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Can we go back to romanticizing john green books? Like he is actually the chillest dude and other than being pretentious he hasnt done any bad shit.
Like him and his brother spend so much of their time actively trying to make the world a better place and we take this dude and make him the worst person online like seriously wtf?
He has spoken up about dozens of issues including environmental issues, world health, the treatment of women and he and his brother have a charity that many times a year they actively spend time and effort to raise awareness to our hundreds of issues as a planet.
Like fuck man he is a real good dude and all you need to do to see that is google his name and watch a few videos but u judge people off memes you read on the internet instead of making your own opinion

13 reasons why is bad: a summary

- romanticises mental illness 
- incredibly triggering
- no compelling story
- boring main character
- 9000 bike riding scenes honestly what the hell
- main girl wrecks main guys life for no apparent reason
- feels like a john green book, and not in a good way
- just, Yikes


Eyelash game a bit too stroganoff in this but uhhhh

IF Jack was so socially behind that he´d show a corncob into someones mouth he might like. Idk be a bit cooler about it? But I struggle to think of a cool way to show a corncob into someone’s mouth. Life debate homework right there, turn in by tomorrow.

Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book. And then there are books like An Imperial Affliction, which you can’t tell people about, books so special and rare and yours that advertising your affection feels like betrayal
—  John Green, The Fault in Our Stars 
You know you really like someone when you tell them things like “I hope you wear a jacket” and “did you sleep well?” And you actually care about them so much that you hope they do all these things so they’re okay. It’s not just an empty comment any more; you like them so much you really do want the best for them. It’s not just about you anymore.

10/11/16 I spent yesterday afternoon in the sitting room in Glodney with my friend Clodagh trying to get more of my essay done. I want to finish it but wednesday latest so that I can proofread it and make it exactly as I want it, but I am worried that I won’t have enough time to go to quidditch practise if I don’t finish it in enough time! The sunset was so beautiful that I had to take a photo, I hope you guys think so too. I find taking photos with my studyblr in mind gives me far more motivation to do work than maybe even the possibility of running out of time? Call me crazy. My life is pretty good right now. My friend lizzie literally said today “emily your life is like a john green book without the cancer.” so thats pretty great if you ask me. Might not be posting too much until Thursday when my deadline’s gone! Love you all! xoxoxoxo emily

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Hey, Can you maybe do something John green related? Like which house is which book or quote from him? :)

Gryffindor: “What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”

Ravenclaw: “My thoughts are stars I can’t fathom into constellations.”

Hufflepuff: “True love will triumph in the end—which may or may not be a lie, but if it is a lie, it’s the most beautiful lie we have.”

Slytherin: “The thing about chameleoning your way through life is that it gets to where nothing is real.”

Thank you for the ask! I have yet to read a John Green book (don’t worry, I will one day). I hope nothing was weird because I took it out of context, but I did my best :)

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You mentioned a few days ago how bashing certain YA fiction is fine but not knowing why that's the trend is dumb. How did books like Hunger Games and John Green's style end being the trend anyway?

Let’s look at the basic elements of ‘The YA Novel’ as a stereotype.

  1. They star a ‘chosen one’, someone what if not literally divinely or magically chosen, possesses a unique personality that causes the world to center around them.
  2. They are good at AT LEAST one thing, often many things.
  3. They are incredibly lucky (not specifically brought up, but every YA protagonist is saved by chance at least once)
  4. Everyone wants to fuck them
  5. Someone hates them cause they’re so awesome and cool
  6. Society is basically oppressive, and if it isn’t initially it is usurped by an oppressive government at some point
  7. The Hero (and friends) overthrow said oppressive government

Yes, of course these aren’t in EVERY book, but they’re in most YA novels. And they all have an obvious reason for existing.

  1. The target market for these books are teenagers and many teenagers struggle with feeling unspecial and worthless, so they want to project onto someone their age who is important
  2. They also want to feel good at things
  3. This is just bad writing
  4. Teenagers like to feel attractive and desired by others as every teenager as self-esteem issues based on their appearance
  5. Teenagers also like the idea of someone feeling envious of them
  6. Teenagers hate authority and always feel oppressed
  7. So wish fulfillment involves destroying said government

See? Easy.

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my least favorite character tropes (especially in young adult literature)

number fucking one: the pixie manic dream girl. to me, a pmdg, it’s this girl who’s perfect in every sense, she’s fun, she’s one-dimensional, is only there to transform the male character’s life, etc. in my opinion, this type of fucking character is mostly prevalent in john green books. take a look at alaska from looking for alaska and margo in paper towns. they’re literally just sitting there in this toxic pedestal the main character puts her in for the entire story and doesn’t really do much of character development, they’re just there to help the male main character do HIS character development. like in general, i like john green books (I KNOW, SUE ME) but i believe he should make less one-dimentional female characters and more well-rounded ones. just my two cents.

number two: the “i’m not like other girls” character. fuck, out of all of them, i think this is the one that annoys me the most. that character that shames all the other girls bc they enjoy doing girly things while she likes to hunt and doesn’t like to wear pretty dresses. it’s especially annoying when all the boys that meet her instantly fall for her even when she’s SO bland!! like she doesn’t have ANY strong opinions, she’s nice to everybody, she’s described as this GREEK goddess but thinks really lowly of herself. i don’t know, i just hate all of it and i can’t stand to read those type of characters. to me, she’s basically a mary sue.

number three: supposedly “strong” female characters. why do strong female characters ALWAYS have to be emotionally unavailable? like ALL of them? why do they also have to be like just STRAIGHT-UP stubborn and not listen to anyone else? also these characters are ALWAYS physically strong and it pisses THE FUCK out of me like you don’t have to be physically strong to be a strong person. i know, shocking. honestly i feel like so many supposedly strong female characters now are such cardboard cut-outs of the same thing again and again. i fucking hate it because strong MALE characters aren’t always portrayed this way. it makes reading a book with a strong female lead not enjoyable. stop it.

number four: the brooding mysterious bad boy. i loathe this trope/cliché. i do. and it’s SO overplayed and not even interesting to read so i don’t get why authors continue to write them constantly. i also hate that they always treat the main character badly but they get away with it because they have a “tragic past card”? like they’ll yell at them or tell them that they’re not good enough or whatever, but the main character is “okay” with it bc they had a rough childhood. that’s fucking abuse, literally. and what’s worse is that they’re very glamorized and readers love them and it’s honestly disgusting. i honestly prefer to read a six-pack no-brain jock to this asshole.

number five: the “gay” character who’s just gay. in a lot of YA books, authors put into the character mix a gay character so they don’t look heteronormative but it just falls way too fucking flat like. there’s literally no other side to this character other than the fact that he’s gay. literally. that’s his whole personality: gay. and it’s more annoying because it’s just filled with stereotypes and it’s just cringe-worthy to read. if you’re going to make a gay character, give them deepness, make them three-dimensional. MAKE SOME RESEARCH. 

So this was my list of least favorite character tropes in books :-) Tell me what you think!!!!!!!!?

books and cupcakes november bpc
day 17: falling in love

I think I just fell in love with a girl and it’s soo weird cause my whole life I considered myself straight but now I can’t even look at boys because she is way better then any boy on this motherfuckin planet and she is like so cute. She really likes john green and has read all the books before watching the movies and when she stood on the board the other day while teacher was rambling about something she looked at me and rolled her eyes and smirked so I did the same but I swear to god my heart stopped beating for like 30 seconds

He liked the idea of coffee quite a lot - a warm drink that gave you energy and had been for centuries associated with sophisticates and intellectuals. But coffee itself tasted to him like caffeinated stomach bile.
—  An Abundance of Katherines by John Green