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Because there was a couple anons about this:

hey this is just a lil word based aesthetic blog for the general kinmunity, not a help blog. If you have questions about kinity or therianthropy, you should definitely check out the search function on @seriousotherkin’s blog [like what this factkin thing is! ] and / or check out @who-is-page’s otherkin faq page:

I don’t mean this in a ‘not here 2 educate you ugh’ kind of way, but a 'let me be a nerd with nerdy words’ way. Really. I mean I’m pretty sure everyone following this blog is here just for words and nerding over words anyways :P Peace out!

xo, Connie

Hello Loves! I have recently hit 500 followers so I decided to do something celebrating all of the amazing people I follow. All of them are incredibly talented and the sweetest people so go follow them if you aren’t already following them!! Also please excuse the banner, I have no idea how to make them, I’m slowly learning to make edits and moodboards, but not banners.

First off though a few of my loves:

@hermionesmenacinglook, Nyx words cannot describe how much I love you and your blog. You are sweet and sassy and amazing! You get so much hate and have been through so much, you are so strong and brave and I admire you so much. You are one of biggest inspirations and seeing you on my dash never fails to bring a smile to my face. Potato. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

@lunalovey, Vivvvvv! We haven’t been talking for very long, but you are one of the sweetest most supportive people here!! You are so sweet and amazing!!! Also like your blog is amazing, why don’t you have 1000000000 followers?? Seriously you are so supportive and sweet! Thank you! I love you!😘😘😘

@padfoot-barks, Bonnie! I adore you and your blog! You are so amazingly sweet and supportive!! Also all of your writing and edits are amazing!! Also like your mobile theme is gorgeous and you are so funny, and just genuinely happy you never fail to make me smile. I love you!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

@ravenclw, okay Vincent your blog is the literal definition of goals. It’s so neat and organized and I love your theme. How are you so amazing?? Like your so nice and you’re really talented and good at everything. Also thank you for tagging me in your edits because they are gorgeous!!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

@sirius-gay-black, okay so I know we only just became mutuals, but your so nice and patient and I find talking to you really relaxing and it’s really interesting how different are lives are, but how much we have in common. I hope we can continue to get to know each other better!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

@fleurdelacvur, Sophia! You are such a sweetheart! And your whole blog is super aesthetic and just calm and peaceful in general! I love it!! Also I really like your new icon and url, both are fantastic! Watching your blog flourish and as you begin to create edits and get tons of followers, I feel so proud of you!!! You deserve all of the followers you have and so many more!!!!!!!!😘😘😘😘

Now onto the rest!

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Hello. I don’t know if you remember me, or if this matters. But I was here a lot some time ago, and I felt like coming back today. Well my life changed a lot. I finally did it. I am happy. I found someone, and I’m about to get married and have kids. My dark side is gone. My depression. My tears. All of those times I wanted to end it. So yes, It is possible to let all those things behind, and try to build a new life. One that matters. One that cheers you. I’ve just came back to tell you, that this blog helped me through a really hard time, and I promised you I’ll never delete it, so I haven’t. I really missed you guys, and I hope all of you find peace like I finally did.

Be your own muse and be your own masterpiece, make yourself entirely your own and make yourself proud of this body that captures the beauty of your soul. Like any masterpiece, let others interpret you, let others connect with you and be inspired by you. Just like even the greatest works have critics, you will as well, and just like the greats you will take it in your stride. You are beautiful. You are rare. You are a masterpiece.

Masterpieces by Amy Kennedy


I never thought I’d have to write this type of thing? Uhm, as an abuse victim, I’d like to apologize for anyone who ships 2doc and got like, death threats and such. You don’t deserve that bullshit. It’s kind of funny. The people who hate it because of the abuse, because it is abusive, but yet go to people and write such hateful things are promoting what they’re against.

Gorillaz is literally the only fandom where I’m terrified to like a ship and post about it. 

I wish we could be peaceful and respect others, but unfortunately rude people exist. (There’s a difference between letting people know you don’t like it, and taking the time to go to a specific persons blog and wishing them death) all in all, if you tell someone to kill themselves or any variation, I hope you pee your pants. (Like, actually urinate in your pants not kill yourself. Apparently that’s a thing now?)

INNER FAN-WARS will detroy us:

*Grabs mic* Everyone get offenfed so easily!  We are all part of the same fandom. We all like the same music and the same 7 boys. So why do people get to the cursing part so quickly??? It is funny how some are so salty and get angry over so little??? You join a fandom to laugh, not to get more stress.
That whole inner fanwar thing is pure BS. Like at a level you could understand the existence of fanwars between fandoms, because of competition. But an inner fanwar? Why? How? Because you think your ship is cuter? More real? We all have different points of views. If you can’t accept it just respect it. Or do you think saying “F*CK YOU” to someone will make them tell you “OMG you are so right, You were sooo convincing”. If believes could be changed by arguing we will be having world peace today.
SO YES I AM AN ARMY WITH AN OTP AND A BIAS I LOVE ALL THE BOYS ALL THE SHIPS ALL THE WHOLESOME PACKAGE. Just because I like Jikook doesn’t mean I will not share any other ships in my blog. Why? Because I am a trash for cute interactions. And I believe that my followers are smart and mature enough to get me. THANK YOU! *mic drop*

Some people have really sucked lately...and it was making me kinda jaded

At 1st I was like fuck this I’m done peace out…. But then I just stepped back and took a breather. I have not posted as much lately especially personal content mainly because some people are just fucking stupid. Those ppl have since been blocked… every last one of them. I just don’t have the tolerance. Yes I run a “porn blog” yes I post myself…. NO that does not mean I need the rude and thoughtless comments and messages. I’ve gotten very familiar with the block button again. I enjoy my little getaway on here. I’m not going to let others ruin it for me.

Hey friends, for the longest of times i’ve tried to keep this blog purely HP but honestly that’s started to feel a lot restrictive? I’m not turning fully multifandom, i’m still primarily HP/Drarry but you should expect to occasionally see some not HP content from me, which will be tagged #nonhp. I’ve made my peace with losing some followers, but i’ll try to use tags for fandoms/pairings/etc & if you need something tagged just let me know. Cheers x

why do people take sides and fight over tumblr blogs like this is some fucked up digital lord of the flies just let me pee my pants in peace

anonymous asked:

Tumblr bot just sassed me because I'm spamming your shit with likes. "Maybe you should message them" bitch no. Thats too forward. I'm awkward as hell. Let me stalk in peace.

I’m awkward as hell too, friend. I can understand that. But I am happy to know Tumblr believes you to like this blog enough to suggest you message me. <3 That’s cool feature on Tumblr’s part.

I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

One week, one week since last update and I’m still shocked

Chapters: 0, 1, 2, 3

According to this legend, people are drawn to each other. Their atoms were near, close to each other when the universe was created and over time the same atoms keep coming back together and no matter how far they are from the others, they will always find their way back. Also when two people meet once, even by slightest accident, they will keep being drawn again and again until they are in one place.

Chapter 4 /or/ about jealousy, deals and ice queens

Matteo has been acting weird.

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Every so often, it’s not too often, I get someone come into my ask box and tell me off for liking Kevin. They tell me he’s problematic and remind me of certain stuff he’s done. A lot of them especially point towards the ableism he showed when talking about ‘fixing’ Janice. It makes me wonder how they can dislike a character so much, that when they happen to stumble across my blog, they feel the need to tell me that he’s a bad person, that therefore I’m a bad person, like…I know Kevin is a huge problem of a character?

He’s an antagonist, he’s supposed to do and say bad things. That’s what causes problems for the protagonists. I understand, he follows the opinions of this horrible problematic cult and therefore says and does horrible problematic things. They’re the antagonists for petes sake. I get told also that I can’t ‘use the excuse that he was brainwashed’ to justify cutting him some slack, like Kevin isn’t a multifaceted character at all and just a flat villain character who deserves no pity because the reason he did everything is ‘because I’m evil mwhahaha!’

Like yes, let’s just blame this traumatised and mentally abused character for the things a higher more directly evil power made him do and give him absolutely no pity/empathy and never examine his character ever and let’s make sure everyone that likes him knows that that makes them horrible people too. That’s a great idea.

I know Kevin is not a good person. I know he can’t be fully excused for his behaviour still, and I don’t excuse him for it. I don’t think ableism is ok and I do think someone needs to help him recover and tell him why these things are not ok to say. Please just let me like this character in peace. Go away and examine him a little bit, properly, not through the lens of ‘every little problem is inexcusable always’ and if you still don’t like him - fine. But don’t keep trying to spread the 2D version of his character around to spread your undue hate and don’t bring it to blogs that clearly like him, please?

lucretia-stan-deactivated201707  asked:

Omg 100 kinds of same re: l/upcretia, like, i just want to see girls in love, not stupid meaningless shipping wars, if i wanted b/lupjeans discourse I'd go into that tag! It's so annoying like let me be gay in peace

like i get that a lot of people get mixed up in it and want to talk about it but when almost every single post in the tag is about the Discourse (and tbh this is similar to blpppjeans too like that tag is also cluttered but not as much) it’s too much like more often than not i just end up going back through my own blog now because i can’t stand it, i just want girls, 

My RP blogs


Joye: /buries face in hands, muffled screaming

Kuja: Listen I am only just barely learning how to be a person why does the world keep throwing more nonsense at me please just let me be a weird bookish hobo in peace

Neirin: walks into dravania like I HEARD THERE WERE DRAGONS HERE, never comes home

Ernaswys: I came here to look adorable and also maybe save the world if it’s on the way

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I don't know what that anon's issue is with half of my favs like... cryxlo is amazing and if you have a problem with her writing and how she portrays kylo then you can fight me. Plus don't go to her friend? like you should know that her and kyloholic are close because they're writing together. So back off and let people have their peace.

Thank you, I just don’t understand the point. I don’t appreciate nor I tolerate hate on my blog, especially when it’s towards other accounts that I’m clearly friends with? I don’t know if they just wanted to start problems or something but I’m not having it. There’s legit no point in sending stuff like that, like, okay if you don’t like them I’m sorry but don’t send me hate about it? 

anonymous asked:

stuck up? this is a website how can any part of anyone's personality show through what so ever? people just repost pictures this isn't high school lol you'll probably call me stuck up for this but I'm just saying you people take everything so personal on here it's not all about you and how you perceive other people sometimes it's just as simple as a blog.. ya know there's a diagnosable mental illness for feeling like everything is about you. It's called schizophrenia.

Tell this to the people who come to my blog and start shit without even knowing me ;) they need to grow up and let everyone blog in peace. I NEVER started shit with anyone, yet i got attacked personally so many times. I don’t think AT all that everything is about me. You got it all wrong. Yes there are stuck up people who are always in the middle of some drama here. Maybe that’s called narcissism idk ?

yo i’m not ignoring your messages or asks or anything, im just not feeling up to like.. talking? right now idk so like… let me just blog in peace right now please.

thank you i love you bless 


DungeonTale is a medieval fantasy AU of that awesome game that’s Undertale by Toby Fox.

It all started with “I want to draw Asriel and Chara with an armor” then it evolved into a project with all the characters already redesigned (I’ll post them as long I make prettier and more detailed sketches like these ones) and an alternative plot that I’m still writing, whatever

While I try to write (and translate) everything down, let me share with you some facts and the guidelines of this story.

Final Character Designs

[Frisk and Toriel][Chara and Asriel] [Sans and Papyrus][Undyne, Alphys and Mettaton]  [Gaster] [Flowey HyperDeath] [Asgore]


[DungeonTale tag]  ♥ [Official AU Blog]

Plot and characters’ insights are under the cut!

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