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Cabin 10 Playlist

A playlist to satisfy your inner Aphrodite

  1. Cake- Melanie Martinez
  2. New Romantics- Taylor Swift
  3. Die Young- Ke$ha
  4. Be My Escape- Relient K
  5. Fucking Perfect- P!nk
  6. Bittersweet- Panic! At the Disco
  7. Love Club- Lorde
  8. Rolling in the Deep- Adele
  9. Summertime Sadness- Lana Del Rey
  10. Lonely Hearts Club- Marina and the Diamonds

This is part meta, part personal issues, and all together a potential mess. Based on this string of posts (I don’t believe I have anything constructive to add to it, but I had a strong mental/emotional response when reading it, hence why I’m writing this). This is all personal opinion. It’s not meant to be an argument for or against what they or anyone else are saying.

Overall, I feel they’re talking about Dean and how his actions, etc have been interpreted by the fandom. Some of it I agree with, some of it I don’t. I am a big believer of Performing Dean and typically agree with the meta I’ve read regarding his season 12 arc (more emotional/emotional growth, dropping walls, etc). However one part of the chain stuck out to me:

But what’s wrong with Dean being “authentically Dean” in all his totality? The guy who likes both hard rock and REO, muscle cars and cooking, plaid shirts and a nice suit.  An authentic character can still be complex - they just understand and accept themselves in their complexity. 

In the way the chain reads, it seems (to me) like they’ve interpreted some of the meta they’ve seen as “all or nothing” - that dropping the walls and his emotional growth invalidate what we’ve previously seen from him. And thinking back over the meta I’ve read, and some I’ve contributed myself, it could absolutely be interpreted that way. There’s more talk about what he’s showing now than how it adds to what he showed in the past (in a way). From a personal standpoint, I think the above quote/excerpt is completely valid. 

Adding a break, ‘cause this got long:

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I ended up turning this into headcanons instead, even though this was WAY long ago (which I apologize for dear), which is also why I’ll allow it to pass the headcanon limit.

Headcanons: Guilty Pleasures - Males of Hellsing + Millennium + Iscariot


He really likes hair, oddly enough. Seras is the only one to know about it and she lets him play with her hair. He secretly really admires Integra’s hair too.


Yours is better than I could ever come up with! He actually likes chick flicks and a lot of them make him cry. If he ever watched one with Seras, he’d quickly run to the bathroom when the water-works began.


Hip-hop and R&B music. He originally thought it was nonsense and not music at all, but it grew on him. However, he’s supposed to be known as an “English gentlemen” so he tries to hide it. Alucard know though ~

The Major

He loves to paint, especially landscapes. It relaxes him immensely. He tries to hide it since he thinks it’s not very intimidating, but if anyone were to ever find out, he’d shrug and not care.

The Doctor

Secretly loves musicals and would sometimes join Rip in watching some, though has her keep it a secret since he worries it’ll destroy his reputation as an evil doctor and all.

The Captain

I’m not sure the Captain has one actually. He only ever trains and watches over the Major. Plus, he’s not one to get embarrassed easily.


His love of string. He actually doesn’t want to be seen entirely as a cat, but when there is yarn around, he gets distracted rather easily. Also, laser pointers.


Kids. Jan has the weirdest soft spot for little kids and tends to try and not hurt them directly if he’s able, though he never allows it to interfere with his “work.”


Maybe not all that guilty, but he really doesn’t want others to know (especially Jan) is his obsession with his hair and keeping it clean with the right shampoo. And it HAS to be the right brand or otherwise he’ll throw a silent hissy-fit.


Pop music like Ke$ha or Brittney Spears - it’s rather non-masculine, especially how he’ll bop his head around in the car while he drives.


Sweets. He would like everyone to think he has complete self-control, even over his appetites. However, he’ll go so far as to steal from the Iscariot kitchen (is that a thing?) - anything sugary goes.


Christmas movies. Unlike the others, he’ll force others to view them with him, and they’ll comply since he doesn’t ask for much, but his enthusiasm for every Christmas movie, even the kids ones, is almost ridiculous.


Shoes. They care a lot for what their shoes are like and actually has a whole closet full of different shoes, even ones that they never wear.

(I hope that works for you - I hope I was able to keep them all in character)

Honestly I could really kiss We Are Temporary right now because of how they’ve remixed Ke$ha’s track Die Young but also why they’ve remixed the song like this. If you didn’t know there was an ongoing court case regarding producer Dr Luke sexually abusing Ke$ha which, unfortunately, she lost which has no means she has to produce music with the man who sexually abused her for another 6 albums, absolutely ridiculous to say the least. This remix has taken away everything from Dr Luke’s production leaving only Ke$ha’s voice and a new raw and dark electronic based track that is 100% Dr Luke free, like Ke$ha should be - Jakk

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INVINCIBLE | a mafuyu/natsuo/super-bun fanmix, for the master of disguise



01. dragonette - take it like a man | 02. ke$ha - out alive | 03. peaches - boys wanna be her


04. the killers - under the gun | 05. ac/dc - if you want blood (you got it) |06. franz ferdinand - what she came for


07. moldy peaches - little bunny foo foo | 08. the dollyrots - jackie chan | 09. shonen knife - buttercup (i’m a super girl)


10. muse - invincible

Abandoned Love (live 1975. Other End Club)
Bob Dylan
Abandoned Love (live 1975. Other End Club)

Abandoned Love - Bob Dylan (Live at the Bitter End)

My patron saint is a fighting with a ghost
He’s always off somewhere when I need him most
The Spanish moon is rising on the hill
But my heart is tellin’ me I love ya still.


This is one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs. The lyrics remind me of a Blonde on Blonde song if it was acoustic. I love the surrealist images in Bob Dylan’s music and how it transports you to a different time, place and situation. It’s like this beautiful story that you’re going to be a part of for a few minutes.


playlist + polyvore collection

or; anne of green gables, queer fables, and bad cable

~ the one where they’re all modern and queer, and there are road trips, and anne decides she doesn’t mind her accidentally green-blue hair (although she doesn’t stop it when the red grows back in, she learns to love the red too), and she can’t decide whether she loves the country or the city best, pastels or black, boys or girls. she’s a whirlwind, firecracker girl, but she’s not really the troubled type - i mean, yeah, she was the one who convinced diana to get that tattoo, and rachel lynde is pretty sure she’s turned half the girls gay, but what’s so bad about all that anyways? anne and her friends run around town and the island and beyond, raising hell and laughing loud, and are basically the definition of squad goals. ~