked our shoes
and walked along with us,
the sun sticking to our backs.
We turned left, past the skeletons
sleeping in the flowerbeds.
Everything was yellow, then–
honey-gold and soft and flax.
Two bell-hearted girls,
younger than we wanted to admit,
kissing where anyone could see us,
fitted together like the plates
in the china cabinet–
trying to feel a little less scared,
a little more alive.
I learned what “home” meant
in you.
But you were too ferocious
for the wheat fields; you
were brush fires in wild country,
the gap in the chain link fence.
But the bluebonnets,
oh, the bluebonnets.
They saved their last hurrah for you.
That night, we smoked
that stolen pack of cigarettes
on your papa’s porch and thought
we could stretch our legs
all the way to forever,
not knowing even lovers
get scared of the dark.
—  WHEAT FIELDS, by Ashe Vernon

thank you for not showing a picture.

“I never meant to hurt you...”

Back at it again with the prompts

  1. I will stay right here until forever, if that’s what it takes, begging for your forgiveness
  2. it was like everything was in slow-motion, and I could do nothing but watch the betrayal wash across your face
  3. I couldn’t fall into sleep last night, images of you pressed onto the inside of my eyelids
  4. these years apart I have never felt as if I were truly living
  5. I didn’t understand you as well as I thought I did
  6. my mother always said that I was the bull in a china shop, unknowing of how delicate something could be
  7. I was trying to forget you, but it never works
  8. I love you, yet hate you at the same time, for ever believing that you could trust me
  9. it had been loud, hot, the air seemed to be vibrating. I didn’t think of the consequences
  10. I will leave a gift for you to wake up to every day until you realise how much I love you
  11. you can’t believe how many times I have replayed that moment again and again, imagining all the things I could have done differently to change the end result
  12. I have a million excuses ready to fall from my tounge but none of them are worthy of you
  13. I’m sorry that this is the way my brain has been taught to react to the things I love
  14. I didn’t think you loved me back
  15. at the time it felt like I had no other choice, but I still should never have done that to you
  16. I feel guilty for hurting this much when I know how uncomparable it is to your agony
  17. every breath I take feels as if it’s full of shattered glass, staring at your body lying engulfed in white, so small, so pale
  18. it was meant to be nothing more than a harmless joke
  19. I should have listened to you
  20. there’s a reason why I’ve always been afraid of how easily my body slips into a fight
  21. You say that it’s fine, but it’s not
  22. I will give you one flower for every single tear that  you shed
  23. I feel like it should be raining, or some dramtic shit like that. Yet the sun continues to shine brightly, out of spite. It reminds me of you
  24. please wake up
  25. I lost myself in the heat of the moment, I lost you
  26. you have every right to leave me right here, all I want you to know is that I never stopped loving you
  27. my life is yours
ML Fandom Week, day 6 - puns

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: K
Word count: 988
Characters/pairings: Adrinette, DJWifi
Summary: It wouldn’t be a true romantic gesture if Adrien didn’t throw in a pun.

For Day 6 of ML Fandom Week: puns.

Marinette had never been happier. Over the last seven years, she and Adrien had not only encountered and defeated numerous villains as well as put a stop to Hawk Moth’s evil plan (there hadn’t been an akuma attack in almost a year); they had also been dating and were so enamored with each other that it sometimes annoyed their friends, found an apartment to move into practically the moment they graduated high school, and went out for date nights at least once a week.

And it was during one of these date nights that Adrien did something spectacular.

They had been sharing stories about their day, Marinette laughing at another of her boyfriend’s awful-but-lovable puns, when he took her hand and pulled her off their path. They turned the corner of the sidewalk, and Adrien gestured to the street behind them. “Look familiar?” he grinned.

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I finally got to start putting down layers on this last night - though I didn’t make it past 1AM. I’m hoping to get a lot further tonight now that I’ve actually gotten a little sleep.

Loving the new paint so much! Trying out some M Graham for the first time, I love how bright they dry. My favorite so far, hands down, is Azo Green. It’s currently fleshing in the sunflower petals and kinda looks like radioactive boogers, but in a good way. It also mixes very prettily with Viridian, goodbye Sap Green for now!

I kind of forgot how nice painting on cold press paper is. I use hot press for mixed-media stuff because it’s smooth and easy to draw on, but this is super spongy and good. I hope it turns out well!

My Pokemon go story

So last night, I was out to go to my local 24/7 store to just get snacks cause I can’t sleep. I figure I’ll walk around a bit and get some poke stops and try to catch some weedles, I was close to a beedrilll.

Saw a gym, super easy, like a 100 pidgey. Wrecked it for team instinct and out my raticate in there. Dude walks through the darkness “was that you?”

He said he saw me take the gym, and he was out looking around for Pokemon we decide to wander around the park because it’s against lake Ontario and we were banking on getting some water types.

2 hours. In the dark. Almost attacked by bats. Chasing an abra and a cubone. We never caught anything, my phone died on our way out of the park, and I went home with 6 news eggs, 8 new Pokemon, and a sense that I basically just went on an adventure with a total stranger that I’ll never see again.

I love this game.


gab grop

pert 1

Last night, I had a dream.

In this particular dream,
I died in my dreams,
then awoke not knowing
I was still sleeping.
I decided to walk.
You see, that night
I walked in my sleep.
I slept in my walk.
I walked backwards until
I saw you for the first time
and I could barely muster the courage
to introduce myself all over again.

I’ve been trying to find the right words.

I’ve been trying to take the right steps
for what seems to me like
thousands of years
but something always seems
to go wrong between us.

We lived in Egypt.
I was the Pharaoh’s slave.
You were his daughter, and
loving you led to my death.
They claimed I seduced you.

After they stole my life,
I was resurrected as a mason.
I made the foundation for your house.
We met eyes for two seconds.
You left and I didn’t see you again until I died.

I came back as a caterpillar,
I turned into a butterfly.
I landed in the palm of your hand,
you brushed me away,
and the rejection killed me.

When I awoke, I was a kick drum.
You were a snare.
We were both owned by
this drummer named Cozy Cole
and when he died, so did we.

But I came back just to look for you.
I left notes in random places
hoping that you would
stumble across them.
I carved our names in trees
and then prayed that
it would jog your memory.
I whispered your name
in the wind hoping somehow,
maybe some way,
my voice would reach you
but it didn’t and I died.

I died early.
I died young with bread crumbs
in my hand just hoping
that you would find me
but you never did.

So they buried me,
and when they buried me,
they put these coins over my eyes
and I used them as bus fare
to get back to Earth
just so I could look for you.

That’s why sometimes when we hold hands, every so often, I tend to hold on a little too tight.

And I’m sorry.

I just don’t want to lose you again.

—  “Again” - Rudy Francisco

no but

bigender punk valjean who’s studying idfk someone else with more valjean knowledge figure this out i tried in university

and ze winds up in a ‘law and gender’ class with self-loathing demiromantic homosexual criminal justice major javert

and they’re pretty much constantly arguing but valjean is always incredibly easy and kind with hir arguments and easily wins over the rest of the class whenever ze speaks but javert has trouble getting over the way that ze dresses and hates that ze’s so comfortable with hirself

and eventually, as it goes, Things Get Intense And They Do It.


Imagine: The pack being worried about you because you don’t sleep anymore

You were pouring over books and the list of people who were to be killed when they came in. Stiles, Scott, Lydia, Allison, and Isaac were all standing there staring at you as you flipped a page in the book, glancing up. “Hey guys,” you yawned, rubbing your eyes. “What’s up?”

“Dude, how tired are you?” Scott asked, kneeling near you to tilt your head up.

“Mmph, not very. Just a little drowsy. I pulled an all nighter last night to try and figure out who the benefactor is,” you explained, looking back at the list and sighing. “Still haven’t figured it out.

Allison furrowed her eyebrows. “Y/n, you need sleep and, like, now.”

“Nah, I’m fine! I just haven’t slept in…uh…three days?” you questioned. You weren’t entirely sure how long you had been up. You didn’t really care either.

Stiles blinked at you. “Oh my God, you’re so going to bed!” he said, coming over to you. He and Scott hauled you to your feet and balanced you as you stumbled a bit, leaning into Stiles for a little. 

“Seriously, I’m fine,” you said, head lolling as you tried to keep your eyes open.

Isaac laughed. “Sure you are. You look dead.”

Stiles sent him a look. “Instead of just standing there, help us get her to my Jeep so I can drive her home.”

“Nooo! I need to find out who the benefactor is,” you whined, trying to pull away from them.

Lydia shook her head and sighed. “You’re not gonna be helpful if you don’t get some sleep y/n. In fact…if you don’t get sleep you won’t be any help at all because we’ll all be worrying about you and your health. So just sleep for a bit, okay?”

You stared at her, mind confused, but eventually nodded. “Sure…Okay.”

Isaac, Scott, and Stiles pulled you out to Stiles’ Jeep and put you in the back, covering you in Stiles’ sweater. By the time your head hit the seat, you were already asleep.

I’m so sorry, I’m literal trash, just throw me away. I drew this at 3 in the morning when I should’ve been sleeping for work. I was so tired, and I know this looks terrible but like, I dunno, I had no control over my mind last night. These are the things you do when you’re in a zombified state (I really wanted to draw bikini Lapis last night apparently). I honestly have so many things I need to finish right now, but then I go on and do this thing. I couldn’t resist referencing one of Garnet’s star quotes either. I was also having fun trying out one of my other brushes to see how it was like (it was kinda fun tbh!).
I'm Trying Not to Sleep for eccentricsimply

Characters/Pairings: Harry/Louis, Niall/Liam, Zayn/Perrie

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 14580

Warnings: None apply

Summary“Surprised you’re up so early, man, you made quite a racket last night,” Liam calls. “Forgot how noisy you could get considering you haven’t been laid in, like, a decade.”

“Uh,” Louis mumbles as he walks into the kitchen. “Not Harry?”

or Harry is a vampire and they meet in a bar.

That’s right, I feel that everyday. Nothing is as good as friends.And if you reaaally feel that you have met the right person, the person you are fated to be with, then that person will become your friend. It’s inevitable.

Last night, I had to be sleeping but I couldn’t fall asleep.. And I kept telling myself not to snack late at night, and I was trying to stop myself.But it was like telepathy, and Hyejung, from the other room, comes in and asks, “Do you want to eat a hamburger?”

I said sure, and we went out together to buy hamburgers. In our pajamas.And as we went around doing that together, what I felt was that she really was like my friend. A friend who eats with me late at night.No matter what, friends are the best.


Tablo on dreaming radio 140707