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so does anyone else feel like 'whats the use of feeling, blue?' was the weakest song in the show? like i like 'giant woman' more than it. i keep seeing people praise it, but the music seemed rushed and the lyrics were sung ...oddly?

i interrupted mi listenin of the kipling theme from th.e d.own (go watch th.e d.own) to listen to this song and it wasn’t worth it man. the vocals seem too pitchy (??? is that the word???), you couldn’t really hear blue pearl at all (im sry that’s always bugged me), and you can barely hear the music as the song progresses. the beginning sounded menacing and mechanical, i really loved that!! but it goes away for i don’t even know what to call it. this song is like lowkey catchy and the first diamond song but that’s all that there is to it

why yoonmin works (otp/brotp)

i just spent an hour lying in bed pondering about yoonmin, as one does

bc whereas jikook is fairly easy to grasp, yoonmin has one of those relationships that seems so unlikely on paper but actually works so well in real life and it just stirs my curiosity. you’d think someone who’s as private with his emotions + as blunt as yoongi wouldn’t mix with someone who’s quick-tempered/sensitive like jimin YET somehow they do??

(instead of finishing jikook BL analysis pt.2 i wrote an essay about yoonmin… im sry;;; this is mostly for myself, i wanted to organize my thoughts)

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Request - Can you Do an imagine Story about Alec. Y/n is a New shadowhunter in the Institute and the Tutore of Max. Max likes her and wants that alec falls for her and planed a date night for them or something like that. Sry my english isn’t the Best.

Ps Reposting due to blog switch :)

The journey from Idris had been long, but you had finally arrived at the New York institue. The option had been there to portal ofcourse, but that was something you avoided at all costs. The quesy feeling it left you with wasn’t worth the time saved. You’d arrived at the request of Maryse Lightwood, she ran the institue, and asked for you personally to tutor her youngest son, Max. He needed some tuition when it came to his runes. After a mix up while staying at the Mumbai institue, the young shadowhunter had gotten confused between a heat rune and a nourishment rune. Landing himself in some hot water indeed. But you were confident that with a little help and a few nudges in the right direction, you’d have him on top form in no time. He’d be able to indentify and draw them all by the time you were ready to pack your bag and head back home to Idris.

You were unpacking your bag, placing the items of clothing you’d brought with you into the empty chest of drawers provided in the guest room when the door to your bedroom was thrown open, a young child running quickly into the quiet room, his face full of excitement. “Are you Y/n?” he asked breathlessly, climbing up onto the tall bed, making himself comfortable.

“I am. You must be Max?” you nodded in approval as he removed his shoes, catching you glancing at his feet.

“When are we starting lessons?” he queried, full of enthusiasm. Which was a rare quality in any of your students.

“Max.” Maryse Lightwood walked into the room, casting a stern glance at her youngest son that had him quickly picking up his disgarded shoes and exiting from the room as swiftly as he had entered it. “You must excuse my son.” she smiled at you tightly “I’m glad you could join us, y/n, please make yourself comfortable, i’m sure the journey was a long one.”

“Thank you.” you smiled back at her, she left then, closing the door quietly behind her.

oOo Two Weeks Later oOo

Max had proven to be quite the little brain box, he picked up information easily. That was when he was concentrating on what he was doing. His attention span was short, but then again so was most 9 year olds. It came with the territory. You couldnt stay mad at him too long, he could get away with murder that one all he’d have to do is flash a cheeky grin and like most you just melted.

Maryse and Robert Lightwood had gone back to Idris, leaving their children at the institue, usually Max would have gone with them but since you were here, Maryse thought it would be more productive for him to stay behind and study. Max was the youngest of three, Alec was the oldest with Izzy following shortly behind. In many ways Izzy and Max were polar opposites to their older brother, you hadn’t spent that much time with anyone but Max but you could tell in the ways that those two were laidback, Alec was much more serious. But then, he was set to take over the institute from his parents one day, he had responsibilty and expectations on his shoulders that the other two didnt.

When max had offered you a tour of the institue after studying on your second day here, you had accepted gratefully. He had shown you the important stuff, the kitchen, the library and his room. You didnt really need to know how to find anything else, but he still brought you down to the training room. Alec was there, hammering his hands against a punching back, wearing nothing more than sweatpants. You were embarrassed to admit the minute or two it took you to pay attention, Max releasing your hand and running upto his older brother with a childlike squel was enough to reign your wandering thoughts back to the task at hand. Concealing a growing pink tinge that you could feel rising up your cheeks. He either didnt notice, or he was nice enough not to mention it. Max told his brother about what he had learned so far and Alec asked a few questions about your life back in Idris. That was the only real conversation you’d had with Alec, he was polite in passing, nodding at you if you passed him in the hallway but that was the extent of your interaction.

Thats why the current situation was so odd.

Max had asked you if instead of eating in your room tonight, as you had been doing, that you’d come and eat with him and his siblings. You’d agreed of course, it would have been rude not too, and you couldnt refuse that cute face when he smiled up at you so sweetly. But Max and Izzy werent in the room for very long, you could tell from the glances Max was casting to his sister that they were upto something, from the look Alec was giving them both, he too was suspicious. After barely even looking at their plates for more than a minute they both excused themselves. Leaving you there alone, with Alec. The silence was suffocating, but thankfully it didnt take him long to break it.

“Has Max been behaving?” he asked without looking up from his plate, piercing another shell of pasta onto his fork.

“You could say that.” you answered back, not looking to get your young student into any trouble with his older brother. The smile that crossed Alec’s usually blank features was one that was infectious, it only seemed to appear when Max was around or mentioned. The conversation continued on, Alec asking questions about Max and how you were finding New York so far. His line of questioning was soon cut short when he sighed and turned to face the door.

“Max, i know you’re there.” he said loudly, your attention was pulled towards the door as it slowly opened and Max stood there looking caught out. “Was Izzy in on this with you?” he asked as max walked upto the table and stood beside Alec. You watched the exchange with a frown, not following the conversation anymore.

“Maybe.” Max answered with a small shrug.

“It wasn’t very well planned.” Alec stood up from the table and took his now empty plate over to one of the countertops, placing it down genlty before turning the tap on to fill the sink.

“It was!” Max argued “It worked didnt it, you were talking!”

“What?” you asked, you could feel the confused look set in.

“This..” Alec moved his hand between the both of you “was a set up.”

“It was?” you turned to look at Max, trying your best to keep your expression firm, with one eyebrow raised.

“Well” Max sighed and walked around to you, almost looking apologetic. “Alec wouldnt ask you out on a proper date, he’s shy.”

“Your brother doesnt want to ask me out on a date Max.” the blsuh was back again, and the only thing you wanted to do was retreat back to the comfort of your room.

“He does.” Max nodded “he said you were pretty.”

“Oh god Max, stop talking!” Alec shook his head at the younger Lightwood before telling him to go to his room and get ready for bed. You sat at the table for a few minutes, watching Alec quickly wash up the few dishes that were used. It had gone all quiet again, and you decided to leave before it got anymore awkward. You’d just reached the door when Alec suddenly wrapped his hand tightly around your wrist, holding you back for a moment before letting go. “About that date…” he trailed off, running a hand through his dark hair, obviously uncomfortable.

“Sure” you smiled up at him before continuing to head back towards your bedroom, that smile didnt move the rest of the night.

like… some of y'all have no idea how often fat people are abused by their own doctors, parents, partners, peers, solely because of their weight. we are told all our lives that we are ugly, and that we are worth nothing literally just because of how much we weigh. my doctor once told me i couldn’t ever get a job if i don’t lose weight bc ‘places don’t like to hire fat people’. i’m not allowed to enjoy meals i like just because i’m not allowed to 'act fat’, but it’s totally okay for a skinny person to eat a whole pizza and just look 'quirky!!!!’. like no. stop this. normalize fat people, let us live, our lives have nothing to do with u so pls fuck off and stop telling us what we need to do to 'become normal’.