like it's not even a thing it's an actual lie and people are too ignorant to realize


I’m not even sorry

Characters: Keith x Lance

Words: 816

Warnings: I’m a little sorry actually

Lance’s hand felt warm and reassuring, and for once Keith didn’t mind to be holding hands in public. His head was too much of a mess to even realize. It was stupid, he knew, after almost a decade of facing raw war, there he was, walking through earth nervous about such frivolous stuff.

-Nervous? -Lance asked clutching his hand lovingly

-A little-Keith answered. A complete lie, he was a trainwreck

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//Gong Yoo x you ❤️

Word count: 11,119

Summary: Gong Yoo knows shit about courting women.

Rated: explicit, mentions of toys and bondage

Ok, I know everybody is losing their shit over Goblin (AND I AM AS WELL), but I’ve always loved him, and today I realised that he has no English porn online, and the state of his fanfiction is even worse than Jongdae’s so… Say hello to Gong Yoo, he is here to stay. Along EXO.

Special thanks to @hidaulie for French translation, and for research on suits, which somehow lead to maddening spam of photos of Gong Yoo wearing suits.

This job is everything you could have dreamed about. Every job you could manage while being a senior at the University is a good job, but the one that has satisfactory pay, social that you can’t really complain about, and it’s moderately easy? It’s a needle found in the stack of hay, really.

And on top of that it’s one that you put on your LinkedIn resume and it would actually give you some kind of experience.

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Hi ! Can you please do a one shot where y/n and Calum are best friends and y/n is super innocent and Calum knows that and one day their together and talking and the topic of kinks comes up and y/n gets flustered bc she has a daddy kink even tho she has never tried anything and Calum finally finds out what her kink is and gets turned on and wants y/n to experience that and then you can take it from there. So sorry it's so long and if its complicated, but Thankyou !

oh my god idk why but i had so much fun with this and it’s good that your request is long bc it sets the scene yknow (if that makes any sense) i basically just like long requests ok bye

“This is weird as hell.” Calum whispered, leaning over towards you. You nudged him out of your personal space.

“It’s not, if you ignore the, um, y’know.” You blushed at the mention of sex. It was no secret that you were innocent to the nth degree, which was why watching 50 Shades of Grey was so awkward. You loved the storyline behind the books; Christian being a tortured soul with trust issues and Anastasia being the one to try to help him. But a half hour into the movie, you were wishing you hadn’t picked it to watch with your best friend. As usual, Calum made everything more weird and uncomfortable than it had to be.

“But he’s whipping her! Why is he whipping her, that’s not okay.” He protested loudly. You rolled your eyes, but you could feel the heat rising on your face.

“It’s a kink, Calum. People like what they like and you have to accept it.” You explained, which earned a scoff in response from him.

“But- ugh.” He groaned “I didn’t think this was gonna be this bad. Why do you like this, Y/N? It’s so fucked up. I understand people like to get freaky in different ways, but this… this is something else.”

“You’ve got a kink, right?” You looked up at him. His face twisted in confusion, but you could see the added rosiness in his cheeks. “There’s gotta be something you like that isn’t normal.”

“I can’t believe we’re having this conversation.” He rolled his eyes jokingly “I mean, it’s you! You’re as innocent as it comes, no offense. The next thing I know you’re gonna be begging  me to fuck you and call me daddy.”

You froze. How did he know about that? Sure, you’d never actually done anything, but you’d gotten curious about what a daddy kink was and ended up watching porn for three hours. Needless to say, you were alarmed by your sudden desire to do exactly what Calum had described.

“Y/N? You alright?” He snapped his fingers in front of your face. You cleared your throat, nodding and straightening your posture. The tight feeling in your crotch you’d only felt once before was quickly returning. Calum smirked. “Oh, I see how it is.”

“See how what is?” You tried to keep your voice from shaking. His finger moved under your chin, tilting it upwards slightly.

“You, my dear Y/N, have a daddy kink.” He decided. Your eyes went wide and you tried your best to feign disgust.

“Me? A daddy kink? That’s ridiculous.” You shook your head quickly. He smiled lazily, pausing the movie with his free hand.

“Don’t lie to me, baby girl. You’re a lot dirtier than I took you for.” He traced your jaw with the tip of his finger “So you’d like it if I let you call me daddy, hm?”

“W-What?” You stuttered before attempting to compose yourself “Calum, we’re friends. Even if I did have this imaginary daddy kink, we’re friends, not lovers. And you know I’m waiting to lose it to someone I really care about.”

“We’ve been friends for years, there’s no one better for the job.” He grinned “C’mon, I’m willing to do this. No strings attached.”

“Won’t it be weird?” You asked quietly. He shrugged.

“It’s only weird if you make it weird.” He mumbled “I’ll go easy on you, don’t worry about it. It’s no big deal. And if I’m honest, I’m kinda into it.”


“Either we do this or I’m gonna need your bathroom for a few minutes.” He stated, pressing his bulge against you. You swallowed, nodding warily.

“O-Okay.” You stumbled over your words. He smiled softly as his fingers wandered across your face.

“Good girl.” He hummed “You know what to call me. And you tell me what to do; I know how important this is to you.”

“Calum, please just do something. Anything.” You begged. He smirked, tilting his head slightly.

“What’d you just call me?” He questioned. You squirmed as his hands made their way down your sides, lifting up your shirt.

“Daddy,” You gasped involuntarily as he cast your shirt aside. Cold air hit your torso and you were quick to wrap your arms around yourself. This was the first time a guy had seen you this exposed. Even your skimpiest one-piece covered more than this. Calum slowly pried your arms away from your body.

“Hey, it’s just me, princess. No need to be shy.” He put a hand on your cheek. You blushed, nodding and setting your hands in your lap. He guided your lips up to his, connecting them gently. His lips formed a lazy smile as he pulled away. “I don’t know if I’ve ever told you before, but you’re so beautiful. You deserve to be told that.”

“Thank you.” You were sure your face was burning by now. He hummed in response, too busy looking over your body.

“Have you ever let anyone else see you like this, baby, or is it just me?” Calum asked. It took you a moment to realize he was talking to you, as his hands were currently making their way towards the band of your bra.

“Just you,” You mumbled. He looked up for a moment, pausing his motions.

“Just you who?” He raised an eyebrow. You gulped, trying desperately to ignore his soft fingers creeping under your bra.

“Just you, daddy.” You groaned. He nodded in approval, fingertips toying with the cotton of your bra. A part of you was telling you to scream at him for how he was violating you, but you couldn’t help but enjoy it. You loved the way his skin felt against yours.

“Can I take this off, sweetheart?” He asked, hands already at the clasp of your bra. You nodded eagerly.

“Please, daddy.” You urged. He smirked, unhooking the bra and letting it fall beside you. His eyes widened at the sight of your bare chest. “Why are you looking at me like that?” You began to lift your arms to self-consciously cover your chest. He swallowed, putting a hand on your arm.

“Don’t cover yourself,” He instructed and you hesitantly lowered your arms. His teeth bit down harshly on his bottom lip. “Shit, you’re gonna make daddy feel so good, aren’t you, baby girl? Gonna let me take you just how I need you. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, daddy.” You confirmed. He cupped your breasts in his hands, running the pads of his thumbs over your nipples.

“Fuck, you’re such a good girl. I bet you’re so fucking wet for me. Am I right, Y/N?” He groaned. You whimpered in response, too focused on the pleasure radiating from your nipples. He applied pressure, making you let out a low moan. You were surprised with how responsive you were to his touch, and how comfortable you felt. He removed his hands from your body. “I want you to take off your pants for me, sweetheart. Daddy’s gonna take care of you.”

“Please,” You breathed. He nodded, not taking his eyes off yours as you tugged on the waistband of your yoga pants. His tongue slid across his lips as he took in the sight of you stripping for him.

“Fuck, Y/N, you’re so hot.” He groaned. You slowly set your pants aside, exposing your pale pink panties. He visibly tensed, jaw clenched tightly. You were almost sure the wetness dripping from your core was soaking through the cotton.

“What are you gonna do?” You spoke in a hushed tone. He licked his lips again, getting down on his knees in front of you.

“Can I take these off?” Calum asked, running his finger along the lace edges of your panties. You gave him a shaky nod as an okay. He slipped his finger under the waistband, pulling them down your thighs. “God, all this time the most beautiful woman has been right under my nose and I didn’t even notice.” He sighed in content. Your face flushed, causing you to duck your head.

“T-Thank you.” You whispered. He looked up at you from under his lashes.

“Don’t be shy, princess. Daddy’s not gonna hurt you.” He coaxed, putting a hand on each thigh and spreading them apart. Your muscles tensed reflexively, as it was still new for you to be so exposed. “Such a pretty pussy, baby girl. You’re so wet for me.”

“P-Please,” You gasped, feeling your core tense. He removed his hands from your body to take off his shirt. His muscles rippled with every movement, the dark black of his tattoos making a striking contrast against his tanned skin.

“Please what, baby?” He ran his hands down your thighs. You squirmed in your seat, groaning and throwing your head back.

“Please, daddy. Touch me, fuck me, I don’t care. Please just do something.” You begged. He nodded, smiling slyly.

“Of course,” He leaned closer to you. You gasped loudly as he dipped down, licking a long stripe down your slit. The pleasure was new to you, but much better than before. He looked up at you. “Feels good, huh?”

“Y-Yes, daddy.” You bit your lip to keep from crying out. He nodded absentmindedly as he started rubbing circles into your clit. “Oh, fuck. Feels so good.”

“Have to get you ready for my cock, baby girl.” Calum dipped a finger into you dripping wet hole. He smirked. “Mm, I bet you could take me right now. You’re absolutely soaked for me.”

“Please do something.” You begged, bucking your hips against his finger. He began pumping his digit slowly.

“Like the feeling of my fingers inside you, sweetheart?” He grunted, adding another finger. You whimpered as you nodded. “Think I can give you another? And use your words.”

“Daddy, please, I need more.” You pleaded. He nodded, dipping his head down and planting a kiss to your clit. You moaned as he began sucking. His tongue swirled around the bundle of nerves, making you throw your head back in ecstasy. The addition of a third finger was enough to make you let out the most animalistic noise you’d ever made. He pulled away at this, still pumping his fingers.

“You like it when daddy licks your sweet little pussy clean, hm?” He asked, not needing your response to confirm what he already knew “You ready for my cock, baby girl? Gonna make you cum so fucking hard you don’t know what hit you.”

“Yes,” You breathed, groaning as he curled his fingers inside you. One of your hands tangled itself in his raven curls as he reattached his lips to your folds. The small amount of suction he applied was enough to make your legs quiver. His tongue slid across the sensitive area repeatedly. You gasped as his fingers dug deeper, hitting what was evidently your sweet spot. He looked up at you, amusement pooling in his eyes as he saw you on the brink.

“Think you can let go for me, baby girl?” He licked your clit once more before coming up for air. You nodded, squeezing your eyes shut in pure pleasure. He moved his free hand to rub circles in your clit as he reattached his lips. You could feel the pressure building in your core and you knew you were nearing your high. The way he was sucking your clit and hitting your sweet spot just right was enough to make you moan loudly. He chuckled, sending vibrations through your body.

“Fuck, I can’t… I’m gonna-“

“Let go for me, Y/N.” He coaxed. You moaned again, feeling a swell of pleasure run through you. Your whole body quaked with an indescribable feeling. He hummed in content as he lapped up your juices. His fingers swirled around your opening before he pulled them away. He ran a finger up your slit before bringing it to his lips.

“D-Daddy,” You moaned. He shushed you, running a hand over your slit.

“You taste so good, sweetheart.” He praised, pulling his finger from his mouth. You whined, not enjoying the absence of his touch. “You’ve been such a good little girl for daddy tonight. Tell me, baby, do you want me inside you? Filling up that tight, wet pussy, making you cum again like I just did?”

“Yes please, daddy.” You were surprised by the steadiness of your voice. It didn’t reflect how chaotic you felt inside.

“Yeah? You like begging for me?” He asked as he undid his belt. You watched the black leather fall a his feet.

“I need your cock, daddy.” You looked up at him with needy eyes. He nodded, stepping out of his black jeans.

“C’mere, beautiful.” He beckoned you forward with a soaked finger. You gulped, reluctantly standing up and walking the few feet to where he stood. His hand went under your chin, lifting it so you had no choice but to look at him. “I have more class than to fuck you on your couch. Wrap your legs around my waist.”

“I’m fine with-“

“Listen to daddy.” He cupped your ass with his hands, lifting you off the ground. You were forced to comply with what he had asked. His lips attached to your neck briefly, and before you could fully process what was happening, he was throwing you down on your bed. He immediately climbed on top of you. “You gonna be good for me, baby? Stay just like you are and take my cock?”

“Yes.” You nodded. He hummed a response, pinning down you arms by lacing his fingers through yours.

“I’m gonna tell you right now, princess, this is gonna hurt.” He looked you in the eye, completely serious “And even though it’s not gonna be the best thing, I want you to stick with it for me, okay? I’ll hold your hand the entire time.”

“Thank you,” You swallowed. Honestly, you were impressed by how caring Calum was. You could tell he cared about your comfort more than he cared about the sex.

“Of course,” He pulled one of his hands away to quickly remove his underwear. Your eyes went wide at the sight of his long, thick cock. He noticed this, causing a small laugh to slip from his lips. “Like what you see? You want daddy’s cock inside you?”

“Please,” You squeezed the hand that was still entwined with yours. He nodded, taking his length in his hand and pumping it slowly.

“Fuck, I already know you’re gonna make me cum so hard.” He groaned “I’ll pull out, it’ll be better if I take you bare.”

“O-Okay.” You agreed. He nodded to himself before running his tip over your entrance. You gasped as he slowly slid himself into you. He was right; his dick stretching you out hurt, but you couldn’t let him know. His eyes searched yours as he began to thrust slowly.

“You alright, sweetheart?” He asked, placing his free hand on your chest. You responded with an uneasy nod. “Just ride it out, baby girl. I promise it’ll feel good in a second, nice you get used to it.”

“Can you touch me like you did before?” You mumbled. He smiled slightly, nodding as he brought a thumb to your clit. You let out a moan at the now-familiar sensation.

“There we are. Focus on how good daddy’s making you feel.” He rasped, his lips ghosting over your ear. Shivers ran down your spine as you did exactly what he told you to. The pain was beginning to fade and in its place was a feeling you knew his fingers couldn’t give you. Soft whines and grunts passed his lips, still swollen from your pussy. You wrapped an arm around his back.

“Ugh, daddy. Fuck me harder.” You begged. His eyes filled with lust as he eagerly complied with your request. His balls slapped against your skin, filling the otherwise quiet room with a crude noise. The occasional gasp passed your lips, but you were surprised at how vocal Calum was. He grunted with every move, groaning when your walls clenched around him.

“Baby girl, I’m not gonna last,” He huffed, ramming into you. You cried out at this; he was fully inside of you, stretching you out completely.

“You’re so deep, daddy,” You commented. Where your sudden talent for dirty talk came from, you weren’t sure, but neither of you were complaining. Beads of sweat dampened Calum’s hair, making it even more curly than usual.

“I know, baby. Gotta fill you up right.” He grunted, pounding into you relentlessly “God, I love your tight little virgin pussy. Makes me feel so good.”

“I’m so close, daddy.” You breathed “Oh, please. Feels so good.”

“Cum for me, baby girl. Cum on daddy’s cock like a good girl.” His thumb dug deeper into your clit. Your back arched off the mattress as you neared your second high. “Come on, Y/N, don’t hold back. Cum for daddy.”

“Oh, fuck me, daddy,” You cried, pleasure overtaking you entirety. He thrusted harder, riding out your high.

“Mm, yeah. That’s my good girl.” He praised, stroking your hair “Where do you want my cum, princess?”

“All over,” You mumbled, still seeing stars as a result of his relentless thrusting. He grunted, pulling out of you.

“Put your hand right here, you’ve gotta earn it.” He grabbed your hand, wrapping it around his fully erect dick. A low whimper left his lips as you began pumping it. “Good girl. You’re making daddy feel so good.”

“Am I doing okay?” You spoke quietly. He groaned, throwing his head back.

“Faster, princess.” He demanded “C’mon, baby, daddy’s so close. I can’t wait to see you covered in my cum.”

“Please, I want it.” You begged, in hopes of inducing his own orgasm. Both of your hands were working on him; one hand firmly wrapped around his shaft, the other massaging his sack. His hips bucked slightly against your hand.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum. Oh, shit, baby girl, just like that.” He moaned. You increased the speed of your motions, feeling his cock throb under your touch until thick ropes of cum shot out from his tip. He groaned, thrusting into your hand to ride out his high. You let out a squeal as the warm liquid covered your chest. Calum finally calmed down, left gasping for air.

“Was I good, daddy?” You dared to ask. He nodded breathlessly, making a spot for himself to lay beside you.

“So good, baby girl. Never felt better.” He panted “God, I’m gonna have to take you like that more often.”

“I would be okay with that.” You agreed. He smiled as he turned to face you.

“Oh, please, you’d be more than okay with that.” And there it was. Calum was back to his usual banter, and you were still just friends.

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Wooooow your scenario for slightly smutty action with JB was hotttt, can I request one with mark, where he's sexually frustrated?

A small cough escaped your lips as you sat in the driver’s side of Mark’s car. It’s been a few weeks since the two of you got to go out together since he’s been traveling around a lot for GOT7 related stuff, but now Mark was back and he promised to give you the most romantic evening ever to make up for the last few weeks. You had no idea where you two were going and you didn’t bother asking. You knew if Mark set it up, it’d end up being something nice.

The only problem was, lately you haven’t exactly been feeling up to par. But when he surprised you that evening at your front door with an excited grin and the promise of a romantic evening, there was no way you could turn him down! Besides it was only a slight cough. As long as you kept your distance from Mark, you wouldn’t really get him sick. Unfortunately, that proved to be rather difficult. You could tell what Mark wanted and honestly, you wanted it to. It’s been weeks since the two of you kissed or hugged or held hands and you were craving that little intimacy almost more than anything.

Although you wanted to keep it from Mark that you were fighting a slight cold and the urge to kiss him, you had a feeling he was already starting to catch on. For one thing, the first he did when you opened the door earlier that evening was kiss you and your immediate was a slight kiss back since you were startled, but then you shoved him away. It took everything you had to keep from coughing in his face then. You just came up with the excuse that he startled you and you thought he was a rapist at first and he just laughed. But now whenever he tried to take your hand in the car, you pulled back to play with your hair or something and he was starting to give you side glances every now and then.

“Are you okay?” He finally asked, still keeping his eyes on the road.

Cursing yourself mentally for making it too obvious, you forced yourself to smile as you looked over at him and very platonically patted his shoulder, “I’m great! Never better! Absolutely thrilled that you’re back!” You exclaimed, maybe a little too quickly. When you saw the small frown that formed on his lips, you quickly tried to change the subject, “Anyway, where is this romantic place we’re headed to?”

Since you brought up the date he’s been looking forward to, he seemed to get a little more excited again, “It’s a secret. But don’t worry, I know you’ll love it,” he reassured you with a small nod. He ran a hand through his hair as he continued driving and you couldn’t help but stare at him from the passenger’s seat. He seemed to get impossibly more attractive since the last time you saw him. “What are you staring at?” He chuckled a bit, glancing over at you.

A bright blush crept onto your cheeks when he called you out on your staring, but you could only shrug your shoulders. “N-Nothing! Just my handsome boyfriend,” you added with a slightly cheeky grin. He was slightly taken aback by your blunt response, but he tried not to show it as he smiled a bit to himself.

“You know, I would stare at my gorgeous girlfriend right now if I could, but I have to keep my eyes on the road,” he said, feigning a bit of disappointment as the car continued on in its uphill direction. After another few minutes, he finally parked near the edge of a cliff. There were many other cars parked there and although the mountain was known for its beautiful view of the city, most people were too preoccupied in their cars to admire the sight outside. That’s when you realized what kind of cliff you guys were on.

A lover’s cliff.

Despite your cold, you felt yourself starting to sweat a bit at the idea of what Mark had in mind by taking you up here. “O-Oh wow! How did you know I’ve always wanted to come here?” You exclaimed through slightly gritted teeth.

Mark smirked a bit as he grabbed your hand and pulled you in closer to him, “I didn’t. But I figured it was the perfect place for us to… Catch up.” He leaned forward, but before his lips could connect with yours, you jerked back hard enough for the back of your head to hit the window. “Aish!” You rubbed the back of your head as Mark frowned slightly and tilted his head at you.

“Are you okay?” He let his hand creep from your cheek to the back of your head where he rubbed gently.

You leaned back into the car door as much as you could and reached for the knob blindly with the hand behind your back. “I-I’m fine, Mark! Stop asking questions like that!” You exclaimed and suddenly got the door open, causing you to fall back a bit. You were able to catch yourself before you completely made a fool out of yourself then you grabbed his hand. “Let’s go check out the view! That’s the reason this cliff is here, right?”

Although Mark was disappointed, he did his best not to show it as he stepped out of the car and walked over to your side then towards the railing at the edge of the cliff. The loud sounds of smacks from kisses and moans from the pleasure received was a lot louder out there than you thought and it made you feel rather awkward, but you tried to ignore it. “Wow!” You practically shouted, hoping your voice would get the others to shut up, “The view is really amazing from up here!” The couples kept at whatever they were doing.

Mark gave you a weird look when you shouted then grabbed your hand and pulled you up against your chest. His hand then dropped yours and reached up to gently touch your forehead, “You sure you’re okay?” He asked, his other hand trailing down from the small of your back to your bum.

You involuntarily let out a small moan at the sudden touch you’ve been craving over the past few weeks. But when the two of you heard it, Mark blushed and your eyes widened. “I… I did not mean to make that noise.” You were normally a rather difficult girl to please but now all Mark had to do was give your ass a squeeze to get you to moan. He squeezed again, this time bringing both his hands to cover one cheek each. You bit your lip to keep from making any noises this time, “Hey… You’re a little bit too low there, partner.”

“You weren’t complaining a minute ago,” he pointed out with a little smirk. He slowly leaned forward and left small kisses on your jawline getting you to moan yet again. Hearing your moans was one of the biggest turn-ons for him.

When you realized how quickly things were escalating, you pulled away, but slowly this time. “Mark, I really can’t…”

Hearing this, he dropped his hands from your ass and sighed a bit. “Fine… Let’s just go back in the car before it gets too chilly…”

To say you felt bad was an understatement. You felt terrible! Mark set this whole thing up for you and you just ruined it for the two of you. You just didn’t want to get him sick! As soon as the two of you were in the car, he locked the doors and  leaned forward past the middle and into your territory on the passenger seat. One hand was on the back of your seat and the other was on your thigh. “Alright now, explain please. I thought you’d be excited to come up here with me.” He normally wasn’t this forward, but you knew you hurt his feelings so he had reason to be upset. But he still seemed slightly off. Why was he so touchy tonight?

“There’s no reason, I promise. Actually, I didn’t even notice,” you lied crisply, trying to lean back again as he just leaned forward. Before you knew it, he nipped at your lower lip, “Don’t lie to me.”

You had to take a deep breath as you closed your eyes for a few moments. “I have a cold,” you finally confessed with a small frown. “I don’t want to give it to you! You’ve been so busy with GOT7 lately, imagine if I actually ended up being the culprit who gave Mark Tuan a cold?”

When the truth finally came out, Mark stayed silent for a few moments, just staring at you with his face inches away from yours. Instead of responding with words, he enveloped your lips with his own and grabbed your wrist when he saw you were about to push him away. He kept you there for a few good moments and eventually, you couldn’t help but melt into his kiss. “You think I care about some cold? You kept me waiting for three weeks and when I finally came back, you were acting as if you weren’t interested in me at all.”

You realized how much you must have worried him, but you were just glad he understood now. “You know, I just told you I had a cold and you kissed me anyway.”

He rolled his eyes and slowly let a hand trail up your shirt as he brought your lips in for another kiss. “Honestly, I don’t care. I’ve been waiting way too long for this,” he suddenly growled as he said that then nibbled on your lower lip again. Since your lips were slightly parted from this, his tongue snuck into your mouth and gave the roof of your mouth a little tickle.

Seeing him this excited definitely amused you and you wanted to tease him a bit more. Your fingers gently brushed over the spot on his pants that was clearly sticking up a bit. “Ohoho, someone’s excited to see me after so long.” 

A/N: This was fun to write! I hope you liked it! Let me know!

Truth or Denial – Facing the Age of Information Overload

A lot of people are getting more frustrated than ever with either trying to wake people up, or just witnessing the apparent absolute ignorance of those not willing to notice what’s really going on around them. There are many reasons for this, and it’s an age old problem.

In today’s world, it appears it’s because things are crystallizing so fast and the flow of changing information coming at people is so massive it can barely be processed anymore by the lower density mind. That’s true to some extent.

But that doesn’t hold up when it comes to consciousness.

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call me home (and i will build a throne)

Summary: A Bellarke AU based on A Court of Thorns and Roses / A Court of Mist and Fury
a/n: If Fae Bellarke is your thing, then you’ve come to the right place. Also I have no self control and wrote this in a day - sequel to come soon.
 Rating/Warnings: Teen; Violence, Temporary Character Death | wc: ~6.6k | AO3

Among the frost-covered birch trees, Clarke crouched low in the barren brush. The muddy snow on the ground caked her overly worn boots. Her breath fogged as she notched an arrow silently, staring at the tawny hide of the large buck across the clearing. Though she had drawn the bow silently–her father had taught her well–the buck picked up his head in alarm.

Clarke’s heartbeat stuttered as she stared at the now-revealed tangle of towering, twisting silver antlers–two sets of them–atop the animal’s head.


Her entire being sung with the danger of thinking that word, of realizing what her prey actually was. It pitched higher, hotter, until she was nearly burning with anger. That creature and others of his ilk were the reason (or at least one of the reasons) her father was dead.


Her rage reached a breaking point, and swiftly, she stood, loosing the arrow before she lost her nerve. If she killed him–it, she sneered–then what was left of the town her father tried to save would be a little bit safer.

She was one of the best archers in her town, but still she was surprised when her arrow sunk into the buck’s flank. It brayed out in pain, stumbling in the snow as it tried to escape. With the memory of her father’s laughter ringing in her ears, she grasped for two more arrows and sent them flying. They landed true, and before Clarke knew it, she was kneeling next to the dying animal.

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broniesagainstbullshit  asked:

As a member of the brony community, what 3 things do you think our fandom needs to be called out on or improve upon? What 3 things would you say the fandom does good on & you would encourage to keep up? Remember, this is about fandom NOT the show itself. PUBLISH this & tag it “#LOTMOT” (short for Less of This, More of That) so others can see. Anyone who agrees/disagrees with the below answer, reply with your thoughts and experiences! Want this Ask too? Read my post tagged #LOTMOTorigin

1. Fight to actually improve the fandom, don’t just defend it.

I’ve noticed a trend lately from what I believe are well-intentioned folks who seek out anti-brony rhetoric and respond with counterpoints. I sympathize with their intentions, but more often than not this comes across as a more elaborate way to say ‘we’re not all like that’, which is one of the most shallow and annoying arguments I can think of. You aren’t going to change anyone’s mind by ignoring their firsthand account with “well, actually” statements. By arguing or disproving anti-bronies, what are you really accomplishing? Rapid anti-bronies are just going to ignore you and rapid pro-bronies are going to support you no matter what you do. Meanwhile people on the outside think you both look silly. If you’re honestly interested in debating with someone, you need to acknowledge their points and lead off with something like, “that is terrible and I’m sorry it happened, but a lot of bronies are coming against that behavior too and here’s how: [insert example here]”.

poniesforparents and broniesagainstbullshit are pretty good at that! They aren’t the only ones, but they’re the two I personally follow. They hardly ever reblog others without adding commentary that also makes a good point and they don’t defend bad behavior, but usually call it out and offer a solution. They know that there is a negative part in every fandom and don’t accept it blindly or ignore its impact. I don’t necessarily always agree with them or the people they reblog, but they’ve taken it upon themselves to educate others and conduct themselves accordingly. No one is going to listen to you if you claim to be for a cause and lead off your response with calling people nasty names and making insulting comparisons. I’m not saying you have to put up with abusive people, but if you are the one initiating the debate, than you aren’t justified in coming out swinging in the first round. No one is going to listen to you and I don’t blame them one bit.

2. Please stop comparing yourself to actual marginalized groups.

I’m honestly surprised that I still see this, but it happens. Some people try to justify minimizing the “girly” nature of MLP because they’re afraid of a social backlash similar to “coming out of the closest”. At best its an ill-informed misstep, at the worst it’s downright insulting. I’m not going to go too long on this one because I think it boils down to this: [American] society views feminine things as inferior by default. That is why you feel the pressure to be a “man’s man” and to minimize the undeniable feminine nature of MLP, whether it’s jokingly or dead serious. Take a step back and think outside of yourself for a second and realize which one is worse on the whole. If someone assumes you are a homosexual male because you enjoy feminine things or have feminine traits, that’s their problem because (again) they assume it’s inferior to the masculine “default”.

It’s not something to be ashamed of because it’s so easy to change. Chances are if you honestly feel this way you’re probably still young and haven’t really thought about how garbage that assumption is and aren’t finished forming your “grown up” personality yet.

3. Please don’t forget about the Target Audience.

There’s no point in debating on the “adult” side of the fandom. It exists. There’s a lot of content that comes out of it. You can argue and quibble back and forth about how much there is compared to other fandoms and how easy it is to stumble across ad nauseam, but that’s not my point.

The adult side of the fandom isn’t something I look for regularly. I’m not gonna lie and say I never have, because, hey, curiosity is a thing, but ultimately the vast majority of it is not for me. All that to say I think whatever you do can potentially be okay (I believe there are exceptions, but that’s for another post) as long as you are respectful of people who don’t want to see it. “Thinking of the children” isn’t always a puritanical excuse to repress people’s sexuality. Sometimes people do actually care about kids not toeing into the adult side of the fandom accidentally even with the most dedicated of parental supervision. Despite how big “a thing” you may think bronies are, kids are what drives the MLP franchise. They always have and they always will. I believe that deserves respect and we should use what influence we have to make a positive impact on Hasbro to better the experience for the kids, not just us.

The internet is an amoral thing. The internet is only influenced by the people that contribute to it. It’s not just “the internet”, people don’t need to accept gross, destructive behavior and I believe they have a right to expect to not encounter it where it doesn’t belong. #SafeSearchWrapUp is a great project that seems to have produced real results. It’s encouraging people to tag their adult content and have it removed from “safe searches” through the most popular search engines and ensure it can be avoided by those who don’t want to encounter it.

I believe that if you are a large entity in the brony fandom (or any fandom that ultimately is derived from kid’s content) and claim to representative of the entire fandom (not just the grown adult side) with interaction with staff on the show, with interaction directly with The Owners Of The Property (Hasbro), then you have some responsibility about what you choose to highlight. Maybe don’t directly link to adult artists with explicit material one click away? Maybe don’t post reviews of controversial material without a complete, semi-unbiased description of the content? Maybe don’t encourage or normalize potentially harmful “memes” or bad behavior for the sake of a flat joke? That’s how I perceive it anyway. I’m not trying to be the fun police, but I think it reflects badly on everyone when not taken even semi-seriously.

To close on a positive note, I have actually seen a lot of these things improving either naturally or through well thought out campaigns (in addition to the same ol’ crap that’s been around since the inception of bronies in late 2010), so it’s not all bad. If you would like to discuss my points, I welcome it as long as you are as respectful as I’ve tried to be in my own points.

Thanks for the opportunity, BABS.

Studying Biology: A CS Secret Santa One-Shot

Summary: Emma Swan is determined to excel in college so she can achieve her dream of becoming a doctor, but her incredibly charming and handsome lab partner is kind of ruining introductory biology for her.
Rating: T
Notes: Happy holidays to @darkswanjones​!! It was so much fun being your Secret Santa this holiday season! It was such a pleasure to get to know you, and I hope that we continue to stay in touch, even with my frequent/constant Tumblr absences. Like I mentioned in my message to you, I was intentionally misleading to hide my identity; while I did major in humanities, that was my secondary major. My primary major was biology! And I work in college biology now! So I had to do something with that. I hope you enjoy the story!


Back when she was only thirteen, Emma figured that college was never going to happen for her. Or anything really—the foster system had this weird effect on her, where she couldn’t see any future besides always being miserable.

But then David and Mary Margaret had adopted her. And, well, having a teacher for a mom and a cop for a dad did what no foster family, no scared straight program, and no well-meaning social worker had been able to do before. Emma went from assuming she would drop out of high school and live on the streets, to making honor roll every semester without fail and getting into every college she applied to. She’d spent the summer dreaming of what her college experience would be like, and all the awesome stuff she was going to learn.

Emma Swan was going to kick ass in college, become a successful doctor, and make her parents proud as hell. And so far, one semester in, college was going pretty well.

She’d lucked out and gotten the sweetest, kindest roommate: Belle French. Belle was just as hardworking as Emma was, and while their interests diverged pretty significantly (Emma was studying biology and Belle was double-majoring in English and history), they had a great time studying together.

They didn’t just study, of course. They’d get together with other people in the dorm and hang out, or they’d go to the dining hall together, or go to the movies or shopping. And occasionally (I mean, this was college, Emma reminded herself) they’d go to some parties. It was at one of those parties, halfway through the semester, that Belle met this guy, he’s just so incredibly sweet. Emma still hadn’t met the guy—Will—but Belle seemed happy, her grades stayed the same, and she and Emma still spent tons of time together. Emma was happy for her friend, and it was really fun to stay up late some nights and giggle a little bit over boys.

Classes were going well, too. It was too soon to take some of the cooler, higher level biology classes, so most of Emma’s courses were ones that fulfilled general requirements. Calculus wasn’t riveting, but it was easier to understand than it had been her senior year; creative writing had the best professor and easy-but-fun assignments; and she and Belle were in the same European history course, which was really cool.

And then there was introductory biology.

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Inspired by a conversation with stuftzombie about when all the fanfiction tropes were going to start appearing in the Almost human tag. I decided to write my favorite one, so without further ado, have some ‘turned into a kitten'AU 

There was an explosion, because all good stories start that way. Though, looking at Dorian’s mangled body on Rudy’s table, John is having a hard time believing in fairy tales.

“Well, the good news is that I can definitely fix him.” Rudy adjusted his looking glass and John was treated with the appetizing view of his magnified nostrils. “But it’s gonna take some time.”

“What the hell am I supposed to do in the meantime? I’m not partnering with an MX!” Rudy pulled a piece out of the mess of wiring in Dorian’s head with a triumphant ‘Ah-ha!’

“I may have a fix for that!” It turns out that the little box Rudy pulled out is Dorian’s personality chip. First, they try putting it into an MX, only to fry its circuits beyond salvation, which John notes with some satisfaction. But even if the technology is incompatible with the MXs, there are models that fit it.

Which is why John is currently having a staring contest with a cat seated on Valerie’s lap.

The android pets were a line of robotic units meant to function as companions to people allergic to animal fur or people that were suffering from illnesses. They were made to mimic real animals as closely as possible, utilizing a primitive version of the Synthetic Soul programming to achieve a certain degree of empathy.

None of which John registers because the cat is staring at him with Dorian’s blue eyes and he’s already getting a bad feeling about the whole endeavor. At least with the hypoallergenic fur he hasn’t started sneezing yet.

He packs the cat – Dorian, he should probably remember that – in the car and they drive off. For the first 5 minutes, everything is fine, but then ‘What’s new pussycat’ comes on the radio and Dorian starts yowling along until John slams his fist so hard in the radio screen, it fizzes and dies out. Dorian spends the whole ride staring at him accusingly, his kitty eyes somehow much harder to ignore.

He stares at John throughout his evening routine, trailing behind him, furry tail swishing. John heats up some ramen and turns around to see him grooming on the counter. John eats, kitty Dorian plays with the dying plant he has on his windowsill (it hasn’t been watered since Anna).

It’s not until he realizes that he’s spent the past half an hour watching cat Dorian trying to topple over the pot that he finally speaks.

“You know, you’re kind of cute for a cat.” The look the cat gives him is so distinctly Dorian, John has to laugh.

It’s not until later that he realizes he hadn’t spent an evening that relaxed in months.

John has to get used to Dorian being everywhere from then on. He stays up too late? Dorian starts yowling until he closes the case file and goes to bed. He eats ramen to many times? Dorian starts stealing the packets and hiding them under his charging dock. He oversleeps? Dorian climbs onto the headboard and starts jumping on his head. One day he even trips over him coming out of the shower, after which he never forgets to close the bathroom door behind him. Not that it helps. John just hopes he isn’t scanning his testicles again.

Dorian’s presence in the squad car, which John insisted upon, is the only thing that makes riding with an MX bearable. Watching a cat rolling its eyes on his dashboard is somehow amusing enough that it keeps him from shooting the MX that insists on talking even through a mute order and a gag.

Dorian is still surprisingly useful in apprehending suspects, because if it’s one thing an over-enthusiastic gunman doesn’t expect, it’s a cat unleashing the full force of his sharp claws on his face while John gains enough momentum to tackle him.

So under penalty, John would admit it’s not entirely unpleasant to have a cat around. Or to have Dorian around, whichever way you looked at it.

The real test comes, when John is having one of his frequent night terrors and he wakes, gasping and crying, to a warm weight curled into the crook of his arm. He looks down, only to be faced with two slightly glowing blue eyes. They stare at each other for a moment, before Dorian starts a deep rumbling purr and John’s eyes start slipping shut.

It becomes a regular thing after that and John is able to forgo his sleeping pills almost entirely.

Which is why he starts suffering from insomnia, when his partner gets his shiny new body back.

It’s nice to have his partner back on cases, chasing the suspects and bickering in the car (maybe not that last one – at least when he was a cat he couldn’t talk back). Still, he can’t help but miss the cat Dorian at night when he wakes up, unconsciously curled around a thing that isn’t there.

They never talk about the time Dorian spent as a cat.

John figures he doesn’t actually remember much, until Dorian proves him wrong by appearing at the door of his apartment one evening, white teethe gleaming in a way not entirely reminiscent of the fangs he used to have.

“You’re not sleeping.” Dorian states when he’s stationed on John’s living room sofa (conveniently in the spot he preferred as a cat) “You have bags under your eyes, your dexterity is suffering and you almost shot detective Paul yesterday for drinking the last cup of coffee, don’t try to lie to me, John.”

“Well, so what? People are allowed to have off days at times, that’s what makes us human!” John puts special emphasis on the ‘human’ part, knowing that it makes him petty and feeling slightly guilty at the frown that appears on Dorian’s face.

“I’m sleeping here tonight.”

“The hell you are!”

The hell he is apparently, because he’s in John’s bed two hours later and John is still a little unclear on the details of how that happened. It’s awkward, painfully so, Dorian lying on the side that Anna used to take, except there was never this much space between them then.

He shuts off the light.

Thirty minutes later, when he wakes up from another dream of his dead partner’s face before the fire took him, Dorian is wrapped around him like a blanket, face resting in the crook of his elbow. After a moment, a purr starts up and John is too tired to laugh, so he drifts off to sleep.

They get a cat, many years later, but by then there’s not enough room for it on the bed.


catching the butterfly ~ an everlark drabble

A/N: A million years ago, I received two prompts from a-catgirl-universe​ and an anon to write Content/Angry! Everlark. I’ve never written Everlark before so posting this really, really makes me nervous.

And as always, thanks to girlwiththeflowers​ for being such a wonderful beta. She’s the bestest. 

“I’m going to the woods.”

A tea cup in hand, Peeta looks up to see Katniss standing at the end of the stairs, her worn out leather boots barely making a sound when they land on the floor. Dark circles shadow her sunken eyes and if only the kitchen had better lighting, he’s sure he’d find streaks of tears under them. Lines that will most probably be retraced when the nightmares come and the faces of the dead appear to haunt her again tonight.

Peeta nods, takes a sip of his tea, but says nothing back. Seconds later, he hearsthe familiar click of the doorknob, the only sound reverberating the ghostly walls of the Everdeen house and sets his cup down the table. The tea ripples like a wave of dancers bursting onto the stage, and he watches, waits for the liquid to still before taking a sip again.

And again. And again. And again.

He has nothing else to do. Even Buttercup is nowhere to be found.

The sun has yet to rise for the day and Peeta’s already alone.

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trust no one (ch. 1/?)

Story Summary: A seed of distrust is not enough. It takes watering, and care, and a devoted gardener to make it grow. Eventual Dark!Dipper
Rating: K-T, may go up
Warnings: spoilers for “Not What He Seems”

A/N: Apparently the only way I can get myself to write these days is if I’ve just had my life destroyed by a cartoon, and have other things I really should be doing. ;-;

Link to chapter 2

Dipper knew this dream by now. He’d seen the world drain itself of color before, listened as the animals outside silenced their constant background chittering. He knew this was a dream, even if it felt like all he’d done was blink. Even if he was still curled up on a cushion in front of the same broken window, looking out across an unchanged landscape. He used to think he stayed awake during these visits, that the real world could somehow be molded to his visitor’s desire, but he’d had enough experience with the dreamscape since then to disprove that theory. He knew better now.

Unfortunately, all of his knowledge wasn’t enough to drive away the smarmy triangle staring him down, his single eye a blazing, unwelcome spotlight. Someday, maybe, it would be. But not yet.

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The Cult of the Postmodern Duh of Tumblr Christianity Exposed

By Michael


Background:  Silly Gooses

The Ad Hominem of Ignoramuses:  or how these nitwits are the Paul Crouches of postmodern slander

greater-than-the-sword writes this without a hint of irony:

Lastly, there is no way to prove this, but there is substantial evidence that many, or at least some of Sweetling’s followers are sock-puppet accounts (accounts also run by him under a different persona). Read more about that here. Whenever his blog is active, so are the others. But when he hasn’t posted anything in a while, neither have they.

Substantial evidence?  Actually, this single incident is neither one of the things that feministfailures imagines.  Ultra is Peaches’ cousin.  Peaches’ husband is my best friend and business partner.  Hence, I trust Ultra with my sign-in info.  Ultra asked me to list some basics about natural law.  I did so in a Text as Tumblr did not have the pm module of today and, as we all know, the other methods for pm'ing were annoying back then.  She fashioned a post out of them and inadvertently posted it under my name, realized her mistake, copied and pasted it, and then posted it under her name proper.  That’s all that happened.  I wasn't even aware that it was an issue until theeldritchdreamer asked me about it weeks later and Ultra told me what happened.

And the reason that most of my followers rarely post when I’m not around is because they don’t blog their apologetics on Tumblr.  Our circle of bloggers mostly uses these sites for in-depth apologetics only.  The others are not just reading me.  They're writing their own stuff and reading each other elsewhere.  I’m just one person writing biblical exegesis/apologetics among many within our blogosphere.  In this wise, I’m of no more or less significance than the others.

As for the nonsense that “our community” had anything to do with the rash of anon pms that Srei got, I and a few others were getting similar messages in our inboxes about her.  They were creepy and obviously coming from the same source trying to stir up trouble between her followers and our community.  I told Srei to ignore them as I did.  I know the character of the males and females within our blogosphere.  If they have something to say, they say it under their names on threads or in inboxes. 

greater-than-the-sword, aubscares and saint-georgeii’s imperious temerity to suggest that they are out of line for doing the latter is insane.

Who the hell do they think they are?  

Many in our corner of Tumblr get critical messages too, I’m sure.  I get tons of them, the vast majority of which are vile.  Block.  Delete.  I don’t believe for a moment that anyone in our community has ever pm'ed the ugliness that I and the few others that I know of get.  I’m not complaining, as such, but merely making a point regarding a common occurrence.  I don’t care.  Most of these messages are just brain-dead stupid. 

Some within our community might send critical pms to others’ inboxes too, but to call them inordinately nasty is subjectively argumentative. 

The Crouchean greater-than-the-sword, aubscares and saint-georgeii write:

Sweetling’s followers act eerily similar to the followers of other cult leaders/false prophets.

Oh, my!  What do the pms from the postmodern minds of your followers and those from the same of others who have an unfavorable opinion of my social commentary and apologetics signify? 

They continue:

For example, Paul Crouch from The Bible Network said the reason Walter Martin died is that God killed him because he spoke out against him. Apparently, Paul Crouch thought that someone questioning him was the equivalent to someone questioning God Himself. A popular catch-phrase of such false teachers is “Toucheth not the Lord’s anointed.”

They take this verse out of context to prove that one cannot criticize or question them or their teachings. Similarly, when various people have questioned Sweetling on Tumblr, their inboxes were quickly filled with angry anonymous messages. They all had one theme hidden throughout the childish insults: “How dare you speak to a man of God that way?”

Get over yourselves!  Certainly the women in our blogoshere, including the complementarians, take the biblical imperative regarding the deference that women of God are to render masculine authority in general more seriously than most, which in and of itself is shocking to the postmodern sensibilities of those who are used to men being portrayed as bumbling fools in popular culture.  But I’m quite certain their derision has more to do with the hysterical slander of nitwits and what it implies about their character and devotion to Christ.  I’m willing to bet that in addition to that sentiment in general, their messages mostly go to the undercurrent of the childish misogyny that postmodernism leverages against the more traditional women of the Bible, especially that which adds insult to injury by characterizing their criticisms of this smarmy attitude as benighted too. 

How dare they criticize the Lord’s anointed postmodernists of matriarchal gynocentrism! 

To say that the sentiments that some might get from persons within our circle are those of fawning, weak-willed females doing their cult leader’s bidding or that I actually wield Svengali-like powers over their wills in the first place is like asking me when I last beat my wife. 

There is no cult!  

That notion is the fantasy of the cult of the postmodern duh on Tumblr.  It’s the same ignorant, closed-minded duh of greater-than-the-sword’s thoughtless dismissal of the TAG’s terminology.  In other words, it’s the self-induced stupor that automatically confounds everything a proponent of biblical patriarchy has to say about anything.  (Does greater-than-the-sword relegate all of the classical arguments for God’s existence to the extra-biblical bin of her unexamined, quasi-fundamentalism of rote assimilation?) 

It’s the grandiosity, pride, egotism and the lack of intellectual empathy (greater-than-the-sword’s words) that can’t wrap it's postmodern head around biblical patriarchy proper.  It’s a head full of the revisionist mush of feminism that causes ignoramuses to mostly read things into my prose that aren’t there and condemn the things that are in the very rare instances in which they get it right.  It’s all due to what the prevailing gynocentric culture has conditioned them to think and believe about these things.

It's the inability of most to divorce themselves from their ingrained, cultural biases long enough to objectively stand back and consider something different in its own right, within the context of its worldview, from its actual premise to conclusion. 



Sweetling’s views about the Patriarchy place men, especially Men of God like himself, in a godlike position over females. This overflows into the kind of egotism and self-worship that has been previously addressed. There is no question that Sweetlingsuniverse is the cult’s leader.

You forgot to capitalize the m in the first men, the g in godlike, the e in egotism and the l in leader.


Naturally, I've exposed the “previously addressed” in my series of rebuttals for the crap that it is.

Check out this syllogism:

Sweetling often uses the verse 1st Corinthians 11:3: “But I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.”

Forgetting that the rest of the verse teaches that God the Father is also the head of Christ, and they are both equally God.


So because the husband is the wife’s head, doesn’t mean that she has to worship him or treat him as a god.


But Sweetling says this:

“The only good women left are devout, bible-believing Christian women who respect, adore, honor and obey their fathers and husbands…” (x)

Okay, we have the co-equal divinity of God the Father and God the Son.  We have something or another about me supposedly forgetting the preeminent doctrine of Christendom.  We have the truth, though it be a non sequitur, that wives are not to worship their husbands.  And we have what Sweetling said. 

It is hard to believe that someone as educated as Sweetling does not know that the word “adore” means “worship”.

All that unrelated rigmarole just to lie about the intended connotation of the term adore in this context?  The term adore only means worship proper if the object is God, you idiots.  The term adore is variously applied to divinity, humans, animals or nonliving things.  Hence, adore in this context goes to a sense of high affection at the human level. 

“The Bible holds that the husband is to stand in the place of Christ!” (x)

No. Husbands in the Bible are commanded to show Christ’s love to their wives. But only Christ can stand in the place of Christ.

“[O]nly Christ can stand in the place of Christ” is a tautology; the parallel drawn between husband and the place of Christ goes to the metaphorical parallel regarding the order of authority in marriage at the human level and  transcendent level only. 

But, of course, you knew what I meant.  Why are you confusing your biblically illiterate readers? 

“The women of my fellowship… …would be ashamed to bring such a callously unrepentant and disrespectful attitude… …to the marriage bed of their earthly lord.” (x)

So are you preying on the feminist prejudices of your readers regarding the term lord, lower-case l, though it be preceded by the term earthly

I thought you weren’t feminists.

Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well, and are not afraid with any amazement (I Peter 3:6).

Christ is not an earthy lord among many; He’s the Lord of all Creation.


The Cult of the Postmodern Duh of Tumblr Christianity Exposed:

A Comedy of Errors:  The Mangling of the Uncorrupted Aspects of the Imago Dei, i.e., the uncreated, eternally existent aspects of the Imago Dei ultimately grounded  in the Mind of God 

A Comedy of Errors:  Feminist Blather Sans the Word of God and Real Science   (Pertinent Science and Social Engineering:  more evidence showing that the silly gooses’ claim that my science is dated/misogynistic is baby talk)

A Comedy of Errors:  Intermediate Summary of greater-than-the-sword, aubscares and saint-georgeii’s Guff 

A Comedy of Errors:  The Manifest Scriptural and Historical Facts of Biblical Patriarchy Refute These Silly Gooses 

A Comedy of Errors:  The Non Sequiturs of Befuddled Minds 

A Comedy of Errors:  More of the Silly, Intellectually Rigid and Close-Minded Fantasies of Feminist  Arrogance and Hostility

A Comedy of Errors:   The Clear and Explicit Delusions of Magpies 

When Truth Doesn’t Matter

Michael’s a Big Fat Meany to Nonbelievers! 

Michael’s a Big Fat Meany to Care Bear Christians! 

Michael’s a Big Fat Meany to Christians Who Habitually Confound His Prose! 

The Truth is Hate (Verbal Abuse/Verbal Attacks) to Those Who Hate the Truth:  The Judgments of Appearances and Hypocrisy

Genuflecting before the Alter of Political Correctness

The Ad Hominem of an Ignoramus:  greater-than-the-sword unwittingly reduces the thrust of the Transcendental Argument for God’s Existence to the stuff of raca

The Ad Hominem of Ignoramuses:  or how these nitwits are the Paul Crouches of postmodern slander

Polygamy and Related Matters

Mumbo Jumbo

I wanted to write my thoughts on what’s happened recently on TVD for the longest but there were so many beautiful metas out there already that I had nothing to add, truthfully. Everything’s been said. So why am I typing this? Simply because I noticed a lot with these metas, we analyze the shit out of Damon, his relationship with Elena and how it differs with his relationship with Bonnie and while we’ve discussed and analyze how much different Bonnie is around Damon, I feel there can never be more discussions and I hope I make a point with this ramble I’m about to launch myself into lol.

As I’ve stated, Damon has been dissected, gutted, and hung for display lol, but now it’s Bonnie’s turn. Bonnie is moral, she is just, she is judgmental, and she condemns what she considers bad behavior. She is problematic in that she is so self-sacrificial and that is very unhealthy, in my opinion. But why is that? Bonnie and Elena are alike in more ways than I care to admit. In season two, Elena was ready to turn herself over to Klaus despite everyone’s frantic efforts to save her life. Her reasoning was so that no one else would suffer. Who does that sound like? Bonnie Bennett, no doubt. I asked why Bonnie is so self-sacrificial but didn’t have an answer so if Elena is the same way, let’s pin-point what else they have in common.

Extreme Loss.

They have grieved probably more than anyone else on this show. Disclosure: I cut Elena absolutely no slack so I am neither excusing her, nor am I intentionally trying to be biased. Anyway, she and Bonnie have probably lost more family members than anyone else, but I could be wrong. For Elena, I mean that in numbers. She lost both adoptive and biological parents, she lost an aunt, Jeremy twice, Bonnie twice, and that’s all I can think of right now. For Bonnie, the list is smaller in numbers but compared to how many people were in her life from the start, the grief is just as much. All she had was her grams and her fickle ass father and they are now both gone. She discovers her mother in season 3 and now she is out of the picture as well.

For the both of them, they feel that, despite having friends (coughs) and people around them, they both feel they have absolutely nothing to lose. Grief can make you feel that way. The more people you lose, the less you can focus on the people that are still there because if you’re not careful, that grief can consume the hell out of you. So maybe, not saying this is definite, but maybe this is the root of their martyrdom.

While I think the show has a very poor way of executing how much Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie all mean to each other, they may have, at one point, truly been what they said they are to each other. (On the show, Baroline isn’t so bad (sneezes), but Carolena, Belena, and Barolena collectively are horrendous.)

Bonnie and Elena don’t think about how their self-sacrificial and borderline suicidal ways affect everyone around them. As much as I DESPISE Beremy, I truly felt bad for Jeremy and the way he found out Bonnie was dying. That was truly messed up. The way his ass ran through that cemetery like his drawls was on fire pulled at a heart string only because I imagined how devastating it is to get a call from someone you love (coughs twice) saying not only did they blatantly lie to you about dying but they are dying in that very moment.

Elena trying to surrender to Klaus irritated me so much (back when I liked her, even) because here Bonnie and everyone else was stressing and exhausting their resources to save her and she basically slapped them all in the face by giving up and surrendering. In both cases, both girls thought they were absolving everyone of stress and doing ‘the right thing’ by taking the brunt of the consequences but in reality, they were both copping out.

Now before I get crushed, let me explain. Yes, they were copping out. In my eyes, they couldn’t bare the chance that yet another person in their life was going to die because of them so rather than deal with that grief themselves, they rationalized that they’d play the martyr and escape that kind of pain because they’ve been there and do not want to go back to that again; valid, right? Except that in doing so, they have now pushed that pain over to the very people they love and are making them deal with the same pain they were trying to escape.

I’m not condemning either one of them for this because truthfully, what does anyone in that situation have left to do? Their self-sacrificial ways stem from grief, sadness and a BIT of selfishness, but not in the way you’d normally think of selfishness. They are selfish in that they would do anything not to experience that kind of pain again if it were up to them.

This would explain why Bonnie brought Jeremy back twice despite the ‘consequences’. Either she wanted to escape the grief for herself or she wanted to prevent her best friend from feeling that pain, or it could be both. Either way, it sheds some light on one of Bonnie’s biggest flaws and also why she keeps getting roped into this endless, 'for Elena’, cyclical, burden.

Now, where does Damon play into all of this? (I hope I articulate this well.) For both girls, Damon plays a role. For Elena, Damon allows her to throw caution to the wind and allow her to let go of feeling like she has to sacrifice herself all the time. Damon allows her to say ‘fuck it’ and do things under the table and not by the book. While as a human, her morals and compassion got in the way, but being sired to Damon, she got a dose of what it was like to truly say, 'fuck it’. This is okay but with Damon, there is also no balance to this and without that balance, you get a volatile, toxic mess. You have to know when to hold and when to fold and in Elena’s case, she was always folding. She was constantly running from her problems after years and years of trying to grab the bull by the horns and that’s where DE became such a mess. You can only ignore something for so long until it grows into a big ass mess. It’s like my mom would tell me, clean your room now so you don’t have to worry about it later. In Elena’s case, her ‘problem’ was her compassion. She cared too much about everyone and everything to the point where she stopped caring at all; and I don’t think I have to go into why that’s a damn problem.

For Bonnie however, Damon is something different. Damon is her catalyst. He is one of the main reasons shit gets done. Why did Bonnie’s powers manifest? To stop Damon from turning the town over on its side. How did they stop Klaus? Damon formed a planned that would spare Bonnie’s life long enough for her to strategize another way to kill Klaus and maybe save her own life in the process. Over the years, Damon went from someone she despised, to someone she could essentially lean on. Yes, I said it. Damon, when it comes to her magic, is Bonnie’s crutch in a way. It is canon that whenever something big with her magic goes down, Damon is who she calls. When she realized Klaus was resistant to her attacks in 2x18, she ran to Damon, of all people. Every time someone wants to force Bonnie to do something, without really knowing much about Mystic Falls and its characters, complete strangers roll into town and they target Damon to use against Bonnie and Bonnie to use against Damon. That cannot be a coincidence. Damon. Who openly states how he feels for Elena. Who professes his damn love to her every five episodes. People, who know nothing about the three of them, always choose Bonnie over Elena to pit against him.

If you need further proof, Elena, while sired to Damon, stated first, “you wonder why Bonnie hates you”… uhm. Did I miss something? When has Damon EVER, said out loud that he wonders or cares why Bonnie hates him? Sure, he’s tried to get on her good side in seasons 1 and 2 but, since then, when has he ever expressed concern about what Bonnie thinks of him? Elena was sired to him when she said this and when she said “he actually kind of loves her”. Despite how surprised Matt looked, Elena said it like it was obvious. Why? Because being sired, she could feel what Damon felt. She knew what he wanted and what he felt and well… I’m drifting so far from my point so let me hush.

My point is, for Bonnie, Damon is a thorn in her side just like she’s a thorn in his but it’s not because they hate one another, it’s because they are, in a very subtle, not so subtle way, each other’s crutch. They constantly want validation that only they can give one another but yet they look for it in all the wrong places. For instance, she want’s Jeremy to trust her decisions, no matter how much he hates it, but really, the only person that does that, truly, is Damon. Damon tried to save her from Klaus but Bonnie was adamant there was no other way so Damon reluctantly complied while trying to come up with the best option. Before Damon set the plans in motion to save Bonnie from the other side, he asked for her okay first rather than just do it, basically saying “look, I want to drag your ass back from the other side, are you down?” and Jeremy for once in his feeble ass life did something 'right’, arguably lol. (He took away her voice in the matter but shit, I think we all can agree he gets a damn pass for that one.)

Bonnie looks to Damon for validation just as much as he looks to her (of course they don’t really realize what they’re doing). For him it’s morally, for her it’s magically. Each time he goads her into quitting; it adds fuel to her fire to keep going. It motivates her, simply because a part of her is itching to prove his smug ass wrong and Damon plays right into it, which essentially is how shit gets done. Not only does she want to prove him wrong but she wants so badly to make him eat his words. Part of me believes that she still hangs on to that “You’re no Emily Bennett’ line and part of me believes that she wants to go above and beyond her ancestor just so that she can tell Damon to suck it. She seeks his approval magically but she doesn’t let his disapproval discourage her and I think that’s so beautiful.

Damon is also a reality check for her as well. He keeps her grounded like no other. He makes her realize how much they all depend on her magic (doesn’t roll eyes) and that she can’t afford to feel sorry for herself and wallow in self-pity because that’s not who she is. Now granted, sometimes I wanted to kick his ass for being so goddamn rough (ex: “The witch that loses her powers isn’t invited to important meetings.” or something) but it is what it is. As long as she has magic, she will always be in the center and as much as she says that things never end well for people like her, I think Damon is there to prove her wrong on that. While she suffers a lot magically, think of how many witches were burnt out in that show and then ask yourself how the FUCK is Bonnie Bennett still going? Granted, she is out of commission half the time but the girl truly takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. Why is that? Damon. Yup. Inadvertently he shows up in the nick of time and comes through for her.

I’ll list examples. In 2x18 when Klaus threw her for a loop, Damon avoided what could have been a disaster. Klaus could have ended her life that night but Damon came through. I, along with many others, always think of all the bad shit that has happened to our girl and the list is VERY long but now it’s time we talk about the shit that didn’t happen. She didn’t die the night of that dance. She also didn’t die the night of the sacrifice. Now, I can’t give Damon all the credit here but there was something he did that I smiled at. While Bonnie was focused on Klaus and had all her energy and attention on him, Damon was in the background killing any potential threats that may stop her from doing this. (Greta ain’t had to die doe) That night Bonnie was the Quarterback while Damon was her Left and Right guards… and her Fullback lol.

Anywho, Damon doing this limited the amount of things Bonnie had to do/worry about. His part was 'small’ but any distraction and it could have been over for her then too. He also prevented Alaric from killing her the night of the 20s dance by feeding her his blood. Think about that for a minute. A vamp killing vampire is loose and Damon took the time to save her when he could have hauled ass from fear of getting killed.  Also, turning her mom when Stefan was supposed to kill Bonnie. It was a last ditch effort on his part and while he SAID it was to protect Stefan’s reputation (my words); if he didn’t give a shit about Bonnie he truly wouldn’t have cared and would have killed Bonnie himself if that was the case.

Another is the epic 4x15, him staying behind to find her. I really don’t have to explain that one do I? This thing is already longer than I meant for it to be lol. More recently, we have 5x04, 5x08, and 5x22, where Damon finds out about Bonnie’s death, brings her back to life, and dies with her. Yes, she dies but I believe that if Damon hadn’t died with Bonnie, she would NOT be hell-bent to get back home. Why? Because look what happened the last time she died. She 'accepted’ it and moved the on. Now? We don’t hear nothing about her 'upsetting the balance’ or none of that she used to preach.

These instances may not be major but where Damon is concerned any little thing he does is not to be taken for granted because despite him doing 'stupid things’ as he mentioned in response to why he saved Bonnie, he does nothing without reason.

Damon simply being there with her on ‘the other, other side’ is giving her hope. She’s so much different now than the girl who died in 5x22 and there is literally only one explanation for that, Damon. Just his presence, by him being there she feels she has to do something, anything. He motivates her without doing anything. So in 6x03 when Damon gives up hope, Bonnie reacts the way she does because this isn’t the Damon she knows. This isn’t the Damon that’s always been that thorn in her side. This Damon is dying out and if he dies out then there is truly no hope for her because the boy breeds determination. For Bonnie, Damon is determination and he is motivation and without that she is lost because if Damon, who is set in his ways and just as stubborn as she is can give up then what’s that to say about her?

And I think I’ll stop here because I’ve already gone past my limit. To sum this up, Bonnie is greatly dependent on Damon, more than she realizes. The difference between Bamon’s codependencies (for lack of a better term) is that, it’s not necessarily mandatory for them to need one another; it just works when they do and they aren’t necessarily negatively affected by needing one another. Feel free to add to this cause I can talk about these idiots all day lol.

Title: Lies

Author: Sharkvajay

Fandom: Starling

Genre: Gen

Pairing(s): I guess pre-Elliott/Roy but up for interpretation.


The first time Roy touched Elliott was when they were coming out of the cafeteria.  They hadn’t been sitting together, they hadn’t been talking, and maybe Roy had begun to eat at the same speed as Elliott and more often than not leave around the same time, but that wasn’t really as big a deal as it sounded all hashed out and verbally displayed like that.  

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