like it's unhealthy how much i love these two

Thoughts on Joker x Harley after seeing Suicide Squad

ok so lately especially with suicide squad having just come out I’m seeing a lot of hate in regards to the Joker x Harley Quinn ship. I mean I myself wasn’t much of a Joker x Harley shipper having watched Batman The Animated Series and seeing how badly he treated her. However after watching the movie I have come to the opinion that I actually like this interpretation of their relationship. Instead of an abusive one I see it more as a twisted kind of love story, of course its unhealthy they are crazy murders. This interpretation of their relationship may change in future DC films but for now given with what I’ve seen they come across as two equals too me.

I’ve also seen a lot of people saying that “Harley deserves better than the Joker” or even Margot Robbie (who don’t get me wrong I bloody love btw) saying she should go “find love somewhere else” but I mean Harley is a villain. It’s now confirmed in the DCEU that she helped Joker kill Robin. I mean we still don’t know much about the whole situation of what went down when Jason was murdered in this universe but there is a chance that he was still a kid and for Harley to have something to do with his death, well that to me justifies that she is indeed a villain and could potentially be just as bad as the Joker. I mean even Amanda Waller stated that Harley was just as “crazy” as him. I don’t think that Harley as much as she is sweet is as innocent as she portrays herself to be.

My opinion of their relationship may change in the future for example if the Joker does in fact become abusive towards Harley as he is in the comics and the animated series but for now I am really enjoying seeing them as two crazed psychopaths who to me are very much in love.