like keep wearing this shirt

  • a complete flirt that has an endless supply of winks, hearts, and hugs just for you
  • when you say or do anything cute or compliment him instead of getting flustered, he just slings his arm around you and bites his lip like “well aren’t you lucky to be dating me then?”
  • keeps stealing bites of your food or sips of your drink and when you complain he just leans in to peck your lips like “sorry, sorry, it’s just so much more delicious when it belongs to you babe~”
  • confident in himself to the fullest so keeps asking you to touch his arm muscles or keeps asking you to ask him to do a dance for you, basically anything to get him to show off because he loves showing off especially in front of you
  • shows off in front of other peoples and you’re usually on the sidelines hiding your face like jun…oh my god……don’t do wushu in this mcdonalds don’t do it - oh god he’s doing it…….
  • he likes when you wear his t-shirts and stuff, but keeps insisting that you try on something more fitting and you playfully hit him like stop being greasy and he’s like what~ greasy~ no~ I just wanna see your nice figure hehe~ 
  • if you’re someone whose shy and not confident like jun, he’ll never push you to do something you’re uncomfortable with, but he’s a compliment king so he’ll encourage you everyday by wrapping you up in his arms and giving you a bunch of kisses while repeating that he thinks your perfect over and over again
  • “I’m perfect, you’re perfect, we’re the perfect couple~!”
  • loves to take photos. loves couple photos. makes you two take photos EVERYWHERE.
  • once you went out with him to buy some snacks for the members and it was around midnight and since no one else was at the grocery store he made you two take a cute pic in front of the chips section and made it his phone background immediately 
  • his background just changes like every week to a new photo of you and him
  • insisted that you make your background a good selfie of his. he sent you like 50 to choose from.
  • he also made your ringtone his part in jamjam. specifically the part where he says ‘say my name’ 
  • he likes it when you play with his hair a lot like a L O T and it’s always a good excuse to lay his head in your lap and watch you get flustered and tease you for it
  • you get close to minghao since you’re dating jun and minghao honestly thinks of you as a close sibling and sometimes jun gets a little jealous about how you dote on minghao and he’s like “hey hey hEY im ALSO cUTE AND CHINESE AND yOuRE DATING Me HERE I AM” 
  • his jealous pout is cute
  • really likes going out into the city with you at night and just exploring like you guys go to namsan tower sometimes or maybe shop around hongdae or take the train to itaewon 
  • walking around with his hand around your waist and looking at all the cool little shops and bakeries and other attractions
  • sometimes it’s obvious he misses china and the city he’s from and he talks about it a lot and you love listening to him but like you can hear the tint of sadness in his voice so you’re like 
  • “jun! promise you’ll take me there one day?” and he suddenly gets really smiley like “of course! i’ll show you all the cool places and you’ll meet my family and then maybe we can even get marrie-”
  • this is where you shove his ice-cream cone into his mouth like stop being way 2 cheesy 
  • since jun is really extra sometimes when he’s making out with you he like pushes you up against walls or against counters and pretends to lean in to kiss you and then instead whispers in your ear or starts kissing from below your ear and then to your jawline and then to your lips
  • seeing you get impatient only makes him want to torture you even more.
  • his kisses are rather short, but there’s tongue and there’s lots of his hands working little patterns into your sides or into the small of your back
  • bite his lip and he’ll just lose it rip 
  • for cuddling he is all about the back hug cuddle where his chin can rest on your shoulder and he can rest his hands on the front of your tummy.
  • he doesn’t talk much, instead he presses kisses behind your ear and plays with your fingers when you put your hands over his.
  • he rather likes to listen to you talk instead because he can feel your voice through your back that’s pressed to the front of his chest and it’s comforting
  • sometimes if you two are just being lazy around the house he likes when you lay down ontop of his chest and just give him little eskimo kisses as you both complain about how tiring life is
  • the rest of seventeen usually roll their eyes at the two of you being romantic like c’mon guys not in the dorm 
  • dino though is like “man i love true love!!!!! good job jun hyung!!!”
  • tbh when you first started dating jun was just like “and my significant other is amazing” like every five minutes and seventeen was like ohhhh my gooood shhhhhhut up but when they meet you they were like ,,,,, actually they’re awesome i can see why jun was so excited 
  • jun is very proud of you and he hopes you’re proud of him too
  • when you complimented his dancing and his korean and even his singing he really was touched, but you didn’t see it because he just winked at you greasily like always
  • jun never tells anyone he’s having a hard time, not even you the person he trusts the most, but at some point you learn to read him and you just subtly remind him everyday that you’re here to support him, to make sure he’s doing well, and to remind him that you know he’s doing his best 
  • when you genuinely tell him you love him and are cheering him on it’s the first time you see the tips of jun’s ears go red and honestly you’ve made THE JUNHUI blush
  • one the other hand when you’re upset, jun does everything in his power to make you smile again. ranging from body gags to singing chinese romance songs to you, literally jun just wants to see you smile again 
  • but if you just need him to shut it and hold you close…..he can do that too
  • “you know my family name is WEN so like…..WEN will you marry me and WEN will you become a member of the WEN family….” 
  • “shut it junhui or i s2g…”
  • jun loves you alot and will be greasy with you until the end of time 

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rather than throwing these rejected doodles that were gonna be for a merch design im working on i guess i’ll post ‘em as a ‘work-in-progress’.
i kinda like the style i did but eh all i can see is disappointing flaws when i look at it so…i’ll try again! :)

my redbubble can be found here btw

sorry to report that the ao3 tag generator is still hilarious to me

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I really want to start dressing more androgynously but I'm not really out yet and I'm afraid of looking too butch bc my parents don't know and my friends might know (?) I'm just really ready to start dressing how I want to but I don't want it to be put of the blue? Sorry if that was a mess

If you’re afraid you can always do discreet things like keeping your nails short, wearing a men’s necklace under your shirt, wearing a sports bra, wearing men’s or “boyfriend” underwear. And if you feel you want to do/continue to do makeup you can make your brows thicker and stay away from blush and mascara. 

The more you do this, the more comfortable you will get with it.

-Mod Q

I Tried the Prompt.

I tried so please don’t judge too harshly.


Rosita pulled up to the large garage with Gunter, Meena, and Ash. They walked up to the back door and knocked loudly. The door opened to Johnny shirtless and looking surprised.

“Oh hey guys you’re early. Game night isn’t starting until seven.” Suddenly feeling all eyes on him Johnny tried to cover his torso with a bashful smile.

“We’re sorry Johnny I was picking up these three and I thought it would take longer.” Rosita said shyly.

“It’s okay, come on in. Buster, Eddie and Ms. Crawly should be here in a little while. I just need to get a shirt on. Be right back so make yourselves comfortable.” Johnny ran up the stairs to his bedroom and Ash burst out laughing. Rosita gave her a look while Meena and Gunter took seats at the big poker table Johnny had set up.

“I’m sorry but that was funny. Plus the view wasn’t to bad.” Ash chuckled and Meena shushed her.

“Ash that’s not polite. Johnny seemed embarrassed so don’t make fun.” Meena said. Ash rolled her eyes playfully and sat down next to Gunter. Rosita started to put out some snacks she’d brought with her for the game. Johnny came down in a white and blue shirt with Be the Beast on it.

“Wow you have more than one shirt?” Ash teased. Johnny shoved her playfully and sat down next to Meena.

“Yeah but I like my other one better. Dad told me I couldn’t keep wearing the same shirt every day.” He said a bit annoyed.

“How is your dad anyway? Did they finalize the sentence yet?” Meena asked but suddenly regretted it seeing the downcast face Johnny gave at the question. She was about to take it back when they heard a knock on the door. Johnny quickly got up to answer it.

“Hey guys, glad you could all make it.” Johnny said, his cheery disposition coming back to life. Buster, Eddie and Ms. Crawly walked in and greeted everyone.

“Hey where’s Mike? Didn’t you invite him?” Rosita asked as everyone took their seats.

“Yeah I did. But he said he had a date with his girlfriend tonight. Least the guy’s got his priorities straight.” Johnny says grabbing a small black box from the workbench. He opened it up and Ash got excited.

“Oh Johnny you didn’t. Meena’s to innocent for this game. Naughty boy.” Johnny laughed rolling his eyes. Setting up the cards everyone seemed confused.

“Um, Johnny what game is this?” Buster asked.

“It’s cards against humanity. My dad got it for me for my birthday three months ago but I haven’t opened it yet.” He smiled sitting down.

“Isn’t this game for adults? I don’t know about you three playing this.” Rosita said eyeing the teens. Johnny shook his head sighing.

“It’s fine Rosita the game is for seventeen and over. We’re all good.” Ash insisted grabbing some cards.

“Actually I’m only fifteen.” Meena squeaked out making Ash laugh.

“I won’t tell if you won’t.” Johnny said winking at Meena. The elephant girl smiled nodding and picking her cards.

“Okay everyone I’m going to explain the rules of the game so pay attention.” Johnny said making everyone go silent.

“First everyone draws ten white cards. Then we choose a card czar and the czar picks a black card. When the black card is read you pick one of your cards to put down. The card czar reads them and the funniest or weirdest card wins. First to ten black cards wins the game.” Everyone nodded and picked their cards. Rosita blushed as she read her cards.

“So this is like Apples to Apples for adults?” Meena asked. Johnny nodded and picked up a black card.

“Okay here’s the first card. What is Batman’s guilty pleasure?” Ash laughed tossing a card over to Johnny. Rosita picked one and put it next to him. Everyone quickly had their cards in and Johnny looked them over.

“Okay so I’m tied between Blowing some dudes in an alley or anal beads.” Gunter and Ash started laughing like crazy and Rosita just blushed. The others weren’t sure what to do so they waited. Johnny looked at the cards a little longer and smiled.

“I say anal beads is the winner. So was it?” Meena giggled and raised her hand. Everyone looked shocked except for Ash who pat Meena’s arm.

“Okay Meena you won the card. Now it’s your turn to be card czar.” Johnny said motioning for Meena to choose from the black deck. She picked up a card and laughed.

“Okay. To become a member of the US army you must survive twenty four hours in blank without crying.” Everyone put in their cards and Meena looked them over. Going wide eyed at one she shook her head.

“Whoever put down Auschwitz you’re a terrible person, but you win.” Buster cheered and Eddie pushed him over. Everyone laughed and continued. Buster grabbed a black card and immediately started laughing like a madman.

“Okay so this is…No no I can’t do say it.” He stammered trying to breathe.

“Come on Moon just say it.” Ash insisted snapping her fingers.

“Okay, okay. Popping blank can be dangerous, so snort it instead.” Buster chuckled again and everyone groaned at the koala. The cards were placed and Buster smiled trying so hard not to keep laughing. And failed miserably.

“Alright this was a tough choice but I just have to go with banana slug penis. It’s just hilarious.” Everyone laughed and Johnny raised his hand taking the card from Buster. Meena looked around for a moment and tapped Johnny’s shoulder.

“What’s that sound?” She asked curiously seeming a bit nervous. They all went quiet and listened hearing an odd buzzing noise. Johnny knew all the noises in that garage and had never heard that one before.

“I don’t know, but it kinda sounds like my uncle Barry. Let’s pause the game and look around.” Everyone agreed and went in search of the noise.

Though it didn’t take long to find when Eddie pointed them to the small living room in the upstairs apartment of the garage to see Ms. Crawly fast asleep on the sofa. Johnny smiled, put a blanket over her and ushering everyone back downstairs. Just before getting back to the table Meena stopped Johnny. The gorilla looked confused waiting for something to happen.

“Johnny I wanted to say sorry for earlier. It was overstepping my bounds to ask about your father.” Johnny stood shocked for a moment before giving a soft smile and taking Meena’s hand.

“Thank you Meena. And I’m sorry if I made you feel guilty about it. The truth is that they did sentence my dad. He’ll be in jail for the next nine years.” Johnny looked down feeling tear well in his eyes. Meena gently hugged the smaller boy and was pleased when she felt him hug back.

“I’m sorry to hear that. What will you do until he’s out? Will you stay here?” Johnny shook his head sighing.

“I’ll be moving in with my aunt across town. She promised she’d let me stay at the theater so that’s good.” Meena smiled and they went back to the game.

The rest of the night was pretty fun. Everyone had a goodtime and Johnny felt a little lighter having shared his story with Meena. After another two hours of dirty jokes and Eddie trying to kill Buster everyone started to head for home. Johnny said goodbye and helped get Ms. Crawly into Eddie’s car.

Once everyone was gone Johnny paused with nothing but silence in the garage. He felt a touch of sadness knowing that he would soon have to leave the only home he’d ever known. Shaking his thoughts he went up to bed and had a tough time getting to sleep until he got a text.

“Had a great time tonight. See you tomorrow John John. -Meena.”  This made Johnny smile and sigh.

“Thanks Meena goodnight. ❤” And with that he finally fell asleep knowing he wasn’t alone in this anymore.


So what did you think. I don’t do this much so let me know if I had any mistakes.

Arcadia Bonus!

“Looks like whoever cleaned this place maybe missed a spot. That look like blood to you?”
“Mm-hmm. How’d it get way up there?”

As they fell into the groove of processing the scene, assuming familiar roles and letting their cover identities recede into the background, the tension in Scully’s shoulders began to loosen. When Mulder stepped away around 7:00 to call in a pizza order, she took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

There was a chance she would survive this case.

Of course, there was also a chance she would spontaneously combust, if she had to endure two whole weeks of Mulder treating her like his wife.

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For You ~ pt. 20

| all parts up to date |

~ You ~

Slowly I regain consciousness, when I feel my hair being patted again and again in a soothing way.

‘’~Whenever I open my eyes in the morning, I think of you~’’ I open my eyes sleepily and smile lightly when I see Jungkook in the same position as me, head on his arms, singing lowly to himself.

‘’~Starting with a bright smile~’’ His gaze lands on my eyes, noticing that I had woken up, he himself looks flustered for a second, but nonetheless he continues singing a little bit louder. ‘’~Even after a tiresome day again, I think of you~’’

I actually recognize the song as my mother used to listen to it all the time.

‘’~I’m the happiest person alive. Now I’m not sad, now I don’t cry~’’ Whenever he throws all his emotions into the lyrics with the combination of him giving me his undivided attention, I realize it’s one of his ways to convey his feelings. ‘’~I give my all to you~’’

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I'm strangely craving for some headcanons about the nyo nordic dressing styles right now, help meh I need serious halp I believe you can cure me

I’ll do my best :’)

Sweden: Stylish, a bit old fashioned and often wears coats. She doesn’t care all too much about what she wears but she has a natural talent of finding both comfy and good looking clothes. She has a secret desire for turtle necks.

Finland: Comfort over style. Likes to keep warm during the cold winter and wears fluffy shirts and comfy hoods often bought in the boys section (She thinks they’re more cosy). During summer though, she wears different kinds of dresses. Her wardrobe is full of them.

Denmark: In public, she often wears black jeans and a nice shirt. Nothing overly stylish but still good looking. She has phases from time to time when her shirts become more punkish. Least likely of the nordics to wear a dress.

Norway: The most fashionable of them all. She knows what goes with what and often drags attention when she’s out walking. At home though, she’ll switch to something comfy instead the very moment she walks inside. an oversized t-shirt is all she needs to relax.

Iceland: She seems to not have any fashion sense at all but is actually just still looking for her own style. Sometimes she copy the others but isn’t comfortable with it. In the end, she usually wears something Norway has bought her since she knows it’ll work out or just goes with the good old lopapeysa.


A/N: nothing is mine, also more Celestina this time…plus Teddy because he’s adorable. Thank you for reading! :)

[FF: X, Ao3: X]


Ginny sighed as she sunk further down into the claw-footed bathtub, sticking her big to into the faucet opening and blowing bubbles in the water. Soon, she’d slipped low enough that her damp hair piled on top of her head and her freckled brow were the only things visible. Ah, silence.

She’d had a game today, against the Tornados, which went well based on Gwenog cracking a smile, patting her on the back, and cancelling tomorrow’s morning practice. Andromeda had sent Teddy to the game with Harry so she could have a break, and the godfather and godson were having so much fun they’d flooed to ask if he could spend the night.

After Harry picked up some pizza from the shop down the street, two Potters and one Lupin had gathered around the kitchen table, Teddy recounting his favorite moments from the game. The metamorphmagus had entertained them with an attempted reenactments of Ginny’s sloth roll, a move which scored the ten points needed to push the Harpies ahead, just before the Tornados seeker caught the snitch, enough to secure a win for the all female team.

Coming back to the present, Ginny skimmed her fingers over the top of the water, pushing the remaining bubbles around, before sliding up to lift her head from the luke-warm water. It was surprisingly quiet given that a four-year-old was in the house and likely to be awake – how long was I in here?

Ginny pulled her knees up and leaned forward to pull the stopper out and drain the tub before standing and stretching her tender muscles, back popping all the while. Reaching for her fluffy towel, Ginny dried herself thoroughly and released her hair from the clip, shaking her head to loosen the tired strands. Remembering that Teddy was possibly out and about – what time is it? – she wrapped the towel firmly around her torso and emerged from the bathroom into the darkened hallway.

Padding toward the bedroom, she pushed the door open suspiciously and flipped the switch to illuminate the room. The sun had set while she was in the bath, but the numbers that lit the clock on Harry’s side of the bed indicated it was only a quarter ‘til eight, and Teddy was allowed to stay up until at least half past eight with Andromeda, which meant Harry pushed it to nine because he is 'the coolest godfather ever.

“Where are you boys?” Ginny muttered to herself, moving toward her side of the dresser and squatting to retrieve an old button up pajama shirt she’d nicked from Harry at some point, letting him keep the matching bottoms – he didn’t like to wear the shirts to bed anyway because he 'felt restricted.’ In reality, it was more likely the specky git was trying to entice her, which usually worked…

Anyway – that line of thought is getting me nowhere.

Highly aware that the two were likely hiding and only one of them was allowed to see her naked, Ginny dragged the shirt over her freckled arms and buttoned it before sliding the towel from underneath and grabbing some knickers from the top drawer – can’t go into a potentially hostile situation with my bum out.

After pushing the drawer closed with her hip, Ginny scanned the room, brow furrowed, looking for anything amiss. Following an internal debate, she determined the best way to locate them was to get the miscreants to reveal themselves – Operation: 'Make Teddy Giggle’ is underway.

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18 & 24 with Minghao pls!!

18) Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?

24) No, no. Not the puppy dog eyes, don’t you dare. Dammit.

“(Y/N)! Can you please come here?” Your boyfriend, Minghao, yelled out your name, the pleading evident in his voice.

“Why?” you whined, not wanting to get up from your bed. You knew exactly why he wanted you to go downstairs, but you wanted stay comfortable.

“I gotta check something, and I think you have it.” You smirked at his not-so-smooth attempt to casually mention the object you “borrowed.”

“Oh, really? Like what?” You slumped back down in your blankets, clearly enjoying teasing him and his futile attempts to get his “borrowed” item back.

“My shirt.” Dammit. He found out too soon. You found it surprising that he would notice that this specific shirt was missing, out of his enormus array of clothing.

“All right, I’m coming.” You pounded down the stairs, not wanting to give up his shirt. It was your favorite color, a light, pastel blue, it smelled like him (and he smelled HEAVENLY), and it was so incredibly soft. Minghao looked at where the stairs merged with the kitchen expecting you to be holding his shirt in hand. His phone made a meowing sound, meaning that Joshua had texted him. Minghao looked down at his phone, replying to Joshua’s complaint over the practice room’s air conditioning being broken.

“Ming! I’m here!” You casually walked over to the cupboard to get a cup for water, imagining what Minghao’s facial expression was right now. Sure enough, his face lifted with surprise, and he instinctively walked over to you and hugged you from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder.

“Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” Minghao asked, secretly liking how his shirt was baggy on you, making you look as cuddly as ever. You turned your head around and smiled softly.

“No, I just like wearing it. Can I keep it?” Minghao frowned, wanting his shirt back.

“(Y/N), how about I keep it and I let you borrow it from time to time?” You frowned, bottom lip protruding as your eyes moved closer together and enlarged.

“No, no. Not the puppy dog eyes, don’t you dare. Dammit.” Minghao quickly looked away before he could be swooned by your aegyo. But it was already too late. His breathing had quickened, his face a light shade of pink, and his heart warmed. He let out a sigh, his bangs lifting up from the outburst of air. “Fine, (Y/N). But only if you give me a kiss.” He tilted his head to the side, wanting you to press a kiss to his cheek. Fortunately for him, you knew him much better.

You took his face in your hands, caressed his cheek, and pulled him down so that your lips came in contact with his.

“Do I get to keep it now, Ming?” Minghao, still a little dazed from your love, took a minute for your words to sink in before he said,

“Yes, baobei, anything you want.”

-Admin Gene^^