like it's my first time making gifs

hey, it’s ya boi luciel and i’m looking for more studyblrs to follow and be friends with !!!!!

i wanna follow more studyblrs to b inspired/motivated! especially studyblrs who post original content like photos, useful  textposts and stuffs lolol. but it’s a-oooookay if you don’t c:

if u post original content though, it doesn’t matter if ur photos doesn’t have the perfect lighting or ur posts doesn’t have a lot of notes, as long as you post original content frm time to time, i’d love to follow you!

that being said, please reblog/like this post so i can follow you, and maybe you can follow me too lolol, thanks

do u like the graphic i made? its my first time making a gif and am supper happy about it, even though it’s very simple;;; but it’s progress!!!

edit: I changed my url from studybear to fuckstudyblr!!!!!!!!!!!

hello everyone! i’ve recently unfollowed a lot of inactive blogs and i would like some more content on my dash and to make some friends! if you are a mostly or all anime blog that has a tagging system, please reblog this and put in the tags what fandoms you post:

  • yuri on ice
  • haikyuu!!
  • boku no hero academia
  • mob psycho 100
  • tokyo ghoul
  • free!
  • bungou stray dogs
  • one punch man
  • kuroko no basket
  • studio ghibli
  • noragami
  • shingeki no kyojin

bonus if you:

  • create content (gifs, graphics, etc.)
  • are willing to be mutuals/friends! (i follow back from lestermemes)

i would really appreciate it if mutuals would reblog to help spread this! thank you and i hope you have a wonderful day! ♡

❅ another year gone by like that! this is a quick thank you to all those who’ve stuck with me so far, to everyone from my lovely mutuals to my amazing followers to the blogs that i look up to but are probably unaware that i exist. you guys make being on this site so fun and rewarding. although 2016 had its share of ups and downs, the community and fandom on this site had always been an unchanging constant to me through it all. so thank you! for the sweet messages and fun ask games and funny tags. and here’s to a happy new year!!!

bold - mutual, aka light of my life. source of my joy. im so undeserving, so unworthy T.T– and so lucky to have met you! ilu all to the moon and back 


@ayytooru ❅ @akaaschi@akakaashi ❅ @basedshoyo@bokuoto❅ @dailyhaikyuu❅ @dazaiosamu ❅ @deadliqhts ❅ @dorkykenma  @enncshita ❅ @ennoshita-chan ❅ @fyhaikyuu ❅ @fynekoma ❅ @goshikiii 


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This is how I feel about the trophy.

To be honest, made me feel a little sad seeing people saying “this prize doesn’t matter because is not a Korean one”. I don’t care what kind of prize is, or where it’s from. Just seeing those happy faces and twitts saying thank you to kissme, give me all the happiness in the world; and the real prize are those smiles. The real treasure. Not that material thing. Let’s celebrate the happiness in our boy’s hearts!! Congratulations, U-KISS! ♡ 

Tiny high-fives because YOU DID IT!!! Congratulations, therealjacksepticeye!! Sorry, this is my first time drawing you (and Sam!) so I probably got a lot of things wrong- I hope it’s okay I drew this for you!! c:

Holiday gift for @sweetcrescent!!

Its my first time to draw both of these lovely buddies and I must say I hope these brightens up your day/night!! I would like to make you smile as real happiness because you’re such a lovely person with gorgeous skills for drawing handsome robots! You deserves all the love and luck!★ 

it’s been two days since i decided to make this blog; two days of fun and meeting awesome people as well !! and i am still amazed that you like my take on nagisa like… wow. it’s not my first free! muse ( i used to have a rin ), and i am so happy for the achievement i have reached within that small time span !! thank you so so much !!

now i want to say thank you to the people who i had fun with, as well as those who made my time as comfortable as possible on this blog! if you are not on this list that doesn’t mean that i like you less, i am just very forgetful !!

iwatobi high school ☆ ❜
those who make me feel like home in the fandom right after joining !!  )

isumiius - introversiion& riikamu​ !!

samezuka academy  ☆ ❜

                      ( the people who are so lovely and awesome, i wanna smooch you all !! )

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