like just


I finished reading Lost Light #7 half an hour ago and had to scribble this very quick for some reason, huh, I wonder why

Not a spoiler, don’t worry, especially without context!

idk sometimes i hate following so many people who blog about the show because yall stress me out and sometimes i just wanna scream it’s not that deep!! like yall analyse and analyse just to find faults with things and like??? it’s just a dumb show!! like it’s about mythical creatures its supposed to be fun and shits supposed to go wrong not everything is a personal attack on your fave!! sometimes you just have to let it play out (before yall @ me this is not in reference to rightfully calling out writers on racism and homophobia and gross behaviour)

Here comes a special boy!! Ready to fight!! Put up your dukes!

(Quick sketch during my lunch break, oops :’) )