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I looooove grocery shopping! I got all of this for $38 at Aldi because I found another “buy $40 get $10 off” coupon in the paper! 

I bought frozen green beans and peas, baby carrots and hummus, canned beans, ground turkey, sour cream and tortillas to make homemade crunchwraps this weekend, chicken sausage, three boxes of reduced fat wheat thins (they’ll probably only last until the end of the month lol,) chicken breast, almond milk, pesto, canned tuna (packed in water,) spinach, goat cheese, and some cereal that Jake likes.

I didn’t even think of it like that! I always just think of the guys together and the girls together. I think Sasha is def in as long as they have a celeb for his height. I soooo hope Simone is happening. I didn’t like Jake at all, but to no fault of Jenna. I’d love to see her get a second chance.

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whos is jake and what happened if i can ask

he was my ex or smth of that kind I was 13 at the time we dated and he was 17.

I became part of his friend group almost two years ago and basically his friends pushed me to date him while we were in a group chat and he was “"pretending to b offline”“ even tho I know he was probably jst looking at my answers and they were all like ”“u and jake would b sooo cute together uwu uwu”“ ”“he always talks abt u”“ and I was stupid enough to think Okay I probably like him too

LMAO HE WAS RLY AWFULLY guilt tripping me for talking to others and having other friends I talk to regularly and other shut bt the entire thing reached its peak when friends of mine said I should break up with him and

HE JST LMAO straight up went and stalked me after I remade 829 times and disguised himself to form friendships w me again bt after that failed and he gave up he gave his adult stalker friends my private phone number.
now u can imagine that I got the most awful messages for weeks and calls in the middle of the night dude I was paranoid enough to believe he would send someone to kill me.

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I seriously have been looking forward to BVB5 for ages, but now I feel like it will never happen because of what Andy has been doing and Jake is doing stuff on the side and Ashley isn't playing bass and I feel like CC, Jinxx and Jake are basically the only ones committed to the band at this point and I'm stressing but that's okokokokok

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1x16 // 4x11 [requested by @ohfortheloveofmindy]

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I would just like to point out the difference between Jake and Andy's relationships. Jake actually makes an effort (so does his girlfriend) to make her feel loved and actually comments things someone In a relationship would say opposed to "Andy's comments" which are typically 😍❤️️ something a thirsty guy would comment and it never changes. He never comments how beautiful she is like Jake or how he's lucky. Why does he comment essays for literally everyone but his wife unless it's a holiday?

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what a beautiful bromance


sansaregina’s 14 days of christmas

@cosimocontessina: “You’re right, I’m 100% in the wrong.The truth is I’m the one that’s not tough enough to be in here. I mean, watching the woman I love unarmed, locked up with all these murderers… it’s just too much for me.”