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  • Hiro:I'M BORED! Entertain me.
  • Tadashi:I can't right now, I'm studying.
  • Hiro:Awww... Yeah, I– I know you're busy, that makes sense. I don't really have anything else to do, but you– you got stuff to take care of, that's fine... After you're done, uh... would... would you wanna hang out?
  • Tadashi:I'll be at this all night.
  • Hiro:*whimpers* ...Maybe we could study... together?
  • Tadashi:Hiro, I really just need to focus.
  • *Hiro whines like a sad puppy, leaving the room*
  • Hiro:YOU MADE ME DO THIS! *runs back into the room and throws himself on Tadashi's desk*
Confession (Woozi/Jihoon Fluff)

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AN: Thank you @kanye-vonrosewald for requesting this I really enjoyed writing it! I love shy Woozi he’s soo cute :) Anyways, enjoy the fluff I hope I did good!! <3

Summary: He invites you in, sits you down and then completely ignores you. You don’t understand why Woozi is acting so strange, but you’re determined to find out. 

It is 12:30pm and you are due at the dorm in half an hour. Woozi paces back and forth in his room feeling very stressed and anxious. Why did you have to be at their house so often, it makes ignoring you impossible he thinks to himself. On top of that he doesn’t like the other boys spending so much time with you, which means that he has to spend more time with you to stop them! None of this is helping his situation at all and he just wants to crawl back into bed, throw a pillow over his head, and lay there all day.

He sighs and sits down on his bed looking at the clock. Now you’ll be here in 10 minutes, great.


Woozi sits at his desk going back and forth from his notebook to the computer, working on a new song for Seventeen. This wasn’t your first time sitting in his studio watching him work, but there was definitely something different about this time.

Usually a day in Woozi’s studio was fun for the both of you, he always gave you special privileges that none of the boys ever got. You were allowed to play around with the audio system, distract him with any questions or comments you had (even if they weren’t relevant to what he was doing) and, you were most honored to have this privilege; sit in the room with him when he was working on his own personal projects. But today, you do not feel special at all and you don’t think either of you are enjoying yourselves right now.  

As soon as you arrived at the dorm Woozi had greeted you at the door and then ushered you into his studio before you got a chance to meet any of the other boys. You enjoyed spending time in here with him so you didn’t mind, that was until he sat at his desk with his back to you and said: “I am very busy today y/n so I apologize in advance for not speaking much.”

Not speaking much your foot. He hasn’t said a word to you since he apologized in advance and that was almost an hour ago. You don’t understand, it’s like he draws you in just to ignore you. If he really didn’t want you here he could have just left you in the hallway after he let you in, you would have just gone off with one of the other boys. Mingyu had offered to show you how to make his special dessert, you would have been fine. But instead, here you are in Woozi’s studio doing absolutely nothing.

There isn’t anything keeping you from leaving but yet you won’t do it. You need to know why he’s acting like this, it’s not like him to be so distant, especially with you.



“Is everything ok?”

There’s a long pause before he answers, “everything’s fine, why do you ask?”

Do you brush it off or just come out with what you’re thinking? He still hadn’t turned around and looked at you, you were starting to feel like you had done something wrong. “You’ve been acting strangely since I got here. It’s not like you be so distant.”

You watch him shift in his seat suddenly feeling very uncomfortable. He plays around with the keyboard in front of him trying to figure out how to respond. “I’m not being distant” he says nervously.

“Don’t deny it” you say, suddenly feeling very upset “you bring me in here, tell me you’re too busy for me, and then completely ignore me. Even now, you still won’t look at me!” Your voice is starting to raise and you can feel the anger building up inside of you. “Look Honnie if I did anything to upset please just tell me. You know I’d never hurt you on purpose, but don’t sit there and tell me that you are not being distant when you clearly are.”

You take some deep breaths to calm down. You really didn’t mean to go off on him like that but you couldn’t help it. He had never treated you like this, you two were best friends. Part of your anger was directed towards yourself. You hated to think that you had hurt or upset him in anyway. It was while you were mentally cursing yourself that he finally turned around to face you.

“You didn’t do anything y/n” he looks at you sadly and you can tell that your words have hurt him.

“So then what is it, Jihoon? Why have you been putting all this space between us?” your voice is soft.

“You really want to know?”

“Yes, please.”

He takes a deep breath: “I like you y/n. from the very first time I meet you, I knew you were different from any other girl I had met. The first time you came to the dorm, you got along with all of the boys so well. You brought a joy to my life the even Seokmin couldn’t provide. And then, the first time I brought you into this studio you were so fascinated by everything. I loved watching the shocked expression on your face every time I showed you something on the computer. You’ve always been here for me and supported me. You’ve helped me calm down when I felt stressed or overwhelmed and even sat with me for hours providing encouragement so I could meet my deadlines. You are such a caring and amazing person, how could I not have fallen for you.”

You stare at Woozi too shocked to speak. You had no clue he felt that way about you. “Jihoon I-”

“I never told you because I didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship. I’ve been trying to make the feelings go away, but they just keep growing stronger.”

Woozi, liked you? This has to be a dream you think, that’s the only place you ever felt you had a chance at being more than a friend to Woozi, in your dreams.

“Please say something, I need to know how you feel” you glance at him and he locks eyes with you “it’s okay if you don’t feel the same way.”

“I wish” you start and his face drops as he expects you to turn him down so you continue quickly: “I wish that you had confessed you’re feelings sooner. I’ve waited so long to hear you say this”. You laugh at the confused look on his face.

“You like me too?”

You walk over to his chair and crouch down in front of him nodding, “and probably for as long as you have too.”

He laughs and you can see the tension leave his body. “I have another confession to make.”

“Oh, and what would that would be?”

“This isn’t really a song for Seventeen, it’s a song I wrote.. for you” he gets all shy again, but your feelings are the opposite. Excitement washes over you as you literally jump for joy.

“Can I hear it?! Oh please Jihoon I want to hear it!”

Seeing you light up like this brings a smile to his face, “I suppose so, since you’re so eager and all”.

“Shut up and play it” you say playfully.

The two of you turn to the computer as he puts on the song. It’s the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard and your heart swells knowing it’s just for you.

“It’s called Simple” he says, bringing you out of your thought. “..I was considering putting it on our next album, is that okay?”

“So it’s a song for all of your fans then” disappointment in your words.

“Yes and no. If it goes on the album it will be for all of the fans, but it was still written for you y/n and you’ll know that. If you happen to forget, then I’ll remind you.” He smiles shyly at you and you mimic him.

“In that case, you can put it on the album.” You rest your head against his arm, the contact feeling comfortable for both of you.

As the song plays out you discretely pinch your arm under the table. You’ve never been so happy to feel pain.


I kinda get why some people are upset over Moana not having a love interest, including the kinda obvious race angle but

romance was/is kinda discouraged at a young age in Pacific Islander cultures in general? Like my mum was quite strict about it when I was younger and throughout high school and she had the same thing  growing up in Fiji and being of Polynesian descent. And it’s still the same there even now, though I guess the culture might be changing slightly in modern times. 

But yeah like, idk it makes sense to me and I’m not that fussed about it. I can get why people would side eye it though, but I’m pretty happy with the way they’re doing it so far tbh

summer: i heard the wild plants around here sell for a lot of simoleons!

milo: I feel as though the way these games have sims capable of making an easy living from making a garden is highly unrealistic, and does a major disservice to men and women who work hard to provide food for others. Having a single fruit or vegetable sell for upwards of 30 simoleans is just ridiculous and furthers the gap between people’s perception of farming and the reality. The reality is it is a hard job with a very small profit margin that can be wiped out by weather difficulties and failures with various parts of machinery and other expensive items involved in making a living as a farmer. People living in the first world today are so blind to how much of a struggle it is and are so easy to just throw away food and just act like it doesn’t matter because it’s only food. And to be realistic in the end the most valuable thing, literally the most important thing you have is food because you will DIE without it. Having a sim make a garden and start selling lemons for 55 simoleans a pop is just stupid because it makes it seem that generation and family farmers in the world are NOT having trouble, when they actually are. Truthfully the produce should sell for less than a simolean a piece in most cases and then when the sim can’t afford to pay their bills people might be a little more understanding and a little more grateful that there are hardworking human beings willing to spend their lives and sacrifice their time and health to bring food to the tables of other people. Maybe they would have a little more respect and understanding and not be as likely to just take it all for granted. People in developing parts of the world are more likely to understand and realize how hard life can be when you can’t go to a walmart and pick up a bunch of fresh produce for a cheap price.

I woke up this morning and my legs are aching like I ran three marathons at once but I haven’t done any excessive exercize in years and I’m so confused bc just sleeping in a weird position shouldn’t make them hurt this much???

they are tingly and weak and they hurt. I hope this is just my final transformation into a mermaid or somethin bc this is not pleasant

You know what grosses me out? People saying sheith is problematic but shipping Shiro/Sendak like…… for…. real……. wtf……….. You throw the age discourse™ crap but fucking support an actual problematic ship? Don’t even tell me it’s just a joke because this, my friend, is fucking disgusting to even joke about. You’re fucking shipping Shiro with his???? almost abuser???? The fuck is wrong with you??????

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How good are the Mukami's at neck-kissing?

Ruki is, seeing as he has enough self control to actually do it without pricking you with his fangs. Though, he might bite you when you least expect it- just to hear you whimper.

Kou is as well, though he doesn’t have as much self control as Ruki does. Half of the time he throws it out the window and just ends up biting you.

Yuma is not. He immediately assumes in situations like that, that you want him to suck your blood. He’s only not bitten you twice.

Azusa is okay at it. A lot of the times it immediately goes to biting, but sometimes he can understand that biting isn’t what your looking for.

Things that Nintendo should put into the next Animal crossing game:

-Actual fishtanks big enough to put multiple fish in (like the museum but home sized)

-An option to invite neighbors to your house whenever you want (they can decline if they were just over or whatever)

-Some kind of bar/level to show your relationship with individual neighbors

-A maintenance crew that you can unlock like the coffee shop or stores etc. It would be a place you can throw out trash but also have initiatives to keep town clean! Plus cute new NCPs. 

-An option to decide where new neighbors move in

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do you have pen recs?

yes!! i definitely do tbh :D

i’m a big fan of papermate gel pens which i use a lot for annotating because the blue ink is a really nice colour and they last for AGES!

also just zebra ballpoints in general? their ink tends to be very nice, and i’ve been lucky enough to have received a few as gifts and just found them to be very good pens that are durable and last a good while.

bic cristal pens are also very good!! they’re cheap so it’s not a huge worry if you lose one and they last forever– as in i cannot remember throwing one out just because it’s run out of ink! they are quite thick though (generally 1mm to 1.6mm) so they might not be your style if you like the studyblr trend of using ultra-skinny pens.

and a studyblr favourite– i get a couple to make my fancy notes look good– pilot g-2s are very nice, especially the .38s. the coloured ones look gorgeous too!

and lastly i’d also recommend papermate inkjoy pens! they come in a bundle of colours and are just generally really nice :D

hope that helps you out! i’m actually going school supply shopping later today, and if you’re interested in any more of my recommendations you should absolutely take a peek at my stationery basics masterpost!!

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All I'm giving you is one line. The rest I leave up to you. "I didn't sign up for this."

“I didn’t sign up for this,” Dean grumbled as he held the stinking toddler in his hands. 

“Well, she’s your girlfriend so I think you’re the one that should take care of her,” Sam replied with a grin on his face. He enjoyed seeing his brother grossed out at the fact of dirty diapers. 

“Son of a bitch,” Dean murmured more to himself as he walked into his bedroom. He already wanted to throw up just by the thought of having to change Y/N’s diapers. 

He loved you, he really did, but this was nothing he wanted to do. 

“Alright sweetheart, let’s get you cleaned up,” Dean talked more to himself than he did to Y/N as he laid her down onto his bed and started undressing her.

 Just as he opened the diaper she was wearing, he felt like falling unconscious by the smell and turned to face away from her to breathe some clean air as Y/N started to laugh. 

“Of course this is funny to you,” he grumbled before he finally was able to clean her up and put some new diapers on. 

“We really need to find a way to turn her back again,” Dean told Sam as he handed him the dirty diaper as payback for having to change her diapers.

Want a Drabble?

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Do u ship lucaya?

honestly, corpanga is the only ship that matters like ever. (and the only thing that I will really “ship” in that sense of the word)

i really don’t like the word “ship”. it makes people crazy. i think all of the couples are cute in their own way. do i think there’s couples that have a really good chance of something else being there that they might not know just yet? yeah. are there couples that throw up red flags for me? yeah. do i think that there’s a direction that the show is going? yes. 

but whatever happens, it’s always gonna be corpanga. 

but i don’t really care about “ships”. i just like to make gifs :) my life will not be different if where i think the show is going doesn’t pan out. i will not be affected at all. 

i just like the show and i’m just excited to see how the rest of season 3 and the rest of the series plays out. 

Quintis Baby + First Words

This was requested by @qualitykissdoc and is complete fluff. I hope you like it!

“She’s going to say ‘Daddy’ first,” Toby says, cuddling his daughter.

“What makes you so sure?”

“Just a feeling.”

“Feelings are not logic.” Happy throws up her hands. “You can’t know.”

“Who’s the Harvard-trained behaviorist?” He starts to make funny faces at Lila, chuckling at Happy’s disgruntled sigh. “She’s a daddy’s girl.”

“Really?” Happy reaches out her arms. “Then why is she so quick to come to me?” As if she understood exactly what point her mother was trying to make, Lila nearly dives into Happy’s arms, banging her head on Happy’s chest. Luckily, she doesn’t seem to be too upset with the outcome.

“You’re a happy girl, aren’t you?” Happy smiles.

Lila cooes. “Happy girl in Happy’s arms–”



Happy nods, “Good.” She pulls Lila a little closer, planting a kiss on the top of her head. “But that’s not going to be her first word.” Toby raises an eyebrow. “Maybe it’ll be something about cars.” Toby shakes his head. “Or something to tell you to shut up.”


Lila squirms, turning around in Happy’s arms to look at Toby. “No!” She giggles before chewing on her hand.

Both parents stop in their tracks. “What did you just say?” Toby asks.

Lila continues to garble around her hand, her eyes lighting up in something Happy can only describe as mischief.

“Is our child’s first word really, ‘No?’”


“Lila Grace, you are quite the handful.” Toby takes her into his arms. “You’re going to be trouble.”

“She’s already trouble.” Happy moves to place her arm around Toby’s waist.

“But we love her.”

Sighing, a tender smile forms on Happy’s face. “Yeah. Yeah, we do.”

Little Big Message

Ho yeah you all thought this is about Little Big Planet didn’t you.. ha ha noo. it’s just me having those moments. When you’re just holding a piece of paper, scrunch it up and decide to throw it in the bin. Now imagine this, the hand as me scrunching the paper, and the paper as my blog. Right, I might be giving up on this blog since I literally have no interest in this blog anymore. Now I know I am going to have people messaging me like wait, what hold on think this through! But I have a lot going on right now and I really gotta have some time of thought. It’s the whole reason why I have been out and not posting lately cause of the shit bothering me. Now now, it’s not just the the things bothering me making me go “Fuck this *clicks delete button*,” no, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my account/blog going that’s why. I don’t want it to be just hanging around like a fly in your room, what do you do? smack it up. that IS right. fucker. u don’t enter my room like this. i mean i do like apologize to it all like “ I’m sorry man, but you can’t enter my territory like that.” BTW it was a spider. a very fast one. pheeew. big too.. i felt like a hunter. HUNTER OF SURVIVAL. (im sure nobody knows what I’m on about here haha)

Sorry got carried away, this happened last night i was scared to sleep yo. Anyway what’s happening now is that I will leave this blog on for a little more while so I can inform you all that I’ll be deleting this blog soon. Maximum 2 weeks, and out you go the window siyah.. on 1st of August.. I know there is such a thing as putting your blog on a pause (i literally just forgot what the name was for it. THIS IS HOW LONG I’VE BEEN OUT THE GAME) but I won’t come back to it that’s all. 

I’d like to thank all of you followers because you guys are so sweet and supportive and when i see a note I get hyped and when i see a reblog.. omg “CLEAR!” (you know when the doctors grab those paddles and make you jerk violently. oh yeah). Thank you so much for being there for me and I appreciate your patience and sweet comments. Do forgive me for being a twit like i always have been. Thank you once again 1,105 followers! Here we go post button..

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idk though could he really take saitama... like that dude was thrown out of the atmosphere and he didnt get a scratch on him

heres the deal. each of those characters is like mega OP for whatever canon they come from, maxed out for the power anyone can achieve in their respective universes. but the dragon ball universe’s “maximum possible power” literally has no cap. so saitama may be able to survive and defeat anything his universe throws at him but his universe itself isnt nearly as OP as the dragon ball universe. i’m still betting on goku (or rather – if it were an option on those memes more often, i would bet on gohan).

but that’s just if we’re talking pure logic. i’m willing to concede that if they are fighting within the laws of their respective universes then perhaps saitama will win because his victory is made mandatory by virtue of being a running gag. however, within goku’s universe his strength only increases to confront whatever enemy he faces (sometimes resulting in his death but always in his return with even greater power). so if you pick saitama you are perhaps the only true enemy i have: one who has chosen wisely but still chosen wrong.

i really want to throw up. like don’t get me wrong this concert is wonderful and the boys are doing fantastic as always and i love them lots, but it’s so bittersweet. they’re all performing out there and having a good time while jongin is sitting backstage in a wheelchair just listening to all of it. probably still crying, as he said earlier that he had cried so much that his face was swollen and then he tried to laugh it off. i don’t think anyone knows how gentle and softhearted he is honestly. he invalidates himself so often and he does so much for us and the guys and yet he still kicks himself SO much when he’s down. right now being a prime example. i really hope he realizes someday how important he is to everyone and that his feelings are real and reasonable. that we love and support him and want nothing more than for him to be healthy and happy.

i’m kind of in a creative ditch. 

it’s like i have this voice in my head yelling that i suck at every single turn. i just sort of stare at whatever i’m supposed to be working on, lucky if i get a few hundred words out. i’ve started and gave up on like six drawings, i have so many fics in progress and i just… i just clicked through my wips looking for something i could work on and finding nothing

i might be fine tomorrow. maybe it was just a week. or a few weeks. or whatever. and i know usually i say this and then throw up something the next day, but it feels different this time. 

there might not be much content from me for the next week. i’ll try to get the chapter of tangled ribbons done, but i don’t know. i can’t tell.

my friend left for disneyland and im just sitting at her house waiting to be picked up but her weirdo housemates are like screaming and throwing things and im too scared to go out to get a drink of water 😩

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What's your top 5 favorite things about your daddy? :3

Aghh top 5 that’s hard o.o
-Whenever he thinks something was funny he will repeat whatever was said and he will just laugh so cute x3
-When we’re sleeping he will roll over and throw his arm over me to cuddle, and sometimes he will just keep nudging me until I move closer
-His eyes. Holy crap. They’re just perfect.
-He loves being silly. It’s super fun being his Kitten because he’s silly like me x3
-Our adventures ! If I ever ask to go out for an adventure usually it’s a yes, and they’re usually super fun 💕