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White people really out here thinking all black people do is complain on the Internet
Like we don’t work out ass off to just survive in a system that sees us as less than human
Not only do they deny that there is racism in this country
But even if the concede that there is racism they expect us to change it. They think we’re all just sitting around complaining on the Internet and that we should be throwing our bodies and our souls into fixing this broken system. They expect us to die fixing a racism system that’s killing us.
How fucking bold and audacious to expect the victims of racism to fix it when they have neither the power nor the position of influence to instantly change it
You have got to be kidding me with this bullshit

I feel like Dave would have had a much more harmonious childhood if Bro had had a big buff gentle giant of a boyfriend like Jake. Like I mean just imagine all the things:

  • Jake would never let Dirk try to throw a baby off the roof
  • Jake calling little Dave ‘pumpkin’
  • Cute little family vacations to Jake’s island where Dirk always gets sunburned but they still have a good time
  • Family Halloween costumes (Jake as the Scarecrow, Dirk as the Tinman and baby Dave in a lion onesie and they talk Roxy into being their Dorothy? Idk)
  • Dirk and Jake out walking with lil Dave and holding one of his hands each and swinging him between them.
  • Dave not wanting to share Jake with Dirk when they’re playing and Dirk getting so impatient
  • Jake always convincing Dirk not to ground Dave when he fails a class or comes home way after curfew
  • Jake making his grandma’s special soup when Dave is sick
  • Dave having an awkward crush on Jake when he’s thirteen, but Jake never notices because he’s oblivious like that
  • Jake always forcing Dirk and Dave to hug and make up after a fight

Q: how to instantly improve Dave’s childhood
A: add Jake

His face looked so scornful, so savage, and finally, gloriously, ugly. Not cute at all, just an ugly scornful boy face. I hadn’t felt such disgust for a boy since the early days, when they’d tease girls on the playground, kicking us and throwing gravel and raising their voices in high screechy mockery. ‘They do that because they like you,’ all the adults said, grinning like pumpkins. We believed them, back then. Back then we thought it was true, and we were drawn toward all that meanness because it meant we were special, let them kick us, let them like us. We liked them back. But now it was turning out our first instincts were right. Boys weren’t mean because they liked you; it was because they were mean.
—  Daniel Handler, The Basic Eight

If anyone ever passed you while you were driving, they would more than likely think you were crazy. It looked like you were having road rage and throwing your hands everywhere, when in truth, you were singing your heart out and dancing. That was what you were currently doing while you drove home from the mall, where you just got finished shopping with Lydia. It was how you two let off steam and relax.

Lydia was practically a sister more than a best friend and she was the whole reason you were friends with Scott and his pack.

Your eyes were trained on the road as you yell-sang “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten. It was storming out, so you made sure to pay extra attention. Your voice cut off when you noticed a black dog walk into the middle of the road, causing your grip on the steering wheel to tighten as you slammed on the breaks. The car stopped within feet of the dog, who stood there, looking. You were on a backroad so you put the car in park and got out to check the dog. Knowing this was Beacon Hills and this was not the smartest idea, you could not help it, you had a soft spot for animals.

When you stepped out and got a closer look, the dog walked up to you and began sniffing you. “Hey there.” You coo in a soft tone, not to scare the dog. Looking up as the rain got harder, you let out a sigh, “Well, I can’t just leave you out here. You wanna come with me?” You ask as you back towards your car. The dog followed you, so you took that as a yes.

You opened the passenger side and closed the door after the dog got settled in. Walking around to your side, you quickly got in letting out a breath, “We both smell like wet dog.” You looked over at him, looking him over, “Well, since you’re coming with me, I’ll name you Zeus.” The dog was pretty big and resembled a wolf to you, so you thought Zeus would fit him perfectly.

The rest of the ride home, which was ten minutes, you lightly hummed as Zeus placed his head in your lap.

When you pulled up to your house, after noticing your father was still not home from his business trip, you reached in the backseat grabbing your bags before opening your door and Zeus followed right behind you. You struggled with your keys for a moment, but soon you were in your house. After closing and locking the front door, you turned on the alarm system.

You scratched the top of your companions head gently, “Let’s go get you bathed, boy.” You smiled as you walked to the bathroom and ran the water to a decent temperature. It was a bit of a struggle between the deep tub, Zeus wanting to jump up and lick you, and nearly falling in.

You huffed as you let out the water and Zeus jumped out of the tub as you grabbed a towel and dried him off, then he shook off the excess water, making you squeal and hold up the towel. “You smell a million times better now.” You whisper with a giggle as he rubbed his nose against your cheek.

You lead him back to your room and patted your bed, “Stay here until I finish.” You say as he jumped on the bed and nestled in.

You walked to the bathroom and cracked the door to let the steam let out as you showered. The shower lasted long enough for you to wash your hair and body, along with quickly shaving. Once you got out, you wrapped your towel around your body and one for your hair. You cleaned your face, brushed your teeth and hair, before quickly drying it enough to where it was mostly dry.

Stepping out of the bathroom, the temperature change was drastic. You shivered as you walked to the thermostat and read the temperature before slightly bumping it up.

You walked back into your room and looked around, Zeus was gone. “Zeus?” You called out, but right after the call left your lips, a hand came down on your lips.

“Shhh, don’t make a sound.” Your eyes widened, you automatically recognized the voice. It was hard not to recognize the voice, it was the voice of someone you had gotten close to over the month and Stiles constantly warned you about him. Especially since it had become known that you were developing a crush and Stiles believed he had one too from the way he looked at you. It was Theo. You were turned around and your eyes met Theo’s green ones. “I’m going to uncover your mouth, but you have to stay quiet.” You nodded and he lifted his hand, “What do you want? Why didn’t you shift back when I pulled over? Why did you let me treat and bathe you like a dog, Theo!” You whisper, “Listen, I’m not here to hurt you. I’m here to protect you. I know Stiles has filled your head with thing, but I’m telling you they are not true and I was trying to figure out a plan to where it wouldn’t be too awkward but it just didn’t work out that way, okay?”

“Why protect me? Why not everyone else? I’m not as far in this supernatural shit as they are!”

“Because, you are the easiest target and they don’t do enough to protect you.” His voice held anger, “What do you mean?” You ask and he growled, pushing you up against the wall, which was a whole lot more uncomfortable due to him being naked and you being in a towel. His hands were pressed against the wall by your head, “If they protected you like they should, you would have never gotten hurt at the police station.”

You took a deep breath, nodding since you where unsure on what to say, “Why do you feel like you have to protect me though?”

Theo’s face was centimeters from yours, his eyes looking into yours as his minty breath fanned across your face, “You don’t want to know right now.”

“But I do,” you push on, “And I kind of have the right to know since you’re in my house after pretending to be a stray dog and you now have me against the wall in a towel while you are butt ass naked.”

Theo let out a sigh and his eyes softens as he looks over you, with a look you had grown used too, passion. With that, Theo connected your lips, kissing you deeply as he ran his hands grasped your hair and pulled you close. He pulled away after a few seconds, maybe twenty, his lips still against yours, “It’s a wolf thing… I have these feelings… Stronger than any feeling for an anchor.”

You let out a breath and bit your bottom lip, “What does that mean?”

Theo buried his face in your neck and let out a breath, “Mate. You’re my mate.” His lips lightly grazed over your skin.

Your eyes widened before you closed them and your hands placed against his chest, not pushing or pulling, just placed there, “I… Theo this is a lot to take in.”

Theo nodded and took a step back, his face had dropped, “I know, I’m sorry. It’s hard to control when I’m around you. I’ll, uh, I’ll be outside if you need me, but I’m not leaving you though. Ever.”

You leaned forward and took his hand, “But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings for you, Theo. I have strong feelings for you. Before we make anymore decisions though, let’s get dressed and then we can talk further, okay?” Theo chuckled and nodded, “Yeah, okay.” You grabbed your pajamas and underwear before leaving to get some of your dads clothes, hoping they would fit. You handed them to him and disappeared into the bathroom to change.

You nearly had a heart attack when you walked out and Theo was standing there in your dads sweatpants that were too big but almost not long enough, “I’m sorry,” he said as your heart raced.

“It’s okay,” a smile came to your face, “You, uh, do you want to watch a movie?” You ask and he chuckled, “Yeah.” You nodded and walked to your bed and patted beside you as you turned the Xbox on to get to Netflix.

“So, what type of movie does your little heart desire?” Theo asked as he leaned back against the headboard, lightly twisting a strand of your hair. You looked back at him with a grin, “Horror.”

Theo raised his eyebrows and his mouth turned into an amused smirk, “Oh, really? You think you can handle it?”

You rolled your eyes, “You should be asking yourself that,” you say as you click on Sinister, “I’m a horror movie fanatic and my favorite holiday is Halloween. I can handle it.” You mirrored his smirk and leaned over to turn off the lamp, as you were doing so, Theo leaned up, giving your neck a soft nip. You bit your lip and placed your hands on his chest, “Down, boy,” your voice and tone was teasing as his hands grasped your hips. Theo chuckled, “So, tomorrow we are going to go get breakfast at IHOP.” You raised an eyebrow, “Is this your way of asking me on a date?”

Theo growled playfully, pulling you down into a kiss, “It is.”

You nodded, pecking his lips, “Then IHOP sounds wonderful.”

You leaned back down and played the movie as Theo pulled you to him with an arm around your waist and his other hand placed on your thigh. By the time the movie ended, Theo had managed to jump the whole time until he dragged you into his lap where he watched the movie from over your shoulder. You could not help but to think that tomorrow was not going to be your first date, tonight, right now, would be it.


It’s taken me a really long time to be able to competently make a bowl of soup.

The only lesson I’ve learned that matters is that a good stock is the key.

Canned and powdered are plenty fine if you need a bowl of something warm - and I’m not even saying that in the snooty Ina Garten kind of way, I was raised on some powdered caldo de pollo and other types of boullion cubes (shout out to Goya) - but the best stocks come from stuff we throw away: bones and vegetable scraps, but also stuff we rarely eat at all (like chicken feet or pig ears.) 

Just do me that favor, start saving up your kitchen trimmings and bits - carrot tops and celery leaves, onion skins (which will give a stock a beautiful dark brown color), gristle and bones and fatty bits from roasts and rumps or whatever you’re cooking - and stuff it in freezer bags. When you’ve got a decent amount in there, chuck it in a pot or pressure cooker with some water and I guarantee you’re gonna dig the result. You don’t even have to use it for making soup, you can use it as a base for rice, beans, hell I’ve even made a mean bowl of grits with pork stock before.  

And yeah, don’t bother looking for pork stock on the shelf at your supermarket. You’ll find chicken, beef and veggie and maybe even fish but pork stock is not something commonly found in American cuisine at all. If you want it, you gotta make it. Pork bones are easiest, but pressure cooked pig ears will give you the best result. I fell in love with the stuff after I had a pot of liquid leftover from, well, pressure cooking pig ears, but I realize not everyone is willing leap face first into the abyss like I am.

Pork and Cabbage Soup


  • ½ cup pork stock
  • ¼ cup diced cabbage
  • ¼ cup diced onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • ½ apple
  • A splash of bloody mary mix (you don’t get to judge me)
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


It’s really just as simple warming up your stock, adding your ingredients, bringing them to a boil and then reducing the heat and letting it simmer until your cabbage starts getting soft, I’d say about twenty minutes.

I want Steven and Peridot to be friends but like on the side. Like Steven will smile and wave at Peridot and she’ll kind of wave back and then the rest of the gems arrive to duke it out and she never really hurts Steven, they just kind of dance around each other and maybe she’ll pick him up and throw him or he’ll toss his shield at her but most of their “fighting” is just yelling stupid insults at each other like “your hair is stupid!” “yeah, well at least I can aim!”


As one half of the genre-defying duo Prayers, Leafar Seyer has his feet firmly planted in two worlds. On one hand he’s a goth, sporting black nails, a crucifix earring, and professing a deep abiding love for groups like Depeche Mode and Joy Division. On the other hand he is a proud chicano, tattooed with the symbols of his second family, the Sherman Grant Hills Park gang of southeastern San Diego. His Instagram page could feature anything from images of the singer in a swanky New York City hotel room to a picture of him throwing up gang signs with a friend who just got out of prison. He is a walking juxtaposition, a living oxymoron who has taken the seemingly opposite of worlds of goth and gangbanging to create the entirely unique genre of cholo goth. Along with producer Dave Parley’s hard hitting synth beats, Seyer’s songs are defiant tales of violence and melancholia. Sentiments that are amplified by meticulously art directed, shot in gorgeous black and white and starring the coolest, most stylish cliques in around—people who, like Seyer—find themselves straddling two subcultures.

In this latest installment of Behind the Lens, Seyer discusses the visual aesthetic of Prayers, shares some behind the scenes photos from his new music video and explains his love for 80s English synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys.  

Check it out here. 

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Right Person, Wrong Time

Accidentally deleted some of the works for this series and I’ve re-uploaded them for those parties interested. 

Series Summary: What happens when you meet the right person at the wrong time? What happens if the universe keeps throwing two people together at various highs and lows in their lives and it just never works out? What happens if it does?

Pairings: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes

Link on A03

Spoiler-y pairings underneath the cut

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how did you discover your personal style? your style is so lovely and unique it would be great if you could give some tips on how you style yourself! xxx

I don’t know if I ever found my style, just a collection of different styles and articles of clothing I really like. Thank you!

I just kind of buy what I like and put it together based on my mood or the vibe I want myself to give off. I usually start of with one piece of clothing and build from there and other days I throw on stuff and it works out perfectly.

a continuation of this

(read the whole thing on AO3)

It was easy enough after that first time. Dean was out most nights anyway so it wasn’t like he needed to make excuses or anything, just waits for Dean to go out. Then he’ll shower, taking extra time to finger himself open, throw on some jeans that are a little too tight and a little too low with a shirt that isn’t quite long enough, cram some condoms in his pocket and head downtown.

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Tips on how to confess to your crush?

What are we confessing? Murder? Maybe talk to a lawyer before doing that.

Feelings? Man those are easy. In general, asking someone out on a date will tell them all they need to know. Don’t go about it in like a dramatic movie way where you throw all the feelings out to them. That’s intense. That scares people. We’re not in the movies. Just ask them out, and if they say yes, super! Do the date, feel the vibe out, and take it from there.

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Through out the show they have written Amy as like super gay, but then all of a sudden they just throw a boy into be like "oh wow look amy can like a boy too don't forget the boy" and it's never anything substantial she just goes right back to being interested in girls so it seems pointless...

THIS. They are not consistent in the writing. It’s like once every season the are like “amy might like guys too?” but then it’s not talked about again until the next season.  eemersonm (im paraphrasing your words here so tell me if im wrong) said it best with when people are straight on this show they are just straight (ie liam) but everyone else’s sexuality is like a free for all of “confused”. Even Shane the gayest of the gays is making out with Karma. Why hasn’t Liam made out with a guy? He much like Shane knows his sexuality but he doesn’t go around making out with men. Why is Shane as a gay man more likely to go make out with a girl than Liam is to go make out with a guy? 

Let’s just all stop fooling ourselves into thinking the show portrays any sexuality other than straight well. Every other sexuality is used simply for shock value and to help the poor ratings.

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Casey I love how you were just like someone would hoard all the snacks (probably Danny) like way to throw Danny under the bus there.

If you don’t think Danny would make a fort out of snacks and then claim to be the snack king whilst throwing single serve bags of chips at the ‘snack peasants’ you are sorely mistaken. 

But that’s just Danny’s charm. (Plus she’s too cute for any of us to not find it adorable)

in reference to this

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I want to start running and getting into shape but every time I try my parents (particularly my mom) put me on the spot and it embarrasses me. It makes me not want to work out. Any advice?:/

I understand this a lot. My mom acts like she’s supportive but still throws a lot of sly digs at me and my fitness. She has some sassy comment about everything. I totally get it. You just have to not care, and do it for you and not anyone else. Add them to your list of people to prove wrong. Just because they’re your parents doesn’t mean they’re always right or always know what’s best for you.

To anyone dealing with any type of pain: you will get through this. If you just broke up with your significant other and feel like you will never find anyone for you: you will. If you are depressed and it’s a struggle for you to even get out of bed in the morning: congratulations, you made it through another day. If you are young and have no idea what to do with your life: it will fall into place eventually.

You can handle anything life throws at you. No matter how down you may feel right now, you will get through it. If you feel like you can’t make it through another day, keep fighting. Keep fighting because there is so much in this world you have yet to experience. You’re alive, you’re breathing, you’re here for a reason. Don’t give up.


Hey guys, we’ve reached 1000 followers! That’s so great. For this occasion, I’d like to share one of my band camp secrets. Before a football game my freshmen year, my underwire in my bra was poking out. I was extremely frustrated with the fact that my overalls weren’t adjusting. So in a mighty display of she-hulk strength, I tore out the underwire of my bra after throwing my shirt at a drummer. The 3 other freshmen and 2 seniors were so shocked, they just stared in silence. I went an entire football game and marching show with a bra missing one of the underwire in its cup.


It was an odd feeling at first, she was just hanging out with Kaylee, an innocent time when they were just hanging out in the kitchen, when it just seemed to be thrown upon her. Kaylee was gorgeous, everyone knew that, and it almost made Scarlet want to get that much closer to her. Hell, maybe even throw her in bed. They were laughing about something – something that Scarlet missed because she was on autopilot, instead she was watching Kaylee and her movements, because damn she moved like a dancer – and her hand ended up on the girl’s hip. And her lips found hers for a moment, then she pulled back and blushed. “S-Sorry. You’re just really pretty and I really wanted to do that.”