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@iwantmessedup replied to your post “When will Will/Chandler grace our screens again? I’ve been waiting 104…”

Considering that we all already know Will is alive and returning I feel like we’ve just been going in circles. Get to the point man!

it’s such a soapy thing dragging it out and having every character under the sun talk about how it’s impossible and that he can’t be alive when they saw his body and had a funeral. and it’s like???? did they just MAGICALLY forget Melaswen Island???? Will being alive isn’t even the weirdest thing to happen in the last two decades of this show lmao. i should know better cos soaps aren’t always the most logical, but jeez it really bugs me lol.

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hi!!! so without being too biased bc i mean, obviously you'd probably say all the good stuffs abt todomomo but how popular is todomomo in the fandom? And also todoroki and momo individually? i'm new to the fandom and i just wanna know how well my otp/fave characters are received. esp shouto. i love him too much

*Cracks knuckles* alright lets get down to businessssss

WELCOME TO THE FANDOM! WEEEWOOooooo! Thats my happy shout. anyways. Todomomo, unfortunately, is definitely not as popular as I’d hope it to be. I mean compared to Tododeku, Kiribaku, Kamijirou, Izuocha, Kacchako, its one of those ‘rare pairs’ in the BNHA fandom. 

Having said that, I think todomomo has potential to grow though. Even now I can see there is soooooo much more enthusiasm in the todomomo tag plus wayyyy more people who ship them now in contrast to before. Back when I first started this blog, it was like ded silent in the tag. Except for a few blogs like wr3h, natsv, akeemi, openforth (from the top of my head those are the ones I remember) who were actually active in the tag. So don’t give up on todomomo; its expanding like cray now. ALSO, CROSS FINGERS THEY ANIMATE THEIR FIGHT AGAINST AIZAWA.

Todoroki Shouto is smothered with love here so no worries about that. He’s def gonna be a fav character in bnha (at least top 5) for the rest of the series I think. 

Momo on the other hand has less fans. I think ‘cas she’s rarely shown in the manga. Tsuyu and Ochako are pretty much the main girls and I doubt that will change unless there’s an arc where Momo exclusively works with Midoriya. More people seem to keep Momo in mind now that she was involved with the rescue bakugou arc. so woop woop for that!

Fun fact: I think Japanese fans really do like todomomo though especially ‘cas of the drama cd (if you haven’t listened to the drama cd where they go to the festival and see fireworks then you should, let me know if you need the link to the translation etc) 

Search up  轟百 on google and you’ll get a lot of amazing japanese fanart/ doujinshi scans for those two. 

I’m gonna be keeping an eye out for yaomomo merch when I stay in Japan so that could be a gauge on how well-received she is there. 

thanks anon for the ask! I hope you like my long ass answer haha 

UPDATE: @itsmyfandomandilikeit was kind enuf to share that todomomo is way more popular than i actually thought cas of recent reddit polls (actually hit #1 for one of the polls with a sample of 1000 participants) wowzzz!
Babyroth Headcanons/Things That Have to Have Happened lbr

Hojo needing to have the entire 67th floor baby proofed. Child locks on everything, no dangerous equipment left out. All chemicals stored on top shelves of cupboards. Child locks in those too when the goddamn kid learns to climb.

Because all parents must go through this at least once, at some point tiny Sephiroth has puked on Hojo and this brings me satisfaction.

Eventually everyone at Shinra would recognize the little sliver blur running around, because even though technically he’s supposed to stay in the science dept, supervised, good luck containing a six year old 24/7. And good luck finding him when he blends in with all the white and chrome.

At some point the words “child leash” were uttered. Also “gps wristband.”

He was what essentially amounts to homeschooled. And you know there was at least one employee under Hojo who loved kids and whipped out a Bunsen burner like “yo kid wanna see cool science stuff with fire??”

Temper tantrums complete with full throated screaming and waterfalls of snot running down the face.

People not knowing what to call sephiroth’s and Hojo’s relationship because it’s not really pc to be like “your science project” and at more than one point someone’s said something to Hojo about “your son.”

Lab techs calling tiny Sephiroth the science department’s “mascot.” Years later getting somewhat put out when SOLDIER totally steals him.

Also the sheer number of people at Shinra who watched Sephiroth grow up–not just Hojo but all the rest of the science department, countless Shinra employee npcs from secretaries to maintenance, even Veld, hell even Rufus to a degree since they weren’t that far apart in age and would both have grown up around the Shinra building–and saw him turn from just a little kid into a monster trying to destroy the world.


The Gamble of Two Kings ― In the Tale of Pak Belalang The (Fake) Fortuneteller, when an army from Masai along with its Sultan arrived in Beringin Rendang, the kingdom braced for war. Instead, the Sultan of Masai challenged the Sultan of Beringin Rendang for a match of wits between their Royal Fortunetellers with their own kingdom as the prize. Confident with the abilities of his Royal Fortuneteller, Pak Belalang, the Sultan of Beringin Rendang agreed. 

The riddles, given by the Masai Sultan’s Royal Fortuneteller were: How can you differentiate between the root and the branch of a stick nicely carved with equal width? How can you tell the sexes of two newly-hatched ducklings? What is the answer to this riddle: One is many, two is sometimes, three is infrequent, four is rare? Where does the strength of Admiral Hang Tuah lie: In his keris or his spirit?

Pak Belalang was given a night to meditate the answers. He went home and started packing. He asked his son to go to the pier and find a boat to smuggle in. At the pier, his son, spotted the Masai Sultan going on a boat with his Royal Fortuneteller and he managed to hide on it. His son overheard the answers to the riddles after the Masai Sultan begged his Royal Fortuneteller to confide him. His son went back home and relayed what he heard to his father. Overjoyed, Pak Belalang didn’t run away and came back to answer the riddles the next day. His Sultan won the wager and gained a kingdom. (answers