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The Avengers as music albums.

also check out part 2 of the dex accidentally gets high fic (here), which features nursey getting intentionally drunk? or ch 1 here?

Nursey isn’t really sure what time it is, but he knows that Spring C is over and the sky is dark, so it’s definitely probably sometime at night.

He also knows that the team is having an after party at the Haus, and he doesn’t really know where any of his friends are or when he lost them, but that’s pretty much on par for every other Spring C he’s ever attended, so he doesn’t worry about that too much. Instead, he just heads for the Haus and, sure enough, he arrives there to find that a party is in full swing.

There are people on the grass and the porch and he can see people inside as well, and there’s music playing and laughter filling the air, and Nursey curses himself for thinking in cliché’s, but he’s also just a bit too drunk and a bit too excited to care.

He’d been tired before but, just like that, his second wind hits him, and then Nursey stumbles inside. He waves to a few people he knows and fist bumps a few others, and then he does his best to head straight for the kitchen.

He knows that, realistically, he’s definitely at least a little bit drunker than he should be and that, because of that, he should probably have a glass of water or a slice of pie or something to counteract the hours’ worth of alcohol he’s drank today, but he also feels good and he doesn’t want it to stop.

He feels light and kind of dazed and he feels like the night is just beginning, and he doesn’t want sobriety to get in the way of that, so he opens the fridge and grabs a PBR, and he fumbles it a bit before he gets it opened but then it’s opened and he goes to take a sip, when-

“Do you really need another drink, Nurse?” Dex asks, and Nursey pauses, but he doesn’t lower the can. Instead, he turns with the can still mid-air and sees Dex leaning against the doorframe, at which point Nursey meant to finish the sip of beer in defiance, but he gets momentarily caught off guard by just how good Dex looks, and then-

And then he spills at least a quarter of the beer onto his shirt, and he’s not entirely sure how it even happened, but he says, “Oh fuck,” and then he jumps back and spills a bit more on the floor, and then he gets hold of himself and looks up just in time to see Dex hiding a smile. The cold beer and the slight embarrassment both hit Nursey at once and they clear his head a tiny bit, so he mutters, “I definitely need another drink,” and then he actually does take a sip of the beer.

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